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This is Vanilla Muse. As an avid reader I’m always on the look out for a good story. I first discovered Chinese and Japanese (and later on Korean) web novels through Novel Updates and I have not looked back since.

A few months after my foray into C-novels and J-novels, I started this website to host my first translation project The Big Landlord (TBL). Since then I’ve picked up other titles such as:

Let Me Shoulder this Blame! (LMSTB)
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil: Xue Zi Xuan’s Side Story (FOD:XZX)
Didn’t Love You Enough (DLYE)
Male Lead 2 and Male Lead 3 Happy Ending! (MLHE)
This Alpha’s Pheromones Are Exploding (TAPAE)
After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins Without Lifting a Finger (ARTOW)

I read stories with BG, BL, GL, and no romance; anything, as long as the story and characters are good. Although the bulk of my C-novel and J-novel reading material tend to be BL.

For a full list of my translation projects (completed, ongoing, and teasers) go to the translations page. I also have a list of recommended titles (that hasn’t been updated in a long while) and a F.A.Q. section (where you can direct all your general questions).

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I started a completely self-indulgent Recaps section that has nothing to do with my translation projects. I read and watch a lot of stories and shows, oftentimes simultaneously, so I sometimes forget things or get storylines mixed up. The recaps section is filled with spoilery summaries [and personal commentary] of the media I consume. If you’re like me and find yourself in need of a refresher, this section might be helpful to you too. If you don’t have the time or if you’re too lazy to sit through an entire story, then you can also use my recaps as a sort of sparknotes. ^-^

Common Shorthand
MC – main character
ML – male lead
FL – female lead
NU –
MTL – machine translation
COO – country of origin

gong – top  |  shou – bottom  |  meng – moe
seme – top  |  uke – bottom  |  riba – reversible

Please note that this is an open-minded and LGBTQ+ friendly space. Nasty comments that attack someone’s race, sex, gender, and/or sexuality will not be tolerated. Kindly take your torches and go elsewhere.