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Standard Info: Abbreviation for “After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins Without Lifting a Finger” is ARTOW. Go here for the updating schedule. Go to the title page for information on this story, the table of contents, and eventually a characters list.

Note from Vanilla Muse:

Hello Readers! Some of you may be familiar with me through my other translation projects, but if this is the first translation you’re reading from me, then welcome! (◕ᴗ◕✿) I picked up this novel to eventually have it replace Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil: Xue Zi Xuan’s Side Story in my rotation of translation projects. FOD:XZX will soon be completely translated and posted on my website. Free to read. (All translations posted on my website are free to read. My patreon page is for if you want to read ahead and show support at the same time.) After which, ARTOW will fill its space on the updating schedule. For now, here’s a little taste of the new story.

Chapters will be split into parts. For an extended explanation, please go to the FAQs.

About the Title (if you’re interested):

In Chinese, the title is 美强惨O重生后躺赢了, and if I do a word-for-word translation without thinking of the flow in English, it would be along the lines of: “the beautiful, strong, and tragic omega after rebirth wins while lying down.” Since that sounds clunky to me, I played around with the words until I got “After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins Without Lifting a Finger.” (Which is still a long title… ?) Of the three descriptive adjectives, I figured “tragic” was the most important one to keep, because it tells us why the MC winning after rebirth would be a cathartic read.

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Chapter 1 – Rebirth

An Ji was lying on an operating table. The strong overhead lights made his eyes hurt a little.

The unfamiliar environment made him a little uneasy, but thinking of Yu Jingmo, who was waiting outside, he couldn’t help but be excited.

As long as he removed his glands, he could be with Yu Jingmo forever.

Three years ago, An Ji escaped from his engagement with the royal family and chose Yu Jingmo. In those three years, their relationship grew deeper day by day. During that time, the once obscure and unknown youth became an indispensible high-ranking military officer of the beta rebel army.

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The beta rebels led by Yu Jingmo wanted to overthrow the aristocratic hegemony, and the omega camp represented by An Ji wanted to resist social oppression. The two of them hit it off from the start. They established a force that could not be easily underestimated on the fringes of the empire, and they also became the poster couple in the eyes of everyone.

Until half a year ago…

An Ji accidentally entered estrus due to a shortage of inhibitors, and this incident became a matter that gnawed at Yu Jingmo’s mind.

“I’m obviously your boyfriend, but I can only watch you suffer. I don’t want to continue like this.”

After that estrus period, An Ji started thinking about cutting out his glands.

And today, he was finally laying in an operating room.

After the anesthetic was injected into his body, An Ji let the nurse turn over his body. Thus, he didn’t see it when all the medical staff’s eyes fell on the back of his head.

Above the blue facemask was a pair of greedy eyes, cold and fanatical, like a greedy wolf stalking its prey.

The cold white light fell on the back of An Ji’s neck, and the young man’s delicate neck glowed white under the light.

“Begin surgery.”

The two surgical robotic arms cut open the back of his neck. It was like smashing a ripe rose. A strong pheromone instantly filled the entire room.

The removal of the glands was just a minor operation. Half an hour later, someone lifted An Ji and placed him on a chair. Then they wrapped the restraint straps tightly around his body.

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An Ji tilted his head. The anesthetic still running through his system made his tongue feel heavy. “What… are you guys doing?”

Wasn’t the surgery over?

No one answered him. The chief surgeon simply tied his head to the back of the chair without saying a word.

Strong anxiety shot through An Ji and he began to struggle.

“What are you guys doing?!”

Immediately afterwards he felt a tingling pain in the back of his neck. An ice-cold liquid soaked into his body, turning half of his body numb.

An Ji struggled violently, but under the effects of the anesthetics, he was unable to use his strength.

“Where’s Yu Jingmo…? Let him in… If he knows what you guys are doing to me, he definitely won’t let you go…”

The young nurse, who was shaving his head, said with a mixture of ridicule and pity: “What a pity. You have such a beautiful face.”

Even with such an embarrassing appearance, An Ji’s face was still good-looking.

There were tears in his bright eyes, and there was a strong sense of anger and unwillingness in his gaze. That fragile and unyielding expression stirred up their sadism.

They wanted to hold him up high and attract everyone’s attention, and also wanted to smash him into pieces and grind him into the dust.

Someone else sneered: “Even General Yu is not pitying him. So what are you pitying him for?”

“I didn’t expect him to be so ruthless. They’ve been together for so long, but he can give him up so easily.”

“Who said anything about giving up? General Yu treasures him greatly. We’re merely removing a portion of his cerebrum. It won’t kill him. When we send him out of the operating room, An Ji will still be General Yu’s most precious person.”

“That’s right. If the research is successful, we can mass-produce soldiers with strong mental power, and then we can easily take over the empire!”

Talking about the great undertaking of the rebellion, these people all showed fanatical expressions in their eyes, and the negligible bit of sympathy that they were expressing before was quickly forgotten.

An Ji was at a complete loss.


Why do they want his cerebrum?

Mental power?

Although he accidentally triggered it once half a year ago, it hasn’t happened since then.

Could it be that this surgery to cut out his glands was a sham, and the real purpose was to deprive him of his spiritual power?

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An Ji’s nails sank tightly into the seat, unable to believe the conjecture in his head.

He and Yu Jingmo were together for three whole years. He couldn’t believe that the other party would do such a thing to him. There must be some misunderstanding.

But Yu Jingmo was the one who arranged the doctors for his operation. Yu Jingmo was sitting outside the operating room right now. If the other party didn’t know, would the doctors dare to do such a thing to him?

So all of this was a conspiracy by Yu Jingmo?

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