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Chapter 10 – Full Cooperation (4.1)

Yu Jingmo stared at this scene [of An Ji and Li Rong getting intimate], and his eyes became so red* it looked as if they could almost drip with blood.

[*T/N: In Chinese, saying someone’s “eyes became red” is a figure of speech, similar to saying someone “turned green” in English. It means that person is feeling some intense negative emotion, such as anger, irritation, or jealousy. Can also be translated as his eyes look red, his eyes turn red, his eyes are red, etc.]

When Yu Jingmo realized that he had been reborn, he was almost wild with joy as he came back to the black market. In his previous life, he rescued An Ji, who was on the verge of estrus, and obtained the most precious wealth in the world.

But for the sake of the so-called “great cause” he ended up letting An Ji down.

In a world dominated by alphas, he was a beta born on the Junk Star. From a young age, he already knew the price it would cost to climb upwards in life.

Even though he was more outstanding than most alphas, this society still would not recognize his achievements.

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“You are very outstanding, but it’s unfortunate that you’re a beta, sorry, we only want alphas.”

“If only you were an alpha, then your results would be even better.”

“Yu Jingmo is quite good, but he’s a beta, so don’t you think he’s a bit unworthy of An Ji?”


Just because he was a beta, people denied his achievements over and over again. Time and time again they trampled his self-esteem to the bottom, as if from birth he should not be competing with other people, and he should not be better than an alpha!

Only that young man came to him without any hesitations or second thoughts. He did not pity him because he was a beta. Instead, he was full of sincerity. Because of An Ji, Yu Jingmo was able to maintain his self-esteem no matter how many times the world stepped on him.

Perhaps it was because he obtained An Ji too easily that he began to take the young man’s existence for granted. He did not dare to touch An Ji because of his own inferiority complex, but he was also madly jealous whenever An Ji interacted with other people.

The more excellent An Ji was, the more jealous he became.

He got jealous whenever An Ji smiled at others. He was envious of how brightly An Ji shone. It got to the point that he felt like An Ji’s unhesitant love for him was some sort of condescending charity from a person looking down on him from above.

It was especially bad after they announced their relationship. One after another people voiced their pity, as if it was a big mistake for an omega to enter into a relationship with a beta.

At first, he was still able to persevere, but as bystanders repeatedly compared them time and time again, he couldn’t help but think what if An Ji wasn’t so outstanding? Then would people say that they were well matched?

Could they only be together forever if An Ji was below him in terms of excellence?

Once such a despicable thought formed in his head, it was impossible for him to get rid of it. Yu Jingmo started to restrict An Ji from going outside and encouraged the omega to remove his glands. He even went so far as to wanting to control An Ji’s spiritual power.

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He tried every means possible to keep An Ji by his side. He thought that An Ji was a price that he could afford to pay.

But he never thought that it would be such a heavy price to pay.

When An Ji self-destructed with his spiritual power in the operating room, Yu Jingmo was picking out their new home.

Worried that An Ji would miss the scent of his own pheromones, he filled the home with roses, and he also arranged a spacious and cute baby room.

He was happily fantasizing about how they would become a perfect beta couple once An Ji removed his glands. They would be like the majority of the couples in the world. He would be working hard outside, while An Ji would stay home to bear and raise children.

They would have children and a bright future that belonged to them.

Unfortunately, An Ji died in the operating room. He would rather suicide than to run with him into the future.

Even now, remembering those memories still made Yu Jingmo’s heart hurt. The pain of losing his beloved still tormented him.

Fortunately, he was reborn.

Yu Jingmo pressed a hand against his chest and let out a long sigh of relief.

It must be that the heavens knew that he regretted it, so they gave him another chance. In his past life, he didn’t know how to cherish An Ji, but he would not be like that in this life.

Even if An Ji got into Li Rong’s car, it didn’t mean anything. Li Rong was just a means to an end. The one that An Ji really liked was him – Yu Jingmo.

It was like so in the previous life, and it would be the same in this life.

Yu Jingmo turned around in silence. He would definitely bring An Ji back to his side again.

An Ji was completely unaware of what was happening outside the car. He was presently being pushed down by Li Rong and personally experiencing an alpha-omega physiology class.

After a long class, the swaying of the car finally stopped.

An Ji let out a long sigh of relief. Somehow, he had the strange of feeling of having survived a calamity.

He had only taken the basic physiology class just now, yet his reaction was so extreme. It would seem that his foundation in this subject was simply too terrible. Fortunately, this exam was not too difficult, and An Ji finally got through this fake heat by means of a surprise attack.

On the way back, there was an awkward silence in the atmosphere.

On one hand, An Ji was grateful to Li Rong for his help, but on the other hand, he was annoyed by his own poor foundation, to the extent that he had to be taught with a hands-on approach by the teacher. Every time he thought about it, his entire face would flush red with indignation.

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