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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 11

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Chapter 11 – Full Cooperation

Two hours later, Li Rong’s hover car arrived at the Capital Star’s nobility district.

Unlike the skyscrapers in the black market, there were no high-rise buildings in the nobility district.

Compared with crowded high-rise buildings, it was obvious that spacious palaces were more in line with the preferences of the aristocracy.

In the eyes of the old-fashioned nobility, multi-floor buildings were for young people, and genuine interpersonal relationships depended family heritage. Those who did not have a big mansion in the aristocratic district and a lawn wide enough for horses to run upon were parvenu and belonged at the bottom of the empire’s elite.

An Ji looked at everything around him almost in astonishment.

Just an hour ago, they were still in a crowded neighborhood where countless imperial elites were squeezed into pigeon cages that were less than ten square meters big. However, in the blink of an eye they arrived at the rich people neighborhood where the land was broad enough for horses to gallop across. A series of spacious and majestic Chinese-style palaces were displayed, which was extremely luxurious on a planet where every inch of land was expensive.

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The aristocratic area was a no-fly zone, so the aircraft landed at the gate and drove along the wide avenue to the An family mansion.

An Ji’s memory of the An mansion was very vague by this point. Although he was born here, he has been wandering the streets outside since he got lost a the age of eight. When he came back at the age of eighteen, his parents already had a new child. Compare with a bumpkin like him who did not understand anything, that well-dressed new child, An Ning, seemed more like the young master of the An family.

Rather than saying he returned home, it was more apt to say that he was merely lodging there.

The car stopped in front of the An mansion’s main gate. An Ji pressed down on the car door button. A flash of red light lit up. The car door did not move a single jot.

An Ji turned to Li Rong and said, “Thank you for driving me back.”

Li Rong did not speak. He merely looked at An Ji expectantly.

An Ji said: “Is there anything else?”

Li Rong still did not speak.

Geez, what’s wrong with this guy? An Ji was too lazy to guess what was going through the other man’s head. He stretched out his hand and pushed at the door. “Then, I’ll go back now.”

But Li Rong grabbed his wrist and said without thinking: “Are you cold?”

“I’m not cold.” An Ji’s expression became even more confused, “What’s wrong?”

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As soon as he finished speaking, Li Rong leaned over. The man’s rough fingertips brushed against his chin, and pulled open the rope that tied his cloak together.

An Ji was startled: “What are you doing?”

Li Rong said: “I’m helping you take off your cloak.”

An Ji wasn’t blind, so of course he knew that Li Rong was taking off his cloak. The question was why was Li Rong taking off his cloak?

The scene of Li Rong taking off his cloak not long ago was still fresh in An Ji’s memory. He thought that the other person was going to behave immorally again. He wasn’t about to let Li Rong have his way with him. He grabbed onto his cloak at once. His face was full of vigilance as he looked at Li Rong.

Li Rong’s expression was a bit subtle: “Don’t tell me you want to go home wearing a cloak?”


Li Rong didn’t speak. He just reached out and tapped a spot on the cloak.

The jet-black cloak was slightly wet, glistening under the dim light, accompanied by a faint salty smell. It was self-evident what it was.

It was his, and possibly Li Rong’s.

An Ji: “…”

F*ck. Where was the promised little sunshine angel? Who was this dog man in front of him now? Who was it?!

A smile appeared on Li Rong’s lips. With an expression of generosity, he said: “Of course, if you really like it, you can also wear it inside.”


Who would like this kind of stuff?!

An Ji became angry and pushed Li Rong away. He unbuckled his seat belt, opened the car door, and walked out in one go.

Li Rong’s teasing voice came from behind him: “I’m just telling it as it is.”

“Get lost!” An Ji left in shame and anger. He hoped that they never crossed paths again.

“An Ji.” Li Rong called him from behind.

An Ji didn’t look back, pretending he didn’t hear the other man.

“An Ji, I’m sick.” Li Rong continued.

As if a pause button had been pressed, the irritable An Ji instantly calmed down.

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The bright and resplendent Milky Way splashed across the horizon. Li Rong stood with a ramrod straight back beneath the curtain of night. Black clothes, white skin, he was an extraordinarily handsome man. The young man’s sharp brows and eyes were tinged with melancholy. He didn’t seem to be lying to him.

An Ji opened his mouth. “What kind of sickness is it?”

“Pheromone disorder,” Li Rong explained, “This is a disease of the pheromone system. Symptoms manifest as insomnia, dizziness, unconsciousness, and mental disorder. As the disease progresses, it will also have a certain effect on spiritual power. I need the pheromones of an omega with high compatibility to cure it.”

An Ji was a little hesitant for a moment. He had never heard of Li Rong’s illness in his previous life, but the other party’s expression did not seem to be fake. Could it be that he had concealed it before?

That’s right, the emperor only has Li Rong, this single alpha seedling. Even if he really has some disease, it would not be good to publicize it.

But since it was a secret, why did Li Rong tell him? What does this have to do with him?

As if seeing his doubts, Li Rong said directly: “I want to sign a contract with you.”

An Ji asked: “What kind of contract?”

“A treatment contract. Our compatibility is at one hundred percent. I want to ask you to help me with my treatment. You can name whatever remuneration you desire.”

When he said this, Li Rong’s expression was serious and solemn, as if he was discussing some international pact.

No one knew just how nervous he was at that moment.

Whether it was in the previous life or today, An Ji has never shown any affection for him. His meekness back at the black market was only because he thought of those s*xual acts as a treatment for the fake heat and nothing more.

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