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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 12

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Chapter 12 – Full Cooperation

On the way back to the An mansion, Li Rong kept trying to think up of an excuse. He finally fabricated a decent reason and said it out loud.

He had prepared his heart for rejection, but he was also determined to employ whatever means necessary to keep An Ji by his side.

An Ji just stood in front of him, his head slightly raised to look up at him. His hair looked so soft and the expression in his eyes was limpid. After a brief silence the youth parted his pink lips…

Li Rong sucked in a tense breath of air. His heart felt like it was suspended in midair. What was An Ji going to say? It must be a rejection. Surely.

“Okay.” An Ji said abruptly.

“Oh… okay?” Li Rong’s voice trembled. Cracks finally appeared in his calm façade.

During his long years of living he has experienced many spectacularly dramatic events, such as the scheming and fighting amongst imperial ministers, the covetousness of the federal government, and even a destructive enemy ambush during a military expedition…

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No matter what happened, he would always remain calm and self-possessed, like a machine that never made mistakes.

Only at this moment, when An Ji said “okay” to him, did the regrets and misgivings of two lifetimes turn into joy in a split second. The rims of Li Rong’s eyes turned red as he reached out his hands to hug An Ji tightly to him.

To be in love with someone was to fall into hell from the slightest push and fly up to heaven in the next second. All because of one person.

So this was what it meant to place a man on a field of death and he will fight to live.

“Don’t lie to me…” Li Rong’s voice was low and hoarse. His arms tightened involuntarily, as if he wanted to embed An Ji into his body with great strength.

An Ji felt like all the air in his body was being squeezed out. He wheezed, “Why would I lie to you? Loosen up…”

An Ji felt really aggrieved.

He listened to Li Rong say that he was sick with a dazed expression. He watched Li Rong struggled for words with a dazed expression. And now he let Li Rong hug him with a dazed expression.

He really did not understand. He was already Li Rong’s established fiancé. Helping Li Rong with his illness was entirely within his line of duties as a fiancé. Was it necessary for Li Rong to have such an exaggerated reaction? Li Rong was acting as if An Ji had made a huge sacrifice, as if he was about to abandon everything and offer up his life in the next moment.

It was really ineffable.

Moreover, Li Rong was hugging him way too tightly. He could barely breathe. An Ji tried to adjust his posture, but it seemed as if Li Rong had misunderstood his movements as struggling and he hugged the youth even tighter.

An Ji: “…”

He really wanted to curse.

He was simply helping him treat his pheromone disorder. Did the man really have to act like An Ji was his savior or something?

Wait, savior? Could it be that Li Rong was already terminally ill?

An Ji’s eyes widened suddenly, and the doubts in his heart gradually became clear.

Terminally ill…

Yes, if he thought about this way then everything made sense!

No wonder Li Rong spoke as if he was about to die. No wonder Li Rong had such a big reaction after he agreed to cooperate with his treatment. No wonder Li Rong was hugging him so tightly right now. It was because he was afraid of An Ji running away.

He never knew that Li Rong was so seriously ill!

An Ji had mixed feelings in his heart. He patted Li Rong’s back reassuringly and said slowly, “What do you need me to do?”

“Any behavior of exchanging pheromones is fine,” Li Rong maintained their hugging posture and whispered in his ear, “such as holding hands, hugging, kissing, temporary marking, and lifetime marking.”

Such a primitive treatment method? Wouldn’t the efficiency be too low? Just how much pheromones could be exchanged through hugging and kissing?

An Ji frowned and suggested, “Can’t you extract some of my pheromones and keep it with you?”

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Li Rong froze, then shook his head and said, “No good. People will find out.”

People will find out? So what if people found out?

An Ji did not react for a while, but he soon felt a sense of danger. Could it be that the opposition forces have already slipped in spies by Li Rong’s side?

That was indeed inconvenient. If they knew that Li Rong was so seriously ill then they would probably make a big fuss about it, or use this as an opportunity to force him to make mistakes, or even commit dangerous acts such as assassination.

“I understand.” In An Ji’s head a great big drama was already unfolding. Then, with a serious face he promised, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone else.”

Li Rong had come up with a whole slew of contingency plans. Now his head was full of question marks.

On the other hand, An Ji thought that Li Rong was still hesitant, so he added: “Call me when you need me. I will cooperate with you all the way.”

Cooperate all the way?

Cooperate with holding hands? Cooperate with hugging? Cooperate with kissing? Would he cooperate with temporary markings… or even a lifetime marking?

There was a bang in Li Rong’s head, as if thousands of fireworks were competing to explode in his mind, making his soul float.

Unbelievable. Was his wife this easy to pursue?

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