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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 16

Just felt like translating this story first this week. 🙂

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Chapter 16 – It’s an Alpha’s World (6.1)

“It’s just an engagement. Just receiving your [positive] intentions is enough,” Xi Jing’an was still trying to persuade Li Rong. “You can keep the mecha for yourself, I’m sure An Ji won’t mind.”

Li Rong turned his head to ask An Ji, “Do you want it?”

Li Rong was dressed in black and he stood in the moonlight.

Starlight streamed through the curtain of night to fall on him making his figure look talk and straight and his gaze was filled with unswerving determination.

It was at that moment when An Ji realized that what Li Rong had said just now was not an excuse or a joke. Li Rong truly wanted to gift him a mecha.

An Ji’s mouth fell open as he stared blankly at Li Rong. His heartbeat gradually got faster and faster.

He wanted it.

He wanted a mecha so badly.

He has wanted a mecha for a long time now. Back when he was still known as the “light of all omegas” and constantly dodging assassination attempts, he has wanted a mecha.

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But at that time, there were only mechas made for alphas and betas on the market. In the thousands of years of imperial history, there had never been a single omega to join the battlefield, so naturally there weren’t any mechas adapted for omegas to use.

At that time, Yu Jingmo had promised to give him a custom-made mecha, but not only did that man not give An Ji a mecha, he even intended to steal his spiritual power during the gland-removal operation…

Spiritual power was required for piloting a mecha. If you did not have spiritual power then that meant you could not pilot a mecha at all.

Upon waking up in this second life, the first thing An Ji thought of was to get himself a mecha. It’s just that he didn’t expect Li Rong to say that he would gift him one before he even had time to act on his thought.

Did Li Rong not think it was unorthodox for an omega to pilot a mecha?

Didn’t gifting an omega a mecha made him too much of a straight man*? What kind of omega would want a mecha?

[*T/N: straight man – In Chinese, calling someone a straight man is like saying that guy is the stereotype of a “straight manly man.” Depending on context it can be used as a joke or a derogative. A “straight man” is often inflexible and he’s not sensitive or considerate. In the story, An Ji is saying Li Rong can’t seem to think from the perspective of a stereotypical omega and is just gifting an omega what an alpha would want.]

Xu Jing’an was so anxious that she was about to get a canker sore. Back on ancient Earth, this would be the equivalent of a man giving his fiancée a fighter jet. In theory it sounded cool, but in actuality it was completely useless. It’s over, it’s over. Her son was definitely going to reject him…

“Mom, I want it.” An Ji said suddenly.


Xu Jing’an was shocked. “You really want it?”

An Ji said, “Yes, I want to pilot a mecha.”

“Before you can pilot a mecha, do you know how tough the training will be?” Xi Jing’an was certain that he would not be able to persevere through the training. “Your An Yao-gege has to run five kilometers every morning. And every time he comes back from stamina training he’s more dead than alive. Not to mention there are mental exercises too. How can an omega like you endure it?”

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An Ji replied, “No matter how hard things got on the Junk Star, I’ve survived through them all.”

In a place like the Junk Star where resources were extremely scarce, no one would ever pity you just because you were an omega. On the Junk Star, alphas, betas, and omegas were all treated the same way. If you weren’t fast enough, then you would not be able to get food to eat, and if your skills were lacking, you could easily become a corpse beneath someone else’s blade.

Suffering was commonplace for him.

Although these words were true, they accurately hit Xu Jing’an’s sore spot. Guilt and sadness attacked her together, causing her to be silent for a while.

“You can keep it if you want.” Xu Jing’an sighed and finally compromised.

Wasn’t it just some mecha made by that Qing Kong guy? The return gift would have to be worth several planets, but so what? It’s not like the old An family could not afford it.

An Ji’s eyes brightened. “Thank you, Mom!”

An Yanming also said, “Thank you, wife!”

“Scram,” Xu Jing’an laughed and scolded. “Li Rong is giving it to our son. Why is an old man like you joining in the fun?!”

An Ji also laughed. His life after his rebirth was going much smoother than he had imagined. Up until he crawled into bed at night, An Ji still did not feel like this was reality. The happiness made him feel as light as air. It was like he was lying on a cloud.

But An Ji was very aware that the current ease of life did not mean his future would be free of worries.

The joy dissipated, and An Ji began to seriously think about his future life.

The most important things to him were to work hard to become stronger, to be responsible for his own life, and to protect his parents and younger brother.

After that, his next priorities were to stay away from that scum man and to stay with Li Rong.

As for the two children his parents adopted…

He didn’t have much interaction with An Yao, so he didn’t know much about his character. An Ji decided to label him as someone to be wary of.

As for the other adopted son An Ning… in An Ji’s previous life, An Ning had urged An Ji to flee his marriage with the intention of taking Li Rong for himself, but in the end he got rejected. Later, his ambitious heart caused him to go to the Junk Star. He took advantage of the space left by An Ji’s death to become the so-called “light of all omegas.”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

At this point in time, An Ning has yet to cause any disturbances, but An Ji must still be on guard against him and be vigilant of any attacks against the An family.

And then there’s…

An Ji paused for a moment, and a few important words slowly appeared in his mind: Omega Liberation Organization.

Omegas had spontaneously gotten together to form this liberation organization. Their aim was the pursuit of freedom, democracy, and equality for all alphas, betas, and omegas.

If believing in Yu Jingmo was his biggest emotional mistake, then the disintegration of the Omega Liberation Organization was his biggest career regret.

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