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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 17

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Chapter 17 – It’s an Alpha’s World

In fact, during the time of the Galactic Federation, the living environment of omegas was not as difficult as it was now.

In the year 2000 of the cosmic calendar, after the Battle of Orion, the centuries-long infighting of the Galactic Federation finally came to an end. The federal government broke up. Amongst the different nations that resulted from the fall out, the Galactic Empire was the largest.

After the Battle of Orion, Li Han, the admiral of the Galactic Federation, led his warships to occupy a large area of the Federation’s land.

At the time when everything was in ruins, Li Han’s policy of iron and blood made the empire strong very quickly, but it also created a military dictatorship.

In addition to being a military dictator, Li Han was also an extremely chauvinistic alpha.

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He believed that omegas should stay at home to rear children and be a support for their husbands. He thought that it was best if omegas were not too smart, to the point that they didn’t even need to go to school, because it was unsightly just to have an omega out in public.

Li Han even promulgated a notorious “Omega Code of Conduct Regulations,” becoming the public enemy of all omegas.

Rumor has it that Li Han promulgated this regulation out of vengeance because an omega once ruthlessly rejected him.

Even till this day, the Galactic Republic – the Galactic Empire’s archenemy – was still spreading stories of Li Han and that unnamed omega. Key words included kidnapping, killing each other out of love, toxic love, etc. They even filmed several dramas about them. As for whether the story was true or false, no one knew.

The only thing that the people knew was that with the implementation of the regulations, the open social atmosphere of the Galactic Federation gradually ceased to exist.

Unlike the enlightened republic, omegas living in the empire were forbidden from going out alone, on the grounds that once an omega went into heat in public, it would cause huge social fluctuations.

Omegas were forbidden from learning sports, martial arts, or any other skills that required an ounce of aggression, because allegedly an omega’s fragile body could not withstand such high-intensity exercises.

Omegas were forbidden from joining the army and also forbidden from engaging in societal labor…

The independent omegas were forcibly eliminated and forced to become subservient to alphas, and all of their struggles and resistance were crushed beneath a high-handed ruling body. As a result, generation after generation of this practice has led to the current unequal situation between alphas and omegas.

Fortunately, the Li family did not produce another tyrant over these past generations, and there was never another alpha as chauvinistic as Li Han.

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This was especially so after the current emperor Li Hetao married an empress from the republic. He stood his ground against the opinion of the masses and opened up bilateral diplomacy between the two countries, which led to a series of exchanges including politics, military affairs, culture, etc.

Thus, the omegas that have always been boxed in at home in the empire discovered that there was such a different way of life for omegas.

They could go out whenever they wanted to go out, wear a short skirt if they wanted to, be single if they wanted to stay single, and marry whomever they so desired?

Upon knowing that they could stand up proud and be a human being, no one was willing to kneel down and be an animal.

Thus, a vigorous omega liberation movement took place.

This movement originated from the capital of the empire, which had the most open atmosphere, and spread across the country in an instant. The speed and momentum caught everyone off guard.

By the time that the high-ranking families realized what was going on, they found that their omega wives and daughters have already joined in the movement.

But then, suppression soon fell on them. The imperial family supported the liberation movement, but both the parliament and the aristocracy threatened them, causing them to slow down the liberation movement.

The butterfly effect of this behavior swept the entire society in an instant.

Under the triple pressure of the empire, society, and their families, the self-organized omega organization quickly fell apart. Many people gave up and retreated to their families. However, there was also a force of omegas that chose to migrate to the Junk Star outside the empire’s borders and to continue fighting.

An Ji was one of the core pillars.

When they left the Capital Star, the omegas were ambitious and full of hope for the future. They thought that this was a new journey for the organization, and they believed that as long as they worked hard enough, as long as they did not give up the struggle, they could change their fate of being oppressed.

It wasn’t until later that they realized they were doomed to fail.

They had traveled all the way to the Junk Star to join p with the beta rebels.

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As we all know, omegas from the empire did not work, so they had no source of income. When they lived on the Capital Star, they depended on their father and husband for support, so what kind of resistance could these omegas put up?

They couldn’t even survive alone, so there was no need to speak of liberation.

After leaving the Capital Star, these omegas lost their families and husbands, and their only source of income came from the rebel army.

So, while trying to overthrow the alphas’ control over them, the omegas found themselves under the betas’ control this time.

The starting point of the Omega Liberation Organization was the pursuit of freedom and democracy. The irony was that in the end they tried their best, but they were still a chess piece controlled by others.

It was a pity that An Ji understood this too late.

In the year 2900 of the cosmic calendar, An Ji blew up his spiritual core in an operating room. Even if he had to die for it, he still chose freedom.

At the same time, the new light of all omegas, An Ning, came on the stage, causing continuous internal turmoil in the organization, which existed in name only.

In the same year, liberation organizations across the empire were suppressed to varying degrees, and the once robust Omega Liberation Movement collapsed, like a moon reflected on water it was an unattainable dream.

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The remaining omegas returned to the shelter of their families and husbands again, and the fighters who had fought bravely put on silk clothes again, turning into delicate roses and docile canaries, washing away all the sharpness of rebellion, all so that they might have a small space where they could exist in a world dominated by alphas.

Everything went back to square one again.

All sacrifices were in vain. All blood was shed in vain.

History proved to them once again that this world belonged to alphas.


An Ji opened his eyes. His pale face was already stained with tears.

He looked at an unknown spot on the ceiling, and a thought gradually became clear – no matter what, he would never let the tragedy of his previous life happen again!

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