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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 19

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Chapter 19 – A Look of Expectation

“An Can,” a familiar voice suddenly interrupted him. “What are you doing there?”

An Can turned his head and saw Xu Jing’an’s surprised face.

“It’s nothing.” An Can said lightly. He loosened his grip and jumped down.

He jumped down from the four-meter-high windowsill without batting an eye!

“Are you crazy? How could you jump down from such a terrifying height?!” Xu Jing’an hurried over. “Are you injured? I’ll call the doctor to come take a look.”

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But An Can didn’t seem to like his mother invading his personal bubble. He subconsciously took two steps back, stepping just out of reach of Xu Jing’an’s extended hand.

Xu Jing’an: “…”

Her hand just stopped in mid-air in such an embarrassing manner, neither advancing nor retreating for a while.

An Can was silent for a while, then added stiffly: “I’m fine.”

It wasn’t until An Can’s figure disappeared from sight that Xu Jing’an breathed a sigh of relief, and her tense nerves eased.

To be honest, she was a little afraid of An Can. This was not the general fear an omega felt towards an alpha, but something more personal and specific to An Can.

An Can was very different. He wasn’t like most of the alphas on the Capital Star.

The Capital Star was far away from disaster and war. Although genes and society endowed Capital Star alphas with aggression, in daily interactions, you could clearly feel that they were harmless, because they were civilized people who have been domesticated.

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But An Can was different. There wasn’t a trace of modern civility on him. He was taciturn to the point of frigidness. He was like a sharp knife ready to draw blood at any time. Anyone who tried to touch him would be hurt. Only his master could order him around.

Xi Jing’an recalled An Can’s soft and cute appearance when he was young, but she couldn’t connect that image with the present person no matter what.

If she hadn’t lost* her sons back then, then they would not have become what they were today…

[*T/N: In Chinese, the wording implies that it is her inattentiveness that caused them to go missing.]

Xu Jing’an choked back the sob in her throat and closed her eyes tightly.

She has wronged them…

The An family owed those two children too much.

When An Ji woke up again, he heard a clanging sound. He looked at the time and found that it was already noon.

“Aiya, be careful, don’t drop and break it.” In the main hall, Xu Jing’an was giving out directions with a small folding fan pinched between her fingers.

An Ji walked down the stairs: “Mom, what are you doing?”

“Aiya? You’re awake?” Xu Jing’an’s eyes lit up. She immediately took An Ji’s hand and walked over to a pile of things. “Since you’re back, your things cannot be sloppy. I prepared some daily necessities for you and your younger brother.”

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Xu Jing’an called it daily necessities, but with how much she cared for her two sons, she has already arranged their bedrooms to perfection before they came back. The pile of things in front of them was all precious gifts. Just one of these things could cover the two brothers’ living expenses for the entire past year.

An Ji opened his mouth, and said in astonishment: “This is too much…”

The main hall was hundreds of square meters big and it was full of piles of things. Xu Jing’an didn’t move the entire shopping mall here, did she?

An Ji stared at his mother.

Xu Jing’an squeezed the fan in her hand and a little nervousness appeared on her delicate face. “I don’t know what you like, so I prepared everything.”

After ten years of separation, Xu Jing’an really didn’t know what he liked anymore.

The items in the main hall consisted of dolls, beautiful clothes, precious gems, and such. They all looked luxurious and exquisite, but to An Ji, they were all dispensable things.

An Ji thought this in his head, but what he said out loud was completely different.

“Thank you, Mom. I like it very much.” He randomly picked up a chain and said in a happy yet envious tone, “I’ve wanted to have such a beautiful necklace for a long time.”

“…Son, ah,” Xu Jing’an hesitated to speak, “That’s a waist chain.”

An Ji: “…?”

Are all your omegas’ waists this thin? He thought.

But now was not the time to dwell on these details. An Ji quickly recovered and repeated it in the same tone as before, “I’ve wanted to have such a beautiful waist chain for a long time.”

Xu Jing’an: “…”

There was really no need to repeat that.

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