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Chapter 21 – Birthday Banquet (8.1)

In the evening, a small white model car drove along the road. It passed by a majestic palace, a lake glimmering in the sun, and finally stopped at the heart of the lake where a banquet was being held for a thousand guests.

Thousands of years ago, after the founding emperor established the Capital Star, he carried out a large-scale construction to build an enormous palace.

Since then, generations of emperors repaired and expanded upon the palace until it finally formed this huge, magnificent building complex that was comparable to a world heritage. Asides from the imperial family’s everyday life, it also included a large part of the central authority’s mechanism.

It was evening now, and the setting sun cast a dazzling golden light on the lake, illuminating the gentle and elegant white marble railings.

“It’s Older Brother’s first time entering the palace, right? Would you like me to introduce to you the things of note?” An Ning appeared in front of An Ji in a white suit. His hair was curled into delicate curves, and his expression was one of gentle consideration. “If you make a mistake, you will lose face for the An family.”

An Ji looked down at An Ning, and said coldly, “No need.”

An Ji was half a head taller than An Ning. With him looking down at An Ning from above, at this precise moment it actually gave An Ning the illusion that he did not dare to directly attack the other person.

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He’s just a bumpkin from the countryside! Displaying such a noble and beautiful but aloof attitude. Who are you trying to show off to? An Ning thought.

“You really don’t want to hear what I have to say?” An Ning resisted the urge to roll his eyes and said softly, “There will be an omega talent show tonight. If you didn’t prepare anything for the show, you might lose face for our family.”

An Ji arched his eyebrow, “Even if I lose face for the An family how is that any of your business?”


An Ning’s expression changed immediately.

These words were extremely critical, as if poking at An Ning for his ulterior motive. He might as well have pointed at An Ning’s nose and scolded him, “You’re just an adopted son, what right do you have to try to control me, the authentic young master of the An family?”

An Ning gritted his teeth angrily, but unfortunately, over the years he has cultivated an image of a calm and virtuous man. Seeing that more and more people around them were taking notice of them, he had no choice but to suppress his anger and try to force out a gentle smile.

Forget it. He shouldn’t argue with An Ji right now. In the future, he would have plenty of ways to get back at him!

In actuality, An Ning was too self-focused just now. Very few people were paying attention to his facial expression, because most of them came to see An Ji.

An Ji was 1.8 meters tall. He wore custom-made evening attire and his long legs were very eye-catching.

His appearance was already superior, but what was even more outstanding was his temperament. In an era when all the omegas in the empire pursued tenderness as beauty, An Ji was like a cold icicle, tearing a sharp hole in the decadent upper class.

All those who saw him could not help admiring what a perfect creation he was.

An Ji put one hand in his pocket and slowly walked into the venue. A lot of people wanted to strike up a conversation with him but they were overwhelmed by his cold aura. Finally someone mustered up the courage to approach him, but unexpectedly, just as he took a step towards An Ji, he saw a woman come up to An Ji and put her hand on his arm.

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“Mom?” An Ji’s movements froze for a moment. He was not used to such close contact with people, and he subconsciously wanted to pull away.

“I’ll take you guys inside.” Xu Jing’an’s grip was tight. Her other hand struck out like a viper and grabbed onto An Can who was dawdling at the end of the group.

An Can was standing off to one side in a black suit. He seemed to not be used to this type of attire. His sharp brows were furrowed and he tugged at his bow tie irritably. He looked like a beast tied up in chains, as if he was about to explode in the next moment.

His irritability reached its peak when Xu Jing’an approached. His body tensed up, and he avoided Xu Jing’an’s arm as if avoiding an enemy attack.

Xu Jing’an: “…”

An Ji: “…”

An Can didn’t realize there was anything wrong with his actions just now. He stood off to the side in a cold manner. His dark pupils were full of vigilance.

Xu Jing’an’s hand hung in midair, trembling slightly. She withdrew her hand as if nothing had happened and tried hard to put a smile on her face, but when she saw the defensive look in An Can’s eyes, the slight smile quickly disappeared and her eyes stung with unshed tears.

“An Can, “An Ji said in a heavy voice, “Come here.”

An Can’s brows furrowed even more. “What for?”

“Come here,” An Ji repeated.

An Can remained where he was and just looked at An Ji quietly. Their gazes collided in the air, as if they were engaged in a silent confrontation.

After a long time, An Can sighed inaudibly and took the initiative to hold Xu Jing’an. Then the three of them walked inside hand in hand.

Behind them, An Ning stared fixedly at An Ji. His eyes looked like they were ready to pop out of their sockets.

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