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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 22

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Chapter 22 – Birthday Banquet

After the banquet started, An Ji broke away from Xu Jing’an and found an unobtrusive place to hide and eat.

He had so many memories of being hungry that now every time he ate, he had to eat until he was full.

It was just a pity that his clothes were very well tailored, so An Ji couldn’t even fit a quarter of his usual amount of food. The waiter brought out a new steak. An Ji couldn’t hold back. He took another piece and ended up choking on it.

Just when An Ji was panicking over where he could find some water to drink, someone handed him a glass of cool lemonade.

An Ji took the glass and drained it in one gulp. When he looked up, he saw that it was An Yao standing across from him. An Yao was looking at him with a smile in his eyes.

An Ji said, “Thank you.”

“How are you adapting these past few days after coming back?” An Yao sat down next to him, and said in a natural tone, “If you need any help, you can tell me. Although my ability is limited, I can still help out with small things.”

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At this current point in time, An Yao was a sophomore in the Imperial University, studying in the School of Political Science. Li Rong and he were classmates. The Imperial University was the number one super prestigious school in the Capital Star, and the School of Political Science was a very renown field of study. The School of Political Science has produced generation after generation of administrators.

You could even say that An Yao was already halfway into the aristocratic alpha social circle.

While An Ning was causing drama in the household, An Yao had already paved the way for his future. Even if he left the An family right now, it would not have much of an impact on him.

When he said that he could help, he was not talking big. He really did possess a certain level of capability.

But An Ji didn’t know what was going on in An Yao’s mind, so he just gave the other person a cold look and did not answer.

An Yao did not get annoyed. He just started telling a story without any care. “There was a pond where I lived when I was a child. I thought it must be the largest lake in the world. Later, some classmates went to the Capital Star. When they came back they told me that Lake Biwa was much bigger than the pond in front of my house. I didn’t believe him and we got into an argument. Neither one of us was willing to back down. In the end, we even got into a fight.

“I won, so I was once again convinced that no matter how big Lake Biwa is, it’s not as big as the pond in front of my house.” In the crowded banquet hall, An Yao’s voice was very soft. Rather than say he was talking to An Ji, it was more accurate to say that he was soliloquizing to himself.

“Later, my parents died unexpectedly, and then the An family adopted me. When the space shuttle flew across Lake Biwa, no one knew how broken my heart was under my calm appearance.”

An Ji opened his mouth, but in the end he did not say anything.

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“Not too long ago, I went back to my hometown for a visit. That was when I realized that the pond that I thought was so big when I was young was just a small puddle. Haa, just a small puddle.” An Yao laughed at himself. “Why did I think it was a lake?”

An Ji raised his head. He suddenly understood what the other person’s intention was.

An Yao said, “I am very grateful to the An family for adopting me. They have changed my life.”

“If it is gold, then it will always shine.” An Ji said calmly. “You are a capable person by nature. Even if you were not adopted, with your intelligence, you would still make it far.”

An Yao laughed, “Do you really think so?”

An Ji pursed his lips and said nothing.

“You don’t need to probe me.” An Yao stood up. While straightening out his clothes, he said, “As long as you people don’t provoke me, I won’t cause any trouble for you, and I can also provide help when it’s appropriate.”

At that moment, An Ji knew that An Yao’s ambitions no longer lied in the An family. He had successfully used the An family as a springboard to stand on a higher platform.

“An Yao, that’s the younger brother that your family just found and brought back? Can you introduce me?” A young man bumped An Yao’s shoulder and looked at An Ji meaningfully.

News of An Ji and Li Rong’s engagement has not yet reached the ears of the aristocratic families’ younger generation. Presently, all the alphas with strong hormones could not take their eyes off of An Ji once they saw him.

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“Have you no camaraderie? You have such a beautiful omega brother and yet you didn’t tell us?!”

“Could it be that you want to keep him all to yourself?”

“Are you crazy? They’re brothers.”

“Isn’t he adopted? There’s no blood relation.”

Everyone in their social circle knew that An Yao was an adopted son, but almost no one looked down on him.

“Scram. Don’t make me your wingman. If you like him, then you go approach him on your own.” An Yao dismissed the pack of scoundrels who wanted to use him to hook up with An Ji. Then he turned around and went to the garden to smoke a cigarette.

He wanted to take a breather, but unexpectedly, An Ning rushed over to him in the next moment and said in a reproachful tone, “Brother, what’s the matter with you? You don’t want to help me deal with An Ji? Fine. But how could you take the initiative to show him goodwill?!”

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