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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 23

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Chapter 23 – Birthday Banquet

An Yao couldn’t even get some peace and quiet while having a smoke. He let out a “tsk” sound and casually extinguished the cigarette in his hand.

“What do you have to say for yourself?!” An Ning was really anxious and couldn’t help urging An Yao for a response.

He didn’t know what was going on anymore. Ever since An Ji came back, everything in the house had changed.

All of his parents’ love and attention have shifted away from him and onto An Ji. Even the elder brother who had always been indifferent was also showing favor towards An Ji. There was no place for him in the An family anymore!

“For the sake of our ten-year long relationship, let me give you a warning.” An Yao narrowed his eyes, and his gold-rimmed glasses flashed in the twilight, “Stop trying to make trouble for An Ji in vain, or else you will ruin yourself one day.”

An Ning’s expression darkened and his brows knitted together tightly, “So you don’t want to cooperate with me to take back the An family?”

An Yao sneered. Disdain and pity were clearly written on his face. Just when An Ning thought that he was about to say something, the man turned and returned to the lounge without looking back.

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A waiter pushed open the heavy doors. The sounds of cheers and laughter poured out from the lounge like water. An Ning was left there like a clown that has been kicked out. No one paid him any mind.

An Ning gritted his teeth. His eyes were full of spite and dissatisfaction.

Why should he give up his position just because An Ji came back? Why should he let An Ji take away all the love and care that belonged to him? He was the young master of the An family. He was going to take back everything that belonged to him!


In the banquet hall, An Ji had already started a second round of feasting.

For some reason, Li Rong had disappeared halfway into the banquet. An Ji sent away a few alphas who came over to hit on him, and was just considering if he should go looking for Li Rong when several shadows fell over him.

It was An Ning. He had brought along a few people as back up.

“What’s the matter?” An Ji reluctantly gave them a once over.

An Ning said, “It’s time for the omega talent show. I came over to tell you.”

An Ji let out an “oh” and continued eating without looking up.

An Ning stood there waiting for a long time. He didn’t expect this person to just say “oh” and nothing else. He just kept eating, eating, and eating. Are you a pig? Why haven’t you glutted yourself to death?

“There’s nothing more, right?” An Ji sensed An Ning approaching him. He waved his hand impatiently, “I know, I know, you can leave now.”

Of course there was more, An Ning came here to make things hard for An Ji, so how could he just leave like that? He wasn’t some lowly messenger boy!

“Big Brother, did you prepare anything for the talent show?” An Ning smiled. “Her Majesty is a friendly person. She’s willing to give us this platform to let us show off our talents. There are not many opportunities like this, so you shouldn’t miss it.”

An Ji looked at the dazzling lineup of food on the table. They were like glittering jewels, a delight to his eyes. An Ji didn’t look up and said simply, “Not performing.”

An Ning said, “We know you didn’t learn much on the Junk Star, so how about you choose something easier, like reciting poetry?”


“Then singing and dancing?”


“How about playing the piano? You should know that’s an essential skill for an omega.”


[*T/N: An Ji keeps replying 不会 to An Ning, which means he doesn’t know how to do the things that An Ning is suggesting, but his succinct answer gives the clear connotation that he could care less.]

The omegas around them were already starting to laugh. They whispered, “This is your little brother right? Doesn’t know how to do this, doesn’t know how to do that, isn’t he an embarrassment to the An family?”

“Don’t say that, my big brother has it rough,” An Ning smiled. He was almost unable to hide the sarcasm on his face. “Big Brother, how about you tell us what you can do?”

After eating and drinking his fill, An Ji put down the knife and fork, wiped his mouth slowly, and then raised his eyebrows: “You want to know?”

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“Of course I want to know,” An Ning smiled gently. “We all know you just came back from the Junk Star, after all, we have never been to that kind of place before. We want to see what kind of new experience you will bring.”

“A new experience?” An Ji curled his lips and chuckled strangely. “It may indeed be quite new to you.”

An Ning, “What?”

An Ji stood up suddenly. He stared An Ning in the eyes and enunciated each word, “I can use a fork to dig out a person’s eyes in a single second. I can use a small knife to dismember a person into a hundred and eight pieces. I can catch a zerg, behead them, and eat their carcass.”

Every time he said a sentence, he took a step closer to An Ning. By the time he was done speaking, he was standing right in front of An Ning.

Beautiful and fierce, he was like a high-quality blade that exuded coldness.

An Ning broke out in a cold sweat. He wanted to force a nonchalant smile, but when he met An Ji’s gaze, it was as if he was being grabbed by the back of the neck, and his whole body was frozen in place, unable to move a single bit.

“Do you want me to perform for you?” An Ji grabbed the silver fork from the table and said coldly, “Do you want to experience eye gouging, dismemberment, or head removal?”

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