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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 24

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Chapter 24 – Little Brother (9.1)

These high-society omegas have never been in physical altercations before. Their complexions flipped between red and white at An Ji’s words.

But there were still some brave ones who wanted to fight. Under An Ning’s urging, a blond-haired, blue-eyed omega stepped forward. With an overbearing tone he said, “You clearly know that this is not the kind of performance that we want. Are you deliberating being a bully?”

An Ji was sitting on a chair and tackling a crayfish. His table manners were refined, but his eating speed was extremely fast. When he bent over to pick up a glass of water, the action drew a pretty arc along the curve of his neck and spine. The bright lights of the venue shined down on him, giving him a gentle, soft light. He originally looked beautiful and aloof, but now he appeared to be a being too high to reach.

He really was too beautiful…

The blond-haired omega was stunned for a moment, but then disdain twisted his face and he spat in contempt.

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This An Ji was bullying his friend. No matter how beautiful he looked he was still a bad guy! He was not afraid of him!

“I’m talking to you. Do you not have any manners at all…”

“Shut up.” An Ji interrupted him. With a cold and unquestionable tone, he said, “Keep talking and I will beat you up.”

You, you, you…!

The blond-haired omega couldn’t bear it anymore. His pretty pink lips opened and closed without a sound, trembling as if he was suffering from Parkinson’s. You didn’t need to be a genius to know how shattered his mental activities were.

“Look at your younger brother!” An Ji was too imposing. The blond-haired omega didn’t dare to get angry at An Ji, so he could only turn his head to An Ning and complain to his friend. “”Ahhh, I’m so mad! How can there be someone like him?!”

“I can’t help it either,” An Ning sighed. He aptly put on a concerned expression. “I gave him some pointers already, but he just came back from the Junk Star so he doesn’t know about omega etiquette at all.”

“What omega etiquette?! He doesn’t even know the basic etiquette of being a human being!” The blond omega cried out, “Just look at his sitting posture. Is he crazy?!”

An Ji was leaning back against the chair with his leg spread apart. He raised his chin slightly to look at the aristocratic boys in front of him.

This was a very confident posture. Because it was too aggressive, except for alphas and a very small number of betas who were in high positions, almost no one would sit like this, let along omegas who have been educated to be gentle and virtuous since childhood.

“Oh my god!” More people noticed him and exclaimed exaggeratedly. Based on the terrified looks in their eyes you would think that they saw a ghost or a demon.

“He’s actually sitting so scandalously! His actually exposing that place of his…!”

“Why is he so scary? Even someone from the Junk Star should know basic etiquette, right? Or are you saying that he can’t even memorize the “Omega Code of Conduct?””

An Ji rolled his eyes. These omegas looked like they were about to faint at the sight of him. It’s not like he had a hole in the crotch of his pants. Based on these people’s reactions you’d think he was flashing his member in public.

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An Ji planned to go look for Li Rong. He didn’t want to waste time with these people anymore, so he got up and said straightforwardly, “Do you guys want to come at me one at a time or all at once?”

While he spoke, he casually picked up a silver knife. The knife spun between his slender and white fingers. The knife spun so fast that it appeared to the naked eye as only an afterimage.

An Ning and the blond-haired omega took a big step back in fright, and stammered, “What are you going to do?”

An Ji said: “You came looking for me with such great fanfare, so didn’t you want to fight with me?”

An Ning’s eyes widened, “Who says we want to fight with you?”

The blond-haired omega’s eyes were even wider than An Ning’s. “How can an omega fight?!”


What the heck? An Ji cursed in his heart. He has been involved with the omega liberation movement all his life. He never expected to hear such moronic words after his rebirth. He really wanted to grab them by the feet, turn them upside down, and shake them until all the feudal dross inside their heads fell out.

Social oppression was not scary. What’s truly scary was when the people themselves believe it to be true.

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