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Chapter 25 – Little Brother

Of course, these omegas only dared to chitchat and gossip. Just one sharp look from An Ji was enough to render them mute from fear. They could only hide to one side and criticize An Ji in low whispers, saying how he’s a terrible omega.

Scolding them was a waste of time. An Ji didn’t bother to argue with them. He lowered his head and continued to eat. Occasionally an alpha would come up to him hoping to strike a conversation, but he rejected them all.

Unexpectedly, half an hour later, those Omegas came back while weeping endlessly.

They didn’t speak. Instead, they wore the expression of a romance novel heroine that said, “I’m suffering a grave grievance but I won’t yield.” They looked at him with teary eyes as if An Ji was some heartless scumbag who played with them.

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“What are you doing here?” An Ji looked puzzled. “If you feel bullied then go home and look for your mothers.”

“Did you do it?” The blond-haired omega stepped forward and said with grief and indignation, “You, you, look at my head…!”

It was only then that An Ji noticed that the other party’s forehead was missing a piece. The originally thick curly blond hair was gone, and his entire forehead was exposed. He looked like a peeled egg, shining brightly under the venue lights.


The corner of An Ji’s mouth twitched as he tried hard not to laugh.

“My hair is gone, boo hoo hoo… It wasn’t easy for me to grow such long hair.”

Another omega also started crying.

He was born with a robust and square face, but he didn’t like it. He thought his face was too big, so he’s been using long straight black hair and thick bangs to cover up his face. But with his current short hair, his sharp face was completely exposed. Coupled with his monolid eyes and high cheekbones, he gave off an imposing aura.

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An Ji said, “Don’t you think you look quite good like this too?”

“Huh? Do… do I look good?” The omega froze for a split second and then he quickly whipped out a hand mirror to check his head.

“Xingyun, you do look pretty good like this.” An Ning smiled, and then he heaved a long sigh, “It’s just that you look too fierce, not like an omega at all.”

Hearing this, the young omega named Xingyun frowned and sided with the group that hated An Ji.

An Ning breathed a sigh of relief. Then he turned to look at An Ji.

“We all understand that you just came back from the Junk Star. You can learn etiquette slowly, but…” An Ning employed his skillful acting. He paused for two second, and then with a grief-stricken expression on his face, he said, “But how could you do such a thing?”

An Ji said coldly, “What thing?”

“Our hair!” An Ning yelled. “Just now, we were playing outside when a black shadow suddenly flashed by, and now our hair is gone!”

An Ji asked, “Which part of your hair is missing?”

“Can’t you see?” An Ning took off his hat. He had a bold spot in the middle of his head. It looked especially smooth compared to the long hair surrounding the bald spot.

“Pfft…” An Ji couldn’t bear it any longer, and laughed out loud.

An Ning’s expression changed instantly, and he quickly covered his head with his hat again.

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However, he was still a step too late. Everyone has already seen the top of An Ning’s shiny head. Many people showed embarrassed yet polite expressions and whispered behind their folding fans.

“You’re so young and yet you’re going bald already? The An family’s genes must not be very good!”

“Hey, this had nothing with do with the An family’s genes. An Ning is adopted.”

“That’s right. The other three children have thick hair, and only An Ning is bald.”

“And I was planning to have marriage talks with the An family too. Fortunately, I didn’t do it yet. Otherwise, that would be so embarrassing. I don’t want my future grandchildren to go bald at a young age.”

“An Ning is no good, but doesn’t the An family have another omega?”

“I don’t dare to do that. Look at how handsome he is? How can my kid be worthy of him?”

“That’s true. If he had not been kidnapped, then how can there be an An Ning today…”


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