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Chapter 26 – Little Brother

The empire’s aristocrats have always been like this. Every gathering was an occasion for them to exchange gossip. Behind the elegant gestures of the ladies and gentlemen in attendance, they liked to talk about dirty things like adultery and infidelity.

An Ning had also participated in such conversations and gossiped about other people. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with gossiping and he even thought that the person being talked about deserved it. Otherwise, why would the aristocrats only gossip about that person and not other people?

He didn’t know how terrible it felt to have people gossip about you until today when those aristocrats pointed their fingers at him.

The people’s gazes felt like sharp knives on his flesh. The judgment in their eyes became heavier and heavier.

An Ning was riddled with anxiety. He quickly covered the top of his head and said anxiously, “I’m not bald! It’s just an accident!”

It’s a shame that no one listened to him. Instead, they began to criticize him of losing his manners.

An Ning could not endure the shame and his resentment flared up. He flung himself at An Ji in anger. His sharp fingernails aimed for An Ji’s fair face. “You caused this! If it wasn’t for you, how could this happen to me?”

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At first, An Ji still had a bit of compassion for An Ning, but when An Ning accused him without proof, An Ji lost all feelings of sympathy for him. He nimbly dodges An Ning’s attack and An Ning slammed into the dining table that was behind him.

The glassware on the table clattered to the floor and shattered into pieces. An Ning’s white suit was stained red with various sauces and red wine. There was also cake smeared on his face. It was an extremely embarrassing sight.

He Xingyun – the one who had his hair cut into a hedgehog style – wanted to go over and help him, but his hand was swatted aside before he could even touch An Ning.

“Why don’t you people believe me? I really didn’t go bald!” An Ning screamed while covering his had. “Listen to me, everyone, I used to have hair! It was An Ji who cut my hair!”

The people present were not fools. Someone retorted in a low voice, “An Ji has been sitting here all this time. He’s been busy chasing away all the alphas that came to flirt with him, so how could he have time to go cut your hair?”

“If it’s not him, who else can it be?” An Ning’s eyes reddened. He wanted to tug on that lady’s skirt to explain, but he was currently covered in food residue. Every time he moved, bits of food and sauces fell from his person. Which lofty aristocrat would let him approach them like that? The lady hastily backed away, and covered her face with her fan. The look in her eyes was full of disgust.

An Ning could not bear everyone’s criticisms. With a cry of anguish, he rushed out without even wiping his face.

When Xu Jing’an heard the news, she rushed over. Upon seeing An Ji safe and sound, she heaved a sigh of relief. But she was still a little worried and couldn’t help asking, “An Ning’s head… you really didn’t do it?”

An Ji was silent for two seconds, and then he said expressionlessly, “I didn’t.”

In that moment, An Ji looked the same as he did when he had first returned to the Capital Star. His delicate face was full of indifference, and the way he looked at his parents was the same as looking at a couple of strangers.

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The parent-and-child relationship that took so long to warm up seemed to revert back to the coldness of before. Xu Jing’an felt suffocated, but she was still concerned about her adopted son, who just had an emotional breakdown. She glanced at An Ji with a complicated expression, and hurriedly chased after An Ning.

As the music sounded, the nosey crowd gradually dispersed, and the well-trained waiters quickly cleaned everything up. The banquet hall was full of singing and dancing again, as if what happened just now was just an illusion.

A waiter rearranged the table and seating for him, but An Ji had lost his appetite. He stared at the clear water in the glass. No one knew what he was thinking.

Then An Can appeared out of no where. There was a strand of blonde hair stuck to the leg of his pants.

An Ji immediately understood everything. “It was you?”

An Can was expressionless. “I’m already being very polite.”

An Ji: “…”

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