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Chapter 27 – Little Puppy (10.1)

Compared with the way An Can usually did things, cutting An Ning’s hair was indeed considered polite for him.

An Ji still remembered that shortly after he differentiated into an omega, someone leered at him with a vulgar grin and made an obscene gesture at him with his fingers. To everyone’s surprise, the twelve-year-old An Can chopped off both of that person’s hand before anyone could even realize what was happening.

At that time, An Can was like a ferocious wild dog, and An Ji was the only one who could get him to heel. But now they were back [in the Capital Star]…

“Thank you for standing up for me,” An Ji rubbed An Can’s stiff hair. Then he let out a sigh. “But the Capital Star is a society ruled by laws. You can no longer act in the same way as when you were on the Junk Star. You should restrain yourself a little bit in the future.”

“But did they restrain themselves with you?” An Can said abruptly.

An Ji’s movements froze. The expression of a patient teacher disappeared from his face.

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“Why can they b*tch at you without the slightest scruple, but when we fight back it becomes bullying?” An Can just turned seventeen years old this year. With a sharp expression on his face it felt like he was exuding rebelliousness from every pore on his person. “Don’t tell me that verbal abuse doesn’t count as abuse.”

He was right.

But society always underestimated the harm of verbal abuse.

An Ji has his own bottom line and temperament. If someone were to step on his bottom line he has ways to get the other person mad enough to burst a blood vessel.

But An Can was different. He was extremely reticent, but this did not meant hat he was easy to bully. On the contrary, he was much more dangerous than An Ji.

If you say something bad to An Can, he would not reply, which might make you think that he was easy to bully, but in the next second you’ll find his fist in your face.

In his previous life, An Can suffered a loss due to this temperament of his. In the second year after returning to the Capital Star, he was imprisoned. At that time, An Ji had already left the Capital Star, and he only found out what happen after making several inquires. The reason for his incarceration was intentional assault against another person.

Fortunately, that has yet to happen in this lifetime. An Ji still had time to teach An Can how to protect himself.

“I understand what you mean.” An Ji did not try to persuade or mollify An Can. He just smiled and said, “Thank you.”

An Can’s eyes lit up a lot.

At the same time, at the other end of the banquet hall, a fashionably late Li Rong finally arrived to the party. He was all decked out.

He was dressed head to toe in platinum. His suit was cinched at the waist. Complex patterns were woven onto the white silk with golden embroidery threads. His outfit was embellished with three thousand natural diamonds and tailored to fit him well. He looked extremely gorgeous and extravagant.

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“Don’t tell me you’re late for so long just to… dress up like this?” His good friend Gu Ming took two steps back. He almost didn’t recognize this person.

It should be noted that the last time Li Rong dressed up so grandly was for his coming-of-age ceremony. As soon as the ceremony ended, he took off the priceless outfit and flung it on the ground. Then he declared loudly that he would not wear such flashy clothing even in his next life.

And here we see that Li Rong has not only tailored another flashy outfit, but he also wore it with great fanfare. He was like a male peacock with all of his tail feathers spread out. It was blinding to everyone present.

Li Rong shook his head, “I just woke up from a coma. Where would I find the time to dress up?”

“You were unconscious?” Gu Ming’s face turned serious and he withdrew his teasing expression. “What’s going on?”

Li Rong has a harmonious relationship with his family and he only has one omega little sister. Compared to the bloody storms of previous generations of emperors, there was practically no such thing as a bloody fight for the throne.

But from a national perspective, a single seedling was more fragile than a large family. If Li Rong died for some reason, the future of the entire imperial family would also be affected.

There has been countless kidnappings and assassinations attempts on Li Rong ever since he was a child. Gu Ming thought this was another one of those times, so he instinctively lowered his voice and asked, “Do you know who is the culprit?”

“I just fainted by myself.” Li Rong shook his head. “The doctor came to check and found nothing wrong.”

There was no need for Li Rong to lie about this kind of thing, so Gu Ming did not doubt him. Then his eyes fell on Li Rong’s exaggerated outfit again. The three thousand diamonds reflected light from every angle. It was so flashy that it was blinding to the eyes.

Gu Ming asked, “Excuse me, but what kind of stimulation did you receive that you would suddenly want to wear this kind of clothing?”

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“It really wasn’t on purpose!” Li Rong said angrily. “Lance helped me pick this out right before I left!”

Lance was Li Rong’s personal AI butler. When he said he wanted to attract someone’s attention at the banquet, Lance recommended this suit to him. He struggled for a long time before mustering up the courage to wear it out. He wondered if that person noticed him yet.

Li Rong secretly glanced at An Ji. The omega was sitting on a chair with his head raised to talk to an alpha that was standing opposite of him.

This kind of posture made his back particularly straight and his jaw stretched out in a nice arc when he raised his head. They were talking so intently that An Ji did not notice him at all.

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