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Chapter 28 – Little Puppy

Three thousand polished diamonds! He practically turned himself into a walking crystal lamp, yet An Ji didn’t even notice him!

Was the alpha he was talking to that attractive?!

Li Rong was pacing back and forth in agitation, but his good upbringing prevented him from rushing over. He just took a deep breath and suppressed the desire to drive away the other alpha.

Other people did not know that their families had a verbal agreement to engage the two of them. They also did not know that An Ji ran away to escape the marriage. But Li Rong knew all this. When An Ji left the upper-class area, Li Rong had received the news right away.

An Ji had shown how much he rejected Li Rong through his actions. It was clear that he hated the idea of this marriage between them.

Li Rong was extremely conflicted. He struggled between going after An Ji and just letting him go. In the end, he ended up passing out and lost consciousness for a full twenty hours.

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He thought that An Ji had already left the Capital Star already. He never expected that upon regaining consciousness he would find An Ji back with his family! An Ji even attended the empress’s banquet willingly!

After hearing this news, Li Rong felt like his entire body was floating on cloud nine.

Every piece of evidence was proving that An Ji hated him, but he couldn’t control the desire to get closer to him.

He told himself that it would be enough if he could just find out why An Ji came back.

Li Rong raised his head again. The gaze was gentle and soft when he looked at An Ji.

However, An Ji still did not notice him. Instead, the omega beside An Ji looked over at Li Rong.

Li Rong: “…”

Although Li Rong looked away quickly, that omega still came over to say hello with an expression of surprise on his face. Once one omega approached him, the other omegas in the room also plucked up their courage and approached him in an endless stream.

After rejecting yet another omega’s attempt to get into his good graces, Li Rong straight up escaped to the garden. It’s not that he disliked those people; it’s just that he was a little depressed. Of all the people to approach him, why was An Ji the only one to turn a blind eye on him?

If he had known that this outfit would be so flashy, he would not have worn it. He wasn’t able to attract the person that he wanted to attract. Instead, he attracted a bunch of trouble for himself.

“Do you feel unwell?” A cold voice asked.

“I’m fine,” Li Rong shook his head. He thought it was another omega trying to hit on him. “I want to stay here by myself for a while…”

An Ji looked at Li Rong for a while. The other man really looked like he just wanted to be alone. He didn’t seem to be suffering from pheromone disorder.

“That’s fine then.” An Ji nodded and turned to leave.

The night wind picked up and blew a familiar scent of roses towards Li Rong. As if his entire body had been electrified, Li Rong suddenly raised his head.

He saw An Ji standing there with the starry sky as his backdrop. His figure was tall and straight, and his eyes were bright.

Those eyes, which were looking at some other alpha before, were now looking at him.

Li Rong swallowed. Both of his hands were pressed down tightly to the bench as if he was trying hard to endure something.

An Ji raised his eyebrows, “Are you really okay?”

Li Rong raised his head abruptly, but when he saw An Ji’s snow-white jaw line, he quickly lowered his head again. His voice was hoarse. “I’m… I’m fine.”

An Ji did not leave. He felt that Li Rong was a little strange today. It was as if he was anticipating something, but it also seemed like he was suppressing something.

Anticipate? What could Li Rong possibly anticipate from him?

It was most likely his pheromones. After all, they were a hundred percent perfect match and Li Rong has a pheromone disorder, so it was normal to be attracted to him.

But why was he suppressing it? Didn’t they already have an agreement? Why was he restraining himself?

An Ji took a step forward, pointed to the bench where Li Rong was sitting and asked, “Can I sit down?”

“S- sit down?” Li Rong’s eyes widened, as if his tongue was tied.

What was going on? An Ji hated him so why was he taking the initiative to sit beside him?

Did his parents threaten An Ji? Was it like one of those third-rate novel plotlines: I will give you fifty billion to be with my son?

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Or was it due to familial pressure? Was this the sort of tragic plotline in which the omega has to sell himself: Son, I’m really sorry but this marriage is the only chance to save our family from bankruptcy.

Li Rong doubt it was a situation in which An Ji saw how handsome and suave the alpha was and suddenly decided to change his mind. Right?

F*ck, what should he do? Should he just let An Ji gobble him up?

In just a few seconds, Li Rong’s brain activity reached an all time high. He had already begun to imagine how many children he and An Ji were going to have and whose surname the child would take.

After waiting for a long time for Li Rong to answer, An Ji thought that the other party was tactfully declining, so he said, “Then I’ll go now.”

Before he could finish speaking, Li Rong grabbed An Ji by the wrist and pulled. An Ji found himself back in a sitting position, but he was not sitting on the bench. He was sitting on Li Rong’s lap.

An Ji: “…”

Li Rong: “…”

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