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Chapter 29 – Dizzy from Kissing Too Much (11.1)

At that moment, it was as if time had stopped.

An Ji’s visage filled Li Rong’s vision and the omega’s pheromones lingered on the tip of his nose. An Ji’s neck was so beautiful, fair, and elegant. His Adam’s apple was a small bulge protruding from his neck, delicate and cute.

Li Rong’s brain secreted dopamine at a rapid pace and a dry heat spread throughout his body, secretly clamoring for more.

He wanted…

He wanted An Ji…

As for what he wanted An Ji for, he wasn’t even sure himself. Li Rong followed his body’s instinct and leaned over, and then he saw An Ji’s calm gaze.

Like an alarm ringing in his head or like a large basin of ice-cold water had been poured on him, Li Rong suddenly came back to his senses. All the heat in his body dissipated and he let go almost in panic.

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“Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Li Rong hurriedly let go of An Ji. While apologizing, he wiped down a seat for An Ji with his priceless clothes. “Sit down, please sit down!”

An Ji: ???

That’s it? That’s it???

An Ji’s eyes widened slightly. He was really confused.

What happened? Li Rong was obviously getting ready to do something to exchange pheromones, but then he just let him go? Then why did Li Rong pull him down onto his lap so hurriedly before?

An Ji sat next to Li Rong and looked at the future heir of the empire with his peripheral vision. He found that he did not understand this man at all.

The only memory he had of Li Rong was of the alpha leading his troops to attack the Junk Star after his death. Because they were engaged and because Li Rong took good care of An Ji’s parents, An Ji thought that Li Rong liked him.

But what did Li Rong like about him? And how did Li Rong fall in love with him in the first place?

This matter troubled him for a long time.

But one could think about it from a different angle. Perhaps Li Rong was only using revenge as an excuse to attack the Junk Star and the real reason was actually the empire wanted to annihilate the rebels. After all, the Junk Star was outside of the empire’s borders and therefore outside of its influence. Even though the Junk Star was a planet without sovereignty, if the empire rushed in to attack it, other galactic countries would label the act as an invasion.

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As for taking care of An Ji’s parents that could be counted as a our of humanitarianism. Moreover, the An family, as a long-established family in the empire, has mastered advanced military mecha manufacturing technology. If something happened to the top leader of the An family, it would inevitably affect the army’s supply of mechas.

As a good emperor, it was also his duty to protect his subjects.

Right, thinking of it this way made sense.

After all, the times they’ve been in contact were so little that there was no breeding ground for sincere feelings. And if Li Rong really liked him, why would he let him leave in the first place?

Looks like it’s a cooperative relationship after all…

Thinking of this, An Ji breathed a long sigh of relief and even felt happy.

He would rather cooperate with Li Rong than fall into another relationship.

In a world where there were such large differences between alphas and omegas, at least they would be equals in a cooperative relationship. But if he fell in love, he would only become dependent and subservient to the alpha, whether he wanted to or not.

That was due to some mysterious power beyond the will of omegas.

Perhaps, only when they become completely independent, and only when omegas no longer regarded love and marriage as a way to change their destiny, could this subservient situation be fundamentally changed.

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After confirming to himself that they were in a cooperative relationship, An Ji was able to contextualize and understand Li Rong’s anomalies from before.

Li Rong took the initiative to approach him intimately because he was sick and thirsted for An Ji’s pheromones to treat his illness. The reason for being cold to him was that Li Rong himself did not hold any feelings for An Ji, so when he was thinking logically there would be some feelings of rejection towards An Ji.

An Ji thought that Li Rong was truly worthy of being an excellent successor. Those who achieve great things do not bother with trifles. This was the kind of attitude that people who do great things should have.

As for love? What is that? Could it be eaten?

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