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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 3

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Chapter 3 – Rebirth

The people who should have hated him the most, traversed thousands of galaxies after his death, just to give him a proper burial.

But the lover that he had entrusted his everything to and helped with all his might had led him to this dead end and caused him to die with an unresolved grievance.

What was even more abhorrent was that the adopted son, An Ning, had used An Ji’s corpse as a threat to force his parents to hand over all their property. He also shamelessly replaced An Ji’s position and became the new light of the omega movement.

An Ji, who once led countless omegas to discover themselves and resist oppression, died without an intact corpse, while the shameless villain who betrayed his family and stole his reputation was in a high position and enjoyed the glory.

If An Ji knew that the future would turn out like this, he would rather be an ordinary omega. He wished he had never met Yu Jingmo.

If life were to start all over again, he would never let himself fall into the same situation he was in now!

“No way. Baba*, are you really drunk?”

[*T/N: baba – informal way of saying father]

The sound of loud music mixed with human voices entered An Ji’s ears. It pounded through his head, making him feel like his head was about to explode. An Ji opened his eyes with difficulty and the first thing he saw was a pair of large eyes.

“Oh, you’re awake?” The youngster in front of him was as thin as a stick, but his eyes were crafty and piercing. He stared at An Ji, assessing him.

An Ji blinked. His limpid eyes were blank.

Didn’t he die? Who was this person? Where was he now?

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He opened his mouth, only to feel a burning pain in his throat. The other party swiftly handed him a glass of lemonade. An Ji drank deeply. The warm liquid slid down his throat, and An Ji finally came back to his senses.

“It’s good that you’re awake,” the youngster got visibly happier. Grinning, he said, “I thought Hans got you drunk with just one glass of alcohol.”

An Ji took note of the colorful neon light, the electric music that made his ears hurt, and the swaying crowd of people…

There was no doubt that this was a cheap bar. When he first returned to the Capital Star, he couldn’t stand the aristocrats’ behavior, and he would often come to this kind of place to vent his anger.

But ever since he left the Capital Star, he has never been to such a place again, so why was he here now?

An Ji rubbed his brows and said tiredly, “You called Baba?”

“I’m calling you, Rich Baba!” The youngster’s eyes were bright and he smiled pleasantly at An Ji, “I helped you contact the spacecraft that is going to leave Capital Star. You should pay me the remaining balance now, right?”

“Leaving the Capital Star?” An Ji was even more confused.

He was no longer on Capital Star, so how could he leave it?

“You’re not regretting it are you?” Seeing An Ji’s hesitation, the youngster’s expression became apprehensive, “But even if you regret it, I will not refund you the deposit!”

What kind of mess was this? An Ji was getting a headache from the teenager’s chatter, and he just wanted to go out for some fresh air. But before he could stand up fully, he stumbled a bit, and the youngster reached out to support him.

“Of course, it would be best if you were kind enough to pay me the balance,” the youngster said as he helped him out. “After all, I completed the task well, and I took you to negotiate with Hans.”

Did An Ji owe this boy money?

This teenager was skinny and shriveled, dressed in tatters, and looked like he couldn’t get enough to eat. An Ji looked at the account balance on his photon computer and was almost blinded by the long string of zeros in it.

Wait, when did he get so rich?

An absurd thought emerged. An Ji frowned and looked at the boy, and finally recalled the familiar face from a dusty corner of his memory bank.

“You’re called Black Cat?”

“Hey, Baba remembered [me]!”

An Ji corrected him: “Don’t call me Baba.”

Black Cat: “All righty, Dad.”

An Ji: “…”

He remembered now. This Black Cat was the intermediary that he had found on the black market back when he wanted to escape the Capital Star. Black Cat was able to help him get in contact with someone who could smuggle him out of Capital Star.

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But he has left the Capital Star for a long time already, so why was this boy suddenly appearing in front of him here again?

Just then, An Ji saw his young face reflected on a mirror on the wall. The face was young and bright. It did not look like someone who has experienced hardships!

A strange thought suddenly arose. An Ji grabbed the green-haired boy’s arm and said in a trembling voice, “What year is it?”

“It’s the year 2897 of the cosmic calendar!”

2897? An Ji’s eyes widened in disbelief. Could he have been reborn?

Reborn back to three years ago?

In the year 2897 of the cosmic calendar, he had just been brought back to the Capital Star. His parents were still alive, his brother was healthy, he was still in good health, and his family’s assets had not been stolen away by the adopted son [An Ning].

More importantly, at this time, he had not met Yu Jingmo yet…

Recalling all the things in the past, An Ji’s eyes felt warm, and he could not help feeling choked up.

This was great. He was back.

There was still room for redemption. He could live a completely different life from before.

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  1. If it was me, I would go in hiding and do anything to not be caught by the bastard who killed me. Yeah. I’m a coward. But I would only go in hiding with little attempt to hide from the prince or my parents.?. After all, I only don’t want to go because of shame.

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