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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 5

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Chapter 5 – Kissing

Black Cat got on the motorcycle and rode off in a wobbly line.

An Ji hid himself in the shadows. Only after spraying himself all over with a pheromone blocker spray did he breath a sigh of relief. His collar felt somewhat tight and he tugged at it weakly.

With him hidden behind a billboard, no one seemed to notice that an omega was about to go into heat.

Pretty soon, An Ji heard footsteps heading towards him. At first, he thought it was a passerby, so he didn’t pay much heed. It was hard to focus with the constant scorching heat in his body. He didn’t have the extra energy or attention to be vigilant against passersby.

However, gradually, the footsteps got closer and closer, and finally stopped in front of the billboard.

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“Big Bro, we found him!” A lackey said excitedly. “Just now, I saw him hiding over here with my own eyes!”

“Orange scented pheromones? Perfect. I love drinking orange juice.” There was a vulgar light in Hans’s eyes. He stretched out a hand to lift the large newsprint. “Here I come, little kitty…”

“Meow–!” A stray cat jumped out from behind the newsprint. It ruthlessly swatted out with its sharp claws.


Hans closed his eyes subconsciously. A flaming pain yawned across his cheek. He cradled his face in his hands. A warm and satiny liquid was leaking out from between his fingers.

“F*ck! [He] ran away!”

Hans looked up. His eyes swept around in a circle and homed in on a dark shadow that was hurrying away.

“After him! Don’t let him get away!”

Noticing the movement behind him, An Ji immediately changed from fast walking to sprinting!

This intersection was full of intricate alleys. An Ji nimbly traversed the space and gradually widened the distance between him and his pursuers.

An Ji came to a stop and leaned against a wall gasping harshly for breath. He was extremely exhausted.

However, his fortunate circumstance did not last long and he soon heard the footsteps of his pursuers. An Ji let out a curse and got ready to leave. He had just managed to get his legs steady under him when a hand grabbed him before he could leave and pulled him into an alley.

“Let go of me… oh…”

A big hand covered his mouth. Then immediately afterwards an arm tightened around his waist. An Ji lost his balance and fell into someone’s broad embrace.

“Don’t move.” A low and slightly hoarse voice said, “I’m Li Rong.”

An Ji’s movements turned sluggish, and his eyes widened in disbelief.

Li Rong? As in that cheap* fiancé of his, that Li Rong?

[*T/N: Cheap here is not indicative of financial status or personality. In Chinese when people say “cheap” followed by a relation such as “fiancé, brother, mother, grandpa, etc” it means something along the lines of “a relationship that was easily attained.” Usually, the speaker did not purposely seek out that relationship. For example, in transmigration stories, when the protagonist goes to a new world and takes on someone else’s identity they gain a “cheap family.”]

An Ji turned around and an angular face came into view.

So this was how Li Rong looked like in his youth.

Li Rong was wearing a wide black hooded cloak, and almost his entire body was hidden in the darkness. Only a small portion of his face was exposed. He had sword-like brows* and a fiery gaze. He looked a little younger than An Ji remembered.

[*T/N: thick and straight brows]

Although they were engaged to each other, they seldom saw one another in their previous life, and An Ji’s deepest memory of Li Rong was contrarily after his death.

It was only after his death that he realized how ashamed he was to face Li Rong and how he had failed the other man. He owed Li Rong a thank you and an apology.

An Ji opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say any words of apology.

He was such a hot mess right now. He never thought that they would reunite again under such circumstances. Due to the influence of the inducer, An Ji’s mind was in chaos and he was tottering on the verge of collapse. It was very likely that Li Rong would be in danger because of him.

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“Do you feel really bad?” Li Rong asked in a low voice. He pulled on the black robe to cover up An Ji’s body with it.

“It’s all right…” An Ji let out a breath of hot air. His voice was a little hoarse due to the influence of his body, and inexplicably took on a somewhat seductive aura.

“My car is parked outside. Quickly… shh!”

There was the sound of footsteps. Li Rong’s broad figure immediately enveloped An Ji.

An Ji was protected by Li Rong in his arms. Li Rong’s thick robe tightly covered his body. An Ji’s nose was full of the other person’s pheromone smell.

Li Rong’s scent smelled like the cold and slightly bitter smell of fir trees. Combined with the heat of his body, it mixed together into an addictive hormonal scent.

Tall body, strong arms, and boiling hot skin… This top-notch pheromone belonging to an SSS-level alpha enveloped An Ji from all directions. An Ji, who was on the verge of going into heat, was put into a more and more precarious situation.

An Ji’s heart was beating rapidly. Rationality was telling him that he should leave now regardless of everything, but his emotional side made him halt in place. He wanted to chase that ineffable attractive force.

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