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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 7

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Chapter 7 – Dare to Be Distracted? (3.1)

Anji had never received such a fierce kiss before.

No, to be precise, this should be his first kiss. He never thought that his first kiss would be so intense.

Pressed against the wall by Li Rong, An Ji’s strength was soon unable to endure and his legs became weak like jelly. Before An Ji could slide down to the ground, he felt a tightening around his waist. Li Rong had pulled him into an embrace while still kissing him!

After realizing what posture they were kissing in, An Ji’s face turned red in a flash.

Of all his calculations, he never calculated that Li Rong could be so coquettish.

An Ji was forced to sit atop Li Rong’s knees. The area for his perch was too small, so his center of gravity of somewhat thrown off. An Ji shifted once, but Li Rong mistakenly thought that he wanted to escape, so Li Rong firmly pulled him over.

A more ferocious kiss fell upon An Ji, as if to make up for everything that was missed before.

Great Emperor Rongwu was a person of unsurpassed capabilities. All his life, he was like a very powerful one-man army. A lot of people thought that he was too focused on accomplishing his goals, and that’s why he never bothered with love.

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Only a very few insiders knew that he was always thinking about his fiancée, his true love, the one that got away because of his so-called kindness.

He has truly waited a long time. A very long time.

His everlasting love was so strong that it turned into despair after a long time, then it became insipidity, and finally it sunk into the frigid coldness of life.

Seeing An Ji alive again, Li Rong couldn’t stop the tremor in his heart.

He was already prepared to force An Ji to stay with him, even if An Ji resented him, it didn’t matter. But he never thought that An Ji would say those words to him.

“I’m thinking about whether I want to kiss you or not.”

He was thinking about it – about kissing An Ji – he was thinking about it all the time.

Even if An Ji discovered how despicable he was on the inside, even if An Ji already had a so-called lover, Li Rong still wanted to merge the two of them together. He wanted to kiss An Ji fiercely and never let go.

An Ji didn’t expect Li Rong could become even more enthusiastic, so much so that he almost fell off his knees.

Afraid of falling, An Ji wrapped his arms around Li Rong’s neck. Li Rong didn’t seem to have expected this action, so he couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.

An Ji was also stunned, mainly because he didn’t expect Li Rong to be surprised by this action.

They’ve already kissed, so why was Li Rong reacting so much to An Ji wrapping his arms around his neck? Li Rong wasn’t regretting it was he?

An Ji glanced at Li Rong, trying to figure out his mood.

But their faces were close together, and he could only see Li Rong’s tall brow bones and thick eyebrows, and further down was the man’s slightly half-closed eyes.

There was no doubt that Li Rong was good-looking. He could even make this dusky, damp alleyway look better just by being in it.

His eyes were especially deep and charming. His thick but not too curly eyelashes made him look more roguishly alpha instead of delicate.

At that moment, Li Rong lowered his eyes and looked over at him. An Ji, who was not someone who attached great importance to good looks, was also stumped for words [by Li Rong’s good looks].

Full of vitality, arrogant, and obstinate.

Would such a person be willing to make such a big sacrifice for him?

An Ji started to hesitate and pulled his arms back a little from the other man’s shoulders.

But he did not expect that such a small movement would cause Li Rong to suddenly press down on his lower back.

Li Rong was a bit panicked as he hugged An Ji tightly. Then an unprecedented intense kiss fell upon An Ji.

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In the alleys of the underground city, the red and blue neon lights flickered on and off. Water dripped from leaky pipes, making tinkling sounds on the ground. Little mice squeaked and foraged for food in trashcans with their tails tucked in furtively. In the distance there were the sounds of roaring motorcycle racers and drunken people wandering about…

They embraced and kissed deeply in the narrow alley, like lovers reunited after a long absence in a movie.

Until they broke apart for air and the cold air once again entered An Ji’s lungs. Only then did he regain his senses.

He wanted to say something, but was at a loss for words.

Although they have kissed and An Ji was still sitting on Li Rong’s lap, they have never interacted much before, which meant that there was no relationship between them at all.


It was a bit stifling. What should he say in this situation?

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