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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 8

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Chapter 8 – Dare to Be Distracted?

An Ji’s gaze flittered back and forth until it finally landed on Li Rong’s neck.

Li Rong was dressed in black today. His neck was fair and slender, while his Adam’s apple protruded out. When An Ji’s eyes landed on Li Rong’s Adam’s apple, Li Rong swallowed.

“What are you looking at?” Li Rong asked suddenly.

Unexpectedly, he was caught peeking, An Ji looked away and blurted out, “Can you let me go?”

Li Rong: “…”

An Ji: “…”

An Ji wanted to say something else to remedy the situation, but to his surprise he stumbled as soon as his feet touched the ground. He was unable to control his body as his knees folded beneath him.


His knees were like jelly…

He was kissed until he went weak at the knees…

An Ji left he alley with a sour expression on his face. Rather than being shy or embarrassed, he felt gloomy. They were both kissing, but why was he the one with weak knees and a covetous heart?

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Was there really such a big difference between an alpha’s and an omega’s physical strength?

No, no, that’s not right. It must be because he drank the inducer and was on the verge of heat, and that’s why he’s so weak. Yes, that made sense. If Li Rong were nearing his rut, then Li Rong would be the one with weakened knees from kissing!

But the covetous and jealous look in Li Rong’s eyes…

An Ji recalled Li Rong’s expression while they were kissing. The man was cold yet passionate. He was like an unfeeling glacier, but also like a flaming fire.

Thinking of this, Anji suddenly felt a familiar throbbing. An Ji’s footsteps stagnated, and he gritted his teeth sharply, suppressing the moan that almost slipped out.

What foul luck. The throbbing that had been soothed just now was boiling up again.

An Ji lowered his eyelashes and his eyes fell on Li Rong’s slender hands. These were the hands that cradled the back of his head and wrapped around his lower back. His eyes trailed up Li Rong’s arms to his fair neck and thin yet elegant lips.

Not enough…

He wanted to…

He wanted to kiss him and to exchange pheromones with him…

Li Rong came to a stop: “What’s wrong?”

“Not…” An Ji quickly lowered his head, “Nothing!”

On the contrary, such a hasty denial only showed that he had something to hide.

Li Rong didn’t ask any further. He just took An Ji by the hand and said, “The car is parked under the Vermilion Bird Bridge. We will be there soon.”

The moment Li Rong touched his skin, An Ji’s tense body finally relaxed, and he couldn’t help letting out a sigh.

It was really scary. Just by holding hands, he got a sense of being appeased, and he couldn’t stop himself from wanting to get even closer to the other person.

The thirst for an alpha was written into the genes of every omega. For an omega that was in heat, every cell in his body was screaming for an alpha.

He wanted to let the other person pamper him. He wanted the other person to ferociously take possession of him.

In his previous life, An Ji fought against his omega instincts all his life.

He called on omegas to be independent and self-reliant; to reproduce with whomever they chose, and even advocated relying on inhibitors to get through their estrus period. In a world ran by alphas, he wanted omegas to toss aside their subservient position and take control of their own fate.

He set out with high spirits, great energy, and lofty determination, but he failed.

He failed utterly and completely.

So in this life…

Looking at the tall and straight young man with his eyes facing forward, An Ji felt the center of his palms getting hot. An Ji clenched Li Rong’s left hand tightly. Then he suddenly shoved Li Rong onto the car hood.

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In this life, he decided to follow his instincts and indulge this once.

Who said that omegas could only let themselves be possessed by alphas? His body belonged to him. He had the right to take the initiative too!

As soon as Li Rong unlocked the car, An Ji pushed him onto the hood of the car. Immediately afterwards, the youth impetuous fragrant, and sweet lips pressed upon his lips.

Li Rong was stunned for a moment, but he quickly wrapped around An Ji’s body and deepened the kiss.

The Vermilion Bird Bridge was a landmark construction in the black market. The bridge spanned a wide underground river and connected to the Chinese-style pavilions and high-rise buildings on the other side. The contrast of different styles made this place a popular spot to visit, and it was quite famous on the star network.

This place was no more remote than the alley just now, and An Ji was also carried away by the pheromones, so that’s why he rushed into the second kiss so recklessly.

It was a pity that just when he pushed Li Rong down he saw a group of girls looking over in excitement. An Ji wanted to back off, but Li Rong grabbed him, flipped him around, and pressed An Ji under him.

Their positions were suddenly reversed.

An Ji could hear the girls near by letting out excited gasps.

“Hot damn, what am I seeing???”

“…Oh damn, isn’t this too lewd? That omega is being kissed until his legs are soft.”

“I’m blushing, ahhh, I’m blushing. Such an extraordinary and exceptionally fierce alpha! So awesome!”


At first, An Ji still had enough presence of mind to pay attention to the girls’ chatter, but soon his mind became muddled and his limbs turned weak. All of his attention was stolen away by Li Rong.

An Ji dazedly urged Li Rong to get into the car.

The onlookers sighed regretfully: “Waaah, I also want to be held by an alpha like that!”

“Chicken coop warning!”

[T/N: “Chicken coop warning” is a Chinese Internet buzzword. Someone who speaks very arrogantly or strangely is called a “saucy chicken.” So the phrase “chicken coop warning” is used to warn that person that they will be locked in the chicken coop if they don’t stop talking nonsense right away.]


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