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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 9

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Chapter 9 – Dare to Be Distracted?

It was not until An Ji felt the soft seat of the car against his back did he breathed a sigh of relief.

That was a close call. It was a good thing that they were inside the car now. Just now, they almost started to do it right in public with so many people around. Fortunately, he made a prompt decision and hopped into the car. Otherwise, he would be featured on the headliner of tomorrow’s star network.

No, perhaps it would that upright and straightforward imperial prince.

After being frightened for a while, An Ji said grimly: “Thank you for helping me, I…”

The rest of his words got stuck in his throat, because Li Rong suddenly lowered the back of the seat until it was horizontal. Then his large body gradually pressed down on An Ji’s.

An Ji was so frightened that he almost lost his voice. He just kept shaking his head: “No… no, not here…”

“Can’t wait anymore.” Li Rong said abruptly.

An Ji was stunned for a second. His face instantly turned red.

He didn’t expect Li Rong to be so direct. It was completely different from the gentle and polite image he had of him from his previous life.

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Although he has set his mind on Li Rong, it did not mean that he was willing to do it with the other person in a car. No matter what, this was progressing way too fast!

An Ji was extremely embarrassed: “Can’t you bear with it for a while?”

Li Rong suddenly laughed. The neon lights outside the window illuminated his deep and elegant silhouette.

“It’s you who can’t wait,” the man explained, pointing to the lower part of his body. “With your current situation, you won’t be able to hold off long enough for us to get back before resolving it.”

An Ji: “…”

No way! How could he not hold off for long enough, huh?!

An Ji lowered his head to look and he was stunned for a full five seconds.


He really could not wait.

But no matter how anxious he was to resolve the issue, he still couldn’t do it in the car. An Ji resisted the discomfort and forcibly refused: “Not in the car!”

An omega’s estrus period lasted for three days and three nights. If he started it in the car, then wouldn’t that mean that he would have to stay in the car for the entire heat period?

If such a thing really were to happen, then he would most likely end up traumatized by cars for the rest of his life.

“What are you thinking about? It’s just a fake estrus,” Li Rong laughed. His laughter was a bit bewitching. “It should be over if you do it just once.”

Just do it once…

Do it once…

An Ji was at a loss for words again. Also, why was Li Rong so proficient about this kind of stuff?!

“It’s all stuff from physiology class,” Li Rong explained with a smile, “Learned it in the fourth grade of elementary school.”

An Ji: “…”

It was only now did he realize with amazement that he’s been the passive partner in this entanglement time and time again. Clearly he was the one who took the initiative to ask for a kiss in the alley, but as a result he was the one who got kissed until his mind was muddled. And just now, he was the one who took the initiative to pounce on Li Rong outside the car window, but the one to end up with weak knees was once again him.

It was so humiliating.

An Ji didn’t know where the desire to win in this area came from, but he couldn’t help replying: “…My bad, I came from the countryside. I never took a physiology class before.”

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What he said was not false. He was born a nobleman, but he got lost at the age of eight. He and his younger brother wandered around on Junk Star for ten years. He got into university all thanks to his ingenuity. He learned by secretly eavesdropping in on classes through a window. There was no need to mention this kind of “useless” physiology class. He never took the time to learn it.

Li Rong was silent for a while, and then he said in a low voice, “Then I’ll teach you in the future.”

An Ji: “…”

There was really no need for that.

However, Li Rong was a man of his words, and he directly gave An Ji a physiology lesson in the car.

This teacher was really too serious, with solid theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. His only student could not withstand such high-intensity knowledge irrigation, and soon became a mess, and even his consciousness was blurred.

It was only when An Ji heard a familiar voice did he abruptly open his eyes and started to refuse Li Rong’s lesson.

“Baba? Baba!” Black Cat shouted from outside the window. “I bought the inhibitor, where are you?”

“I… I don’t want to learn anymore…” An Ji propped up his body and pushed Li Rong away while trembling.

“You dare to be distracted?”


Li Rong instantly drew An Ji’s attention back to him.

The neon lights outside the window fell upon his eyes, reflecting wet tears. Soon the lights got blurry, turning into magnified blobs. Just like Li Rong and him, they became intertwined and shadowy.

An Ji completely gave up on struggling and devoted himself to learning.

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