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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins – Character List

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An Family

An Yanming 安彦明 (c13, An Ji’s father)
Xu Jing’an 许静安 (c13, An Ji’s mother)
An Ji 安己 (MC, omega)
An Can 安灿 (c13, An Ji’s biological brother)
An Ning 安宁 (c3, adopted son, white-eyed wolf)
An Yao 安耀 (c13, adopted son)

Imperial Family

Li Rong 李戎 (c5, ML) Great Emperor Rongwu 戎武大帝 (c7)
Li Hetao 李贺涛 (c17, current emperor of the Galactic Empire)
Lance 兰斯 (c27, Li Rong’s personal AI butler)
Liao Yunnan 廖云烟 (c32, ML’s mother, current empress of the Galactic Empire)


Yu Jingmo 郁景默 (beta, MC’s scum ex-boyfriend)
Black Cat 黑猫 (c3, young, thin, an intermediary that MC found on the black market to help him leave Capital Star)
Hans 汉斯 (c4, star thief leader)
Master Qingkong 晴空大师 (c14, famous master mecha designer in the empire)
Jun Rufei 君如斐 (c15, imperial general)
He Xingyun 贺星云 (c25, blond-haired omega, An Ning’s friend)
Gu Ming 顾铭 (c27, Li Rong’s good friend)

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