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Chapter 15 – The Things I Want to Give to You

Rumor has it that after the imperial general Jun Rufei obtained a SSS-level mecha manufactured by Qingkong, he bluntly said that “it is easy to obtain the world, but it is hard to commission Qingkong.” It was the general’s greatest compliment to the mecha designer.

To think that Li Rong actually managed to contact Qingkong… and he was even going to give An Ji a customized mecha?

In an instant, the gaze with which An Yanming looked at Li Rong changed. He sighed, “Of course, of course, gifting a mecha is very good.”

As expected of a young man who has taken a fancy to his son. He was indeed reliable.

Xu Jing’an stretched out her hand to grab her husband and complained in a low voice, “What’s wrong with you?”

An Yanming frowned, “What are you doing?”

“What’s the point of gifting a mecha as an engagement present?” Xu Jing’an lowered her voice. She was very annoyed. “I’ve seen alpha and omega engagements gifting estate, jewelry, and even planets, but I’ve never seen someone giving an omega a mecha! It’s both expensive and useless. Moreover, you have to return a gift of the same price. Isn’t that such a big waste of money?”

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An Yanming’s eyes widened: “How is that money wasted? That’s a mecha made by Qingkong!”

“Who cares if it’s Qingkong or Yukong*?” Xu Jing’an poked An Yanming’s chest with her gorgeous and exquisite manicure. Then she said word by word, “Mechas are useless. You have to know that an omega’s frail spiritual power cannot pilot a mecha.”

[*T/N: XJA is making a joke out of Qingkong’s name. Qingkong means “clear sky” and Yukong means “rainy sky.”]

An Yanming said righteously: “It looks good on display!”

Xu Jing’an replied, “Anyways, it’s you who wants to play with mechas. You don’t care if your son is doing well or not!”

An Yanming murmured softly, “What he’s gifting is a mecha by Qingkong. If someone gifted that to me, I would want to get marry…”

“What did you say?” Xu Jing’an glared.

“N- nothing!” An Yanming had strong survival instincts. “I said everything is up to you!”

Hmph, that’s right. Xu Jing’an thought.

Xu Jing’an put on a fervent smile again, and said to Li Rong, “Thank you for taking An Ji to get a customized mecha, but he is an omega, he really can’t operate such a high-end mecha. Why don’t you return it? Don’t waste money needlessly.”

And don’t make us waste money needlessly, she added in her head.

After all, a mecha could not compare to jewelry and precious stones. That kind of toy was extremely expensive. A mecha created by Qingkong was worth the value of several planets. Xu Jing’an didn’t dare to let An Ji accept this kind of hot potato, so she better find an excuse to refuse it.

“It’s fine even if he can’t use it.” Li Rong said lightly. “Just keep it as a toy.”

The smile on Xu Jing’an’s face froze.

An Ji was also surprised. He tugged on Li Rong’s sleeve and said in a low voice, “Wasn’t that just an excuse? Don’t just agree to gift a mecha. It’s not like we can get a Qingkong mecha out of thin air.”

“It’s not an excuse.” Li Rong looked down at him, his dark pupils filled with seriousness, “I’ve wanted to give you one for a long time now.”

It turned out to be the truth?!

An Ji raised his head with a blank expression on his face: “But why?”

Li Rong looked at him silently. His eyes were filled with dense emotions.

Even now Li Rong could still clearly remember the moment he learned of An Ji’s death. And in the long nights that followed, he woke up again and again from nightmares, dripping with cold sweat and regretting his mistakes.

He kept thinking that if only An Ji had a mecha at that time, if only An Ji had a means to protect himself, then he would not have been forced to explode his mental core during the operation and die in a foreign place.

After rebirth, the first thing that Li Rong had to do was to An Ji stronger.

The conventionally beautiful omega was a delicate thing. This was especially so in the Capital Star. The omegas here were educated to be elegant and quiet since they were young. Society arranged for them to learn the arts and etiquette, but refused to let them participate in fighting like alphas and betas.

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Countless ignorant omegas were taught to be modest when they should be fighting, and were taught to restrain their anger when they should be angry. So they turned into exquisite dolls, wearing complicated garments, and waiting for their fate to be married.

Their life was not determined by themselves, but by the quality of character of their marriage partner.

If they married a virtuous partner then it was a life of happiness and bliss, but if they married a bad partner then it was a life of trials and hardships, drifting and hopeless. The most terrifying thing was that when misfortune struck, they did not have the slightest power to resist.

Perhaps there were a lot of people who liked the caged canary type of omega, but Li Rong was definitely not among them.

Compared with beautiful and harmless roses, he would rather his lover cultivate a solid wall of iron, so that he could stand up to others and stand shoulder to shoulder with him in the wind and rain.

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