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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 23

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Chapter 23 – Birthday Banquet

An Yao couldn’t even get some peace and quiet while having a smoke. He let out a “tsk” sound and casually extinguished the cigarette in his hand.

“What do you have to say for yourself?!” An Ning was really anxious and couldn’t help urging An Yao for a response.

He didn’t know what was going on anymore. Ever since An Ji came back, everything in the house had changed.

All of his parents’ love and attention have shifted away from him and onto An Ji. Even the elder brother who had always been indifferent was also showing favor towards An Ji. There was no place for him in the An family anymore!

“For the sake of our ten-year long relationship, let me give you a warning.” An Yao narrowed his eyes, and his gold-rimmed glasses flashed in the twilight, “Stop trying to make trouble for An Ji in vain, or else you will ruin yourself one day.”

An Ning’s expression darkened and his brows knitted together tightly, “So you don’t want to cooperate with me to take back the An family?”

An Yao sneered. Disdain and pity were clearly written on his face. Just when An Ning thought that he was about to say something, the man turned and returned to the lounge without looking back.

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A waiter pushed open the heavy doors. The sounds of cheers and laughter poured out from the lounge like water. An Ning was left there like a clown that has been kicked out. No one paid him any mind.

An Ning gritted his teeth. His eyes were full of spite and dissatisfaction.

Why should he give up his position just because An Ji came back? Why should he let An Ji take away all the love and care that belonged to him? He was the young master of the An family. He was going to take back everything that belonged to him!


In the banquet hall, An Ji had already started a second round of feasting.

For some reason, Li Rong had disappeared halfway into the banquet. An Ji sent away a few alphas who came over to hit on him, and was just considering if he should go looking for Li Rong when several shadows fell over him.

It was An Ning. He had brought along a few people as back up.

“What’s the matter?” An Ji reluctantly gave them a once over.

An Ning said, “It’s time for the omega talent show. I came over to tell you.”

An Ji let out an “oh” and continued eating without looking up.

An Ning stood there waiting for a long time. He didn’t expect this person to just say “oh” and nothing else. He just kept eating, eating, and eating. Are you a pig? Why haven’t you glutted yourself to death?

“There’s nothing more, right?” An Ji sensed An Ning approaching him. He waved his hand impatiently, “I know, I know, you can leave now.”

Of course there was more, An Ning came here to make things hard for An Ji, so how could he just leave like that? He wasn’t some lowly messenger boy!

“Big Brother, did you prepare anything for the talent show?” An Ning smiled. “Her Majesty is a friendly person. She’s willing to give us this platform to let us show off our talents. There are not many opportunities like this, so you shouldn’t miss it.”

An Ji looked at the dazzling lineup of food on the table. They were like glittering jewels, a delight to his eyes. An Ji didn’t look up and said simply, “Not performing.”

An Ning said, “We know you didn’t learn much on the Junk Star, so how about you choose something easier, like reciting poetry?”


“Then singing and dancing?”


“How about playing the piano? You should know that’s an essential skill for an omega.”


[*T/N: An Ji keeps replying 不会 to An Ning, which means he doesn’t know how to do the things that An Ning is suggesting, but his succinct answer gives the clear connotation that he could care less.]

The omegas around them were already starting to laugh. They whispered, “This is your little brother right? Doesn’t know how to do this, doesn’t know how to do that, isn’t he an embarrassment to the An family?”

“Don’t say that, my big brother has it rough,” An Ning smiled. He was almost unable to hide the sarcasm on his face. “Big Brother, how about you tell us what you can do?”

After eating and drinking his fill, An Ji put down the knife and fork, wiped his mouth slowly, and then raised his eyebrows: “You want to know?”

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“Of course I want to know,” An Ning smiled gently. “We all know you just came back from the Junk Star, after all, we have never been to that kind of place before. We want to see what kind of new experience you will bring.”

“A new experience?” An Ji curled his lips and chuckled strangely. “It may indeed be quite new to you.”

An Ning, “What?”

An Ji stood up suddenly. He stared An Ning in the eyes and enunciated each word, “I can use a fork to dig out a person’s eyes in a single second. I can use a small knife to dismember a person into a hundred and eight pieces. I can catch a zerg, behead them, and eat their carcass.”

Every time he said a sentence, he took a step closer to An Ning. By the time he was done speaking, he was standing right in front of An Ning.

Beautiful and fierce, he was like a high-quality blade that exuded coldness.

An Ning broke out in a cold sweat. He wanted to force a nonchalant smile, but when he met An Ji’s gaze, it was as if he was being grabbed by the back of the neck, and his whole body was frozen in place, unable to move a single bit.

“Do you want me to perform for you?” An Ji grabbed the silver fork from the table and said coldly, “Do you want to experience eye gouging, dismemberment, or head removal?”

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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 22

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Chapter 22 – Birthday Banquet

After the banquet started, An Ji broke away from Xu Jing’an and found an unobtrusive place to hide and eat.

He had so many memories of being hungry that now every time he ate, he had to eat until he was full.

It was just a pity that his clothes were very well tailored, so An Ji couldn’t even fit a quarter of his usual amount of food. The waiter brought out a new steak. An Ji couldn’t hold back. He took another piece and ended up choking on it.

Just when An Ji was panicking over where he could find some water to drink, someone handed him a glass of cool lemonade.

An Ji took the glass and drained it in one gulp. When he looked up, he saw that it was An Yao standing across from him. An Yao was looking at him with a smile in his eyes.

An Ji said, “Thank you.”

“How are you adapting these past few days after coming back?” An Yao sat down next to him, and said in a natural tone, “If you need any help, you can tell me. Although my ability is limited, I can still help out with small things.”

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At this current point in time, An Yao was a sophomore in the Imperial University, studying in the School of Political Science. Li Rong and he were classmates. The Imperial University was the number one super prestigious school in the Capital Star, and the School of Political Science was a very renown field of study. The School of Political Science has produced generation after generation of administrators.

You could even say that An Yao was already halfway into the aristocratic alpha social circle.

While An Ning was causing drama in the household, An Yao had already paved the way for his future. Even if he left the An family right now, it would not have much of an impact on him.

When he said that he could help, he was not talking big. He really did possess a certain level of capability.

But An Ji didn’t know what was going on in An Yao’s mind, so he just gave the other person a cold look and did not answer.

An Yao did not get annoyed. He just started telling a story without any care. “There was a pond where I lived when I was a child. I thought it must be the largest lake in the world. Later, some classmates went to the Capital Star. When they came back they told me that Lake Biwa was much bigger than the pond in front of my house. I didn’t believe him and we got into an argument. Neither one of us was willing to back down. In the end, we even got into a fight.

“I won, so I was once again convinced that no matter how big Lake Biwa is, it’s not as big as the pond in front of my house.” In the crowded banquet hall, An Yao’s voice was very soft. Rather than say he was talking to An Ji, it was more accurate to say that he was soliloquizing to himself.

“Later, my parents died unexpectedly, and then the An family adopted me. When the space shuttle flew across Lake Biwa, no one knew how broken my heart was under my calm appearance.”

An Ji opened his mouth, but in the end he did not say anything.

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“Not too long ago, I went back to my hometown for a visit. That was when I realized that the pond that I thought was so big when I was young was just a small puddle. Haa, just a small puddle.” An Yao laughed at himself. “Why did I think it was a lake?”

An Ji raised his head. He suddenly understood what the other person’s intention was.

An Yao said, “I am very grateful to the An family for adopting me. They have changed my life.”

“If it is gold, then it will always shine.” An Ji said calmly. “You are a capable person by nature. Even if you were not adopted, with your intelligence, you would still make it far.”

An Yao laughed, “Do you really think so?”

An Ji pursed his lips and said nothing.

“You don’t need to probe me.” An Yao stood up. While straightening out his clothes, he said, “As long as you people don’t provoke me, I won’t cause any trouble for you, and I can also provide help when it’s appropriate.”

At that moment, An Ji knew that An Yao’s ambitions no longer lied in the An family. He had successfully used the An family as a springboard to stand on a higher platform.

“An Yao, that’s the younger brother that your family just found and brought back? Can you introduce me?” A young man bumped An Yao’s shoulder and looked at An Ji meaningfully.

News of An Ji and Li Rong’s engagement has not yet reached the ears of the aristocratic families’ younger generation. Presently, all the alphas with strong hormones could not take their eyes off of An Ji once they saw him.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

“Have you no camaraderie? You have such a beautiful omega brother and yet you didn’t tell us?!”

“Could it be that you want to keep him all to yourself?”

“Are you crazy? They’re brothers.”

“Isn’t he adopted? There’s no blood relation.”

Everyone in their social circle knew that An Yao was an adopted son, but almost no one looked down on him.

“Scram. Don’t make me your wingman. If you like him, then you go approach him on your own.” An Yao dismissed the pack of scoundrels who wanted to use him to hook up with An Ji. Then he turned around and went to the garden to smoke a cigarette.

He wanted to take a breather, but unexpectedly, An Ning rushed over to him in the next moment and said in a reproachful tone, “Brother, what’s the matter with you? You don’t want to help me deal with An Ji? Fine. But how could you take the initiative to show him goodwill?!”

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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 21

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Chapter 21 – Birthday Banquet (8.1)

In the evening, a small white model car drove along the road. It passed by a majestic palace, a lake glimmering in the sun, and finally stopped at the heart of the lake where a banquet was being held for a thousand guests.

Thousands of years ago, after the founding emperor established the Capital Star, he carried out a large-scale construction to build an enormous palace.

Since then, generations of emperors repaired and expanded upon the palace until it finally formed this huge, magnificent building complex that was comparable to a world heritage. Asides from the imperial family’s everyday life, it also included a large part of the central authority’s mechanism.

It was evening now, and the setting sun cast a dazzling golden light on the lake, illuminating the gentle and elegant white marble railings.

“It’s Older Brother’s first time entering the palace, right? Would you like me to introduce to you the things of note?” An Ning appeared in front of An Ji in a white suit. His hair was curled into delicate curves, and his expression was one of gentle consideration. “If you make a mistake, you will lose face for the An family.”

An Ji looked down at An Ning, and said coldly, “No need.”

An Ji was half a head taller than An Ning. With him looking down at An Ning from above, at this precise moment it actually gave An Ning the illusion that he did not dare to directly attack the other person.

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He’s just a bumpkin from the countryside! Displaying such a noble and beautiful but aloof attitude. Who are you trying to show off to? An Ning thought.

“You really don’t want to hear what I have to say?” An Ning resisted the urge to roll his eyes and said softly, “There will be an omega talent show tonight. If you didn’t prepare anything for the show, you might lose face for our family.”

An Ji arched his eyebrow, “Even if I lose face for the An family how is that any of your business?”


An Ning’s expression changed immediately.

These words were extremely critical, as if poking at An Ning for his ulterior motive. He might as well have pointed at An Ning’s nose and scolded him, “You’re just an adopted son, what right do you have to try to control me, the authentic young master of the An family?”

An Ning gritted his teeth angrily, but unfortunately, over the years he has cultivated an image of a calm and virtuous man. Seeing that more and more people around them were taking notice of them, he had no choice but to suppress his anger and try to force out a gentle smile.

Forget it. He shouldn’t argue with An Ji right now. In the future, he would have plenty of ways to get back at him!

In actuality, An Ning was too self-focused just now. Very few people were paying attention to his facial expression, because most of them came to see An Ji.

An Ji was 1.8 meters tall. He wore custom-made evening attire and his long legs were very eye-catching.

His appearance was already superior, but what was even more outstanding was his temperament. In an era when all the omegas in the empire pursued tenderness as beauty, An Ji was like a cold icicle, tearing a sharp hole in the decadent upper class.

All those who saw him could not help admiring what a perfect creation he was.

An Ji put one hand in his pocket and slowly walked into the venue. A lot of people wanted to strike up a conversation with him but they were overwhelmed by his cold aura. Finally someone mustered up the courage to approach him, but unexpectedly, just as he took a step towards An Ji, he saw a woman come up to An Ji and put her hand on his arm.

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“Mom?” An Ji’s movements froze for a moment. He was not used to such close contact with people, and he subconsciously wanted to pull away.

“I’ll take you guys inside.” Xu Jing’an’s grip was tight. Her other hand struck out like a viper and grabbed onto An Can who was dawdling at the end of the group.

An Can was standing off to one side in a black suit. He seemed to not be used to this type of attire. His sharp brows were furrowed and he tugged at his bow tie irritably. He looked like a beast tied up in chains, as if he was about to explode in the next moment.

His irritability reached its peak when Xu Jing’an approached. His body tensed up, and he avoided Xu Jing’an’s arm as if avoiding an enemy attack.

Xu Jing’an: “…”

An Ji: “…”

An Can didn’t realize there was anything wrong with his actions just now. He stood off to the side in a cold manner. His dark pupils were full of vigilance.

Xu Jing’an’s hand hung in midair, trembling slightly. She withdrew her hand as if nothing had happened and tried hard to put a smile on her face, but when she saw the defensive look in An Can’s eyes, the slight smile quickly disappeared and her eyes stung with unshed tears.

“An Can, “An Ji said in a heavy voice, “Come here.”

An Can’s brows furrowed even more. “What for?”

“Come here,” An Ji repeated.

An Can remained where he was and just looked at An Ji quietly. Their gazes collided in the air, as if they were engaged in a silent confrontation.

After a long time, An Can sighed inaudibly and took the initiative to hold Xu Jing’an. Then the three of them walked inside hand in hand.

Behind them, An Ning stared fixedly at An Ji. His eyes looked like they were ready to pop out of their sockets.

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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 20

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Chapter 20 – Live as You Desire

“See, I told you these things were no good!” An Yanming took advantage of the moment to insert himself into the conversation. He said enthusiastically, “An Ji, take a look at the things I gave you. Didn’t you say you wanted to operate a mecha? Then you will have to train. I constructed a work out room for you, and I also hired two fighting coaches for you.”

“What kind of rancid idea is that? How can you teach our son this kind of thing?” Xu Jing’an was not happy. “Have you ever seen an omega learning how to fight? What if he gets injured?”

An Yanming: “If he doesn’t get hurt now, then would you rather he get hurt when he goes on the battlefield?”

“What battlefield?” Xu Jing’an’s eyes widened. “You even want my son to go on the battlefield? Are you crazy?”

“Why would you not go on the battlefield if you have a mecha? That’s Master Qingkong’s mecha, if you don’t use it, it’s a waste of money!”

“I don’t care about your stupid mecha. I finally found my son. I’m not letting you send him out!”

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“Dad~ Mom~!” Seeing that the two were about to quarrel, An Ji quickly smoothed things over, “I like it very much, thank you both.”

His voice was not loud, but he got both of them to be quiet in an instant.

Xi Jing’an’s body froze. Then she showed a bit of shyness and said in a small voice, “It’s fine as long as you like it. I’ll give you more later when I find something good.”

An Ji was about to refuse, but then he saw the expectant look in Xu Jing’an’s eyes and he subconsciously changed his words: “All right.”

In his last life, he had never taken the initiative to ask for things from others, and even if he received help from someone, he would return the favor twice over.

He hadn’t realized that accepting the kindness of someone close to him was also a way of expressing intimacy.

To some extent, refusing parental overtures was tantamount to shutting out his parents’ concerns.

Having received a favorable reply, Xu Jing’an was already beginning to add items into her shopping cart. Without batting an eye, she bought a whole bunch of stuff. Then she suddenly remembered something and said quickly; “By the way, it’s the empress’s birthday banquet tonight. Do you want to come with us?”

In name it was the empress’s birthday banquet, but it was not as simple as that.

In a sense, the imperial family and the aristocrats shared the empire. The founding emperor Li Han went the route of a dictatorship, but just the Li family alone was not able to support such a huge empire.

Behind the imperial family, there were countless aristocratic families with high stakes in the empire. On one hand, they occupied most of the empire’s resources, and on the other hand, they also maintained the imperial family’s dominance over the empire.

The two were closely related and inseparable.

The empress’s birthday banquet was also a diplomatic event for the establishment of diplomatic relations between the empire and the republic. The aristocrats would not pass up such a big event with such high standards.

As for the omegas that were raised deep within the boudoir, they definitely would not miss this opportunity. This was an important occasion for them to make friends and fall in love.

On the other hand, Xu Jing’an was still a bit vain. She had finally found her son and he had grew up so beautifully, so she wanted to take him out and make the other little sisters feel envious.

An Ji didn’t have the slightest interest in this kind of activity, so he wanted to refuse at first, but after some thought, he figured Li Rong would definitely be present for the empress’s birthday.

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He did not have a shy character, so he wasn’t going to wait for other people to pursue him. Since he decided to cultivate a relationship with Li Rong, he must seize every opportunity to act, so he nodded and said yes.

Xu Jing’an was very happy. Right after lunch, she called a stylist and had An Ji cleaned up from his hair to his nails.

After four hours, someone roused the drowsy An Ji and he was finally able to get out of the torture-like pose.

“Wow~!” Looking at the completely changed An Ji in front of him, the assistant could not help exclaiming out loud.

Even the stylist, who was taciturn throughout the whole process, opened his mouth with some admiration: “You are beautiful.”

Seventeen or eighteen years old was just the right age. At this time, he still has the innocence of a teenager, but he also has the elegance of a youth man.

An Ji looked up at himself in the mirror. He had a head of deep, black hair, bright eyes, and white skin like fresh snow. He was dressed in a silk shirt that revealed a small protruding Adam’s apple. This was the stereotypical appearance of an omega: delicate and fragile.

The only difference in him was his eyes. They were sharp and cold, exuding a bit of austerity. It was enough to make all those who coveted him tremble.

This was An Ji after returning to the past from his rebirth.

Fate was unfair to him, life created hardships for him, and despair kept trying to defeat him.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

An Ji cursed, begged, and gave up, but in the end he still gritted his teeth and held on.

In the mirror, he was glamorous and impeccable.

But when he closed his eyes, what appeared in his mind was the image of a young aristocratic boy eating moldy bread while quietly crying. Then he saw the image of a fierce teenager who stabbed a hooligan with a chopstick for assaulting his younger brother. And then he saw the image of a young man lying on an operation table as he self-destructed to take down the people who had betrayed him.

In the past, he was beaten black and blue, but those experiences cast a layer of hard armor over him.

He saw himself traveling through the long passage of time, passing through the vast universe, and walking in front of his former self to say: Persevere and you will eventually be able to live as you desire.

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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 19

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Chapter 19 – A Look of Expectation

“An Can,” a familiar voice suddenly interrupted him. “What are you doing there?”

An Can turned his head and saw Xu Jing’an’s surprised face.

“It’s nothing.” An Can said lightly. He loosened his grip and jumped down.

He jumped down from the four-meter-high windowsill without batting an eye!

“Are you crazy? How could you jump down from such a terrifying height?!” Xu Jing’an hurried over. “Are you injured? I’ll call the doctor to come take a look.”

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But An Can didn’t seem to like his mother invading his personal bubble. He subconsciously took two steps back, stepping just out of reach of Xu Jing’an’s extended hand.

Xu Jing’an: “…”

Her hand just stopped in mid-air in such an embarrassing manner, neither advancing nor retreating for a while.

An Can was silent for a while, then added stiffly: “I’m fine.”

It wasn’t until An Can’s figure disappeared from sight that Xu Jing’an breathed a sigh of relief, and her tense nerves eased.

To be honest, she was a little afraid of An Can. This was not the general fear an omega felt towards an alpha, but something more personal and specific to An Can.

An Can was very different. He wasn’t like most of the alphas on the Capital Star.

The Capital Star was far away from disaster and war. Although genes and society endowed Capital Star alphas with aggression, in daily interactions, you could clearly feel that they were harmless, because they were civilized people who have been domesticated.

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But An Can was different. There wasn’t a trace of modern civility on him. He was taciturn to the point of frigidness. He was like a sharp knife ready to draw blood at any time. Anyone who tried to touch him would be hurt. Only his master could order him around.

Xi Jing’an recalled An Can’s soft and cute appearance when he was young, but she couldn’t connect that image with the present person no matter what.

If she hadn’t lost* her sons back then, then they would not have become what they were today…

[*T/N: In Chinese, the wording implies that it is her inattentiveness that caused them to go missing.]

Xu Jing’an choked back the sob in her throat and closed her eyes tightly.

She has wronged them…

The An family owed those two children too much.

When An Ji woke up again, he heard a clanging sound. He looked at the time and found that it was already noon.

“Aiya, be careful, don’t drop and break it.” In the main hall, Xu Jing’an was giving out directions with a small folding fan pinched between her fingers.

An Ji walked down the stairs: “Mom, what are you doing?”

“Aiya? You’re awake?” Xu Jing’an’s eyes lit up. She immediately took An Ji’s hand and walked over to a pile of things. “Since you’re back, your things cannot be sloppy. I prepared some daily necessities for you and your younger brother.”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Xu Jing’an called it daily necessities, but with how much she cared for her two sons, she has already arranged their bedrooms to perfection before they came back. The pile of things in front of them was all precious gifts. Just one of these things could cover the two brothers’ living expenses for the entire past year.

An Ji opened his mouth, and said in astonishment: “This is too much…”

The main hall was hundreds of square meters big and it was full of piles of things. Xu Jing’an didn’t move the entire shopping mall here, did she?

An Ji stared at his mother.

Xu Jing’an squeezed the fan in her hand and a little nervousness appeared on her delicate face. “I don’t know what you like, so I prepared everything.”

After ten years of separation, Xu Jing’an really didn’t know what he liked anymore.

The items in the main hall consisted of dolls, beautiful clothes, precious gems, and such. They all looked luxurious and exquisite, but to An Ji, they were all dispensable things.

An Ji thought this in his head, but what he said out loud was completely different.

“Thank you, Mom. I like it very much.” He randomly picked up a chain and said in a happy yet envious tone, “I’ve wanted to have such a beautiful necklace for a long time.”

“…Son, ah,” Xu Jing’an hesitated to speak, “That’s a waist chain.”

An Ji: “…?”

Are all your omegas’ waists this thin? He thought.

But now was not the time to dwell on these details. An Ji quickly recovered and repeated it in the same tone as before, “I’ve wanted to have such a beautiful waist chain for a long time.”

Xu Jing’an: “…”

There was really no need to repeat that.

[T/N: Lol, so awkward.]

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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 18

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Chapter 18 – A Look of Expectation (7.1)

“The nobles are corrupted and the Capital Star is already rotting.” Yu Jingmo stretched out his hand towards him and said with a smile, “An Ji, come with me ot the Junk Star to create a world of freedom and equality.”

No, don’t go, reject him, fast! Junk Star has no freedom and equality at all, only a new round of oppression!

An Ji yelled crazily at his former self, but it was as if they were separated by a layer of fog. He could only watch helplessly as he former self, who was full of hope, stepped into a trap.

“An Ji, help us make a decision! A group of beta soldiers came to the hospital yesterday, they… they took advantage of us while we were bandaging them up to tease us and one of them even put his hand up my skirt! He told me to marry him and even give him a baby! Why? Haven’t we come to an equal world?”

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“You’re asking me why I touched her butt? Heh, isn’t it obvious? You omegas eat our food and use our things, so what if we tell you to give birth to children? Isn’t this your duty? Besides giving birth, what else can you do?”

“An Ji, you have to understand where I’m coming from. The army has so many young and vigorous betas. It’s normal for them to not be able to control themselves when they see so many tender and lovely omegas wandering about.”

[T/N: I really hate this kind of talk…]

“Traitor! Since you said you didn’t betray the organization, you should break up with Yu Jingmo right now!”

“Go on, the gland is just a product of the oppression you face. After the operation, you will be completely free.”

“If the research is successful, we will be able to mass produce soldiers with strong mental power, and when that time comes seizing the empire will be like shooting fish in a barrel.”


The intense pain spread from the back of his neck to every corner of his body. An Ji twisted his fingers into the bed sheets. His clothes were a mess. It was as if he was in great pain.

Immediately afterwards, time quickly went backwards.

An Ji saw Li Rong leading the imperial fleet to attack the Junk Star with a solemn expression and sad eyes.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

He saw his parents kneeling in front of An Ning, humble and lowly, like ants, while An Ning stood high above them with a face full of disdain: “You hypocritical aristocrats, every pore is filled with filth. Hand over your property, and I will return An Ji’s body to you.”


Scenes of the past kept flashing in front of his eyes, accompanied by a burst of earth-shaking pain. It was as if a cold poisonous snake was piercing him, and even the soul trembled.

An Ji suddenly woke up from the nightmare. His face was pale and terrified.

Wind rustled the white curtains, and the chirping of birds could be heard outside the window.

Today was a sunny day. Flowers stretched their petals towards the sun, covered in morning dew. The sun shone through the curtains onto the carpet, and the duvet was warmed… Everything around him was calm and serene, a complete contrast from the world in his dreams.

An Ji sat quietly on the bed. After a while he lowered his head, buried his face in his palms, and heaved a long sigh of relief.

He liked the sunshine. He wanted to continue to sleep for a while.

Junk Star was at the very edge of the empire, extremely far away from the stars, and the entire planet was shrouded in mist all year round. Cold, gray, depressing, these were all synonyms for the Junk Star. He couldn’t remember how long it has been since he’s seen the sun.

An Ji lied on the big soft bed, let the sun shine on his body, and fell into a deep sleep again.

At the same time, a sneaky figure appeared outside the window.

That sneaky figure was An Can, who just came back from an alien galaxy this morning.

After hearing that An Ji ran away from home, An Can rushed out in the mecha without saying a word. Unexpectedly, after busying about for a long time, someone told him that An Ji didn’t run away from home at all, but that he just had a date with his fiancé.

An Can was so angry he couldn’t breathe. He rushed all the way back home and finally got back in the morning. He came to An Ji’s room without even pausing to drink a mouthful of water.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

An Can and An Ji were biological brothers who grew up together. They spent ten years wandering outside, dependent on each other. It stood to reason that they had a very affectionate relationship with each other.

However, An Can’s expression at this moment was completely different from expected.

The young man’s sharp facial features were stained with anger. He stared at An Ji, who was lying on the bed, as if he wanted to firmly imprint the other’s image in his mind’s eyes, or as if he was about to rush up, tear him apart, and stuff him into his stomach.

He didn’t understand, if An Ji wanted to leave, then why didn’t he take An Can with him? They were obviously such close brothers.

On the Junk Star, An Ji didn’t abandon him even in the most difficult of times, but when they returned to the Capital Star, that man actually left him behind to run away on his own!

Up till now, An Can could still recall his feelings when he was abandoned, surprise, panic, loss… followed by anger!

It was obvious that he did not care where he was as long as he could be by his brother’s side.

An Can stared at An Ji without restraint. His dark pupils were full of possessiveness. He didn’t know why his brother came back again, but he knew that he would never let the other person leave him.

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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 17

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Chapter 17 – It’s an Alpha’s World

In fact, during the time of the Galactic Federation, the living environment of omegas was not as difficult as it was now.

In the year 2000 of the cosmic calendar, after the Battle of Orion, the centuries-long infighting of the Galactic Federation finally came to an end. The federal government broke up. Amongst the different nations that resulted from the fall out, the Galactic Empire was the largest.

After the Battle of Orion, Li Han, the admiral of the Galactic Federation, led his warships to occupy a large area of the Federation’s land.

At the time when everything was in ruins, Li Han’s policy of iron and blood made the empire strong very quickly, but it also created a military dictatorship.

In addition to being a military dictator, Li Han was also an extremely chauvinistic alpha.

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He believed that omegas should stay at home to rear children and be a support for their husbands. He thought that it was best if omegas were not too smart, to the point that they didn’t even need to go to school, because it was unsightly just to have an omega out in public.

Li Han even promulgated a notorious “Omega Code of Conduct Regulations,” becoming the public enemy of all omegas.

Rumor has it that Li Han promulgated this regulation out of vengeance because an omega once ruthlessly rejected him.

Even till this day, the Galactic Republic – the Galactic Empire’s archenemy – was still spreading stories of Li Han and that unnamed omega. Key words included kidnapping, killing each other out of love, toxic love, etc. They even filmed several dramas about them. As for whether the story was true or false, no one knew.

The only thing that the people knew was that with the implementation of the regulations, the open social atmosphere of the Galactic Federation gradually ceased to exist.

Unlike the enlightened republic, omegas living in the empire were forbidden from going out alone, on the grounds that once an omega went into heat in public, it would cause huge social fluctuations.

Omegas were forbidden from learning sports, martial arts, or any other skills that required an ounce of aggression, because allegedly an omega’s fragile body could not withstand such high-intensity exercises.

Omegas were forbidden from joining the army and also forbidden from engaging in societal labor…

The independent omegas were forcibly eliminated and forced to become subservient to alphas, and all of their struggles and resistance were crushed beneath a high-handed ruling body. As a result, generation after generation of this practice has led to the current unequal situation between alphas and omegas.

Fortunately, the Li family did not produce another tyrant over these past generations, and there was never another alpha as chauvinistic as Li Han.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

This was especially so after the current emperor Li Hetao married an empress from the republic. He stood his ground against the opinion of the masses and opened up bilateral diplomacy between the two countries, which led to a series of exchanges including politics, military affairs, culture, etc.

Thus, the omegas that have always been boxed in at home in the empire discovered that there was such a different way of life for omegas.

They could go out whenever they wanted to go out, wear a short skirt if they wanted to, be single if they wanted to stay single, and marry whomever they so desired?

Upon knowing that they could stand up proud and be a human being, no one was willing to kneel down and be an animal.

Thus, a vigorous omega liberation movement took place.

This movement originated from the capital of the empire, which had the most open atmosphere, and spread across the country in an instant. The speed and momentum caught everyone off guard.

By the time that the high-ranking families realized what was going on, they found that their omega wives and daughters have already joined in the movement.

But then, suppression soon fell on them. The imperial family supported the liberation movement, but both the parliament and the aristocracy threatened them, causing them to slow down the liberation movement.

The butterfly effect of this behavior swept the entire society in an instant.

Under the triple pressure of the empire, society, and their families, the self-organized omega organization quickly fell apart. Many people gave up and retreated to their families. However, there was also a force of omegas that chose to migrate to the Junk Star outside the empire’s borders and to continue fighting.

An Ji was one of the core pillars.

When they left the Capital Star, the omegas were ambitious and full of hope for the future. They thought that this was a new journey for the organization, and they believed that as long as they worked hard enough, as long as they did not give up the struggle, they could change their fate of being oppressed.

It wasn’t until later that they realized they were doomed to fail.

They had traveled all the way to the Junk Star to join p with the beta rebels.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

As we all know, omegas from the empire did not work, so they had no source of income. When they lived on the Capital Star, they depended on their father and husband for support, so what kind of resistance could these omegas put up?

They couldn’t even survive alone, so there was no need to speak of liberation.

After leaving the Capital Star, these omegas lost their families and husbands, and their only source of income came from the rebel army.

So, while trying to overthrow the alphas’ control over them, the omegas found themselves under the betas’ control this time.

The starting point of the Omega Liberation Organization was the pursuit of freedom and democracy. The irony was that in the end they tried their best, but they were still a chess piece controlled by others.

It was a pity that An Ji understood this too late.

In the year 2900 of the cosmic calendar, An Ji blew up his spiritual core in an operating room. Even if he had to die for it, he still chose freedom.

At the same time, the new light of all omegas, An Ning, came on the stage, causing continuous internal turmoil in the organization, which existed in name only.

In the same year, liberation organizations across the empire were suppressed to varying degrees, and the once robust Omega Liberation Movement collapsed, like a moon reflected on water it was an unattainable dream.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The remaining omegas returned to the shelter of their families and husbands again, and the fighters who had fought bravely put on silk clothes again, turning into delicate roses and docile canaries, washing away all the sharpness of rebellion, all so that they might have a small space where they could exist in a world dominated by alphas.

Everything went back to square one again.

All sacrifices were in vain. All blood was shed in vain.

History proved to them once again that this world belonged to alphas.


An Ji opened his eyes. His pale face was already stained with tears.

He looked at an unknown spot on the ceiling, and a thought gradually became clear – no matter what, he would never let the tragedy of his previous life happen again!

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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 16

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Chapter 16 – It’s an Alpha’s World (6.1)

“It’s just an engagement. Just receiving your [positive] intentions is enough,” Xi Jing’an was still trying to persuade Li Rong. “You can keep the mecha for yourself, I’m sure An Ji won’t mind.”

Li Rong turned his head to ask An Ji, “Do you want it?”

Li Rong was dressed in black and he stood in the moonlight.

Starlight streamed through the curtain of night to fall on him making his figure look talk and straight and his gaze was filled with unswerving determination.

It was at that moment when An Ji realized that what Li Rong had said just now was not an excuse or a joke. Li Rong truly wanted to gift him a mecha.

An Ji’s mouth fell open as he stared blankly at Li Rong. His heartbeat gradually got faster and faster.

He wanted it.

He wanted a mecha so badly.

He has wanted a mecha for a long time now. Back when he was still known as the “light of all omegas” and constantly dodging assassination attempts, he has wanted a mecha.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

But at that time, there were only mechas made for alphas and betas on the market. In the thousands of years of imperial history, there had never been a single omega to join the battlefield, so naturally there weren’t any mechas adapted for omegas to use.

At that time, Yu Jingmo had promised to give him a custom-made mecha, but not only did that man not give An Ji a mecha, he even intended to steal his spiritual power during the gland-removal operation…

Spiritual power was required for piloting a mecha. If you did not have spiritual power then that meant you could not pilot a mecha at all.

Upon waking up in this second life, the first thing An Ji thought of was to get himself a mecha. It’s just that he didn’t expect Li Rong to say that he would gift him one before he even had time to act on his thought.

Did Li Rong not think it was unorthodox for an omega to pilot a mecha?

Didn’t gifting an omega a mecha made him too much of a straight man*? What kind of omega would want a mecha?

[*T/N: straight man – In Chinese, calling someone a straight man is like saying that guy is the stereotype of a “straight manly man.” Depending on context it can be used as a joke or a derogative. A “straight man” is often inflexible and he’s not sensitive or considerate. In the story, An Ji is saying Li Rong can’t seem to think from the perspective of a stereotypical omega and is just gifting an omega what an alpha would want.]

Xu Jing’an was so anxious that she was about to get a canker sore. Back on ancient Earth, this would be the equivalent of a man giving his fiancée a fighter jet. In theory it sounded cool, but in actuality it was completely useless. It’s over, it’s over. Her son was definitely going to reject him…

“Mom, I want it.” An Ji said suddenly.


Xu Jing’an was shocked. “You really want it?”

An Ji said, “Yes, I want to pilot a mecha.”

“Before you can pilot a mecha, do you know how tough the training will be?” Xi Jing’an was certain that he would not be able to persevere through the training. “Your An Yao-gege has to run five kilometers every morning. And every time he comes back from stamina training he’s more dead than alive. Not to mention there are mental exercises too. How can an omega like you endure it?”

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An Ji replied, “No matter how hard things got on the Junk Star, I’ve survived through them all.”

In a place like the Junk Star where resources were extremely scarce, no one would ever pity you just because you were an omega. On the Junk Star, alphas, betas, and omegas were all treated the same way. If you weren’t fast enough, then you would not be able to get food to eat, and if your skills were lacking, you could easily become a corpse beneath someone else’s blade.

Suffering was commonplace for him.

Although these words were true, they accurately hit Xu Jing’an’s sore spot. Guilt and sadness attacked her together, causing her to be silent for a while.

“You can keep it if you want.” Xu Jing’an sighed and finally compromised.

Wasn’t it just some mecha made by that Qing Kong guy? The return gift would have to be worth several planets, but so what? It’s not like the old An family could not afford it.

An Ji’s eyes brightened. “Thank you, Mom!”

An Yanming also said, “Thank you, wife!”

“Scram,” Xu Jing’an laughed and scolded. “Li Rong is giving it to our son. Why is an old man like you joining in the fun?!”

An Ji also laughed. His life after his rebirth was going much smoother than he had imagined. Up until he crawled into bed at night, An Ji still did not feel like this was reality. The happiness made him feel as light as air. It was like he was lying on a cloud.

But An Ji was very aware that the current ease of life did not mean his future would be free of worries.

The joy dissipated, and An Ji began to seriously think about his future life.

The most important things to him were to work hard to become stronger, to be responsible for his own life, and to protect his parents and younger brother.

After that, his next priorities were to stay away from that scum man and to stay with Li Rong.

As for the two children his parents adopted…

He didn’t have much interaction with An Yao, so he didn’t know much about his character. An Ji decided to label him as someone to be wary of.

As for the other adopted son An Ning… in An Ji’s previous life, An Ning had urged An Ji to flee his marriage with the intention of taking Li Rong for himself, but in the end he got rejected. Later, his ambitious heart caused him to go to the Junk Star. He took advantage of the space left by An Ji’s death to become the so-called “light of all omegas.”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

At this point in time, An Ning has yet to cause any disturbances, but An Ji must still be on guard against him and be vigilant of any attacks against the An family.

And then there’s…

An Ji paused for a moment, and a few important words slowly appeared in his mind: Omega Liberation Organization.

Omegas had spontaneously gotten together to form this liberation organization. Their aim was the pursuit of freedom, democracy, and equality for all alphas, betas, and omegas.

If believing in Yu Jingmo was his biggest emotional mistake, then the disintegration of the Omega Liberation Organization was his biggest career regret.

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Chapter 15 – The Things I Want to Give to You

Rumor has it that after the imperial general Jun Rufei obtained a SSS-level mecha manufactured by Qingkong, he bluntly said that “it is easy to obtain the world, but it is hard to commission Qingkong.” It was the general’s greatest compliment to the mecha designer.

To think that Li Rong actually managed to contact Qingkong… and he was even going to give An Ji a customized mecha?

In an instant, the gaze with which An Yanming looked at Li Rong changed. He sighed, “Of course, of course, gifting a mecha is very good.”

As expected of a young man who has taken a fancy to his son. He was indeed reliable.

Xu Jing’an stretched out her hand to grab her husband and complained in a low voice, “What’s wrong with you?”

An Yanming frowned, “What are you doing?”

“What’s the point of gifting a mecha as an engagement present?” Xu Jing’an lowered her voice. She was very annoyed. “I’ve seen alpha and omega engagements gifting estate, jewelry, and even planets, but I’ve never seen someone giving an omega a mecha! It’s both expensive and useless. Moreover, you have to return a gift of the same price. Isn’t that such a big waste of money?”

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

An Yanming’s eyes widened: “How is that money wasted? That’s a mecha made by Qingkong!”

“Who cares if it’s Qingkong or Yukong*?” Xu Jing’an poked An Yanming’s chest with her gorgeous and exquisite manicure. Then she said word by word, “Mechas are useless. You have to know that an omega’s frail spiritual power cannot pilot a mecha.”

[*T/N: XJA is making a joke out of Qingkong’s name. Qingkong means “clear sky” and Yukong means “rainy sky.”]

An Yanming said righteously: “It looks good on display!”

Xu Jing’an replied, “Anyways, it’s you who wants to play with mechas. You don’t care if your son is doing well or not!”

An Yanming murmured softly, “What he’s gifting is a mecha by Qingkong. If someone gifted that to me, I would want to get marry…”

“What did you say?” Xu Jing’an glared.

“N- nothing!” An Yanming had strong survival instincts. “I said everything is up to you!”

Hmph, that’s right. Xu Jing’an thought.

Xu Jing’an put on a fervent smile again, and said to Li Rong, “Thank you for taking An Ji to get a customized mecha, but he is an omega, he really can’t operate such a high-end mecha. Why don’t you return it? Don’t waste money needlessly.”

And don’t make us waste money needlessly, she added in her head.

After all, a mecha could not compare to jewelry and precious stones. That kind of toy was extremely expensive. A mecha created by Qingkong was worth the value of several planets. Xu Jing’an didn’t dare to let An Ji accept this kind of hot potato, so she better find an excuse to refuse it.

“It’s fine even if he can’t use it.” Li Rong said lightly. “Just keep it as a toy.”

The smile on Xu Jing’an’s face froze.

An Ji was also surprised. He tugged on Li Rong’s sleeve and said in a low voice, “Wasn’t that just an excuse? Don’t just agree to gift a mecha. It’s not like we can get a Qingkong mecha out of thin air.”

“It’s not an excuse.” Li Rong looked down at him, his dark pupils filled with seriousness, “I’ve wanted to give you one for a long time now.”

It turned out to be the truth?!

An Ji raised his head with a blank expression on his face: “But why?”

Li Rong looked at him silently. His eyes were filled with dense emotions.

Even now Li Rong could still clearly remember the moment he learned of An Ji’s death. And in the long nights that followed, he woke up again and again from nightmares, dripping with cold sweat and regretting his mistakes.

He kept thinking that if only An Ji had a mecha at that time, if only An Ji had a means to protect himself, then he would not have been forced to explode his mental core during the operation and die in a foreign place.

After rebirth, the first thing that Li Rong had to do was to An Ji stronger.

The conventionally beautiful omega was a delicate thing. This was especially so in the Capital Star. The omegas here were educated to be elegant and quiet since they were young. Society arranged for them to learn the arts and etiquette, but refused to let them participate in fighting like alphas and betas.

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Countless ignorant omegas were taught to be modest when they should be fighting, and were taught to restrain their anger when they should be angry. So they turned into exquisite dolls, wearing complicated garments, and waiting for their fate to be married.

Their life was not determined by themselves, but by the quality of character of their marriage partner.

If they married a virtuous partner then it was a life of happiness and bliss, but if they married a bad partner then it was a life of trials and hardships, drifting and hopeless. The most terrifying thing was that when misfortune struck, they did not have the slightest power to resist.

Perhaps there were a lot of people who liked the caged canary type of omega, but Li Rong was definitely not among them.

Compared with beautiful and harmless roses, he would rather his lover cultivate a solid wall of iron, so that he could stand up to others and stand shoulder to shoulder with him in the wind and rain.

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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 15

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Chapt’r 15 – the things i wanteth to giveth to thee

rum’r has’t yond aft’r the imp’rial gen’ral jun rufei did obtain a sss-level mecha manufactur’d by qingkong, that gent bluntly hath said yond “it is easy to obtaineth the w’rld, but t is hard to commission qingkong. ” t wast the gen’ral’s greatest compliment to the mecha designeth’r.

to bethink yond li rong actually did manage to contact qingkong… and that gent wast coequal going to giveth an ji a customiz’d mecha?

in an instant, the gazeth with which an yanming did look at li rong hath changed. That gent sighed, “of course, of course, gifting a mecha is v’ry valorous. ”

as did expect of a young sir who is’t hast taken a plaited to his son. That gent wast forsooth reliable.

xu jing’an did stretch out h’r handeth to grabeth h’r husband and did complain in a base voice, “what’s wrong with thee?”
an yanming frowned, “what art thee doing?”

“what’s the pointeth of gifting a mecha as an engagement presenteth?” xu jing’an base’r’d h’r voice. The lady wast v’ry annoy’d. “i’ve seen alpha and omega engagements gifting estate, jewelry, and coequal planets, but i’ve nev’r seen someone giving an omega a mecha! it’s both expensive and hilding. M’reov’r, thee has’t to returneth a gift of the same price. Isn’t yond such a big wasteth of wage?”

an yanming’s eyes widened: “how is yond wage did waste? that’s a mecha madeth by qingkong!”

“who cares if ‘t be true it’s qingkong ‘r yukong*?” xu jing’an pok’d an yanming’s chest with h’r g’rgeous and exquisite manicure.

Then the lady hath said w’rd by w’rd, “mechas art bootless. Thee has’t to knoweth yond an omega’s frail spiritual pow’r cannot piloteth a mecha. ”

[*t/n: xja is making a gleek out of qingkong’s nameth. Qingkong means “clear sky” and yukong means “rainy sky. ”]

an yanming hath said righteously: “it looks valorous on displayeth!”

xu jing’an did reply, “anyways, it’s thee who is’t wanteth to playeth with mechas. Thee don’t careth if ‘t be true thy son is doing well ‘r not!”

an yanming did murmur softly, “what he’s gifting is a mecha by qingkong. If ‘t be true someone gift’d yond to me, i wouldst wanteth to receiveth marry…”

“what didst thee sayeth?” xu jing’an glar’d.

“n- nothing!” an yanming hadst stout survival instincts. “i hath said ev’rything is up to thee!”

hmph, that’s right. Xu jing’an bethought.

xu jing’an putteth on a f’rvent smileth again, and hath said to li rong, “thank thee f’r taking an ji to receiveth a customiz’d mecha, but that gent is an omega, that gent very much can’t op’rate such a high-end mecha. Wherefore don’t thee returneth t? don’t wasteth wage needlessly. ”

and don’t maketh us wasteth wage needlessly, the lady did add in h’r headeth.

aft’r all, a mecha couldst not compareth to jewelry and precious stones. Yond kind of toy wast extremely expensive. A mecha did create by qingkong wast w’rth the value of sev’ral planets. Xu jing’an didn’t dareth to alloweth an ji accepteth this kind of hot potato, so the lady bett’r findeth an colours to refuseth t.

“it’s fine coequal if ‘t be true that gent can’t useth t. ” li rong hath said lightly. “just keepeth t as a toy. ”

the smileth on xu jing’an’s visage did freeze.

an ji wast eke surpris’d. That gent tugg’d on li rong’s sleeve and hath said in a base voice, “wasn’t yond just an colours? don’t just concur to gift a mecha. It’s not liketh we can receiveth a qingkong mecha out of thin air. ”

“it’s not an colours. ” li rong did look down at that gent, his dark pupils did fill with s’riousness, “i’ve did want to giveth thee one f’r a longeth timeth anon. ”

t did turn out to beest the sooth?!

an ji hath raised his headeth with a blank expression on his visage: “but wherefore?”

li rong did look at that gent silently. His eyes w’re did fill with dense emotions.

coequal anon li rong couldst still clearly rememb’r the moment that gent learn’d of an ji’s death. And in the longeth nights yond hath followed, that gent did wake up again and again from conceit, dripping with bitter cold did sweat and regretting his mistakes.

that gent hath kept bethinking yond if ‘t be true only an ji hadst a mecha at yond timeth, if ‘t be true only an ji hadst a means to protecteth himself, then that gent wouldst not has’t been f’rc’d to explodeth his mental c’re during the op’ration and kicketh the bucket in a f’reign lodging.

aft’r rebirth, the first thing yond li rong hadst to doth wast to an ji stout’r.

the conventionally quite quaint omega wast a delicate thing. This wast especially so in the capital star. The omegas h’re w’re did educate to beest elegant and quiet since those gents w’re young. Society did arrange f’r those folk to learneth the arts and etiquette, but did refuse to alloweth those folk participateth in fighting liketh alphas and betas.

countless ign’rant omegas w’re did teach to beest chariest at which hour those gents shouldst beest fighting, and w’re did teach to restrain their ang’r at which hour those gents shouldst beest fell. So those gents did turn into exquisite dolls, wearing complicat’d garments, and waiting f’r their fate to beest did marry.

their life wast not det’rmin’d by themselves, but by the quality of charact’r of their feather-bed partn’r.

if ‘t be true those gents did marry a chariest partn’r then t wast a life of happiness and bliss, but if ‘t be true those gents did marry a lacking valor partn’r then t wast a life of trials and hardships, drifting and hopeless. The most t’rrifying thing wast yond at which hour misf’rtune did strike, those gents didst not has’t the slightest pow’r to intermit.

p’rhaps th’re w’re a lot of people who is’t did like the cag’d canary typeth of omega, but li rong wast forsooth not ‘mongst those folk.

did compare with quite quaint and harmless roses, that gent wouldst rath’r his lov’r cultivate a solid mure of iron, so yond that gent couldst standeth up to oth’rs and standeth shouldst’r to shouldst’r with that gent in the windeth and raineth

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