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Tightrope 13

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Chapter 13 – Dinner Lineup

Sakura had taken to waking up before the sun rises to train her stamina, endurance, and hand-to-hand combat. Doing so ensured that her bullies wouldn’t be awake to bother her, and there were lesser people to laugh at her if she messed up.

It was during one of her morning practices when she ran into Konoha’s Green Beast. The junior version. Literally.

It was a head on collision when they both turned from different sides of the same corner during their morning run. Rock Lee saw stars when he looked up to see the most beautiful vision he had bumped into.

The girl had the most unique pink hair and green eyes. She was dressed in forest green training sweats that brought out her eyes, and sweating like a pig with her hair messy and plastered to her face. Dirt from the fall smudged her clothing. She stood up and brushed herself off. The sun was just beginning to rise, casting an orange backdrop behind her.

“You all right?” She extended a hand to him.

He got onto his knees and clasped her hand with both of his. “My name is Rock Lee! Please go out with me! I’ll protect you until the day I die!”

The mildly concerned look on her face fell and she gave him a dead-eyed stare. “No.” She pulled her hand back and continued on her run.

Lee cried manly tears of heartbreak.

The next morning, he ran all over Konoha until he bumped into her again. Not as literally this time. He then professed his undying love for her youthful spirit and beauty only to have her shoot him down again. The third time he did it, she punched him into a tree.


“Ugh, my teammate is such a freak. It’s even worse now that he apparently found the love of his life. All he ever does during training is gush about her, and our sensei just encourages him. It’s sickening.” Karin complained at the dinner table.

Even though Karin and Juugo lived in different houses, they barely used their kitchens. They always came over to Sasuke’s house for dinner and the five inhabitants of the Uchiha Compound would take turns cooking dinner. Even Ranmaru cooked from time to time. Due to his size he wasn’t as adept in the kitchen as the others, but his curry dish was quite good. Sometimes Naruto would come over for dinner, too. But after his first attempt at cooking for them, all the Uchiha plus Karin banned him from the stove until he learned better.

“You always complain about them, but we’ve never actually learned anything about your team from your rants. Are you even trying to get along with them?” Sasuke quipped with a wry smile.

“I don’t want to get along with freaks like them. They creep me out. Ugh, just talking about them gives me goosebumps. These past two months have been a nightmare with them.” Karin jabbed her chopsticks against the table to emphasis her point.

“How about you two? Juugo. Kimimaro. How are you getting along with your team?” Sasuke asked.

Kimimaro and Juugo exchanged looks. “We complete our missions without problems,” Kimimaro said.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

“Our sensei seems to favor our other teammate,” Juugo supplied.

“It’s fine, though. Juugo and I work well together.”

Sasuke frowned. He mulled on what his friends had told him as he ate his dinner. “Unlike Karin, the two of you don’t openly complain about your team, but from your previous comments it sounds like you are dissatisfied with the way your sensei singles out your third teammate. Have you considered the fact that because the two of you are so compatible, that you may have unconsciously segregated your last teammate? Your sensei might be trying to rectify the situation by paying more attention to her.”

“I did not say as such.”

“No, but I can read between the lines.”

Kimimaro blinked. He really wasn’t jealous of their third teammate, as Sasuke seemed to be implying. The only one he respected with all his heart and cared to follow to the death was Sasuke. It didn’t matter if their new sensei wasn’t someone worth following.

He was merely concerned with the competence of their sensei to be team leader if she played favoritism so blatantly. But it’s also true that in his “objective” statements about his new sensei and teammate that there was an underlying dissatisfaction at the way they conducted themselves.

“I think I’d like to meet your teams,” Sasuke said.

“What?! I can’t expose my precious Sasuke to that filth!” Karin protested.

“That would not be necessary, Sasuke-sama,” Kimimaro hastened to reassure Sasuke.

Sasuke’s smile was half amused, half worried. “I am your clan head,” he said to Juugo and Kimimaro. “And as a friend,” this he said to Karin, “it is only right that I keep your best interests in mind. Based on your… comments, I worry whether your current teams are dependable or not and would like to meet them in person to ascertain their capabilities with my own eyes.”


“Please bring them over for dinner. I also think it would be beneficial to you to bond with your teams outside of training.”

“But, but, but!”

“Please coordinate with your teammates and see when they are all free.”

“…Understood.” Kimimaro nodded.

“But…! Aw, fine!” Karin huffed.

Juugo just nodded in acknowledgement to the request. When Sasuke pulled rank on them it was hard to refuse him. Sasuke would only pull that card if he truly thought that what he was doing was for their best interest, and Juugo could never begrudge Sasuke for caring. In fact, his cheeks warmed slightly at the sentiment.


For the sake of everyone’s sanity, Sasuke decided it was better to work with one team at a time. Karin’s team was the first to come over for dinner. Naruto had wanted to come for dinner again, and after some deliberation Sasuke relented. It might be helpful to have Naruto as a mood maker and to divert some of the tension. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking.

Sasuke could not for the life of him understand what went wrong between Karin and Naruto. He thought the two Uzumaki members would be thrilled to meet each other, and they seemed to be on the road to becoming friends when they first met, but when Naruto came back to the Uchiha Compound the second time, which was two weeks after the first time, Karin was spitting fire as soon as she laid eyes on the blond.

Naruto was understandably nervous around Karin. He wasn’t hostile to Karin like the redhead was to him, but he also didn’t make as much of an effort as Sasuke thought he would in patching up their relationship. Naruto was always thickheaded and resilient. If someone didn’t want to be his friend, he would pester that person until he or she gave in. If someone were mean to him, he’d give as good as he got. But to Karin, it was like he had metaphorically rolled over and accepted that she just wasn’t going to like him and he wasn’t going to retaliate or do anything about it. Sasuke had tried to question him on it, but Naruto just stammered and blushed, and then he ran away. It was very uncharacteristic of the loud blond.

Nevertheless, Naruto was there on the day that Karin’s team was scheduled to arrive. As Naruto bounced around the house, excited to meet an actual genin team, Sasuke, not for the first time, wondered if it was a good idea that he let slip about the team dinner and then actually allowed Naruto to come.

Kimimaro and Juugo were away with their team on their first C-rank. It was so convenient that Sasuke thought the fates must have planned it.

“I’m home.” Karin announced listlessly.

“You live next door.” Naruto corrected her.

“You!” She hissed. “What are you doing here?”

“I invited him,” Sasuke stepped in before a hissing match could break out. “Welcome.” He smiled apologetically at Karin and she caved.

She sighed and stepped off to one side so that her team can enter. “This is Creepy, Freaky, and Shitty.”

“Are those really their names?” Naruto wondered.

Karin wanted to hit him.

Sasuke’s eyes widened at the sight of her team. She gave him a look that said: “I told you so. They’re freaks.” Then he composed himself and bowed, “Welcome.” He gave her team a dazzling smile that had her melting in her boots. “My name is Uchiha Sasuke. Thank you for always looking after my friend, Karin.”

“Thank you for inviting us into your home, most youthful friend of my student!” Karin was amazed by Sasuke’s composure. He kept a pleasant look on his face and didn’t even twitch. “My name is Maito Gai. These are my students, Rock Lee and Hyuuga Neji.” Gai placed a hand on each boy’s shoulder as he introduced him.

“Osu!” Rock Lee greeted.

Neji nodded his head in greeting.

“So you are the famed Uchiha Sasuke-kun,” Lee said. “I have heard much about you.”

Sasuke glanced at Karin out of the corner of his eye. She did not even have the decency to look embarrassed.

“You took on the burdens of a clan head at such a young age. All for the sake of your friends! I am deeply moved by your story!” Lee enthused.

“The Council won’t officially recognize him as clan head until he’s at least jonin rank,” Neji said.

“Ah, but for all intents and purposes, Sasuke is now the Uchiha Head. We should pay him due respect,” Gai said.

“Don’t stand on formalities. Please come in.” Sasuke gestured for them to go in. Neji and Lee toed off their sandals and changed into slippers.

“Ha ha ha.” Gai boomed with laughter. “Such a delightfully polite Uchiha.” He reached forward a hand to clap Sasuke on the shoulder. Sasuke flinched away, a momentary look of horror on his face. Gai took note. So as to not draw attention to the Uchiha’s flinch, he continued reaching forward, a little slower, and patted Sasuke quickly on the shoulder.

At the same time Naruto bellowed his introduction, drawing Team Gai’s attention onto him.

Sasuke held himself still. It wasn’t disgust that made the Uchiha flinch. Having received constant weird out and disgusted looks for his eccentricities, Gai could read the look of disgust even with his back turned. He filed the information away.

Once his team was done changing footwear and moved into the house, Gai quickly changed shoes and followed.

In the dining room, a young boy of seven years was setting the table. Sasuke introduced the boy as his adopted brother, Ranmaru. The boy was polite. He bobbed his head cutely and made his introductions.

“Naruto-san, will you help me bring out the dishes?” Sasuke requested of the blond.

Gai, his team, and Ranmaru took seats at the table as Sasuke and Naruto went into the kitchen to get the food.

Once they were out of earshot, Naruto whispered to Sasuke, “Hey, Sasuke. Did you know Big Fuzzy Eyebrows from before or something?”

“Fuzzy…” Sasuke shook his head and abandoned that line of thought. “No, I don’t.”

“But you-”

“Let’s hurry up, Naruto-san. The food will get cold.”

Naruto understood a dismissal when he heard one, but that didn’t mean he had to like it. He pouted and quickly brought the food to the dining room.

After a round of “itadakimasu” everyone dug in.

“This food is scrumptious. Did Karin-san prepare it?” Lee asked.

“As if I would ever cook anything for you, Freak!”

“Ah ha ha ha, Karin-san is as youthful as ever, right Gai-sensei?”

“You’re absolutely right, Lee!”




A vein popped in Karin’s temple.

“Onii-sama made everything,” Ranmaru chimed in.

“Ooh?” Gai sounded delighted at the prospect. Sasuke sweat dropped.

“If you have the time to perfect your cooking skills, then you should be training.” Neji said.

Karin blew a fuse, “Unlike you haughty Hyuuga, we don’t have servants scuttling around to do the menial chores for us. You should be honored to be eating food made by Sasuke-kun!”

The chopsticks in Neji’s hand snapped.

“Naruto!” Sasuke shouted.

Everyone else quieted as Naruto jumped in his seat. “What!” He didn’t even do anything. Yet.

“Could you get a new pair of chopsticks for Neji-san, please?”

“I’ll get it,” Ranmaru volunteered.

Awkward silence descended in the room. Sasuke held back a sigh and refrained from massaging his nose bridge. He was beginning to wonder if this was such a good idea after all.

Ranmaru returned with the chopsticks and Sasuke petted him on the head. Ranmaru smiled and leaned into his touch.

“Sasuke-kun,” Lee spoke up. “I heard that you were popular with the ladies, perhaps you can give me some advice. I fell in love with a girl, but she keeps rejecting me, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”

“Huh?” Sasuke was completely blindsided by the change in topic. “Ah, well, I’m not- uh…” he sighed. At least this was a fairly safe and normal topic. “Why don’t you tell us how you two met and we’ll go from there?”

So Lee regaled them with the story of how he met his fated angel. Karin and Neji had heard the story so many times that they were sick of it. Gai was beaming at his student and going on and on about the springtime of youth.

When Lee finished his story, Naruto was the one to point out, “So you don’t even know her name yet?”

“She refuses to tell me.”

“Well, if she won’t even tell you her name, how do you expect her to agree to go out with you?” Naruto asked. Karin was surprised by his insight. Of course she would never admit as such.

“Then how should I find out her name?”

“Hmm…” Naruto rubbed his chin. “Maybe you can follow her around and wait for someone to say her name.”

“That’s a fabulous idea, Naruto-kun.”

Karin sighed at their stupidity. Forget insightful, Naruto was complete and utter nonsense.

“No.” Sasuke opposed the suggestion. “That is nothing but stalking. Your relationship will not be pure if you do something like that.” Sasuke almost cringed at his own words, but it was the best way to get through to someone as straightforward, youthful, and ingenuous as Lee.

Gai nodded.

Lee cried rivers of tears. “Then what should I dooooo?”

Sasuke twitched. “Please stop crying, Lee-san.”

Naruto handed Lee a napkin. Lee blew his nose.

“To begin with, I think you’re approaching her too forcefully. You have to admit, Lee-san, you’re a bit… eccentric, and this may be off putting to some, well, most girls. You need to slow down and establish a friendship with her first.”

“I see, I see.” Lee nodded. Then his shoulders slumped. “But how do I go about being her friend if she pushes me away every time she sees me?”

“If she’s a year younger than you, trains in the morning, and doesn’t wear a forehead protector, then she’s probably a student at the Academy aiming to become a ninja. She sounds pretty dedicated. Perhaps you could offer to train her. Be her sparring partner.”

“You’re so smart, Sasuke-kun.” Karin cooed as she latched onto Sasuke’s left arm and nuzzled into his neck. From across the table Naruto shifted uncomfortably as he watched the contact between Sasuke and Karin.

Sasuke was just about to put down his chopsticks and push Karin off him when Lee stood up, startling everyone except Gai. “Such a youthful idea!” He bowed. “Thank you for your advice, Sasuke-sensei!”


“You are my sensei in love,” Lee declared.

Sasuke opened his mouth to protest. Ranmaru giggled. Due to Ranmaru’s Kekkei Genkai he could read people’s chakra, and in a way, read their thoughts and moods. Straightforward people like Naruto and now Lee seemed to be Ranmaru’s favorite type to read, because the candidness was soothing and at times like this, entertaining.

Sasuke sighed in defeat. He had a premonition that Lee might become a stable in the Uchiha household if this keeps up. At least Ranmaru would be pleased. “Just don’t come to me over every little problem, and I’ll try to give you what advice I can.”

“Thank you, Sasuke-sensei.”

Sasuke twitched. “I’m seriously not a love expert. There is no guarantee that she’ll agree to train with you.”

“But it’s worth a shot.”

“I suppose.”

After that, dinner went a little smoother.

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Tightrope 12

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Chapter 12 – Budding Lines

The next morning, Sakura woke up well before the start of classes. She ate a healthy, balanced breakfast and then whipped up two bento lunches. Due to a rumor she heard, she packed extra tomatoes in one of the boxes. Then she went for a morning jog to train her stamina before heading off to the Academy.

All throughout morning classes, Sakura was nervous and distracted. She was also a little lethargic because she wasn’t used to working out in the mornings. She was thankful for her breakfast; otherwise she definitely would’ve dozed off due to lack of energy.

She managed to pay enough attention so that Iruka-sensei wouldn’t catch her blindsided. Just because she was the reigning top kunoichi in academic marks didn’t mean that she could afford to slack off. One slip and Ino would overtake her.

Finally lunchtime rolled around. She took a deep breath and gave herself a pep talk inside her head. An encouraging voice echoed her sentiments back at her, and with that little push, she pulled out the lunches that she prepared and approached Sasuke.

The new student in their class, Uzumaki Naruto, was sitting next to Sasuke and talking a mile a minute. Sakura felt a twinge of envy as she watched Sasuke nodding indulgently, although it looked like he only heard about one-fourth of the one-sided conversation. She wondered how they became friends so quickly. Naruto only joined their class two days ago. What did he do to capture Sasuke’s attention? Or did they know each other before hand and just never had any classes together?

As it became evident that Sakura was making a beeline towards Sasuke, hostile glares turned towards her. A shiver ran down her spine but she forged on.

“Sa- Sasuke-kun.”

He looked up at her as she placed a packed lunch before him. Naruto stopped chattering to look at her too. Her face was burning hot.

“Um, urm, this- this is for you. Mina-sensei told me you carried me to the hospital when I fainted yesterday, so, um, thank you!”

Sasuke muttered under his breath. It sounded like, “I told her not to tell.” Then he sighed and smiled haltingly at her. Her heart fluttered like a hummingbird. “It is only natural to help a fellow classmate in need. There is no need for thanks.”

“Oh…” Sakura said, disheartened.

“But you’re welcome anyways. And thank you for the thought, but I already brought a lunch.” He took out his bento as proof.

Her shoulders sagged even more.

“Hey, hey. It’s free food!” Naruto protested. “How can you turn away free food?”

Sasuke flinched as if just realizing something. A contrite look flashed across his features briefly. Huh? What was that about? she wondered.

“Ah, Haruno-san,” he started, but paused as he looked above her shoulder. The feeling of daggers stabbing at her back disappeared for a second. “Do you mind if I share your bento with Naruto-san? He forgot his lunch today.”

“Heh? Is that really okay? But it’s for you!” Naruto protested. Then he turned to her with pleading eyes, “Is it really okay?”

Sakura was speechless for a moment. She did not plan for this outcome. She had anticipated Sasuke to reject her bento, but to have to give it away to a stranger was a bit much. To be fair, she probably couldn’t finish both lunches, but she made the lunch with Sasuke in mind, to give it to someone else was…

“Would you like to sit with us for lunch today?” Sasuke’s voice cut through the gloominess of her thoughts.

Sakura brightened. “Yes, please!”

She retrieved her lunch and joined Sasuke and Naruto. The daggers that the girls in class sent her way rebuffed off of her shield of happiness. She hummed as she unpacked her lunch and began to eat.

“I’m Uzumaki Naruto!” Naruto introduced himself. Sakura already knew that from roll call but she humored him anyways.

“Haruno Sakura.”

“I’m going to become the Hokage! Dattebayo!”

Sakura blinked at the rather sudden and bold proclamation. Her first instincts was: “Ha ha, you? No way. If anyone were going to make a good Hokage then it would have to be Sasuke-kun.” But she held her tongue because she had a feeling that Sasuke-kun would not appreciate her ridiculing Naruto.

“That’s nice…” She smiled obligingly.

Sasuke snorted. Sakura blushed. Was that no good?

Naruto laughed. “That’s what Sasuke said too.”

“Oh,” Sakura perked up at this. Gaining confidence she plowed on with the most generic yet nice answer she could come up with, “Well, I’m sure you’ll have a shot if you work hard for it.”

Naruto beamed at her and she was momentarily blinded by his smile. “Oh my god, you think so, too? Yeah! I’m totally gonna work hard and become the Hokage. Just you watch. Dattebayo!” He then dug into Sakura’s homemade lunch. “This is delicious! You’re really good at cooking, Sakura-chan.” Naruto praised her.

“Oh, well…” She blushed. “It’s only rice balls. Anyone can make rice balls.”

“You’re being too modest, Sakura-chan!” Rice flew everywhere as Naruto talked with his mouth full.

Sakura laughed politely and discreetly flicked the rice off her face. From afar she didn’t realize how boisterous Naruto was. In contrast, Sasuke was calm and collected. How did Sasuke stand being around all that… energy? Sakura peeked at Sasuke from under her lashes. He didn’t seem to be annoyed by Naruto’s motor mouth and boundless energy. If Sakura were in his place she would’ve been worn down within the first five minutes. That, or she’d get annoyed and just punch Naruto to next Sunday to shut him up. A voice in the back of her mind agreed. But Naruto seemed to be Sasuke’s friend, so she’d put up with him for now.

Sakura smiled when she saw Sasuke pick out a cherry tomato from the lunch she packed for him.

“Hey, that was supposed to be mine!” Naruto whined.

Sasuke flicked Naruto on the nose and deliberately popped the tomato into his mouth.

“I heard you like tomatoes, Sasuke-kun.” She blushed when he looked at her.

“I like them now,” he admitted. “I also have a fondness for clams.”

“Clams?!” Naruto exclaimed and choked on a rice ball.

“Honestly, Naruto-san. Chew your food and don’t speak with your mouth full,” Sasuke reprimanded.

“Clams?” Sakura wondered.

“Well, I’ve always liked shellfish. More so now that it’s rare to find in Konoha.” Sasuke plucked a tomato right out of Naruto’s fingers, much to the blond’s annoyance.

Sasuke’s throat bobbed as he swallowed the tomato. Naruto gulped in mimicry of the action and looked away, his face ruddy and presumably annoyed.

Sakura ran the words through her head. Something about Sasuke’s statement sounded off. What did he mean by he like shellfish more now if he had always liked them?



“You were spacing out –ttebayo.”

“Oh, sorry. Just thinking.” She did the laughing politely thing that she always saw her mother do and returned to her lunch. Sasuke and Naruto just looked at her with curious expressions. Maybe that was the wrong response, but too late for that now. A sigh echoed in the back of her mind and she continued to eat her food.


“Hey! Forehead!”

Sakura gripped her hands into fists. She knew this would happen. If it were Ino who had approached Sasuke with lunch, the girls might glare a little bit with envy, but they wouldn’t give the Yamanaka heir any sass about it, and they definitely would not corner her after school like this.

Ino had offered to walk her home today, but Sakura had declined. Ino’s dad had came to pick her up, and Sakura knew that putting off this confrontation wouldn’t do any good.

“What do you guys want?” Sakura gritted out as she turned around to face four girls from her class.

“Just what do you think you are? Ugly.”




Sakura twitched. Out of all the insults, the last one stung the most. Tears pricked at her eyes as she stared down her nose at the bullies. Yeah, she knew she came from a civilian background. She knew these people all had parents or relatives who were ninjas. She knew she was born at a disadvantage, that her chakra pool was smaller, that she entered the Academy clueless about their world. She knew all that. But she never stopped trying. She didn’t drop out when three-fourths of the civilian children who enrolled at the same time as her did.

She stayed.

That had to mean something. Sakura had to convince herself of that; otherwise she wouldn’t be able to keep pushing on.

“And you’re all a bunch of shallow cowards!” She spat at them.

“What did you say?!”

“You heard me. You’re all too afraid of approaching Sasuke-kun so you take it out on me when I had the courage to. And none of you even like Sasuke-kun. You all think he’s so cool because of his tragic past, and because he’s a loner, but none of you understand him at all.”

“Oh, and you think that you understand him?”

“…No, I don’t. But I’m definitely closer to understanding him than you pigs are!”

“Why you!”

“I think it’s time we teach this little loud mouth a lesson.”

“Ino-chan is not here you know.”

“Can’t hide behind her back now, can you? Forehead.”

Civilian.” Ooh, that one was more perceptive. She saw that the noun bothered Sakura more than any degrading adjective could.

Before they could gang up and dog pile her, Sakura threw the first punch, right into the nose of the one who called her “civilian.” There was a satisfying crack and Sakura started to smile, but then a fist sailed into her jaw, unsettling her.

Despite Sakura’s resolve to get stronger in taijutsu, she hadn’t practice enough to make much of a difference. Soon the difference in numbers saw her at a disadvantage and she was on the ground curled up in a ball. She gritted her teeth. Even if she lost this fight, she would never let them see her cry or hear her scream.

“What are you guys doing? Stop that!”

Sakura recognized Naruto’s voice. The kicks didn’t stop.

Naruto leaped into the fray and started pulling and tearing the girls off her. “I said stop –ttebayo!”

Two of the girls turned their fists on Naruto, who luckily had no aversion to fighting against girls.

Sakura lashed out. She grabbed onto a leg and bit into the ankle. The girl screamed and started stepping on her. Sakura pulled on the leg and the girl dropped to her butt. She rolled out of the range of the other girl and got back up on her feet. Then she lunged, a fist raised to hit the girl in the face. The girl raised her arms to block and Sakura kicked her in the gut instead. She doubled over and Sakura elbowed her bowed back, letting gravity add to her attack. The other girl was still crying over her ankle, which was bleeding.

Naruto was scratched and bitten and tufts of his hair was pulled, but he managed to come out on top of the other two bullies.

“We’ll remember this.” The group spat at them and limped away.

“And don’t you forget it!” Naruto shouted after them. One of them flipped him the bird and he blew a raspberry at them. “Sakura-chan! Are you okay?”

Sakura spit out a glob of blood and saliva. “I’m fine.”

Naruto fretted a bit more but was unsure about touching her, so he just flittered around her with his hands in his hair.

She chuckled and then grimaced, “I’m really fine.” She straightened up as best as she could. “Actually, better than fine! I won. I mean, we won.” She was in disbelief.

“Yeah, you were so cool, Sakura-chan. You totally whooped their butts.”

“Well, you helped, so thanks.”

“No problem. That’s what friends do, right?”

“Um, yeah, I guess.”

Naruto grinned, and Sakura realized that he took it to mean that they were friends when she only meant it as an agreement to the statement. She was about to correct him but his eyes were shining. She snapped her mouth shut. Aw, what the hell. At least he’s friendly with Sasuke. That had to count for something.

“I can’t go home looking beat up like this. I’m going to visit the hospital. Do you need to go, too?”

“No!” Naruto blushed, “I mean, no, I’m fine. I don’t visit the hospital any- urm, that is, I heal fast. Like really fast. Like super fast. So I’m totally fine, dattebayo!”

Sakura gave him a wry smile. “If you say so. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Do you need me to walk you?”

That was actually kind of sweet. Too bad he wasn’t Sasuke. “No, I’m good.”

“Oh, okay.” Naruto scratched the back of his head. “See you tomorrow.” He grinned.

She smiled back.

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Tightrope 11

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Chapter 11 – Walking the Line to You

After school, Naruto and Sasuke walked home together again.

“Hey, Naruto-san. You don’t look too good today. Did you have a late night?”

“Um, yeah, something like that.”

“I apologize about yesterday.”

“Yesterday?” Naruto squeaked. “What yesterday?”

Sasuke looked at Naruto bemused. He was surprised by Naruto’s reaction. “I was not a very good host. I can’t believe I fell asleep after dinner. I hope the others didn’t give you a hard time.”

“Fell asleep? You mean you don’t remember?”

“Why? Did something interesting happen yesterday? I was not informed of such.”

“You were-” Naruto waved his arms around, flustered, “You were like drunk or something.”

Sasuke frowned, offended. “I do not approve of spirits, Naruto-san, and I would never keep such things in my house, let alone consume it myself.”

“Oh… Hey, are you sulking?” Naruto asked. Sasuke continued walking. “You are sulking.”

Sasuke pinned Naruto with a look. Something flashed in Sasuke’s eyes and Naruto stopped pushing the topic. They fell into an awkward silence as they walked. Suddenly two thoughts occurred to Naruto. Sasuke did not know that he specifically could get drunk on a special combination of spices and clams, and Sasuke was a forgetful drunk. Naruto doubted anyone in the Uchiha household informed Sasuke of those tidbits, and Karin would definitely keep something like that a secret to take advantage of the situation.

Naruto wondered if he should be the one to tell Sasuke. It seemed that Sasuke closed himself off to the topic of liquor. It wouldn’t be surprising if no one in his family dared to bring up the subject upon seeing the wounded gazelle look in Sasuke’s eyes. Even Naruto shut up at the look.

“Hey! Ichiraku’s. Let’s go. I promised to treat you.” Naruto took Sasuke by the hand and dragged him towards the main streets.

“Ah, wait, Naruto-san.”

“Teuchi-oji-san and Ayame-nee-chan are like the nicest people ever. You’ll like them. Um, feathers of a flock and all that.”

“You mean birds of a feather?”

“Yeah, that!” Naruto said glibly and grinned.

Sasuke took the peace offering for what it was and allowed himself to be pulled along. It’s hard to stay angry with Naruto for long when the blond was so earnest.


Sakura kicked the wooden training post. She hit it with a palm strike and then followed up with a left hook. Sweat poured down her forehead and plastered her clothing to her skin, but she kept going. She knew she was one of the weaker girls in taijutsu class. Part of it had to do with her having nobody to train her outside of class and part of it had to do with her lack of diligence in the area.

She hadn’t wanted to bulk up too much. That would look really unattractive for a girl. At least that’s what her mother always said. But if she wanted to beat Ino and be the top kunoichi in class then she would have to work on her taijutsu. She punched the pole again. Her knuckles stung. Her stomach rumbled but she ignored it. She was on a diet, so she didn’t eat much before throwing herself into training. She’s been at it for nearly two hours now.

She went in for a straight jab, misjudged the position of the pole and stumbled forward. Huh? Did the pole just move? The world was getting hazy and black spots danced at the corner of her eyes. She felt dizzy and unbalanced. Her head hit the pole and she slumped to the ground.

Her stomach grumbled again. She grimaced. Her head felt fuzzy and her body ached from the training. She wanted everything to stop. She pressed her face onto the cool dirt floor and knew no more.

When she startled awake next it was to find herself in a hospital bed.

“What? How?”

“Ah, glad to see you’re awake, Haruno-chan.”

Sakura turned to look at the medic-nin by her bedside. The medic-nin was adjusting a saline drip.

“What happened?” Sakura croaked.

“Here, have some water first.” The medic-nin helped Sakura to a cup of water. “My name is Mina.” Sakura gulped the water hastily. “You fainted due to hunger and fatigue.”

“Oh.” Sakura blushed. She could hear the reprimand in the medic-nin’s voice. A ninja in training who didn’t know how to judge the condition of her own body was pretty embarrassing.

“You’re a student in the Ninja Academy aren’t you?” Mina asked.

Sakura nodded.

“If you’re training to be a ninja then you need to be more conscious of your health.” Mina sighed. “Dieting isn’t good for a ninja.”


“I know. I’ve been there. I was once a young girl in love too, you know?”

Sakura blushed. “You’re still young…”

Mina grinned. “Why thank you. Anyways, there really is no need for you to worry about getting fat. As a ninja you will always burn more calories than a civilian. What you need is a balanced and nutritious diet to aid in your growth and development as a ninja.”

Sakura nodded.

“Here, eat this for now.” Mina handed her an apple. “Fruits and vegetables digest easier, so you should start with those if you’re really hungry. I’ll give you a packet on nutrition when you discharge. It’ll also teach you how to monitor the amount of calories you’ll need based on age, body size, and how vigorous your training regime is.”

Sakura nibbled on the apple. “I want to get stronger, but I don’t want to bulk up too much,” she admitted.

Mina hummed. “That’s a bit contradictory isn’t it? If you train, you will definitely gain muscles, and that’s what makes you stronger.” Mina gave her a thoughtful look, “Is the guy you like a civilian?”

Sakura shook her head. “He’s in the Academy like me.”

Mina held back a snort. “Then is he the type that insists his girl has to be weaker than him? If so, he’s either sexist or has some self-esteem issues, and he doesn’t deserve your attention.”

“Sasuke-kun is not like that!” Sakura protested.


Sakura blushed and nibbled on the apple more vigorously. Mina laughed. Sakura’s jaw dropped. Was the medic-nin making fun of her crush?

“Sasuke-kun, huh? I should’ve guessed. Lots of girls like him.” Sakura flushed. She wanted to protest that she wasn’t like the other girls who like him, but Mina continued, “If it’s Sasuke-kun then you don’t have to worry about bulking up. He’s not that concerned with appearances. In fact, he would probably prefer to have a strong partner.”

“You speak as if you know him.”

“I do. I was his designated nurse when… when he first visited the hospital. He still visits me regularly along with his redheaded friend. Always pestering me to teach them medical ninjutsu.”

“Sasuke-kun and medical ninjutsu?!”

Mina laughed again. “You learn something new everyday. Get some rest now. I’ll have some more food delivered to you. You can be discharged once you’re steady on your feet.”

“Mi- Mina-sensei.”


“I like Sasuke-kun.”

“Yeah, good luck with that kid.” Mina patted her on the shoulder.

No. I like Sasuke-kun,” Sakura repeated, looking into Mina’s eyes.

Mina gives her a considering look. Then her eyes softened. “If that’s the case then good luck. Not many people see Sasuke-kun. All they see is a pretty boy with a tragic past. To be fair, that was I once, too. But Sasuke-kun is a good kid.”

“I know. He’s a kind person.”

“Well, I have other patients to check on now.” Mina tapped Sakura on the nose with a finger. “Work hard, little ninja.”

“Um, Mina-sensei, just one more thing. How did I get to the hospital?”

Mina gave her a Cheshire grin. “Why, it was Sasuke-kun.”

“Sa- Sa- Sasuke-kun?!”

“He found you unconscious on the training field and brought you in.”

“So- so, he carried me?” Sakura blushed redder than her qipao dress.

Mina laughed and gave her a little finger wave as she left. Sakura’s heart would not still for a long time afterwards.

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Tightrope 10

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Chapter 10 – Toeing the Line

“My name is Uzumaki Naruto!”

“I know. Iruka-sensei said your name during roll call.” Sasuke said, not once pausing on his way home.

“Oh. Well, get this; I’m going to become the Hokage! Dattebayo!”

“Hmm… That’s nice.”

“Huh? You think that’s nice? You really, really think so?”

“I don’t mean nice in that-” Sasuke cut himself off and massaged his nose bridge. He cast around for the right words to explain, “I just meant that it’s a nice ambition to have.”

“So you think I can become Hokage?”

“Certainly not now, but nothing’s impossible with hard work.”

Naruto’s eyes sparkled at that answer, and Sasuke got the feeling that he would never be able to shake off the blond now, but he hadn’t wanted to be rude just to avoid the protagonist until graduation. It just wasn’t in his nature to be mean.

“Right? Right? I’m going to work hard and become the Hokage. Dattebayo!” Naruto grinned, beaming sunshine and rainbows. “Hey, hey! Where do you live? I went to the Uchiha Compound to find you but you weren’t there. Do you live somewhere else? Outside the Compound? In an apartment?” Naruto was running his mouth a mile a minute as he dogged Sasuke home after school.

They were walking through a rather scenic trail, with white cobblestone pavement, soft dappled lighting, and cherry blossom petals fluttering everywhere.

Sasuke paused and turned to Naruto with a raised eyebrow. He didn’t look annoyed, just bemused. “What is it that you want Uzumaki-san?”

“Eh? Don’t be so foreign, call me Naruto! And I’ll call you Sasuke. We’re friends right?”

“Since when?”

“Since you gave me presents! I still haven’t returned the favor,” Naruto said, then he thumped a fist into his palm, “Oh, I know, I’ll treat you to ramen. It’s the best food in the entire world.”

“You’ve never been out of the village,” there was a definite undertone of amusement in the voice and Naruto took that as a positive sign.

Naruto grinned, “I don’t have to. I know it’s the best thing ever because Teuchi-san makes ramen from the heart!”

Sasuke smiled, amused. A soft pink petal drifted onto his hair. Naruto reached up and casually brushed the petal off Sasuke’s dark locks.

“You know…” Naruto leaned forward slightly with his hand still settled on Sasuke’s hair in a light caress, “You’re very beautiful.” A soft flush spread across Sasuke’s cheeks at that candid proclamation. Naruto couldn’t help thinking how cute he looked.

Sasuke pushed Naruto’s face away. His expression was part amusement, part exasperation. “You’re a smooth talker, aren’t you?”

Naruto grinned, unabashed. “You’re so pretty I thought you might be a girl when we first met.”

“Hn.” Sasuke continued down the path and Naruto trotted next to him, a content smile on his face. Sasuke didn’t say anything else, but he didn’t shoo Naruto away either, so Naruto followed him all the way home.

“You do live here!” Naruto pointed an accusing finger at Sasuke, who arched an eyebrow.

“I never said I didn’t.”

“What? But- but-”

“Are you coming or not?”

“Of course! Dattebayo!”

Naruto still had vague memories of combing through the Compound when it was empty and eerie. With Sasuke walking beside him, the Compound didn’t seem so bad.

As soon as Sasuke opened the door to his house a blur barreled towards him. “Welcome home, onii-sama!”

Sasuke hugged the little boy. “I’m home, Ranmaru.” The boy nuzzled his face into Sasuke chest.

Naruto watched the display. “Who’s this kid?” He smiled at Ranmaru.

“This is my adopted brother, Ranmaru. Ranmaru, this is Uzumaki Naruto-san, my classmate.”

Naruto’s smile drooped a little at that. Classmate, not friend…

“Uzumaki?” Ranmaru queried.

“Yes. I assume Karin is still out with her team?”

“Yeah, another D-rank,” Ranmaru giggled.

“Well they only graduated three weeks ago. No matter how skilled they are, I doubt their jonin-sensei would just throw them on a C-rank mission,” Sasuke reasoned.

“Who’s this Karin?”

Both Sasuke and Ranmaru smiled eerily at Naruto. “You’ll meet her soon.”

Naruto wasn’t sure he wanted to.

Yeah, Naruto knew for sure he didn’t want to meet this Karin, but he met her anyways. He was surprised to learn that she was an Uzumaki too. For a while it looked like they were going to hit it off well. Naruto complimented her hair. Karin told him stories of Uzushiogakure. Then things got weird when Naruto invited himself to dinner.

It was Karin’s turn to cook. The entire time she was in the kitchen she was muttering and cackling to herself. Naruto feared for the safety of his stomach lining. While Karin cooked, Naruto got to know the other members of Sasuke’s family, Juugo and Kimimaro. They were nice enough, but Kimimaro was always there when Naruto tried to get closer to Sasuke to talk. Juugo seemed shy and didn’t want to interact much, so Naruto let him be for now. There was plenty of time to get to know each other later. For now, Naruto focused his attentions on Sasuke and Ranmaru whom were the most receptive and indulgent to his motor mouth.

When Karin dished out the food, Naruto immediately smelled something different about Sasuke’s portion, but it wasn’t poison. If anything it smelled like Karin put extra spices into Sasuke’s portion, which was odd since Naruto was sure she was cooking everyone’s share at once.

They dug in. The food was nothing like Ichiraku’s but it was good and he told her so. She thanked him for his compliment – “It’s a recipe from Uzushiogakure!” – and they were still getting along well, making conversation about the Uzumaki clan while they ate.

After dinner, Ranmaru did the dishes. Juugo excused himself for the night. Sasuke stumbled, pink-faced, into the living room area, and the other three followed suit.

“Sasuke, what’s wrong?” Naruto asked.

Sasuke collapsed on the couch, looking boneless and limp, his head lolled back on the backrest. “Hmm?” Sasuke looked at Naruto through half lidded eyes.

Naruto’s heart fluttered. “Guys, what’s happening?” He asked the other two.

“Witch,” Kimimaro sniped at Karin.

“He ate it willingly,” Karin snapped back.

“It’s fine,” Sasuke murmured. “I feel relaxed.”

“That’s right,” Karin smirked at Kimimaro and went around to the back of the couch. “Just relax, Sasuke. You’re always working so hard.” She started to give Sasuke a massage.

“Feels good,” Sasuke said, his eyes fluttering close.

“It’s the clams,” Kimimaro said.

“Clams?” Naruto asked.

“Clams,” Karin confirmed, her hands working at the knots in Sasuke’s shoulders. “Imported from the shores of Uzushio. Expensive products you know. This is only the third time I got to make it,” she purred.

“I don’t get it.” Naruto said, watching as Sasuke melted into boneless putty under Karin’s skillful hands.

“When I first started experimenting to see if I could recreate the taste of home, I had to substitute some spices, because imported products are expensive you see.” Karin explained. “In one of my experiments I found out that if I mix certain spices native to Konoha with the clams from Uzushio, it produces an interesting effect in Sasuke.”

“So Sasuke is… drunk? On clams?” Naruto blanched.

“Not drunk. Relaxed.”

“Tipsy,” Kimimaro said.

“No one asked for your input,” Karin snapped at him.

“And Sasuke just goes along with it?” Naruto asked.

“He trusts Karin too much,” Kimimaro frowned.

“Of course, I’m very dependable,” Karin crooned.

“You said you wouldn’t overdose him again.”

“I didn’t. This is the perfect amount. By the way, you should go take a bath, Kimimaro. You stink. I’ve got it covered here.”

“I’m not leaving you alone with Sasuke-sama.”

Karin glared daggers at Kimimaro even as her hands kneaded Sasuke gently. Naruto heard a ripping sound and then there was a bone-white blade in Kimimaro’s hands.

“Whoa!” Naruto jumped in. “C’mon guys, Sasuke wouldn’t want you two to fight. Kimimaro, why don’t you go relax with a hot bath, I’ll keep watch over here.” Karin stopped glaring and looked away. “Okay?” Naruto prompted Kimimaro.

After an eternity, Kimimaro left the room.

“Finally. I thought he’d never leave. That spoilsport,” Karin complained. Her hands never once stopped moving against Sasuke, who was half asleep by now. He looked so relaxed. Naruto kind of enjoyed seeing it.

“Hey Naruto, can you go to my house across the street and fetch some massage oils for me?”

“What? Me?”

“Who else, dummy? Does it look like it’s a good idea for me to stop now?”

“I guess not…”

“It’s just across the street. The oils are all in a basket. Hurry back.”

“Okay…” Naruto rushed to the house across the street. He sneezed as soon as he got in. The house was covered in dust and didn’t look like it had been lived in for some time now. Maybe Karin was just really lazy about cleaning. Naruto wasn’t too keen on cleaning either. It had to be an Uzumaki thing.

He searched the house. He had suspected it from the beginning, but he didn’t want to doubt a fellow Uzumaki. Now Naruto knew for certain that he was duped. He went back to Sasuke’s house only to find Karin and Sasuke gone. He kept his panic under control. If Kimimaro found out there would be hell to pay.

“Which house does Karin live in?” Naruto asked Ranmaru.

“Just next door.”

Naruto found the two people he was looking for in Karin’s living room. Sasuke was shirtless and lying sprawled on his stomach on the couch. Karin straddled his waist and was rubbing unscented massage oils into Sasuke’s bare skin. Sasuke was moaning softly, completely oblivious, as Karin worked the kinks out of his body.

Something down south twitched at the scene and Naruto tried very hard not to think about it.

When Karin’s fingers trailed Sasuke’s spine a little too low, Naruto felt a surging panic. He threw her off Sasuke and picked up the dark haired boy to carry him back to his house, where Kimimaro could watch over him. Due to the way Naruto held Sasuke, his soft golden locks brushed against Sasuke’s neck as he moved. The uninhibited Sasuke moaned into Naruto’s ear, and Naruto groaned himself as a shudder ran down his body. Karin’s sharp eyes did not overlook his reaction.

After delivering Sasuke into Kimimaro’s arms, Naruto hightailed it out of the Compound as if actual ghosts were chasing after him.

Naruto’s dreams that night were… confusing.

Confusing, because he wouldn’t describe them as disturbing, and he would never admit that they were stimulating.

He woke up with morning wood the next day and stumbled into class late on his second day.

It was going to be a long school year.

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Tightrope 9

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Chapter 9 – Academy Line

Kimimaro, Karin, and Juugo were finally off probation with sparkling clean records. Well, asides from that one time Kimimaro nearly boned a merchant for hovering too close to Sasuke. Then there was the time that Juugo broke a training field. He literally broke it – into pieces. Good thing no one was hurt. Then there was the time when Karin- okay, the point has been made. Their record was good enough and that’s all that mattered. Now they were finally off probation and could do more in the village, namely, like applying to the Ninja Academy. Just in time for the new term this spring. They all passed of course.
Story by Vanilla Muse.
Based on skills and age group, Karin was seeded into the year above Sasuke. Both Kimimaro and Juugo were older than Karin, and Kimimaro was definitely much more skilled and controlled, but they were also placed into the same year as Karin. It probably worked out like that so that the instructors could observe all three of them at once, and this ensured that they spend a good enough length of time in the Academy – two years – to foster their loyalty for Konoha before becoming official Konoha ninja.

Sasuke was just glad that all the initial tedious procedures of inducting his friends into the village were over and done with. He suspected the Elders were very happy when Kimimaro’s Bloodline Limit came to light. Though Sasuke would rather Konoha not know about his family and friend’s special talents, lest they’re taken advantage of, Kimimaro’s ability was impossible to hide due to it being his signature fighting style. Sasuke had to be thankful for other small miracles. Karin’s unique healing technique was still under wraps, Juugo did not once go berserk within the village proper, and Ranmaru played the quiet child in public lest he revealed his peculiar abilities.

On the first day of classes, Umino Iruka walked into Sasuke’s classroom with Mizuki.

“Iruka-sensei will be working with our class as an assistant instructor. Don’t haze him now just because he is new, he might be your official instructor next year.”

Iruka introduced himself to the class and the class drone back a response. A few of the girls thought Iruka was kind of cute. Just like that Iruka joined the class seamlessly. The first minor hiccup came in the form of Uchiha Sasuke.

The class was on their way out for recess, and Sasuke was the last one to leave the classroom, preferring not to fight the throngs of student eager for fresh air. When Sasuke passed by Iruka, who was erasing the board, he stiffened and halted.

“Is something the matter, Sasuke-kun?”

Sasuke took a step closer and sniffed. Then he shook his head and walked outside to join his year mates. Iruka watched his student thoughtfully until he was out of sight, then he went back to tidying up the classroom for the next lesson.

The next day, Sasuke came into class with his hair in a high ponytail. Just like Iruka’s ponytail. He gave Iruka a deliberate look that had the assistant instructor blinking with confusion. Was this a form of hazing? This continued for a full week, until Iruka came in one day with his hair down because he was running late. He was harassed by the girls in class and by his fellow female co-workers (some male) who kept telling him how cute he looked. Sasuke took pity on him and gave him his hair tie during lunch, and ended up suffering the same harassment that Iruka did, except that Sasuke had a better time fending off the attention since it was more acceptable for a student to be rude. The next day Sasuke came into class with his usual low ponytail, and Iruka made sure to always carry extra hair ties with him.

There were no more hiccups after that. At least concerning Sasuke that was. Now, Uzumaki Naruto, from the other class that Iruka was assisting with was a whole different can of worms.

The next school year, Iruka did indeed become their class’s official instructor. He was just as effective if not more so than Mizuki as an instructor and the class welcomed the change, which meant they heeded his teachings, but some students still tried to prank him, and failed spectacularly.

This was the year that Karin, Juugo, and Kimimaro would take the graduation exams. Sasuke had no doubts of their success. Sasuke himself still had two more years to go at the Academy before graduation, but it felt like time was running short, and despite his unchallenged position as top student, he couldn’t help feeling like he wasn’t doing enough.


“You’ve been staring at Sasuke-kun a lot,” Ino teased as she nudged her best friend, Sakura.

Sakura blushed. “So what?”

“Whoa, no need to bite my head off. It was just an observation. Say, since when did you become interested in my Sasuke-kun? I thought you didn’t care for him.”

“I never said that,” Sakura protested hotly.

“No, but you tried so hard to act nonchalant when I bring him up that I thought you were trying to prove a point.”

“That’s because!”

“Because what?”

“Because Ino-chan likes Sasuke-kun, so I didn’t…”

Ino made her own deductions, “Oh? Are you saying you like Sasuke-kun more than me now, is that it?” She ribbed.

Sakura flushed. “It’s different!”

Ino shrugged and said flippantly, “As long as you know that he’s my man then I don’t mind if you crush on him. All the other girls in class do too.”

Sakura looked gobsmacked, and that was when Ino knew the joke went too far.

“Ino-chan… I don’t like him the way you or the other girls in class do. I like Sasuke-kun,” Sakura grounded out, and it sounded like it took a lot of effort for her to admit it out loud. “I’m willing to fight for him. I won’t give him up, not even to my best friend. Especially, not for the reasons that you like him.” Her knuckles were white as she clenched her hands together.

“Uh, so what are you saying?”

Sakura took a deep breath, her body was shaking, and Ino marveled at the courage Sakura was mustering. When Sakura opened her mouth to talk, her voice was steady, “I’m saying I’m going to be with Sasuke-kun in the future, and I’ll win him over fair and square.”

“Hoooh?” Ino made a sound of surprise. Then she smirked, a challenge sparking in her eyes. “Sasuke-kun is currently at the top of the class, the only one who can measure up to him is the top kunoichi of the class.”

Sakura nodded in agreement, a grim smile on her face.

“Then… may the best kunoichi win.” Ino flicked Sakura on the forehead, a playful smile on her lips. Sakura covered her forehead and glowered at Ino, but it was a look filled with determination.

Ino quite enjoyed that spark of fire. Her little cherry blossom was finally starting to bloom.

This would be a fun challenge.


Naruto was bummed.

The Hokage had pulled strings for him when he had said he wanted to be a genin as soon as possible. He entered the Academy early and took classes with kids older than him. Despite everything, he just found it so hard to concentrate on theoretical work, and had flunked his exams twice already. This year would be his third attempt. Naruto sighed as he trudged into his new classroom. This year, he would be attending classes with those his age. He wasn’t sure what to expect. Would they be crueler or nicer than his previous classmates?

He was the last one to arrive. When he entered the room, he scanned the classroom layout and the occupants quickly. He hoped there’s an open seat by the windows. No such luck. Should have arrived earlier. Then he spotted a person glowing in white and Naruto’s mouth dropped open.

“Pork Bun Ghost!” He pointed at the child dressed in white. The child was older now and there was a scar along the child’s jaw, but the angel was as beautiful as Naruto remembered. Or was it a ghost? Naruto wasn’t sure anymore.

“What did you call Sasuke-kun?” Two-thirds of the girls in class shrieked.

Naruto had just enough time to utter an “uh oh” before they dog piled him.

“What is this nonsense?” Iruka demanded when he entered the room. The girls paid him no mind and he had to physically pull them away from the pile. Some of them jumped right back in.

“Everyone,” the voice was young, but sharp and reprimanding. The girls stilled. “This is unsightly behavior and you’re disrupting the class.”

The girls apologized – although it was hard to tell if the apology was directed at Iruka or at Sasuke, definitely not at Naruto – and clambered back to their seats.

“Thank you, Sasuke. And…” Iruka studied the boy curled up on the floor and immediately recognized the blond hair of their resident prankster. “Naruto? Would you like to go to the nurse’s office?”

“I’m fine!” Naruto jumped to his feet.

Trusting in Naruto’s resilience Iruka just sighed and said, “All right then… Please take a seat. Class will now begin.” Then he began to do roll call.

Naruto climbed the steps to find an empty seat near the back. Sasuke, the Pork Bun Ghost, was seated in the back corner by the windows. He watched as Sasuke put away the scroll he was reading and pulled out supplies for class. When he looked up he made eye contact with Naruto.

Naruto blinked a few times, still not believing his eyes. After all this time, he was finally reunited with the Pork Bun Ghost. Sasuke caught his bewildered look and smiled softly in amusement. Yeah, that was the smile. He’d remember it anywhere. Naruto grinned and took a seat. He might actually like this class.

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Author’s Note: There is a reason behind Sasuke’s initial “hazing” of Iruka, which won’t be revealed until much later on. But it’s only a minor detail for now, so don’t be bothered by it.

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Tightrope 8

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Chapter 8 – Plucking at the Heart Line

Although it was never confirmed, whispers spread through the Academy like wildfire at the long absence of the Uchiha Sasuke. The children were never explicitly informed – they were told that Sasuke-kun had some family problems, which was putting it very mildly considering that did nothing to cover the scope of the problems, not to mention there was the hushed up kidnapping incident – but overhearing gossip from their parents, they knew vaguely of the Uchiha Massacre.
Story by Vanilla Muse
After months, the sole Uchiha survivor finally returned to school. But in the place of the once happy and energetic yet snooty and arrogant boy was a child with a delicate air about him. Gone was the enthusiasm to best his brother, and in its place was a quiet demeanor and faraway eyes.

In the months that the Uchiha was absent, his hair had grown out and gravity tamed the tufts of hair that used to stick out in the back. The longer hair was now pulled into a ponytail at the nape of the neck. One had to wonder if he was trying to emulate his brother a bit. He had also switched out his usual black outfit for an all white one, which was perplexing, since black was the color of mourning in Konoha. Perhaps it was the Uchiha’s way of saying, “I am done mourning.”

The fangirls could care less about the meaning behind his wardrobe change though. They were more mesmerized by the ethereal effect that the white had on their Sasuke-kun, coupled with the longer hair and subdued attitude, the new Uchiha Sasuke was a nosebleed trigger and just begging to be coddled.

“I heard about your family,” Ami approached Sasuke just before the start of class. “I’m sorry.”

Sasuke tilted his head, his dark eyes scrutinizing the young girl. Ami fidgeted. Sasuke nodded at her condolences. She flushed and hurried away. The girls tittered and push at each other to approach Sasuke. The Uchiha huffed an imperceptible sigh and looked out the window. Just as another girl worked up the courage to approach him, Mizuki walked in and class began.

During recess, Shikamaru lazed under the shade of a tree with his best friend Chouji snacking by his side. He took note of, but didn’t pay much attention when Sasuke leaned against the other side of the tree and cracked open a tome. As long as Sasuke was quiet and didn’t disturb his peace, he was fine with the boy being there.

For most of recess the area under their tree remained undisturbed. The other children played ninja games and chattered with each other, all activities that took way too much effort in Shikamaru’s opinion.

Nearing the end of recess Kiba bounded up to Sasuke. “Hey, hey. I heard your family all died and that you fought off the killer. That’s how you got the scar. Is that true?”

Shikamaru sighed at Kiba’s lack of tact. He was not looking forward to the fall out from that blunt statement. He prepared himself to roll away from the conflict, but Sasuke surprised him with his answer.

“I have family.” Sasuke closed his book. “I didn’t get this scar from… the killer. It was my carelessness.” He stood up. “Now if you’ll excuse me, recess is about to end.”

“Huh? What? I didn’t understand that at all. So is your family dead or alive?” Kiba shouted after Sasuke. Shikamaru wanted to tell him to shut up, but it was too troublesome.

“Kiba, put a sock in it,” Chouji said. Shikamaru looked over at Chouji and his friend took it as a sign of thanks. Chouji shrugged in response. “Didn’t do much good,” he noted.

Kiba was running after Sasuke and peppering him with questions until an instructor heard him and roughly pulled him aside.

By the end of the day there were various stories behind Sasuke’s new facial scar. It ranged from Sasuke getting cut while avenging his family honor to falling into a ditch by accident. The girls beat up the last person that suggested the ditch theory.

The laziest Academy student in Konoha sighed and dropped his head into his arms. He didn’t have the energy to deal with all the drama.

Things were a lot less troublesome before Sasuke came back.


It was the spring before Haruno Sakura’s fourth year at the Ninja Academy. She had turned ten not too long ago. Right now the Academy students were on a three-week long break, as the instructors got ready for the transition into a new school year.

Seeing that Sakura was on break, her mother decided to bring Sakura along to the marketplace to show her off to the uncles and aunties while they did their weekly grocery shopping. Sakura hated it when her mother got it into her head to show off the Haruno family’s budding ninja. The limelight made her feel uncomfortable and despite Ino’s reassurances that she looked cute with the red ribbon, Sakura still couldn’t help feeling insecure about her large forehead from time to time.

But as it was break time, Sakura did not have an excuse to refuse her mother. Plus, she was promised anmitsu on the way home to sweeten the deal, so Sakura grudgingly agreed to tag along.

Sakura smiled nervously as another auntie patted her on the head and called her “precocious” and “cute.” As soon as the auntie turned away, Sakura tugged on her mother’s shirt hem, eager to be home, away from all the attention. That was when a ripple of angry whispers went through the crowd. Sakura looked around perplexed by the change in atmosphere. Then she spotted a little blond hair boy standing in the middle of the street with a glower on his face.

The boy wore a tattered cream-colored shirt with a red spiral on it and navy shorts. There were dirt stains and scuffmarks all along his arms and legs. The adults were all looking down their noses at the boy and talking behind their hands. Sakura did not understand. Did the boy do something bad?

Her mother took her hand and pulled her away to the next street over. Sakura’s legs followed, but she couldn’t help looking over her shoulder at the boy. She has never seen a child her age look so angry and… sad before.

As her mother continued to converse with the local tenders, Sakura could not help thinking back on that boy. She tugged at her mother’s hem for attention.

“Mom, I’m going to go check on something,” she murmured.

“Aw sweetie, just wait a little bit longer.”

“Mom,” Sakura whined.

Her mother sighed, “Oh all right, don’t go far, I’ll meet you at the park once I’m done here.”

“Okay!” And then she was off.

By the time she retraced her steps to that spot, the boy was already gone. She fidgeted before mustering up enough courage to ask one of the shopkeepers where did the boy go.

“Oh dear, you don’t want to get involve with that boy, nasty little demon.”

Sakura was taken aback by that answer. She murmured something incomprehensible and jogged away. It took all her courage to approach an adult for help, and to be given that kind of response… Sakura found herself shrinking away from the adults. Why were people so scary and mean? Only Ino-chan was nice.

Giving up hope, Sakura decided to head to the meeting place to wait for her mother. The sakura trees were in full bloom at this time of the year, so the trail through the park should be beautifully littered with the light pink blossoms.

Sakura was ambling leisurely to the meeting point, which was the center of the park, when she heard a little chirp. She followed the chirps to a find a featherless baby bird stranded on the ground.

“How did you get down here?” She wondered as she cradled the bird in her tiny hands. She looked up to see a bird nest nestled high in the branches of an old sakura tree. She swallowed. It was so high.

Sakura shook her head at herself and drew her lips into a determined line. She was a ninja (in training)! She can take on that tree! And so, with the baby bird in one hand, Sakura began to scale the thick tree. In her devotion to not jostle the baby bird, Sakura misjudged her next foothold and slipped. She held the bird close and screamed as she fell.

The sound of wire being pulled reached her ears and next thing she knew, she was caught in a slow descent. Sakura blinked in surprised. All she could see was white. Her savior set her gently on her feet. She took a step back to take in her savior. A boy her age, dark hair, fair skin, a thin scar along the jaw, and dressed in white.

“Sa- Sa- Sa- Sasuke-kun?” Sakura exclaimed.

The corner of Sasuke’s lip twitched. “Why were you climbing the tree?”

Dumbstruck, Sakura stuttered and could only hold up her hand as explanation. The bird chirped at Sasuke.

He quirked an eyebrow at the animal and then looked up to the bird nest. “I see.” He held out his hand. “Allow me?”

Sakura nodded and transferred the bird gently onto Sasuke’s palm. Their hands touched. Sasuke’s hand was warm. Sakura blushed and snatched her hand back. Sasuke snuggled the bird into the high collar of his shirt to free up his hands. By swinging back and forth between two trees with the help of ninja wire, Sasuke easily made his way up to the nest. He carefully returned the bird to its nest. After making sure the bird was okay, he looked down to her and smiled, as if to say, “mission accomplished.”

Crouching on a dark branch of the sakura tree amidst pale pink blossoms, with his hair and clothes ruffling gently in the breeze, and a gentle smile on his handsome face, Uchiha Sasuke was a vision. Sakura stumbled a few steps back. Upon realizing what her body just did, she burned bright red. She did not just swoon.

From his vantage point, Sasuke admired the blossoms. It was like sitting in the middle of a bouquet. “The blossoms in this park have the most beautiful color,” he remarked casually. He caressed a pink petal. “Like your hair,” he added as an afterthought.

Okay, she just swooned.

Before the… tragic Uchiha incident, Sakura had always thought Sasuke was cute. He wasn’t gross and unrefined like the other Academy boys. Coupled with that was the fact that he was the top student in their class. Sakura appreciated brains and talent. She could understand why the girls in class went ga-ga over him. Then after the incident, Sasuke returned a changed person. He had a mature yet sad air about him, like a rare ephemeral blossom that grabbed your attention and had you fretting over how to preserve the beauty and life of such a fragile existence. It made one’s heart clench and roused maternal instincts.

Despite all that, Sakura always held herself back. Someone like her would never be able to have someone like Uchiha Sasuke. He was like a god on a pedestal, way too good for her. He also had a huge fan base, with his number one fan being none other than the number one kunoichi in their class, Ino, her best friend. Sakura had convinced herself that she would be satisfied to nurse her baby crush on Sasuke from afar and maybe see him get together with Ino-chan in the future. Sakura didn’t know about Sasuke, but at least Ino would be happy. And if her best friend were happy then that would make her happy, too.

Now, however, gazing upon that smile, remembering his warmth as he held her and saved her from a nasty fall, seeing his gentleness with the baby bird, and hearing that compliment, Sakura could not contain the feelings that burst within her chest. Her hair was the second feature that she was most insecure about, following her forehead. Her bullies used to taunt her about it being a weird color and that it was unsuitable for a ninja to have such unsightly hair. But Sasuke said he liked that color. The way that he said it, so flippantly, the sky was blue, the grass was green, her hair was pink, and it was a beautiful color. Like it was a matter of fact. It filled her with pride and made her chest swell with unbridled joy. He was the second person to give her confidence in her appearance – Ino being the first, and her parents’ opinions didn’t count.

In that moment, Sakura felt a connection with Sasuke. At the Academy, he was an untouchable being – never mind the fact that his fangirls would step all over her if she tried to get close to Sasuke – but here, he was close. Close enough to touch, and they did touch. Twice. Uchiha Sasuke used to be just someone to admire from afar, but here and now, Sakura thought she played witness to the human side of that untouchable god, something softer, and she liked what she saw.

She liked it a lot.

“Sakura! Where are you?” Her mother called.

“Coming!” Sakura replied. There was a snap of wire, and when she turned back to the tree, Sasuke was gone. On the ground by her feet there was a sprig of cherry blossoms.

Sakura took the sprig home and pressed it into a bookmark to commemorate the date that she confirmed her feelings and set her heart on one Uchiha Sasuke. Even if she was not yet worthy, he was someone worth fighting for. She was sure of it. A voice in the back of her mind bellowed its agreement.

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Author’s Note: I have no idea how the Academy curriculum works. I assume that it’s year round. Since they’re ninjas in training, I doubt they would get as much breaks as civilian students would. So I’m going to say the Academy runs year round with weekends off and a three-week break in between school years, and that break time is somewhere around springtime.

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Tightrope 7

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Chapter 7 – Drawing New Lines

After the incident with the missing-nin that Sasuke killed, Ranmaru had been on high alert. He didn’t want to see his new friends getting hurt again and he definitely did not want to see the look of deadness in Sasuke’s eyes again, so he had taken to using his Kekkei Genkai to avoid anybody that might be honing in on them. Ranmaru could see and hear ninja coming from afar – although Karin was more adept in this area with her sensor abilities – and he could cast genjutsu to misdirect them. He tired often, however, and he still wasn’t strong enough for large-scale genjutsu, but he did what he could to help out the group.
Story by Vanilla Muse
Sasuke wasn’t in a rush to return to Konoha. He led the group leisurely and they took frequent breaks. While the group rested and enjoyed Konoha’s temperate environment, Sasuke would often practice with the weapons foraged from the bandits and rogue ninja that attacked them. He had poor aim with the shuriken, but did better with the kunai.

If Sasuke wasn’t doing target practice or ninjutsu training, he would be coaxing one of the older children in the group to spar with him. Taijutsu practice, he said.

Juugo was a poor taijutsu partner in that he lacked form. When he needed to fight he usually relied on his nature chakra to transform himself and go berserk, although he was learning to be more conscious of his actions during those periods, but the going was slow.

Kimimaro preferred using his bone weapons to fight, especially in close combat. It was the way of his people and Kimimaro didn’t see any special need to change that, but he would indulge Sasuke.

Karin turned out to be the best sparring partner out of the three, as she didn’t have a previous style of fighting that she liked to fall back on. She had some formal training in Uzushiogakure, but didn’t get to learn much before the invasion destroyed her village. Her style was a mix of formal learning, instincts, and fighting dirty. This seemed to work just fine for Sasuke, for he used a rather unorthodox style of fighting too. There was definitely a form and a flow to his movements, speaking of a past teacher, but it wasn’t anything you would see in a ninja village.

Sasuke’s form was graceful and fluid and relied on evasion and redirecting of the opponent’s momentum instead of powerful punches and kicks. The style suited Sasuke, because he was so flexible that he would often evade an attack in a way that no one else would or could. Watching him fight was like watching water dance.

They continued on for a time like this. Strolling through Konoha, training, hunting, camping, and generally bonding with each other. The bonding helped each of them in ways that they did not realize, but as they grew closer and the loneliness moved further, they became lighter on their feet and smiles came more readily.

Once they hit the outskirts of Konohagakure, it wasn’t long before ANBU tracked them down. Upon confirming that Sasuke was Uchiha Sasuke, the Last Uchiha and sole survivor of this clan – the others were not informed about this little important tidbit until then – an ANBU entourage arrived to escort them back to the village. Karin also got to see firsthand a medic-nin at work.

Once they arrived inside Konoha, they were given three days to clean up and recuperate before politics and paperwork come breathing down their necks. During that time, each one of them had to go through a therapy session to assess their mental state. Asides from a few minor hiccups that were to be expected from their experiences outside of the village, their mental states were considered stable and no one was pronounced clinically insane.

For Ranmaru, registering to become a Konoha citizen was simple enough, a brief meeting with the Hokage and mounds of paperwork. Applying to attempt for a Konoha genin position was more of a hassle. There would be an interrogation followed by a probation period in which they would be monitored by ANBU to ensure that they were not enemy plants. After which they would have to pass a test before general admission into the Academy.

What caused uproar was when Sasuke wanted to write Kimimaro, Ranmaru, and Juugo’s name into the Uchiha family register, to officially bestow upon them the Uchiha name. Murmurs of unrest rose in the Council. Talk of some Itachi dude came up, something about blood purity, and something about them lacking the eyes. They do have eyes and they can see just fine, thank you very much.

Karin was fine with keeping her Uzumaki name, so she avoided that whole debacle. She did have pride in her birth village after all. Besides, she would be an Uchiha in the future when she married Sasuke, or so she’d like to believe.

Sasuke stood at his full height, which wasn’t much considering his age, and presented his arguments to the Council. “As the Last Uchiha I am now the Head of the Uchiha clan. I hold full authority over the Uchiha name. I have an obligation to rebuild my clan and these are the people I choose to become my new family. Together we will rebuild the Uchiha clan and serve Konoha with pride!”


“You are still a child, hardly the head of a clan.”

“I grew much in the time that I was taken from my beloved village. I have escaped my captors and made an example of them. I have led our group safely from The Land of Mist back to Konoha. I think I have proven myself capable of taking care of myself and that of others. I understand the heavy duty that comes with being responsible for human life. If Itachi should come to attack my village or my clan, I will confront him myself. Konoha is my village, and I have acknowledged these people,” he waved to Ranmaru, Kimimaro, and Juugo, “as my people now. I hold full responsibility for their safety.” Sasuke was laying it on thick, but the Council was still tittering back and forth.

Sasuke breathed deeply, “Once I am a genin I will be acknowledged as a full adult. If it will settle your minds I will take the graduation exam now.”

“No!” The Hokage put his foot down and everyone was startled by his vehemence. “We are not in a time of war, there is no need for Konoha’s children to graduated from the Academy early.”

“Yet you would make exemptions for that monster instead?” One member sneered.

Sasuke spoke up before the conversation could digress, “Very well then. I shall graduate on time with my year mates, at the top of the class,” he declared. “I will prove that I am a man of my word, and that I am capable and responsible enough to be the Uchiha Head. I hope this will set your minds at ease.”

Of course the Council didn’t just bend over at that point. There was a lot more beating around the bush, but Sasuke pleaded to the Hokage with his eyes, and eventually with their effort saw three new names added to the Uchiha family register.

They all moved into the Uchiha Compound. Karin was shocked at the eerie, desolate state of the place. The once proud Uchiha clan, reduced to a compound of ghosts. Ranmaru just looked sad.

Sasuke told them to choose whichever property they liked. Kimimaro and Ranmaru moved in with Sasuke naturally. Karin chose the house next door. Juugo decided to choose a place further away just to be safe. If they hear him raging, they will have time to plan a course of action before he reached their houses.

Sasuke was given ten days to settle his new family members into the village and then he was to return to the Academy. Sasuke did just that, and he also threw himself into his training and studies. Every morning he trained in his weaker aspects and at night he would pour over his Academy notes meticulously. He even dropped by the Academy to pick up a packet covering the lessons he missed in class.

His friends tried to be as supportive as possible. They hadn’t realized what it took for them to join his family; even opening the Compound to Karin, an outsider, was fraught with arguments against the Council. Karin wondered if the Elders liked to argue just to be difficult or maybe they had nothing else to do in their old age, because they ended up approving of her stay in the Compound after all. Seeing the struggle that Sasuke went through, was still going through, and probably would be going through for a long time in order to keep them, they developed a new appreciation for his dedication and devotion to them.

The four of them, Kimimaru, Ranmaru, Karin, and Juugo, explored the village as a group to familiarize themselves with Konoha, so that Sasuke wouldn’t have to show them around everywhere – he did make a point to show them major establishments at least. Juugo was surprisingly adept at cooking once he figured out the kitchen implements, so he would come to Sasuke’s house and cook a big meal for everyone, allowing Sasuke more time to study. Karin took care of any more paperwork that came their way. Kimimaro and Ranmaru took over household chores.

All in all, it was a tough week, but Sasuke’s house had never been so lively and warm.

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Tightrope 6

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Chapter 6 – Crossing Lines

Although Ranmaru was a frail child, his stamina had been building day by day ever since he met Sasuke. Each day he would walk a little longer. Today he walked up front with Karin and the group’s latest addition, Juugo. Juugo was immediately taken by Ranmaru and the two hit it off well. Karin was still leery of Juugo, which was just as well, because when Sasuke asked her to stay close to Juugo to keep an eye on him, she did not have an excuse to refuse.

Sasuke and Kimimaro trailed behind because Sasuke had sensed questions weighing on Kimimaro’s mind since the night before.
Story by Vanilla Muse
“What’s on your mind?”

“…It’s nothing, Sasuke-sama.”

Sasuke huffed, “We’re family now, are we not, Uchiha Kimimaro?” It was still weird to say the Uchiha name, but Sasuke shrugged it off.

Kimimaro straightened at the name.

“You can talk to me about anything. Ask me anything. I can’t promise to answer all of your questions, but I can promise to listen and I won’t ever get angry at you for simply being curious.”

“I was wondering how did you control Juugo-san’s rage? What did you do?”

“I didn’t really do much. The thing with Juugo is that he needs to know that there is someone forceful to control him should his anger get out of hand. He’s insecure, and desires a sense of security. By being confident and forceful with him, I was showing him that I was in control. That I could and would control him if anything went wrong.”

Sasuke sighed, “I’m really not too keen on trying to dominate over others like this, but Juugo seems to need that outside force to ground him. Masochist is what I would call it.” Sasuke shook his head. “I hope he gets over it eventually. Anyways, keeping the parameters of Juugo’s needs in mind, I then implanted a strong suggestion into his mind and he calmed himself down. I inserted the connection between my touch and tranquility into his brain. Truthfully, it was all a gamble.” Sasuke’s eyes flashed red for a second. Two tomoe spun lazily in each of his irises. “I’m still very green with this.”

“The… when did you…?”

“When I killed that missing-nin. Or more accurately, he did something to trigger it right before I killed him.”


“It’s over now.” Sasuke shook his head to indicate he didn’t want to talk. Kimimaro, being the person that he was, did not push. If it were Karin, she would’ve pestered Sasuke for an answer. Her desire to “fix” everything wrong for Sasuke was disturbingly devout.

Sasuke studied Kimimaro for a long moment, and Kimimaro found that he could not turn away from that gaze. Sasuke smiled, a genuine, pleased smile. “I entrust my secrets to you Kimimaro, because I know that you will never betray me.”


“And I you, my brother.”

Kimimaro fell silent, touched by Sasuke’s words. It seemed that no matter how often Sasuke is kind to him he would never get enough of it. Before meeting Sasuke, his life had been a harsh string of reprimands, fear, killing, and the coldness of death and loneliness. Here with Sasuke, there was warmth, kindness, smiles, and gentle words. Kimimaro didn’t think he would ever be deserving of having family like Sasuke, but he’d try anyways, because he wanted to always walk in Sasuke’s light.


They were attacked by a group of bandits.

Karin felt them coming a mile away and they were ready, but when the bandits reached them, it wasn’t Kimimaro or even Sasuke that took them down. It was Juugo. He went into rage mode and slaughtered the entire troupe.

Using ninja wire and a nearby tree, Sasuke thrust himself into the air. He came at Juugo from above just as the orange-haired boy set his sights on a shivering Karin. Sasuke landed nimbly on Juugo’s shoulder, and before the bigger boy could throw him off he touched the top of Juugo’s head with his entire palm, applying light pressure.

“Juugo,” he said. “Focus.”

Juugo growled, but he didn’t try to buck Sasuke off. He breathed heavily. His transformed arm morphed back into normal skin and the black lines slowly receded.

“Good job,” Sasuke praised and he petted Juugo on the head while he was at it.

Even he was surprised that his trick had worked. In all honesty, Sasuke was hesitant about bringing Juugo into the fold. Physically, Sasuke was still only seven, he wasn’t very strong, fast maybe, but far from physically strong, and he had no confidence that he could smack down a raging Juugo or cow him with killing intent, but Ranmaru had been insistent on “giving the beast a chance at salvation.” Ranmaru sees a kindred spirit in every tortured soul, so Sasuke had braved Juugo for Ranmaru.

Sasuke addressed the redhead, “Karin-san, are you hurt?”

“One hundred percent fine!” She gushed with stars in her eyes.

“Good. Let’s collect what’s useful from these bandits and move on quickly.”

Twenty paces away from the gruesome sight, Ranmaru couldn’t hold it in anymore. He barfed and Sasuke joined him. Karin rubbed their backs and held Sasuke’s growing hair away from his face.

Sasuke had lost his hair tie when tussling with the missing-nin and now his hair fell freely around his face in a lustrous black curtain. Ranmaru thought it made him look pretty, like an onee-sama instead of an onii-sama and had told him so. Juugo had chuckled in agreement. Sasuke had sighed and patted Ranmura on the head.

Once Ranmaru and Sasuke were done heaving up their lunch the group pretended it never happened and continued along their merry way.

As fate would have it, they were soon accosted by trouble again. This time it was in the form of a bloodthirsty rogue ninja looking for some fun. Sasuke, as if in a move to prove something to himself, took down the enemy alone. He approached the missing-nin from a blind spot and with a series of quick jabs to pressure points he rendered the enemy ninja’s arms temporarily immobile.

As soon as the missing-nin realized what had happened he delivered a sharp snap kick to Sasuke’s gut, sending him crashing into a tree. Juugo started to roar to life, but Ranmaru held him back.

The ninja charged at their group when ninja wire wrapped around his ankle and tripped him up. Sasuke emerged, coughing and cradling his stomach, but he grimaced through the pain and made quick work of trussing the enemy up, using the enemy’s struggling movements to his advantage to tangle the ninja up even more.

However, when it came to dealing the final blow, Sasuke stopped. He gazed down at the tied up ninja with impassive eyes.

“Sasuke-sama, allow me.” Kimimaro stepped forward and pulled out a bone sword from his arm.

Sasuke held out his hand for the weapon. “I’ve made my decision to set on this path. I will do this.”



“I have to do this.” Sasuke said. Although at that point, it was hard to tell if he was talking to the group at large or to himself. “I did this before, I can do it again,” he murmured and adjusted his grip on the bone weapon. “Don’t look Ranmaru,” Sasuke commanded, but Ranmaru looked anyways as Sasuke took the weapon from Kimimaro’s hand and drove it through the missing-nin’s neck in one quick thrust. He jumped back as he pulled out the bone weapon to avoid the spray of blood.

“Sasuke-kun, let me heal you,” Karin offered her arm.

He shook his head. “After he dies,” Sasuke nodded to the missing-nin, “retrieve my ninja wire for me please. It’s still a long way from Konohagakure and we’ll need to stretch all the supplies we have.”

“But Sasuke-kun.” Sasuke looked at her and she conceded with a reluctant nod.

“Let’s find a place to set up camp after this. I’m sure we’re all tired.” Sasuke said. Then he walked away from the cooling corpse and wretched bile in a patch of dry grass. Ranmaru’s eyes trailed after Sasuke with a worried light. At the very least, only one of them was throwing up their stomach this time.

That night, they had to create a campfire manually because Sasuke was having trouble getting his breath together to use his clan’s technique. Karin suspected a fractured or broken rib.

Falling asleep was a task in itself. It was hard for Sasuke to find a comfortable spot to sleep in, but eventually fatigue took over and he fell into a fitful sleep. Karin and Kimimaro made eye contact over the smothered campfire and came to a silent agreement. Together they got the unconscious Sasuke to bite down on Karin and she transferred her chakra to heal him.

The injury wasn’t life threatening yet, but traveling on the road was sure to make it worse. Already, Sasuke was warm with a rising fever. If only Sasuke wasn’t so stubborn about not using her forbidden technique. Though it warmed her heart and made her blush when she replayed his reasons in her head. Maybe she should pick up some medical ninjutsu in case something like this came up again. She hated seeing Sasuke’s face contorted with pain.

At dawn, Sasuke jerked awake with a scream in his throat, rousing Karin from her vigil by his side.

“Sasuke-kun, it’s okay. It was only a nightmare,” she soothed.

There was cold sweat dotting his brow. She touched his forehead; glad to note the lack of fever. He breathed deeply and raggedly until he got himself under control. The others were rousing, too. Since everyone was up, they decided to start the day early. A quick breakfast and then they were packing up camp.


The redhead girl shivered at the low timbre of Sasuke’s voice. And did he just drop the honorific with her?

“Show me your arm.” Karin skipped over to him in a blissful haze and showed him her arm. “The other arm.” She hesitated, but showed him the bite mark on her wrist. She chose the wrist because it felt more intimate somehow. Sasuke studied her wrist for a long while, at war with himself over what to say. For a while it looked like he might apologize, which was absurd because she chose to heal him. Finally he traced his thumb over his teeth imprint and said, “Thank you, Karin. I promise to be stronger next time so that you won’t have to resort to this.”

Tingles went up her arm and down her spine. “If it’s for you, I don’t mind using this technique an infinite number of times,” she admitted with hearts in her eyes. Sasuke was so cool.

The look on his face was pained at her admission. She sobered up. “I’ll learn medical ninjutsu so that I can heal you even without using this technique.”

He startled at the declaration, and then gave her a gentle smile. “Thank you, Karin.”

“Anything for you, Sasuke-kun.”

“Maybe I should get some training in the medical field too,” he pondered out loud.

“Eh? But then it would defeat the purpose of me healing you.”

He gave her an amused looked and she blushed but didn’t look away.


Juugo did not quite know what to make of Sasuke.

When they first met, Sasuke gave the impression that he commanded authority and demanded absolute obedience. Which would work out just fine for Juugo if Sasuke were to be his master and his cage, but after their first meeting Sasuke began to use less and less of that imperious tone on him, and to the others in the group he was downright clement and even sought to serve them in some ways, by helping them complete a task or volunteering to do the harder chore when it came to setting camp.

But none of his actions made him subservient to the others, in fact, everyone in the group deferred to Sasuke. Ranmaru obeyed and looked up to Sasuke like an older brother. Kimimaro guarded Sasuke like a loyal vassal to his lord and never challenged Sasuke’s authority. Karin threw herself at Sasuke’s feet to be helpful to him. And Juugo listened to Sasuke of course, because Sasuke was the lock for his rage.

Then there was Sasuke’s changing attitude towards him. The more control Juugo showed over his rage the more friendly Sasuke became towards him. Sasuke was benign even before, but now it was like he actively sought a – dare Juugo believe it? – friendship with Juugo.

It was all very jarring and perplexing.

For now Juugo decided to just go with the flow, and he promised to hone his rage into Sasuke’s shield, so he would do that too. Maybe in the future there could be something more between Juugo and Sasuke, but for now, this was enough. This was contentment enough for Juugo.

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Tightrope 5

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Chapter 5 – The Boundary Line

They were taking a well-needed break. With Ranmaru’s weak health, it wasn’t a surprise that they would need to stop often. Even taking turns carrying the small child could still be taxing for their underdeveloped bodies; hence they were taking a break.
Story by Vanilla Muse
Kimimaro was keeping a look out while Ranmaru took a light nap. Sasuke was molding chakra and Karin was watching Sasuke mold chakra. It was so tantalizing to feel the chakra moving actively through Sasuke’s body. Sasuke frowned in concentration. The chakra was moving sluggishly through his body.

“What are you doing Sasuke-kun?” Karin asked.

“I’m trying to perform the Clone Technique, but I can’t seem to get my chakra to cooperate. I’ve read the theory on it,” Sasuke said.

“Your chakra is stuck, and you’re pulling too much yin energy and not enough yang energy,” Karin supplied.


“Can’t you feel it?” Than Karin shook her head, remembering that sensing chakra did not come as easily to others as it did to her.

She walked up to Sasuke and mapped out the flow of chakra in his body with her finger. “Can you feel it? Your energy is running smoothly from here to here,” she ran her finger along his body, “but it gets caught up here,” she pressed lightly at the spot. “What you need to do is…” And Karin explained to Sasuke how to direct the flow of chakra. She can sense a lot more yin energy in Sasuke than yang energy, no doubt he’s a scholar, but his yang energy is nothing to be scoffed at either. His reserves were quite large for a boy his age. There was a reason she found his chakra dazzling after all.

With Karin’s guidance, Sasuke coaxed his chakra to do his bidding. His first couple of attempts was laughable. They came out colorless and flopped to the ground like rice paper. It was even worse than Naruto’s blotched attempts. Sasuke blushed and kept trying. Internally, Karin was cooing at how cute a determined Sasuke looked.

Behind Sasuke’s back Kimimaro was giving her the stink eye. He did not miss the fact that Karin took advantage of the guise of helping Sasuke to touch him all over with her finger. Sasuke didn’t even seem to realize he was molested. He was so unguarded that it made Karin purr with devious ideas.

By the time the group made it to Kiri’s border, Sasuke had perfected both the Cloning Technique and the Transformation Technique. The Substitution Technique was still proving to be tricky, but Sasuke was determined to master it and Karin knew that he would.

Using the Henge, the group, sans Ranmaru, transformed and posed as a family trying to escape from the war ravaged land. Sasuke and Karin were the parents, Kimimaro was their mute son, and Ranmaru was their sickly baby boy. Karin spun a sob story so well that the fishermen agreed to ferry them to the Land of Fire for only a small fee.

Once they landed and were out of earshot of the fishermen, they dropped their Henge and Sasuke praised Karin for her ingenuity. She blushed and clung to his arm. Sasuke tried to unravel her arms from around him, but she clung on like a limpet until Kimimaro forcibly pulled her away. Sasuke sighed and then he stilled when he noticed the color of Ranmaru’s eyes. They were glowing bright red.

“What do you see?” Sasuke asked.

“In a cave, nature calls. The beast awaits a firm lock and cage. Two clicks northwest.” Ranmaru pointed. The glow faded from his eyes and he dropped his arm.

“Well, it’s along the way. Can’t hurt to take a look.” Sasuke thought out loud.

“What was that?” Karin demanded.

Sasuke placed his hands on Ranmaru’s shoulders in a supportive and protective gesture. “Ranmaru has a special gift. It’s hard to explain. Even Ranmaru himself doesn’t seem to know the full extent of his abilities. But he’s been very helpful in our journey, helping us find useful things and avoiding unnecessary conflict.”

Ranmaru blushed under Sasuke’s praise.

“Oh,” Karin shrugged.

“I’ve told Kimimaro this, but I’ll ask this of you, too, please keep Ranmaru’s abilities a secret. I don’t want people trying to hunt him down to dissect his eyes.” Here Sasuke touched the corner of his eye subconsciously. “Even within Konoha proper, you must keep quiet about this. Unlike us, Ranmaru doesn’t yet know how to defend himself.”

“I won’t crack even under extreme torture,” Karin promised, thumping a fist to her chest.

Sasuke didn’t know how to respond to such a statement with words so he just smiled, which was more than enough for Karin.


By the time they reached the cave that Ranmaru saw, it was already getting dark, so they set up camp. Tomorrow, they would search for the beast. They each split up to do their part. Ranmaru picked up firewood, Kimimaro foraged for edible fruit, Sasuke went fishing, and Karin tracked a rabbit.

Sasuke used his Great Fireball Technique to light the campfire. He’s been practicing it with Karin’s help. It helped that the body seemed to remember the technique, but what he was able to produce wasn’t all that ‘great’ yet, although in this case it was perfect for a campfire. After dinner, they set up a watch schedule and fell asleep.

Karin was on watch when she heard a groaning coming from Sasuke. He was shifting in his sleep and making tortured sounds. She’s been noticing it for a while now; it’s hard not to after traveling together for two weeks.

At first she would shake him awake and demand to know what’s wrong so that she could make it go away, but he would never give her a straight answer. She suspected that the missing-nin they talked about was his first kill. It was normal to have nightmares for a length of time after the first kill. Karin would know. She couldn’t have escaped from Uzushiogakure and made it all the way deep into the Land of Mist by keeping her hands clean. Come to think of it, maybe that was another reason why the villagers segregated her. They were all simple farmers; none of them have killed anything bigger than a pig. But she digressed.

Sasuke’s problem seemed to stem deeper than that. At the very least, the first kill was only one of his many problems. And while she could talk him through how to work pass that first kill, she couldn’t do much more than be there for him and allow him to sort out the rest himself since he didn’t want to tell. Kimimaro was no help in this area. He was bred to kill and have been desensitized to it for so long. Ranmaru was out of the question. Even though Ranmaru already knew, Sasuke still refrained from talking about killing in front of him. It was sweet how Sasuke tried to protect the boy’s innocence. It wouldn’t last forever, but they’ll take what they could get.

Sasuke lashed out sharply with his leg in his sleep. The motion jolted him awake. At the same time Karin felt the beast move. It was running away. Sasuke was about to roll over and attempt to sleep again.

“Sasuke-kun,” she whispered sharply. He sat up, alert. “The beast is on the move, about a half kilometer that way.” She pointed.

He nodded. “Guard Ranmaru. I’ll be back.” He tapped Kimimaro on the shoulder. “Come with me.”

“Wait, Sasuke-kun!” She hissed, but he was gone, flitting off into the night like a shadow. Karin was still amazed by his speed. In an area with trees and a bit of ninja wire, it would be difficult to outrun Sasuke.

Kimimaro spared Karin a brief look before chasing after Sasuke. If he didn’t have such a straight face on, Karin would swear that he was sneering down at her, as if to say “Ha! He asked me to go, not you.” Karin stomped her foot and fumed.


Juugo was alerted to the group’s presence as soon as they arrived. The animals informed him. At first he thought they were just travelers and would move on soon, but then they decided to camp at the base of his mountain. A little more spy work, credit to his animal friends, and he deduced that they were here for him. Which was absurd, because he hadn’t left his cave in ages and no one should be aware of his existence. Still, just to play it safe, he decided to relocate when the group fell asleep. He couldn’t chance the group stumbling upon him by accident. He was simply too volatile to be around humans.

He didn’t expect that he would walk right into one of them. It was a young boy, three years his junior, with hair so dark that it melted into the night and made his face stand out in stark contrast. A thin cut ran down the right side of his face.

“S- Stay away from me. It’s not safe.” Juugo warned.

The boy advanced forward.

“I’m warning you!”

“I’m perfectly safe,” the boy said.

“I said stay back!” Juugo took a swipe at the boy to scare him off. Already a bit of black was bleeding onto his skin from anxiety.

Suddenly a length of diamond hard bones was wrapped around his body, preventing him from moving. His fist stopped just short of hitting the dark-haired boy’s face. Another boy stepped out from the shadows. The moonlight reflected off the newcomer’s pale skin and white hair. The red markings on his face seemed to be giving off an eerie glow. This boy was older, probably only a year his junior.

Juugo was so surprised that someone could restrain him that he was speechless.

“See,” the younger boy said, “Perfectly safe.” He hadn’t batted an eyelid when Juugo charged at him. Just who was this kid?

“Kimimaro, you may release him now,” the boy said.

“But, Sasuke-sama…”

“It’s fine. You’re here.”

So the boy’s name was Sasuke. Kimimaro released Juugo, and Juugo retracted his fist. The black receded a bit, but it lingered at the corner of his eye, just waiting to spread and take over his body.

“What do you want?” Juugo asked. Kimimaro was the one with the power to stop him, yet for some reason he deferred to this boy called Sasuke.

Sasuke took another step forward. That was another step too close to danger. “Well, for starters, Ranmaru seems to want you.”

“Ran- what?”

“So I’m here to talk to you.”

Juugo deduced that this kid was bonkers. He seemed to be aware of Juugo’s berserker tendencies yet had the gall to approach him for a talk?

“I heard of a beast hiding out in the caves. A gentle beast with a bit of a… rage problem,” Sasuke said, confirming Juugo’s suspicions, but Juugo still had no idea how the boy knew. Perhaps there was a survivor from his village who told the boy about him.


“Do not interrupt me,” Sasuke said with such command in his voice that it gave Juugo pause. “Now, as I was saying,” Sasuke continued amiably, “You seem to be having a bit of problem controlling your temper, so I’m here to offer you an exchange.” Juugo waited for him to continue. Sasuke’s lip quirked into a half smile. “You’re learning already.” Despite the baiting tone, Juugo felt no rage at the tease. “Come with me, turn your rage into my shield, and I will be your lock and cage.”

“I don’t understand.” Juugo whispered, hardly believing this. Could this boy really give him a lock for his rage? It was impossible. That’s why the people of his village died. No one could control his rage, not even himself.

Sasuke stepped into his personal space. Juugo twitched and so did Kimimaro, but Sasuke remained firm and unyielding. He pressed two fingers against Juugo’s forehead.

“Focus on my touch. Your rage is receding, see?”

Remarkably, the black ink on his skin dissolved at Sasuke’s proclamation.

“This is the lock. Now remember this point well. Rage simmers in you always, but the secret is to temper that rage under your control and wield it as a shield, not a sword. You will learn this lesson well.”

Sasuke dropped his hand from Juugo’s forehead to his shoulder. “My name is Uchiha Sasuke. What is your name?”


Sasuke nodded, “From henceforth I take you into my heart and home. Welcome to the family, Juugo. You will never be alone now.”

Juugo’s eyes widened.

“Now come, Ranmaru is eager to meet you.” Sasuke showed Juugo his back and began walking. Kimimaro trailed after him.

Juugo could still feel the lingering warmth of Sasuke’s hand on him. “You mentioned a cage. Where is that?” Juugo asked. He’s not sure what power Sasuke wielded over him to dampen his rage, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a back up plan, a place to lock Juugo in just in case he went berserk.

Sasuke turned around and smile guilelessly. The moon shone on his face, highlighting that scar. Sasuke touched his fist to his heart. “Your cage is right here.”

Juugo was not sure he understood, but those words must have touched his heart somehow, because his feet instinctively began to follow Sasuke.

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Tightrope 4

Author’s Note: I followed the Naruto anime, not the manga. That’s why you have an anime only character like Ranmaru pop up. (Please note that I did not find the explanation of Ranmaru’s powers very clear, and it’s been a very long while since I last saw that episode, so if anything seems weird, let’s just say canon was vague and roll with it please.)

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Chapter 4 – Lines of Red

Karin was trudging away from her little village. Early that morning she had woke with a start when she felt huge groups of people amassing on the village. She tried to warn the family that took her in, but they told her to “stop lying,” “stop trying to seek attention,” and to “get back to work.”

So with the excuse of going to fetch water from the river, Karin had packed what little she had, took the money from under the floorboards – hey, dead people don’t need money – and left. She felt no remorse for leaving the villagers to their doom. Sure, they took pity on the little orphan girl and took her into the village, but no one really cared about her.

Her adopted family only took her in to show the villagers how nice they were, but the couple had three children of their own and absolutely no time for her. The children in the village were terrible too. They picked on her, the outsider, and laughed at her bright hair color, calling it an eyesore. Red hair was common where she came from, but none of these stupid outsiders knew how to appreciate the beauty of her people.

Karin felt three people coming her way. They probably wouldn’t bother her if she kept her head down but just to be on the safe side, Karin made her way to the wooden bridge standing over a brook and hid under it. She’ll just wait for them to pass and then continue on her way.

As they drew near she heard one of them said, “The village should be close. He said it wouldn’t be too far once we reach the brook.”

They lapsed into silence and Karin held her breath as they crossed the bridge. Suddenly she felt something sharp pressing against her neck.

“Don’t make any sudden movements,” a low voice intoned into her ear. The voice was pitched low, but she could tell it belonged to a child. That was hardly any comfort though, considering many children became ninjas when they were young. “Put your hands above your head and come out of hiding.”

Karin wondered if she was going to be robbed. She followed the instructions and soon found herself standing on one end of the bridge instead of under it. She studied the three people before her. The one threatening her with a sharp white stick of some sort had white hair, green eyes, and red markings on his face. He had a rather severe look on his face for a child. She was surprised to see a young child with purple hair and rust colored eyes present. He looked thin and frail, hardly intimidating at all.

The final person in the group was a boy with a face thinned from hunger and travel, but still looked pleasing to the eye. She would’ve called him cute, but the mark of hunger and travel left him with a hauntingly beautiful look instead. There was a cut on the right side of his face that looked to be in the process of healing. He was dressed in once white clothes. And his chakra. Oh god, his chakra! It was dazzling and beautiful, just like the boy himself. There was an undercurrent of something sad and lonely in his chakra, and Karin found herself wanting to remove that burden from him, to witness the full brunt of his dazzling chakra.

“Now what is a pretty young lady like you doing, spying on our group?” Dazzling Chakra asked her.

“You think I’m pretty?”

“Answer the question,” Somber Face said.

“I wasn’t! I wasn’t spying on you. I was just hiding until you guys passed by.”

“She’s telling the truth,” Frail Boy said.

Dazzling Chakra nodded to Somber Face and Somber Face removed his weapon slowly from her neck.

“I heard you were heading to the village near here,” Karin said.


“Don’t go. It’s already been burned down by now.” Dazzling Chakra gave her a look that said, “go on,” and so she explained, “I came from that village. I fled because I felt a bunch of people coming. It’s the war. My village will just become another casualty of war.”


“Yes. There’s something big going on in Kirigakure, a revolt I think, and it’s affecting the small villages in the area.”

“Kirigakure,” Dazzling Chakra murmured. “I see. Thank you for telling us.” Then he smiled. Karin blushed as red as her hair.

“Um,” she fidgeted with her shirt, “What’s your name?”


“Sasuke…” she repeated. Her heart thumped.

“These are my companions, Ranmaru and Kimimaro.”

Karin barely noticed Kimimaro giving her a dead fish stare and Ranmaru bowing politely.

“My name’s Karin.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Karin-san.” Another smile. Oh, she could die happy right now. “We must be on our way now. We still have need of a map, and it looks like this village is a miss.”

“Oh, I have a map,” Karin offered. She quickly pulled it out from her pack. “We’re right here,” she pointed.

Sasuke seemed shocked by her forthrightness, but nonetheless leaned forward to study the map. She took a long deep whiff of his smell. Ahh, he smelled so nice. Kimimaro noticed and glared at her. She turned her nose up at him.

“Would it be all right if I buy this map from you?” Sasuke asked. “I don’t have much money but-”

“Oh, just take it.”

“Ahh… Thank you.” A hesitant smile. Karin sighed blissfully.

“Can I come with you? I wandered around Kiri a bit before settling down at my old village, so I know some parts of the land. And now that my village is burned down I have nowhere else to go,” Karin said in earnest.

“Back off,” Kimimaro stuck an arm between Karin and Sasuke. She had not noticed that she was leaning forward so much. Sasuke was starting to look uncomfortable. She pouted but backed off. Sasuke breathed a sigh of relief.

He studied her and seemed to be thinking about her request. She clasped her hands together and tried to look as earnest and helpful as she could. Finally he settled on a decision. “All right,” he said haltingly. “I’m not sure where you want to go from here, but we’re heading to Konoha. We can travel together if it’s along the way for you.”

“Oh, it’s totally along the way,” Karin assured him.

“Well then… it seems we have a new companion,” he said to his friends. “Welcome to the group,” he told her.

She sighed again, an amorous smile on her face.


They were taking a lunch break by a river when Sasuke commented, “Were you originally from Uzushiogakure?”

“How did you guess? I am part of the Uzumaki clan,” Karin said.

“Ah, I thought so. Your red hair, it’s a common trait of the Uzumaki, or so I’ve heard.”

Karin grew self-conscious as she fiddled with the ends of her hair. “Is it weird?”


“My red hair. I mean, it’s so bright and red and stuff. It’s an eyesore, don’t you think so?”

Sasuke tilted his head in confusion, “I think it’s a lovely color. It’s uncommon in Konoha.”

Karin flushed to the tips of her ears. “Y- You really think so?”

“There is someone with the name of Uzumaki in Konoha.” Sasuke said, completely bulldozing over her question, but she didn’t care. He called her lovely. Well, her hair, but… same difference. “It would be nice if the two of you could meet and become friends.”

“There is an Uzumaki in Konoha? I always knew we couldn’t all be dead, I mean, I’m still here. But when Uzushiogakure was attacked only a few of us survived and we all scattered. I didn’t think I would ever find another one of my clan.”

The smile on Sasuke’s face was wistful and faraway. “I think he would be happy to meet you, too.”

“Hey, Sasuke-kun. How did you get this wound?” Karin reached out a hand to brush against the thin vertical cut that ran from mid-cheek to jaw line on the right side of Sasuke’s face.

Sasuke caught her hand gently before she could touch his scar, and she blushed at their joined hands.

“It’s my fault,” both Kimimaro and Ranmaru said at once.

“Onii-sama was trying to protect me from that missing-nin and got hurt,” Ranmaru sniffed.

“It was my fault. I couldn’t protect Sasuke-sama in time,” Kimimaro said, contrite.

“If anything, it was my fault for not training hard enough. Don’t blame yourselves. And Kimimaro you took care of the missing-nin, so now we don’t have to worry about her following our trail.”



Sasuke sweatdropped. “And I told you two to drop the honorifics. Just Sasuke is fine.”

Karin swooned. Sasuke was so noble and magnanimous. Not to mention he was still holding her hand. Oh, never mind, he just dropped it. “Can I drop the honorifics, too?” Karin ventured. Kimimaro glared at her. Sasuke opened his mouth, but Karin held up a hand to stop him from answering. “Kyaa! What am I saying? I was being too forward.” Karin buried her face in her hands. Even her neck was blushing this time.

Personally, Sasuke didn’t care if everyone forgo honorifics, it would make everything so much easier, but he had a feeling dropping the honorifics this early in the stage with Karin would be a Bad Idea. He took the out that Karin gave him and shut his mouth.

Karin rolled up her sleeve and offered Sasuke her arm. “I can heal the cut for you. It looks like a relatively new wound so this should work. If you bite down on me I can transfer my chakra to you and heal all your injuries.”

Sasuke’s brow rose, “That sounds like an advanced technique. What are the drawbacks?”

“Drawbacks?” Ranmaru piped up.

Sasuke nodded, “A technique that can heal all wounds at once must have some side effect for the user.”

“You don’t have to worry about me,” Karin said.

Sasuke shook his head. “Thank you for offering, but I’m afraid I will have to decline. I am not grievously injured. As a ninja a little scarring is nothing. I won’t have you suffer for a vanity project.”

Karin couldn’t hold it back anymore. She launched herself at Sasuke and glomped him to her chest. “Oh, how can you be so wonderful?” She squealed.

“Karin-san, unhand Sasuke-sama this moment!” Kimimaro prided her off.

Sasuke was beet red. He looked so cute that Karin just wanted to grab him again.

The scar wasn’t that bad. In fact, it made Sasuke look a little dangerous, which in turn translated to cool. Yeah, Karin could learn to like that scar. Not to mention every time she sees it now she will remember this moment.

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Author’s Note: Since I stopped watching Naruto after the part where Chiyo revives Gaara, the characterization of characters that shows up after that point (i.e. Karin) is from reading Naruto Wiki, so excuse the inconsistencies if the character seems out of character, because I wrote them based on my impression from reading a text description of their personality. You could also say that the difference between the character’s canon age and their age in this fan fiction contributes to differences in their personality.