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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 141

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Chapter 141

Su Shi patted Dr. Dark’s shoulder in a friendly manner. He then casually crooked a finger and the plants in the corner extended towards them. The plants then dragged Dr. Dark’s body up and stuffed him onto a chair.

The more evil things the other person did, the higher Su Shi’s rating would be upon completing the task, and the experience points that could be obtained at the end would be doubled accordingly. In order to earn more experience points, he had to make this Dr. Dark live a little longer.

Looking at the ruthless figure standing in front of the reagent cabinet, Dr. Dark shivered. He tried to slam himself into the corner of the cabinet [to suicide], but the plants in the laboratory stopped him, and dragged him back to the chair to sit down.

Su Shi ignored him. He picked out the reagents that he needed from the cabinet, making sure to gather a sufficient amount, and then he threw it into the little tropical pitcher plant that he was carrying with him. From within the pitcher plant, he fished out a packet of instant noodles and a little pot. He filled the pot with some water and put it on the spirit lamp atop the experiment table.

The flame from the spirit lamp was very small, and even after cooking for a long while, the water in the pot was still only lukewarm.

Su Shi picked up the flamethrower hanging on the wall and looked at it, but in the end he set it aside while Dr. Dark looked on in fright. He sat in front of the experiment table with his chin propped up on his hand. With the other hand he touched the dancing flame of the spirit lamp with his fingertips.

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The faint scalding of his fingertips caused him to subconsciously withdraw his hand, but the chill in his heart still lingered.

The warmth that was gradually cooling in his chest still seemed to exist. He subconsciously folded his arms around himself, but he couldn’t touch anything.

After all, the Son of Hell wasn’t some endlessly benevolent weakling. Under the specified character parameters, he had the right to be blackened once.

But at that time, he had actually gotten rid of the limitations of the character setting, and he had also thrown away the black pot that he needed to shoulder. If everyone thought that a person who has had to bear unjust treatment would definitely sink into the path of vengeance, then he didn’t mind sinking once and showing them what an evil fiend he could become.

This world allowed for mild blackening, so his movements weren’t immediately hindered. By the time the system sensed something was wrong and tried to forcibly stop him, he would have had enough time to do what he wanted to do.

He could use his body as nutrients, and his blood and life force to irrigate the Bloodthirsty Forest, and have the forest completely devour all the human beings who were blinded by greed and fear. He could just put a stop to this mission, forget about the experience points, and return directly back to the main world.

It didn’t matter if he couldn’t get any experience points. It didn’t matter if he violated the rules and got thrown into the Hundred Refinements Space. It didn’t matter if he got punished for disrupting the plot line. None of that could be worse than that time when he was covered all over with cuts and bruises and sinking into a cold abyss.

He was in a hurry. From the start, he didn’t want to stay in this world for too long.

But just when he was about to stimulate the power in his crystal nucleus and completely integrate his body into the dark and dank forest, that warm embrace once again inexplicably protected him, pulling him back right before he sacrificed himself. At the same time, the blackening value that was on the verge of approaching the warning line slowly dropped.

The plot line that was on the verge of collapse was brought back on track, and his chest, which had been cold and hard, gradually warmed up.

He suddenly hesitated.

The Dark God was able to follow him into this world.

What if that exceptionally familiar warmth was the firelight that he had been thinking of all this time? What if that person had already broken through the barriers of the world and chased after him [to this world]? If Su Shi terminated the mission ahead of schedule because of his doubts, and returned to the previous world through a back door, then he would inadvertently brush past that person and miss the chance to reunite with him.

“Let me ask you-”

The progress of the spirit lamp was too slow, and Su Shi finally lost his patience. He turned his chair to face the terrified Dr. Dark behind him. He picked up the flamethrower and with a snap ignited a light blue flame.

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Just as he was about to speak, he swallowed back his words.

Now was not the time to beat the grass to scare the snake*. If that person has not completed his upgrade, and Su Shi asked about it right now, then it may cause the main system to be on alert.

[*T/N: “beat the grass to scare the snake” – Chinese idiom meaning to inadvertently alert an enemy]

Su Shi lowered his eyes slightly and pondered. The flamethrower in his hand roasted the little stainless steel pot. Unable to withstand the heat, it immediately started to sizzle.

With his expression remaining unchanged, Su Shi met Dr. Dark’s terrified gaze. His words petered out without a trace. He leaned over slightly with an amiable expression. The flamethrower still rested in his hand.

“I’m a little tight* lately. Do you have any extra experience points?”

[*T/N: “tight” as in “tight on cash”]

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The author has something to say:

Su Shi: I, the Son of Hell, am collecting money.

#No, no, no, the flamethrower can’t be held upside down.

#You can’t play with a spirit lamp with your fingers.

#You can’t cook instant noodles in the laboratory. Ahhhhh!


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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 140

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Chapter 140

Dr. He knew that if he didn’t handle this situation very carefully, he would be cut into pieces by Sun Shuo’s wind blade. He did not dare to tell Sun Shuo that his situation was hopeless.

Dr. He squeezed out a smile, and nodded again and again. He fetched out a bottle of medicine from the reagent cabinet and handed it to the other man.

“This medicine is specifically designed for destroying mutated vegetation. It won’t harm the human body. You should take the medicine. After a few days, those vines will wither. Then you’ll be fine…”

If it weren’t for Dr. He’s idea, then they would not have been able to capture the Son of Hell this time. Therefore, Sun Shuo did not suspect a thing. He took the medicine and downed it in one gulp. Then he moved his body around a bit.

“So I’m going to be okay now?”

“Yes, you’ll be fine, just fine.”

Without any hesitation, Dr. He nodded his head vigorously.

Sun Shuo finally felt relieved. He walked slowly over to the edge of the cage and looked at the young man who was lying silently inside the cage. He said to Dr. He, “This time, we were able to catch him thanks to you. I didn’t expect the Son of Hell to be a young brat…”

Just as he finished talking, Su Shi’s eyes abruptly popped open.

Met with Su Shi’s bright black eyes, Sun Shuo suddenly felt a vague sense of panic in his heart. Before he could react, the young man in front of him said calmly, “Dr. He lied to you. You are very angry, so you want to give him a good beating.”

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Su Shi’s words were baffling to Sun Shuo. The man’s brows knotted together, at a loss. But Dr. He’s complexion was already changing. He lifted his leg, about to run out the door.

But a blade of wind curved in front of him.

“Dr. He, what is going on?!”

Sun Shuo’s body was moving involuntarily. Before he knew it, he had already jumped forward and punched Dr. He in the chest. Hard. Extreme panic crept into his eyes.

Sun Shuo was still aware of everything, but he could not control his body at all. He could only look on helplessly as he punched Dr. He again and again. In the blink of an eye, he had beaten the man in a white lab coat to a pulp. At some point, Dr. He’s weakened voice couldn’t even beg for mercy anymore.

“You are no longer angry. Come back here now, help me open the cage, and then you can leave.”

Sun Shuo heard the Son of Hell’s voice commanding him again. His heart was already filled with boundless chills. He desperately tried to resist the instinctive actions of his body, but it was ultimately a futile effort.

Su Shi was filled with satisfaction as he watched Sun Shuo help him open the door to the cage. Su Shi staggered to his feet and walked over to the reagent cabinet. He identified an analgesic and a restoration drug, plucked them out, and down them both quickly.

“What the hell did you do to me?! Why am I listening to you? I-”

Sun Shuo looked upon Su Shi with horror, but before he could finish speaking his body was already automatically walking towards the door.

Behind him, Su Shi’s calm voice sounded slowly: “You weren’t listening to me, but your body was doing what I had asked. I still have something to do right now. You go back first, I will find you when I have time.”

If Sun Shuo had immediately expelled the vines from his body at the moment when Su Shi was making them sprout, or if right after Su Shi was captured he had been prepared to pay any cost and used his supernatural ability to strip the vines from his body, then he would still have a chance.

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But Sun Shuo did not do either of those things, so by the time he had returned to this base, his entire body was already completely dominated by the bloodthirsty plant that was under Su Shi’s control. Although it did not invade his brain, it was already rooted into his crystal nucleus. Unless Sun Shuo completely destroyed his core along with the plant, he could only live in symbiosis with the plant in his body forever.

After finally finding a puppet with such extraordinary strength, of course Su Shi wouldn’t just get rid of him so easily.

After Sun Shuo walked out of the door, Su Shi closed the door behind him. Then he walked over to Dr. Dark, squatted down, and patiently looked at him.

“You can’t hit me!”

Dr. Dark’s eyes were full of panic and chaos. He struggled to scurry backwards away from Su Shi.

“You can’t hit me. Just kill me already. My identity has already been exposed. If you kill me, your task will be complete. Just don’t hit me again…”

He has also played various villain roles that have committed heinous crimes, but he has always been killed off neatly, and then he would smoothly return to the main space to accept a new task. This was the first time that he has met a user that would beat him up every time they crossed paths.

He originally thought that he could play an antagonist role to the protagonist and use the opportunity to vent his anger, but now he regretted his decision to death. He only hoped that he could escape far away from this terrible guy, and never go to the same world as him again.

“Your mission hasn’t been completed, and neither has mine– don’t worry, I’ve learned my lesson, I won’t beat you with my own hands in the future.”

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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 139

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Chapter 139 (44.1)

Su Shi’s body fell into the ice-cold cage, but his pain receptors were already going numb.

Su Shi did not resist any longer. He swept his gaze indifferently across the faces full of fear and jealousy. His lips curved silently. He closed his eyes as if tired and quietly leaned on the cage bars behind him.

After confirming that he no longer had the strength to resist, everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief, and they finally found the courage to cast their gazes on the Son of Hell who has such a fearsome reputation.

Without the disguise of glasses and shadows, they found that the Son of Hell was not as ferocious as the rumors say. His features were particularly delicate and pretty. Although he was covered in blood, he did not cut a sorry figure at all, and he did not seem like a vicious and merciless evil robber.

Some people were starting to have doubts and their actions became hesitant. But there were even more people eyeing the destroyed Bloodthirsty Forest with greed in their gazes.

In addition to the fact that Base B was sincerely planning to trap and suppress the Son of Hell, the reason why the other bases were willing to help was not only due to fear and panic, but also for greed over the mysterious Unbounded City.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Rumor has it that the Son of Hell committed countless evil acts and robbed people of numerous precious resources. If they could successfully break through the Bloodthirsty Forest and get inside the Unbounded City, they would definitely be able to strengthen their bases in a short time.

Sun Shuo was naturally aware of these people’s ulterior motives, but he had to give up some rewards to appease the other bases. Sun Shuo’s expression fluctuated irregularly. The thrill from capturing the Son of Hell has long since dissipated like smoke in thin air. He hurriedly gave the order to withdraw back to the base and rushed back with a gloomy face.

There were deadly hidden dangers buried in his body. He must find Dr. He as soon as possible and get rid of these deadly vines.

He focused on the return back to the base with tunnel vision while still carrying the regret of missing the opportunity to explore the treasures of the Unbounded City. But out of nowhere came the screams of fear and pain from behind him.

The group of people paused for a while and turned their heads hesitantly.

The first people to rush in the forest were already caught up in the vines, and the terrifying plants with no discernible shape dragged them into the depths of the forest. Then all that was left was silence.

Without anyone to restrain it the Bloodthirsty Forest was no longer a picky eater and it captured any invader that had the aura of an ability user. The vines mercilessly preyed on any and all life forms that dared to approach the forest. The forest quickly filled up on power and returned to its previous size in a blink of an eye.

Sun Shuo’s expression could not help shifting again. This time, there was a vague sense of happiness on his face. He did not dare to tarry for another second and urged everyone to rush back to their headquarters.

Su Shi did not put up any resistance along the way. He was quietly brought back to Base B and then delivered directly to Dr. He’s laboratory.

“Dr. He!”

Sun Shuo stalked forward. There was a tint of fierce anger in his eyes. He grabbed Dr. He by the lapels of his white coat: “You said that I don’t need to be afraid of the Son of Hell’s abilities. But look at what happened to me now. What are we going to do about this?!”

Before Dr. He could appreciate his prize, he was dragged towards Sun Shuo. He tremblingly raised his head and was frightened by the wind blade that appeared beside him. He instantly went silent. After a long pause, he carefully said: “Let me go first. I- I’ll think of something…”

Dr. He has studied the Son of Hell’s abilities for a long time and has a general grasp of it. Although the opponent’s abilities were extremely powerful, he has never been properly educated in their use, so his techniques were very crude and simple. As long as you could avoid a fatal blow, it might not be that difficult to deal with.

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But according to Sun Shuo’s verbal account of events, this Son of Hell’s usage of supernatural powers was already completely unscrupulous. And a lot of his techniques were almost whimsical in their creativity. Not even Sun Shuo has been able to conceptualize such methods of application.

Looking back at the young man who was still motionless and unconscious in the cage, Dr. He’s anxiety finally calmed down a little. He pulled Sun Shuo to stand under the X-ray and performed a careful body scan.

The result made him tremble. His palms could not help oozing cold sweat, and his face couldn’t help turning pale.

“How is it? Is there a way to fix this?”

Sun Shuo was feeling very uneasy. He stepped down from the scanning table and grabbed Dr. He nervously.

“There is a way, of course there is a way…”

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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 138

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Chapter 138

Sun Shuo’s voice choked off. His body was stiff and stagnant. Then he looked down at his chest and horror entered his eyes.

A verdant young leaf protruded from the wound on his chest.

His spiritual power swept across his body in a hurry. His complexion quickly turned pale and a look of extreme panic entered his eyes.

Su Shi’s expression remained as calm as ever as he continued to power energy into Yuan Zheng’s body and repeated: “If you people save him, I will surrender.”

“This is no good. I’m being restrained by the Bloodthirsty Forest!”

Screams of terror rose from the crowd. When they looked down they found that the vines all over the ground had imprisoned them without their knowing. Ice washed through their veins. With just a thought, their opponent – the Son of Hell – could have them sucked dry right then and there.


The anxious voices of Yuan Zheng’s team rang out from beyond the edge of the crowd. They were just a step slower than Yuan Zheng. When they finally rushed onto the scene, they saw this terrifying situation in front of them.

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The Son of Hell knelt motionless on the ground. The person cradled in his arms was not breathing. Those eyes that were always smiling gently were now closed. Blood continued to gurgle out from his chest while the body gradually began to cool.

Su Shi didn’t look at them. He just lowered his head and a crystal nucleus slowly emerged from his palm.

His crystal nucleus was a gentle pale green and it was not in the sharp octagonal shape of other ability users. Instead, it was remarkably similar ot the shape of an ordinary plant seed.

The lost of power made his face go pale. Su Shi lowered his head, stuffed the crystal nucleus into Yuan Zheng’s mouth, pushed the man’s body forward, and whispered again, “You guys save him…”

He still had spiritual power. He could still control the Bloodthirsty Forest and directly destroy everyone present.

But he couldn’t save Yuan Zheng.

Dr. Dark definitely has an antidote on hand. The other person wanted to bring Su Shi back as experimental material, so he would never use a deadly poisonous drug to deal with him.

Electricity was already crackling in the air.

Sun Shuo’s voice was practically hoarse in fear: “I have the antidote. I have a regeneration potion. I will save him. You pull back first!”

The air went quiet again. Su Shi actually withdrew his spiritual power. The vines gradually loosened, and Sun Shuo’s body recovered a little bit of mobility.

The team members ran over in a hurry, their eyes already showing fear and helplessness.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Su Shi got up, took a step back to hand Yuan Zheng’s body back to them, raised his hand to take the potion proffered by Sun Shuo, and then handed it to the deputy team leader with red-rimmed eyes.

“Feed him the antidote. Go to the Boundless City. It’s safe there…”

The crystal nucleus has left the body, and once his spiritual power was dissipated, it could no longer be reformed.

The deputy team leader was stunned. He hesitantly received the antidote and handed it to the doctor. Just as he was about to speak, Su Shi suddenly backed away quickly.

He has completely renounced the protection of his spiritual power and his body was already very weak. He could not completely avoid the figure that appeared in front of him.

Sun Shuo’s gaze was red with anger. He converged all of his powers into his muscles and punched his chest heavily.

Su Shi’s body flew up into the air, crashed heavily into a tree trunk, and slid down weakly.

His glasses had fallen off due to such a violent action, but he no longer had the energy to pick them up and put them back on again.

When his saw the familiar and delicate face, the deputy team leader was shocked and confused. He anxiously wanted to go over to the young man: “Xiao Shi-”

“Boundless City…”

Su Shi leaned against the tree and soundlessly mouthed the words to the deputy team leader. Then the red-eyed Sun Shuo entered his field of vision. Sun Shuo seized Su Shi by the collar.

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Su Shi calmly met Sun Shuo’s resentful and infuriated gaze. Then his eyes trailed downward and stopped on the other man’s chest.

When Su Shi stopped restraining the crowd, it temporarily restored Sun Shuo’s ability to move, but the bloodthirsty plant that he had planted into the opponent’s body was still dormant under his blood vessels and flesh, just waiting for his mental command.

Sun Shuo’s eyes narrowed, but he abruptly stopped himself from further action.

He watched, unable to do anything, as the patrol team fed their captain the antidote, carried him onto their backs and walked into the Bloodthirsty Forest. There was no way to know if Yuan Zheng was already dead or still alive. There was a sharp pull in Sun Shuo’s chest, and he forcefully suppressed the rage in his heart. He pulled Su Shi’s already unsteady body and locked him up in the metal cage that was prepared long ahead of time.

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The author has something to say:

Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, things will be all right! Σ(っ °Д °;)っ

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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 137

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Chapter 137

Su Shi closed his eyes.

The pain that he was expecting did not come. He was suddenly enveloped in a familiar warm embrace, and it forcibly pulled him away from the frigid darkness.

There was a very low muffled sound in his ears, but the arm that wrapped around his upper back did not loosen at all. It firmly protected him as they rolled out a few meters away from the original spot before finally letting go.

Su Shi raised his head to meet with a gaze filled with tenderness and anguish. His breathing stagnated slightly.

“I’m sorry…”

Yuan Zheng’s expression was filled with tiredness that could not be concealed after the high-intensity rushing attack, but there was still a very gentle light in his eyes.

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After forcibly setting the warehouse on fire, he and the other team members were finally able to escape and rushed to the Bloodthirsty Forest nonstop.

But they still arrived too late.

The palm of his hand was covered with something hot and wet. Su Shi’s heart sank. Half kneeling on the ground, he turned Yuan Zheng’s body over. The crossbow arrow had sunk into his shoulder.

Yuan Zheng’s expression was still very calm and gentle, and he even showed some indulgence. He let Su Shi turn him this way and that with a small smile. Then he raised his hands to wrap them around the youth’s frail looking arms and pressed Su Shi against his chest.

“I’m sorry, not all humans are like this…”

Yuan Zheng could not explain why the Son of Hell looked different right now, but he could still definitely feel that the person in his embrace was the person who had once handed him daisies representing hope. This was the person who had tried hard to integrate with them, only to receive sporadic bits of warmth, yet he would still reciprocate by giving everything to them without hesitation.

Yuan Zheng firmly squeezed the body within his embrace once more. Then he braced himself and stood up. He put Su Shi behind him to protect him and faced the mighty coalition army head on.

“Base B’s patrol team was not destroyed. We are all still alive.”

The drug was already starting to take effect. Due to the intense pain, he was having a hard time remaining steady on his feet, but his tone was still firm and calm: “He is not some Son of Hell. He is just an innocent victim who survived the destruction of the central base. With no compensation and no shelter, he could only depend on himself to survive. There is no reason to obliterate him…”

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

“Captain Yuan, you should be aware of your position—based on your current attitude I can finally understand why your team has been tracking the Son of Hell for so long, but have no reasons to show.”

Sun Shuo’s gaze quickly cooled down. He looked at the promising ability user across from him. A trace of jealousy flashed in his eyes.

People with fire and light element abilities practically represented hope in this post-apocalyptic world. When Yuan Zheng grew stronger, he would definitely replace Sun Shuo and become the core expert cultivated by Base B.

“Of course I know that he has been treated unfairly, but it is precisely because of that that he can only hold hatred for humankind. If you let him continue to grow powerful, how can you guarantee—right now you guys are not dead by his hands, but what if one day he massacres even more people to vent his anger?”

It was necessary to keep the rest of the bases panicking against the Son of Hell. Sun Shuo’s tone was gloomy and cold, and the look in his eyes became more and more sinister: “If you must be a traitor to all of humanity, then I can only kill my comrade in the name of justice…”

“I regret to inform you that I will likely die even without your input.”

Yuan Zheng coughed twice, spraying out blood. His body swayed unsteadily before he was firmly embraced by the arms behind him.

The strength of those arms wrapped around him was so strong that Yuan Zheng’s consciousness was turning a little blurry. He apologetically turned his head to look at those eyes, his body could no longer support itself against the corrosion of the drug, and he fell down completely boneless.

Su Shi could not support Yuan Zheng’s slumped form, so he fell to his knees on the ground with the person in his arms, his chest heaving rapidly.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The drug worked quickly. Blood would not stop gushing out from the corners of Yuan Zheng’s lips. Yuan Zheng could not form words anymore. His gaze was dim and unfocused, but he still insisted on raising his hand to caress Su Shi’s cheek comfortingly, and the corners of his lips curved up with warmth and relief.

“You won’t die.”

Su Shi held Yuan Zheng’s hand tightly. The light green aura of life poured continuously into Yuan Zheng’s body. He raised his eyes calmly and met the look of pleasure and cruelty in Sun Shuo’s eyes: “If you people save him, I will surrender.”

“Stop dreaming! You have already reached this stage, are you still delusional enough to think about negotiating conditions with us?”

Sun Shuo sneered as he spoke with an unyielding voice. He strode towards Su Shi with long strides. A wind blade was already condensing into shape beside him.

“I only have one thought in my head right now, and that is to kill you, you-”

Then his voice abruptly cut off.

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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 136

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Chapter 136

The opponent’s ability seemed like it would be difficult to deal with. Su Shi did not dare to release the tropical pitcher plant at all. He covered the wound on his shoulder with one hand. With ragged breaths rattling through his lungs, his eyes narrowed in on Sun Shuo.

The red-colored seeds blended in seamlessly with the blood dripping from Sun Shuo’s chest. With a nudge of mental command from Su Shi, the seeds quietly drilled into the opponent’s wound.

The leaf that Su Shi had grabbed at random was barbed with spikes, and the wound that it caused was painful to the extreme. Sun Shuo did not notice anything unusual at all. He just gritted his teeth, pulled out a bottle of recovery potion, and gulped it down.

The mask of hypocrisy was completely thrown away, and Sun Shuo’s complexion turned gloomy again. His chilling eyes fell on Su Shi: “It seems like you are smarter than I had anticipated—in this case, we definitely cannot let you go on living…”

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A cruel red light flashed through Sun Shuo’s eyes. All of a sudden he raised his hand and then swiped it through the empty air.

The wind blade still remaining in Su Shi’s wound abruptly exploded, and the intense shock of pain instantly deprived Su Shi of his will. Before he could even react, his body collapsed to the ground.

Without giving Su Shi any time to breathe, the artillery fire from the sky poured down again. Without Su Shi to supply it with power, the Bloodthirsty Forest was torn apart again in the blink of an eye.

A smug smile finally appeared in Sun Shuo’s eyes, and he waved his hand vigorously. The soldiers from Base B pushed out a cold steel crossbow machine, and aimed in the direction of the figure who was unable to move.

A familiar image suddenly popped into his mind. Su Shi swiftly lifted his head and looked at the unremarkable dark green liquid mounted on the alloy crossbow. His vision constricted.

“This is the latest weapon developed by Dr. He. It can cause a person to begin melting from the inside of their body, and it will also corrode their crystal core and completely pollute their power. Since this forest depends on the Son of Hell to thrive, then as long as we inject this tube of liquid into his body, even the forest will be corroded and wiped clean.”

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Sun Shuo spoke leisurely. Satisfaction suffused him when he saw that the leaders of several of the other bases were pale and shocked by Base B’s new weapon. He turned his eyes back to the figure still half-kneeling in the forest, and raised the corner of his mouth cruelly.

Su Shi lowered his head slightly. His short and fine hair scattered across his forehead, and warm blood dripped down, dyeing his vision bright red.

This liquid drug wasn’t some new weapon. When he was at the central base, Dr. Dark had already successfully developed it and injected it into the bloodstream of a batch of experimental subjects.

[T/N: The next part is a flashback]

Those children who were used as experimental subjects soon began to struggle desperately in pain as icy despair spread from their bodies. After a long ordeal, they finally quieted down, and lost any signs of life. Then they were hastily pushed into a shallow pit.

A layer of soil was thrown on top, but the pain was etched deep into the abyss of their flesh.

In the next moment, a violent explosion shook through the secret laboratory, mercilessly destroying all the buildings that were above ground. In the blink of an eye, the bustling central base was reduced to a pile of ruins.

From the rubble, a pale boy struggled to dig himself out of the soil and prop his body up again.

The liquid drug and radiation had produced an unexpected reaction.

The mutated plants firmly protected him. A crystal nucleus formed quietly in the midst of his brain, and light returned once more to those dark pupils.


[T/N: End flashback]

Su Shi’s chest rose and fell slightly. The light in his eyes died out. His gaze fell on the additional clause [within the limit set by the character parameters, blackening is allowed once], and then a red haze blossomed across his vision.

He had obviously already given up on revenge, but if they would not even allow him to live…

The fluctuations of his immense spiritual power spread out quietly, and the Bloodthirsty Forest suddenly became silent in an instant.

The power of his crystal nucleus surged violent, and the lightning-type ability that he had consumed also could not wait to join in. It crackled against the dark branches and leaves.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Contrary to what Sun Shuo had claimed, it was the Son of Hell who was constraining the Bloodthirsty Forest. Once he let go of his control over the forest, it would become the graveyard of everyone present.

The humans were unable to perceived the shift in their environment. They were still smugly awaiting the victory at hand.

Sun Shuo sneered and pressed the launch button hard: “Humanity does not welcome you. Go back to hell!”

Su Shi lightly raised his lips and a lowered his gaze. His spiritual power fluctuated violently. The alarm in his head sounded sharply, alerting him that his character’s blackening value was approaching the warning line.

In hindsight, the system realized what Su Shi was trying to do and it tried to stop him in a panic, but it was forcibly blocked.

Su Shi closed his eyes.

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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 135

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Chapter 135

In order to ensure that his evil reputation was only a misunderstanding of the people, Su Shi had to make sure that any methods he took against them would not directly harm their lives. Even when he fought against that thunder-type ability user, his intention was to leave him as an ordinary person at the end of the battle. It was only because the opponent was crushed by fear and despair that he gave up on using his mental power to heal himself, so he lost his life in the end.

The gray mist was just a mutated spore that could cause people to lose their consciousness. As for the vines, they could trap people but would not threaten their life.

While being besieged by powerful firepower, Su Shi also had to conside the strength of his counterattacks. In the short term, Su Shi could still keep this up, but he was already vaguely feeling himself buckle under the onslaught.

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The electric light surrounding his crystal core kept flickering. The lightning-type powers that he had just absorbed were clearly dissatisfied at the current disadvantageous situation. It stirred violently within him, and even began to try to break through the containment of spiritual power.

Su Shi took a deep breath and then let go of the restraint. The fierce electricity jumped and circled around the vines in an instant, and a tragic cry of pain suddenly sounded from the edge of the forest.

At most, he could only shock the opponent once. Any more than that and the consequences could be serious. Su Shi suppressed the lightning ability again. His chest couldn’t stop heaving. His eyes swept across the crowd, and the always indifferent and calm dark pupils finally showed some coldness.

His opponents were already trembling in fright, so when they heard the screams of their companions, many of them threw down their weapons and fled without looking back.

The battle entered a temporary stalemate.

Sun Shuo’s face was practically dripping with sweat. He issued an order to suspend the attack.

The vines that were getting ready for battle also gradually hibernated, and the figure in the forest [Su Shi] relaxed slightly from the tense posture of preparing for the battle. The chill in his eyes gradually eased, but his eyes were still full of vigilance.

“Actually, we don’t necessarily have to clash in battle. If we can come to an agreement, why don’t we use this method to settle our dispute?”

Seeing that the soldiers at Base B were unscathed in the back, while their own side and several other bases had suffered heavy losses, the person in charge of Base T stepped forward and calmed down with a meaningful tone.

“There will be no results if we continue like this. Why don’t we each take a step back for the time being? If the Unbounded City and the Dark Forest can be incorporated into the subsidiary areas of Base B, and Base B becomes responsible for the communication and exchanges between the two parties, we do not necessarily have to participate in the encirclement and suppression here…”

Sun Shuo glared at him fiercely, and his eyes almost showed some real anger.

If the Unbounded City could be annexed, then Base B would have taken such action long ago. They wouldn’t have to wait until now.

According to the person in charge of the other party, as long as the Son of Hell was willing to admit his affiliation, from now on, no matter what mishaps or what base he robs, Base B would be responsible for it.

This solution was simply too whimsical. Sun Shuo was about to sternly counter him, but Su Shi spoke first, “I won’t give the Unbounded City to anyone.”

His tone was very flat, with almost no special emotions, but inexplicably showed a decisive attitude.

Sun Shuo’s eyes wavered slightly and then fell upon the figure of the Son of Hell, who has been isolated from society for a long time. His gaze suddenly showed some mocking coldness.

“Your strength is indeed beyond my expectations. In fact, we may not necessarily have to become enemies. If you don’t want to be an affiliate of a certain base, you can also consider joining the base alliance…”

Just now, he was clamoring to get rid of the Son of Hell, but now his attitude has made a sharp one hundred and eighty degree turn. The heads of the other bases were all stunned for a while. They watched Sun Shuo’s calm expression as he walked towards the Son of Hell step by step.

Su Shi raised his head to look at him, and surreptitiously put a hand behind his back.

Sun Shuo’s expression softened as he slowly walked towards the Son of Hell: “We know that you have been wronged in the past, but those things are over. You don’t need to take revenge on anyone, and you can put forward any other conditions…”

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His tone became more and more careless. The moment he stepped into attck range, the supernatural power that he had condensed to the extreme exploded out of his body in an instant, and the dense and fiery wind blades with a faint blood-red glow shot out towards the opponent like a shower.

Su Shi was prepared for this ahead of time, and instead of retreating, he moved forward. He covered his head and neck with one hand, and turned a leaf into a knife and slashed the opponent’s chest.

The two men separated as soon as they made contact with each other. Their chest heaved violently up and down from that brief collision. Su Shi already had numerous fine wounds on his body, but Sun Shuo’s chest was also plowed open and oozed with blood.

The wind blades were far sharper than the previous thunder-type abilities, and Sun Shuo has been acknowledged as an S-rank ability user for a long time. Before the vines could attack, he had already cut them up into multiple pieces that plopped onto the ground to be swallowed up once again.

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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 134

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Chapter 134 (43.1)

On the way back to the Unbounded City, Su Shi specifically swung by the supermarket again.

He finally managed to replace the crooked glasses frames that were held together with tape. In an instant, the image of the Son of Hell improved a lot. When he folded back up the mutated orchid that he was using as wings, he received gratifying gasps of alarm from the crowd.

There was a hole forcibly blasted through the Bloodthirsty Forest by artillery fire. The sky has completely darkened. The broken branches that remained of the forest looked even more ferocious in the darkness, giving people the chills.

This chilly feeling shot through the roof when they saw the Son of Hell, who was rumored to have easily destroyed a patrol team of ability users.

“So you’ve finally shown yourself—Son of Hell. You’ve been unbridled for too long. It’s time to settle the ledger today.”

The leader of the coalition forces was General Sun Shuo from Base B. He had wind and metal abilities. Many years ago, he was promoted to S grade, and is currently known as the strongest ability user in the world.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

The Bloodthirsty Forest was close to Base B, so it has always been a major concern for Sun Shuo. Base B have also been hunting for the Son of Hell for a long time, but there has never been any substantial progress.

It was hard to come by an incident such as this one, which triggered full panic across various bases. Of course Sun Shuo was not going to let go of this rare opportunity to hunt down the Son of Hell once and for all.

Su Shi didn’t answer. He didn’t even deign to look at the other man. He just caressed the half broken tree trunk. When he lifted his hand, that tree rapidly shot up before everyone’s eyes. By the time his figure has completely passed through, the tree had grown even bigger than it previously was.

The rest of the plants that were damaged by the artillery fire also regenerated in the blink of an eye. With just a few breaths of effort, the Bloodthirsty Forest that they had went through great pains to destroy was restored to its original scale, and it even spread farther than its previous boundary.

“Sure enough, this forest is nourished by your power…”

Sun Shuo’s eyes flickered slightly, but there was a faint expression of triumphant on his face. He suddenly waved his hand vigorously: “Attack with all your strength! I want to see how much power you have, and how far you can grow them!”

The Bloodthirsty Forest only responded to supernatural abilities. If you just used man-made weapons, then the plants in the forest would not counterattack.

Having experienced success in destroying the forest once, the coalition forces have become more courageous. Firearms sounded loud in the air. For a period of time, artillery barrage filled the sky and poured down in torrents upon the terrifying forest.

A huge vine suddenly broke out of the ground in front of Su Shi and fended off the pouring gunfire for him.

Su Shi raised his eyes, and a light gray mist quietly spread out from his cuffs. Those who were close to him suddenly felt extremely tired. After yawning twice, their bodies collapsed involuntarily to the ground.

“Quick, retreat!”

Some of the stronger ability users quickly realized the problem and hurriedly shouted for the others to withdraw.

Sun Shuo’s eyes were dim. His arms vigorously shook and a gust of wind abruptly scattered the smoky mist. The Son of Hell had already retreated swiftly, when the wind blade ruthlessly severed the bloodthirsty vine that was rushing at Sun Shuo.

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“You don’t need to use these little tricks. This is not the core of the Bloodthirsty Forest. Even if I use supernatural abilities, you can’t really hurt me.”

A terrifying chill flashed through Sun Shuo’s eyes. His wind blade carved towards Su Shi without mercy. From the corner of his eyes he saw the cowardly coalition forces. With a severe tone, he said: “I will suppress his supernatural abilities, [you guys] continue to attack, otherwise don’t even think about returning alive!”

The artillery fire became more intense in a blink of an eye. The forest was continuously being destroyed, and then quickly regenerated in the blink of an eye.

The tough vines shot out of the ground, intertwined into a natural cage, tightly locking the closest group of people inside. As long as they struggled even a little bit, the vines would tighten immediately.

Except for the high-grade ability users who had some defensive abilities to protect themselves, most of the members of the coalition forces were just ordinary B or C grade ability users.

The pressure was somewhat reduced [after caging that group of people]. Su Shi wrinkled his brows and took stock of the plants that he could still put to use, and he ended up sighing lightly in distress.

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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 133

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Chapter 133

“The Son of Hell let us go. If he ends up getting killed because of us, regardless of how many bad things he did in the past, it would be our fault if he dies.”

Of to one side, the sniper also nodded in agreement. The team members had reached a consensus in a short amount of time, and the deputy team leader had no choice but to sigh reluctantly and turn the car around in resignation, driving in the direction of the Bloodthirsty Forest.

The sky gradually darkened, and Yuan Zheng’s gaze fell upon the silent young man in the corner of the car. Just as he was about to speak, Su Shi had already raised his head: “Stop the car.”

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The car was just passing by a medium-sized base that was recently destroyed by a wave of zombies. On both sides of the road were half-destroyed dormitory houses. These were the kinds of places where it was most likely for a large number of zombies to suddenly show up.

The deputy team leader hesitated for a while, brought the car to a stop, and then turned around patiently: “Xiao Shi, what is it? Did you notice something?”

Mu Shi nodded. His eyes fell on Yuan Zheng.

There was a faint pleading in those clear eyes. Unconsciously, Yuan Zheng’s heart softened. He reached for the young man’s shoulder and said to the deputy team leader: “Open the door. We’re getting off for a bit.”

“Oh no, no way. How can I let you guys go alone to such a dangerous place? It just so happens that we’re been driving for a long time. Let’s all get off and move around a bit. Little Log*, you go do whatever you want to do. We’ll keep watch for you.”

[*T/N: Refer to chapter 110 for a longer explanation on this nickname. If my memory serves me, this is only the second time he’s been called by this nickname in the story.]

The striker grinned and picked up his weapons without allowing for an explanation.

Mu Shi has never caused trouble for them, and now he suddenly wanted to get off the car, so there must be something that he absolutely had to do.

The other team members didn’t want to disappoint him, but they were also really worried, so they got out of the car together and escorted him into an alley.

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Following the map’s guidance, Su Shi walked to a seemingly ordinary warehouse. The light green vine in his sleeve came out again. A tender leaf reached out to slap against the fingerprint scanner, and the AI quickly decoded the lock, smoothly opening the dusty electronic lock.

The heavy door slowly opened, and the team members looked inside. Their eyes widened in surprise.

This seemed to be a private warehouse, but the contents were unbelievable, making them doubt their eyes.

All kinds of easy-to-store food items have been piled up to the ceiling, and on the other side were piles of medicines that were extremely scarce in these post-apocalyptic times. The owner probably wanted to hoard these things for a chance of survival, but before they could get to use it, they have already fallen under the erupting tides of zombies.

The team members’ eyes were shining. They could not help walking quickly into the warehouse and rummaging through the inventory. Cries of surprise would ring out from time to time.

Yuan Zheng did not follow them in. His eyes fell on Su Shi who was still standing by the door.

The young man also happened to look at him. There was no expression on his delicate face, but his eyes faintly showed a slightly nervous expectation, as if he was waiting for his response.

The corners of his thin lips were slightly curved, and the golden sunset fell on his soft and slightly curled hair ends, making him seem pure and gentle.

There were not the slightest vestiges of darkness left at all.

“This is great. It’s a big help.”

Yuan Zheng chuckled lowly, and he couldn’t help the emotions surging up in his chest. He lightly gathered Su Shi into his arms and stroked a palm comfortingly across his thin back.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to give us everything. You have to keep a little more for yourself, and give yourself a way out…”

The body in his arms moved a bit, and the young man raised his head to look up at him. Those shining black eyes faintly expressed unease.

“Don’t be afraid, nothing will change, everything will be exactly the same as before.”

Meeting his gaze, Yuan Zheng’s tone was soft and gentle. He hugged the body in his arms tight, and patiently held his hand: “First, let’s see what we can use from inside the warehouse. We’re still a few days journey away from the Bloodthirsty Forest, we-”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

His words halted abruptly and his eyes were filled with confusion and anxiety. He wanted to move, but his body has gone soft. He forced his eyes open with great difficulty, but the light of awareness in his eyes was dimming quickly.


Su Shi steadily supported the protagonist who he had caused to faint. On the way down, he placed the protagonist within the boundaries of the warehouse. With all the available supplies, it should not be a problem to live here for a few days.

The abnormal movements by the door attracted the team members’ attention. But when they looked over, they only had time to see their unconscious captain being pushed further into the warehouse.

Su Shi was still standing at the door. With his back to the setting sun, his expression was casted in shadows, and only his thin silhouette could be discernable. He silently took a step back.

Before the others could react, the heavy door of the warehouse abruptly closed on them.

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The author has something to say:

[How to hold on to a pot]

Step 1: Open a door.

Step 2: Cram the protagonist inside.

Step 3: Lock the door.

#From the gong’s perspective

#Son of Hell: I will give you everything. (っ^///^)っ now_praise_me.jpg


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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 132

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Chapter 132

Su Shi didn’t even have time to say the excuse that he had prepared beforehand. He blinked several times and then stubbornly finished his scripted lines: “I once lost my way in this area and found this place by accident. But there were still people stationed here at the time, so they drove me away.”

“Okay, okay, I get it.”

Yuan Zheng responded and he couldn’t help but smile. His originally firm eyebrows softened into gentle indulgence. He nodded in agreement to Su Shi and leaned over his shoulder slightly. It almost seemed like there was a sense of patient encouragement in his tone.

“You really don’t need any of it at all? Munitions are precious in the post-apocalypse. Whether you keep them or resell them, they are very useful. You can exchange them for a lot of boxes of instant noodles…”

“You won’t cook them for me?”

The young man in front of him suddenly interrupted him. His dark eyes were fixed on Yuan Zheng.

Yuan Zheng was caught unprepared by such an inquiry. A warm feeling washed over him and he immediately compromised. His gaze was dripping with smiling intent. He coughed lightly and then nodded his head with all seriousness.

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“I will [cook for you]. When we replenish our supplies, I will cook whatever you want to eat. It’s just that your pot is already gone-”

[T/N: The pun in the previous sentence… lmao XD]

Yuan Zheng’s voice cut off abruptly when he saw the young man suddenly raised his head in horror. He was taken aback for a moment, and then he resolutely changed his tune: “It’ll be fine, I’ll just go back to the supermarket and get another one for you.”


While Su Shi was still in shock, the patrol team received news of the arsenal. They went and came back loaded with munitions. When they hit the road in a new armored vehicle, Su Shi, who was overreacting, was still deeply reflecting on the invisible harm that the entire mission caused to his own psychology.

This mission was full of strangeness. Yuan Zheng did not intend to let his people play the fool and be duped. He simply cut off communications with the headquarters and Base T. Then he led the team members to the target location in a concealed manner.

They traveled intermittently on and off the road for several days. When they were close to Base T, suddenly news spread outside that the patrol team of Base B had encountered the Son of Hell and they were brutally slaughtered.

Although the Son of Hell was notorious, the rumors surrounding him were mostly about him killing exiles and stealing supplies. This time, the news was that he had directly confronted a patrol team with a Class-A ability user leader, and easily decimated all of them.

Base B, as the party involved, abnormally did not make any statements, which was almost equivalent to tacitly acquiescing to the content of the news. The rumors became more and more outrageous, and in the blink of an eye it caused widespread panic in the major bases.

“This is simply nonsense! Captain, they’re clearly trying to spread rumors. Are they looking down on the Son of Hell or looking down on us?”

The striker was so angry that he slammed his fist against the equipment box beside him: “We have to do something about this, right? It would be too shameful if the rumors keep circulating like this!”

“Of course something needs to be done.”

Yuan Zheng spoke in a deep voice, and his frame of mind was not as relazed as before: “Resume communication with the headquarters, first explain the situation truthfully, and see what the headquarters has to say.”

“I’ve already explained things clearly, but I don’t know why, headquarters has not responded all this time, and it seems like they’re also blocking us.”

The deputy team leader frowned and shook his head. He sent a contact request again, but it was like running up against a brick wall. He did not receive any response back.

The abnormal silence lowered everyone’s mood. The deputy team leader tried to send a message again, but Su Shi suddenly stopped him with a gentle hand.

“You have to stop.”

Su Shi said to him. A flexible vine retracted from his finger into his cuff. Then he pointed to the infrared radar screen.

The two communication attempts have revealed the exact location of the patrol team to the other party. Now, there were several red dots representing thermal weapons rushing in their direction.

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The deputy team leader’s expression changed. He promptly turned on the shielding system, and then he reversed the steering wheel and drove onto a remote minor road. He pressed his foot to the accelerator.

Yuan Zheng’s eyes darkened slightly. He started to shout, “Mu Shi,” but stopped when he looked at the eyes of the young man that were still dark and calm.

According to the satellite cloud picture, a large number of troops have already assembled near the Bloodthirsty Forest. As a result of the universal panic, the people united together to encircle and annihilate Unbounded City.

No matter how strong the Bloodthirsty Forest was, it would not be able to withstand the indiscriminant bombing of so many thermal weapons. Even though the bases might not necessarily bring out devastating weapons such as nuclear warheads, once the Bloodthirsty Forest was breached, the Unbounded City would be razed to ruins in the blink of an eye.

“Abandon the employment mission, we’re also going to the Bloodthirsty Forest.”

Yuan Zheng’s gaze sunk. His voice was resolute and decisive.

The deputy team leader could not help but look up in shock: “Captain, then our mission-”

“Deputy, all of us are about to be added to the list of martyrs, are you still thinking about the mission?”

The petardier could not help but to interrupt him. He cracked his knuckles with his fighting spirit burning hot: “We should have done this long ago! If it was just spreading rumors, then fine, whatever, but why should we let them exterminate us? We should come out and give them a scare!”

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