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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.12

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Chapter 15.12 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

Xue Jing Yi knew it was useless to beg Xue Zi Xuan. He did not pity her even one bit. Every time she came, he would have the bodyguard throw her out and look at her like a piece of disgusting garbage. So she could only beg Huang Yi, hoping that he would look upon their biological relationship and give her some way to survive.

After leaving the Xue family, she finally realized how difficult life on the outside was. The hardships of survival were only second to the endless mental torture. She was now a nationally known murderer. She was despised everywhere, marginalized everywhere, and unable to survive beneath the light of the sun at all.

She finally understood what it meant to be a rat crossing the street that everyone wants to stomp on*.

[*T/N: “to be a rat crossing the street that everyone wants to stomp on” – somebody that is detested by all / a target of scorn]

“I don’t dare to live together with you. I’m afraid that one day I will fall asleep and you will dig out my heart.” Zhou Yun Sheng said in a calm tone as he waved the bouquet of bellflowers around.

Xue Zi Xuan wrapped his arms around the youth and then turned to leave. As soon as he waved to the bodyguards, several big men came to carry away the crying Xue Jing Yi. From that day forth, this person would disappear from their lives forever.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

In September of the following year, the two received their marriage certificate abroad. They did not hold a wedding ceremony, nor did they travel around the world for their honeymoon. Instead, they returned to Zhou Yun Sheng’s hometown in the far northwest.

“Whoa, when did my family’s graveyard become like this?” Zhou Yun Sheng had brought his wife [XZX] to show him to his parents and grandparents. He was surprised by the sight in front of him. The once simple mounds of overturned earth have changed into a grave of cement with a canopy. It looked very luxurious.

“I had it built. Every year, on Qingming*, I would come to pay my respects to father, mother, grandfather, and grandmother.” Xue Zi Xuan calmly arranged the incense candles and tributes.

[*T/N: Qingming is also known as Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day, and it is a celebration day for the dead, usually taking place in early April.]

Zhou Yun Sheng was silent for a long time before he sighed: “That’s considerate of you. Did my parents give you a dream, scolding you for taking away their son and bringing an end to the Huang family line?”

“Isn’t my Xue family line also coming to an end?” Xue Zi Xuan smiled softly.

[T/N: As a gay couple, ZYS and XZX won’t be having any biological children with each other, so both of their family lines will end with them.]

“All right, then we’re even.” Zhou Yun Sheng shrugged.

He threw joss paper into a brazier and set it on fire. Then he poured a few cups of liquor on the ground and told his parents about the events of his life in the past few years.

The small earthen kiln was still as dilapidated as before. Xue Zi Xuan could not bear to move a single brick or tile of this place and only planted dried up flower stems in the courtyard.

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Zhou Yun Sheng picked up a small bowl that was sitting on the windowsill. There was a chip in the lip of the bowl. He sighed with feeling.

“I liked to sit here and play in the mud. I stared at the gate of the courtyard while playing, hoping that my parents would come home and see me.”

Xue Zi Xuan kissed the youth’s cheek, feeling distressed for the boy, and said, “How about I accompany you to play in the mud?”

Zhou Yun Sheng could not even conjure up the image of this lofty person playing around in the mud. He could not help laughing heartily.

“Forget it, I’m just talking casually. Come on, let’s go in and make dinner. I want to eat cabbage with dough dumpling.”

“This I know how to do.” Xue Zi Xuan rolled up his sleeves.

The two of them worked together in the kitchen. One of them stoked the fire, while the other one started on the dough. After the water boiled, they twisted the dough together.

To be honest, the resulting soup was quite unpleasant to drink, but the two of them ate it with relish.

As soon as it got dark in the evening, the two of them rolled onto the heatable brick bed and became entangled with each other.


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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.11

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Chapter 15.11 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

Zhou Yun Sheng felt very awkward with the way that Xue Zi Xuan was staring at him. He wanted to avoid him, but an arm suddenly wrapped around his waist and almost took his breath away. He put both of his hands on the young man’s much stronger chest and said in a low voice, “When I get better, let’s go back.”

Xue Zi Xuan took a deep breath and asked in a trembling voice, “Go back where?”

“Go back to China, back to the Xue manor.” Zhou Yun Sheng finally gave up on resisting, and then settled into the warm embrace of the young man with peace of mind.

Xue Zi Xuan’s heart, which had climbed up to his throat in anxiety, finally settled back down. With a soft smile, he kissed the teenager’s dry lips. The kiss was very soft and long. The tips of their tongues pressed against each other, rubbed slowly, and intertwined together.

After the kiss ended, the two of them stared at each other with avaricious gazes, and smiled slightly.

Three days later, the two returned to China. A reporter coincidentally saw the two of them together. The reporter took a picture of the two walking out of the airport while holding hands, and posted the photo on the Internet. Only then did everyone know why the male god did not update his Weibo for several days.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

The young man was tall and handsome, while the youth beside him was slender and delicate. One was looked down with a smile on his face, while the other was looking up while talking. They looked like the perfect match.

Xue Zi Xuan, who has never allowed the media to report anything on him, did not block this photo. Instead, he reposted it on Weibo and wrote four words with great sincerity: Thankful to have you.

In the midst of despair, thankful to have you; on the long journey, thankful to have you; you are the most beautiful existence in the world.

Although they couldn’t pinpoint the most touching aspect of all this, the fans still cried like idiots over this photo of them holding hands and the accompanying words.

The Xue manor was still the same as before, except for the addition of a huge glass greenhouse filled with bellflowers.

The day that Zhou Yun Sheng returned to the Xue manor, the bellflowers were in full bloom. The purple dots of flowers in the greenhouse were like beautiful specks of stars and looked extremely beautiful.

Xue Zi Xuan hugged Zhou Yun Sheng from behind and kissed him on the cheeks and neck. His face was filled with happiness. Zhou Yun Sheng was about to tilt his head and give him a solid French kiss, but the housekeeper knocked on the glass door and said: “Miss Xue is here again. She is very ill. We don’t dare to touch her. Do you need to go out and take a look, sir?”

“Xue Jing Yi?” Zhou Yun Sheng raised one eyebrow. He thought that Xue Jing Yi’s fragile little heart would not be able to handle the heavy burden of imprisonment and her ruined reputation, but clearly he was wrong.

“Yeah, she comes every one or two months.” The gentle smile on Xue Zi Xuan’s face disappeared in an instant.

He had already brought a lawsuit to court in order to have his brother-and-sister relationship with Xue Jing Yi forcibly dissolved. Except for her surname, Xue Jing Yi had nothing to do with the Xue family any more. Xue Rui was sentenced to seven years in prison, while Xue Li Dan Ni was sentenced to five years in prison. As the principal offender, Xue Jing Yi was sentenced to fifteen years, but was granted medical parole because of her medical condition.

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But she had no family and no savings. Being on medical parole was not even as comfortable as being in jail. At least in prison she would have food and a place to live. Outside of prison, she had to eat in the open air and sleep outdoors*, living from hand to mouth. She had no money to buy medicine, and her reputation was so bad that she could not find a job. The prison guards who visited her regularly saw that she was pitiful, and gave her a few hundred dollars every month.

[*T/N: “to eat in the open air and sleep outdoors” – this is a Chinese idiom meaning to have to rough it, so it might not be literal, but it still means the person is in dire straits.]

Zhou Yun Sheng came to the front door and he could hardly believe his eyes. The scrawny person with a pale yellow complexion and disheveled hair leaning against the iron gate was the little princess of the Xue family who once used to be so lofty.

Seeing the boy with a bunch of bellflowers in his hand, Xue Jing Yi shouted loudly.

“Xiao Yi, you’re back! I was wrong. I beg you, please forgive me! It was the devil that made me do it. I actually didn’t want to. I regret it every day, and I reflect on it every day. I really know my mistake. Make my brother forgive me and take me back, okay? I’m your only biological relative. Wouldn’t it be good for us to live happily together? Xiao Yi, let me in, and let’s talk this out.”

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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.10

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Chapter 15.10 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

Xue Zi Xuan returned to the ward and stared straight at the comatose teenager lying on the hospital bed. He was nineteen years old and he had grown a lot taller, but his figure was still thin. His lips opened and closed, and he seemed to be whispering something.

Xue Zi Xuan leaned in to listen and found that the youth was calling out for “Brother.” His tone was very fragile and there was a deeply fond attachment hidden in his voice.

At that moment, Xue Zi Xuan’s composure and calmness that he forcefully pretended to have completely collapsed. He pressed his face against the youngster’s scalding cheek. His throat choked up with emotion. He missed the youth so much. When he saw him again for the first time, he really wanted to find a cage to lock him up in. He also wanted to meld the boy into his very flesh and bone.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

After finally calming down, Xue Zi Xuan raised his head and stroked the boy’s cheeks with trembling hands. He spat out some extremely threatening words, “Xiao Yi, you’re too naughty. If you run away from home again in the future, Brother will definitely break your legs.”

“Boss, this is Young Master Huang’s ID. Vincent gave it to me just now.” The assistant pushed open the door and came in. He saw the boss with reddened eyes and tears streaked down his face. A hint of shock flashed through his eyes. He never thought that there would come a time when his cold-faced, cold-hearted, and dignified boss would forget himself like this.

Xue Zi Xuan took the ID and looked at it. Yusuf Chou. It was a very common English name.

[T/N: Yusuf Chou was written in English in the raws. Sometimes Zhou can get transliterated as Chou. It depends on how the person listening interprets the Chinese word into English letters.]

“Why is the surname Zhou?” Xue Zi Xuan was a bit confounded, but he didn’t delve into it. It was normal for the teenager to want to throw away his past experiences and start anew.

“It’s three o’clock in the morning. You must be tired too. Go find a hotel to get some rest.” He waved at the assistant.

“What about you?” The assistant hesitated.

“I will be here to accompany Xiao Yi. Bring breakfast tomorrow morning. Make it Chinese food, preferably something like congee or soup.” Xue Zi Xuan ordered, while wetting a cotton swab and gently wiping the boy’s dried and chapped lips.

“Okay, I’ll put the luggage in the cabinet.”

Fortunately, Vincent had booked a VIP ward. It had one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen, and one bathroom, as well as sofas, wardrobes, desks, and other furniture. The assistant put away the boss’s luggage before leaving.

Xue Zi Xuan wrung the water out of a hot towel and then gave the sweaty teenager a sponge bath. After wiping down the youth, Xue Zi Xuan also took a shower. Then he squeezed into the bed, holding the teenager tightly in his arms. This time, he slept without taking a lot of sleeping pills and had no dreams all night.

The next day, when Zhou Yun Sheng woke up, his body felt sore all over and his limbs were very weak. A hot breath blew by his ear, causing him to turn his head to take a look.

“You- you- you, why are you here?” Zhou Yun Sheng was so shocked that he couldn’t even speak.

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“You were sick. You called me and said you missed me. You said you wanted me to kiss you, hug you, and to quickly take you to the hospital, so I came.” Xue Zi Xuan lay on his side beside the boy. One of his hands was placed under the boy’s neck and the other hand was placed on his slender waist.

“Nonsense!” Zhou Yun Sheng flatly denied.

His brain was muddled from sickness. He didn’t even know that he had spoken the truth inside his heart while he was feeling vulnerable from illness. What kissing and hugging? As if he would say such embarrassing things. Nope, he definitely did not say such things!

“You don’t believe it? Then listen to this.” Xue Zi Xuan took out his phone and started playing the audio. This phone call was undoubtedly his most precious memory – it was the most important, not one of the most – of course he would keep it forever.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s pale complexion gradually turned red, and he couldn’t believe that the person who was crying and acting like a baby on the phone was him.

People say that when you are sick, the first person that you think of is your most important person.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t know if this sentence was true or not, but after thinking about it carefully, in this world, it seemed that only Xue Zi Xuan was his one and only concern and regret.

The audio was recorded for a long time, not even missing the sound of his own breathing when he fell asleep. Xue Zixuan listened with relish, but Zhou Yun Sheng felt extremely ashamed and annoyed, so he grabbed the phone and turned it off.

Zhou Yun Sheng touched his flushed cheeks and said with sincerity, “Thank you for coming all the way here.”

“There is no need to say thank you between us. It makes me happy to know that the first person you think of when you’re having a hard time is me.” Xue Zi Xuan hugged the youth tightly, and used his cheek to feel the temperature of the boy’s forehead. He smiled, “The fever is broken. Just wait a bit more. Soon we will be leaving the hospital and returning home!”

“Returning back to which home?” Zhou Yun Sheng asked stupidly. After a serious illness, his mind wasn’t churning as fast.

“Which home do you want to go back to? Wherever you are is wherever my home is.” Xue Zi Xuan looked straight into the boy’s eyes.

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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.9

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Chapter 15.9 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

When a person’s consciousness was fuzzy, they would always express their heart’s deepest desires. Even Zhou Yun Sheng could not avoid this common occurrence. He didn’t know how powerful his words were. They saved Xue Zi Xuan from the abyss of despair.

Xue Zi Xuan nearly broke his phone with how hard he was squeezing it. He had to try really hard to restrain the impulse to fly to his teenager’s side right away, to hug him, and to kiss him.

He was so worried that it felt like his internal organs were on fire. At the same time, he was so happy that his head was spinning with joy.

“Xiao Yi, Big Brother misses you, too.”

He was reluctant to hang up, but he had to contact a private jet and also contact his subordinates in the UK ot quickly send the boy to the hospital.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

At this moment in time, he was so grateful that he had decided to expand his career into Europe. Otherwise, he would not have the ability to protect him when Xiao Yi was isolated and helpless.

While coaxing the teen to speak slowly, Xue Zi Xuan ran into the study and used another mobile phone to contact his assistant.

On the other end of the line, Xiao Yi seemed to have fallen asleep. His breathing sounds seem to be a little stuffy, ringing across the line in heavy and distinct breaths. Xue Zi Xuan could not bear to hang up the phone. Instead, he pressed the phone against his chest.

“Okay, Mr. Xue, I will contact the airport immediately.”

Xue Zi Xuan woke his assistant up at 2 a.m. deep into the night, but the assistant did not dare to complain. This was the treasured person that the chairman has been looking for for more than two years. If he missed this opportunity, the chairman might skin him alive.

“I will contact Vincent in the UK and have him rush over.”

The assistant heard that the teenager had a serious fever and might not even have the strength to open the door, so he also contacted the security personnel that often worked with them to be there to open the lock, just in case.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

“Okay, tell him to hurry up!” Xue Zi Xuan hung up one phone and brought another phone up to his ear to listen to the boy’s breathing. Then he ran back into his bedroom to change into a suit, grab his passport, and drove out.

On this day, the male god did not update his Weibo. Some people were saying that he finally got tired of pretending. Some people were saying that he was too busy with official business. And some people were speculating that Huang Yi has already been found. However, Xue Zi Xuan, who was high up in the clouds, did not have the time to bother with them.

On the way over to the airport, Xue Zi Xuan never hung up the phone. He connected his phone to an earpiece and listened greedily to the boy’s breathing.

About twenty minutes later, there was an anxious cry from the other end of the line. Vincent had arrived. The other party noticed that the boy was holding his mobile phone firmly, and his boss’s phone number was displayed on the screen. He tried to pry the phone out of the boy’s hand, but couldn’t do it. In the end, he could only hold the boy’s hand to talk into the phone.

“Boss, he’s holding the phone and refusing to let go. It looks like he misses you very much.”

“Stop wasting words. Send him to the hospital quickly. It’s cold. Remember to help him wear a scarf and coat. Also, wrap him in a thick blanket.” Xue Zi Xuan felt anxious yet happy. Only after Vincent made a sound of affirmation did he reluctantly hang up the phone.

It turned out that when the Chinese bellflower bloomed, happiness really would come again.

If a person doesn’t get ill for many years in a row, when they do get sick once in a while, even if it’s just a small cold, it will appear especially serious. When Zhou Yun Sheng was sent to the hospital, he had a high fever of forty degrees. Although he had fallen asleep, his mouth kept muttering nonsense.

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Xue Zi Xuan used the fastest speed possible to get to London. By then, more than nine hours have passed, but the boy was still fast asleep. His cheeks were abnormally flushed, and his brows were knitted together tightly. His lips were dry and chapped, and he looked extremely haggard.

“Boss…” Vincent stood by the hospital bed.

“Shh, don’t wake him. Go out and then talk,” Xue Zi Xuan said in a low voice.

The two men went out to the corridor and talked in soft voices.

“What did the doctor say?”

“It’s just a common cold and fever. He can be discharged once the IV drip is done.”

“En. You worked hard last night. Thank you.” Xue Zi Xuan was truly thankful to Vincent for being able to get to the teenager’s side at the shortest time possible.

“No need [for thanks]. Just remember to send me my reward.” Vincent gave Xue Zi Xuan a mock punch on the shoulder, and then left the hospital so as to not be a third wheel.

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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.8

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Chapter 15.8 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

Zhou Yun Sheng, who was far away in London, was stunned when he saw the phrase good morning, and then looked at the picture again. Xue Zi Xuan has been obsessed with planting flowers in the past two years and would often post photos of himself watering and weeding the plants on Weibo.

All of the plants in the greenhouse were Chinese bellflowers. Because of this, Zhou Yun Sheng thought that Xue Zi Xuan’s favorite flower was the bellflower, but he did the not expect that the reason was due to this flower language.

In a daze, Zhou Yun Sheng recalled that Xue Zi Xuan had given him a Chinese bellflower on Christmas Eve in the past. The girl selling flowers had said that the bellflower represented desperate love, but it also represented eternal love.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Desperate and eternal. This kind of love was undoubtedly cruel. It seemed to herald that their feelings were doomed to tragedy from the beginning. But who does not crave happiness? Xue Zi Xuan wanted it, so why would Zhou Yun Sheng not [want happiness]?

Suddenly, Zhou Yun Sheng felt very uncomfortable. He realized that his reflex arc was too long. This pain and regret came two full years late.

He lay down on the bed and covered his head with a quilt. It was hard to breath. He wailed low. Unwittingly, he fell asleep with tears streaming down his cheeks. When he woke up the next day, he felt dizzy, and his body felt limp and painful from head to toe.

“Aw crud, I forgot to take off my clothes when I went to sleep. If I was at home, I would definitely get scolded.” While grumbling, Zhou Yun Sheng rolled out of bed. He found some cold medicine, took it, and then went to lie down on the sofa.

[T/N: I don’t understand how he got a cold from sleeping with his clothes on…]

In the afternoon, he woke up from his drowsiness. He practically did not even have the strength to move his fingers, his forehead was burning hot, and there was a buzzing in his ears.

Zhou Yun Sheng was having a fever. He needed to take medicine and get an injection quickly. But he did not have any antipyretic at home, and he did not have any friends that could take him to the hospital.

His mobile phone was place on the coffee table, but when he reached for it, he could not grab on to it no matter what. Zhou Yun Sheng tried several times, and finally ended up rolling off the sofa. He crawled to the side of the coffee table and finally retrieved the mobile phone.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

By then, he was exhausted and his body was soaked in cold sweat. His fingers kept shaking as he tried to dial a number on the phone. He thought he was dialing the emergency number, but when he heard the deep and sweet voice coming from the other end of the line, he realized that in a daze, he had actually entered in a number that he knew by heart.

The phone call originated from London, England, which was not uncommon for Xue Zi Xuan, but the number was an unfamiliar one. Xue Zi Xuan inquired several times, but only heavy breathing came from the other end of the line.

Gradually, he seemed to realize something. His heart throbbed, and his originally calm tone became choked and urgent: “Is it Xiao Yu? Is it you? Speak. Please, Brother is begging you to say something!”

This humble appeal stabbed at Zhou Yun Sheng’s heart. When people got sick, they would feel particularly vulnerable, especially when they were far away in a foreign country with no one to attend to them. He endured and endured, but finally couldn’t hold back, and said with a low voice: “Brother, it’s me.”

“Xiao Yi, where are you? What’s wrong with you?” Xue Zi Xuan immediately noticed that the boy’s voice was abnormal, and hurriedly got up to dress.

“I’m sick.” As soon as he finished saying this, Zhou Yun Sheng wept endlessly, like a lost child that has found his family member, and he said coquettishly, “I have a fever, but there is no antipyretic at home. I have a headache, my ears are ringing, and I can’t move my limbs. I want to go to the hospital. Brother, can you take me to the hospital?”

His uncaring and strong disguise came crumbling down, revealing the fragility and fond attachment that he had buried deep within his heart. He has been reincarnated for several lifetimes. The only one who gave him warmth and protection, was also the only person who said he loved him, cared for him, and would never hurt him.

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Xue Zi Xuan was overexcited and also worried. He quickly suppressed the split second of ecstasy that he felt. He did not dare to delay. As he opened the closet to look for clothes, he softly coaxed: “Xiao Yi, be good, Brother is coming to your side right away. Tell me your address. You are very ill and you must go to the hospital right away. But even at the fastest, Brother can only get there after nine hours. So I’m going to have someone send you to the hospital first. Do you have the strength to open the door?”

Zhou Yun Sheng gave him his address. Confused and muddleheaded, he said: “I don’t have anymore strength. I miss you, Brother. I want you to hug me and kiss me. I found someone to date. I wanted to start over. But that person is not as good as you. He’s not even half as good as you.”

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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.7

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Chapter 15.7 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

Zhou Yun Sheng still remembered how Xue Zi Xuan had flew into a rage, how he had kissed him crazily, how he had snatched the PSP from his hands, and then smashed it to pieces. At that time, he had felt very annoyed and thought that Xue Zi Xuan was making a big fuss over a minor issue. But looking back on that incident, he felt deeply moved and full of regret.

The young white man was still talking in his ear, but Zhou Yun Sheng could no longer hear him. He absently said goodbye, and then drove away quickly.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

When he got home, he turned on the computer and saw that Xue Zi Xuan had posted another message on his Weibo. It was only two words: miss you.

The attached picture showed a huge dining table with a sumptuous meal lay out. There was a hand picking up food with a pair of chopsticks and placing it into a bowl of the next seat over. But the seat in front of that bowl was empty. The person that he was waiting for was still far away.

There were replies from fans below that message. The fans had by chance unanimously all chosen the crying emoji.

“Huang Yi, your brother is calling you to go home for dinner!” One of the netizen’s heartbroken appeal was echoed by many.

Zhou Yun Sheng stared at this Weibo for more than ten minutes before hesitantly clicking the like button. Then he began to browse the news about Xue Zi Xuan.

The young man had grown more and more powerful and cold over time. He had an extremely poor reputation in the market. He was nicknamed “Cannibal” because he liked to annex companies of the same type in the process of expanding the Xue consortium. Among those annexed companies were some giants who have been all-powerful in their field.

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Two years ago, the Xue consortium was mainly engaged in the financial and real estate industies, but now it focused on machinery and heavy industry manufacturing.

Xue Zi Xuan also annexed one of the most famous automobile manufacturing companies, amu, and took over the submarine tunnel project connecting Asia and Europe. The profit of that venture was upwards of tens of billions.

[T/N: “amu” was written in English in lowercase letters in the raws.]

He was like an insatiable glutton, devouring his fancy prey one by one, wishing to extend his tentacles to every corner of the world. A certain business giant once satirized him as a nouveau riche that wanted to buy the entire world. When a reporter asked Xue Zi Xuan about this statement, he nodded blankly and agreed with this statement. That night, he posted on Weibo: The whole world can’t find you, so I can only buy the whole world.

The overbearing president’s declaration made the fantasy-loving young girls excited for several days, and also caused Xue Zi Xuan to have insomnia for half a month.

Right now, Zhou Yun Sheng was going through all of Xue Zi Xuan’s Weibo posts one by one, and reading them one by one. At the same time, his empty and lonely heart was slowly being filled with warmth.

When it was eleven or twelve o’ clock in the evening in London, in China it was already seven thirty in the morning. Xue Zi Xuan had another night of dreams. It always started from the muddy country road and ended at an endless abyss.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

He wanted to go back to the past, back to the dilapidated earthen kiln where he had first met the teenager, hold his hand, and tell him that he would protect him and love him. But even in his dreams, he could not do that. When he stretched out his hand, the youth in front of him would suddenly become far away. He chased after the youth’s disappearing form, but ended up falling into an abyss.

After wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, Xue Zi Xuan habitually picked up the phone and sent out a “good morning” message on his Weibo.

In the huge Xue manor, he was the only one living in it. The steward and the servants lived in a building in the corner of the backyard.

After getting dressed, Xue Zi Xuan walked down the steps. When he heard the sound of his footsteps echoing in the stairwell, the feeling of loneliness instantly struck at his heart.

He missed the teenager uncontrollably, but he was powerless to find him. The youth had hid too well, and left behind not a single trace of himself. Sometimes, Xue Zi Xuan would think desperately: Would he be able to meet the teenager within his lifetime?

Xue Zi Xuan walked across the grass, bypassed the workshop, and came to the greenhouse built two years ago. There were no precious flowers or plants in the greenhouse, except for Chinese bellflowers and even more Chinese bellflowers. Under the controlled environment of the greenhouse, the flowers have already begun to bud, and after a period of time they would be in full bloom.

He took a photo of the delicate flower buds covered with dew, posted it on Weibo, and wrote this sentence while praying and hoping in his mind: Legend has it that when the bellflower is in full bloom, happiness will come again. Please give me a chance to live a happy life again, okay?

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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.6

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Chapter 15.6 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

After two years of doing this, Xue Zi Xuan got “nuan nan*” this term of address.

[*T/N: 暖男 nuan nan – a man who is family-orientated, a man who is considerate and protective]

At first, some people were saying that he was only doing this for show, that he was only trying to whitewash his image and the image of the Xue conglomeration. But with more than seven hundred days of persistence, every morning and evening, those mocking voices gradually disappeared, replaced by sympathy and touched voices.

Xue Zi Xuan didn’t say anything explicit in his tweets, but the hidden love between the lines was enough to make people sad.

When other people called him a disgusting homosexual, he could turn a deaf ear to it, but if they wanted to attack the teenager, then they would immediately receive a warning letter from his lawyer.

At the beginning of the murder case, the Xue conglomeration was indeed affected negatively. But now, Xue Zi Xuan has become an unshakeable existence like a giant. Even Xue Yan, the patriarch of the Xue family, often lamented that the young would be redoubtable in the years to come*. Therefore, no one dared to confront Xue Zi Xuan, and those Internet trolls and homophobes had long since disappeared.

[*T/N: “the young will be redoubtable in the years to come” – is a Chinese idiom meaning the younger generation will surpass the older generation in time.]

“I didn’t eat breakfast at all today. You woke up at 7:30, whereas I finished my work at 7:30. I was just sleeping up until now.” Zhou Yun Sheng stared at the picture of Xue Zi Xuan’s lunch and drooled. “There are no fried green peppers in England. I’m so hungry. I also slept through lunch. Merry Christmas Eve. But I’m afraid it’s too late to say this now. It should already be Christmas at your place.”

Zhou Yun Sheng turned off the computer and let out a long and deep sigh. Everyone said that during the holidays was when people got the most homesick. This was true. Zhou Yun Sheng was suddenly missing that ice-cold Xue manor.

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After a while, his phone sounded. His date had just texted him the meeting place for their date. Only then did Zhou Yun Sheng worked up the energy to go out. He had bought a few villas and a vast manor house, but in the end he still liked to live in a two-hundred-square-meter duplex apartment in downtown London.

The larger the house was the more empty his heart felt. He didn’t want to hear his own voice echo back at him when he was talking to himself. The feeling of loneliness in those moments made him particularly uncomfortable.

Zhou Yun Sheng parked his car in the nearest parking lot, and then he slowly walked towards the restaurant at the corner of the street. The scent of food and wine wafted in the restaurant, and guests gathered to celebrate the festival, sometimes chatting, sometimes whispering, and sometimes laughing. A waiter greeted him and asked him if he had a reservation.

“I’m meeting someone here.” Zhou Yun Sheng took off his thick scarf.

Without waiting for the waiter to speak, a white young man sitting alone raised his hand to greet him: “Chen?”

“That’s me.” Zhou Yun Sheng walked over with a smile, and looked at the other person who was tall, handsome, well dressed, polite, and witty. He was consistent with his image on the Internet.

The date was very pleasant, at least for Zhou Yun Sheng, who had never made friends. When he left the restaurant, he was thinking about whether or not to develop their relationship further.

Suddenly a motorcycle gang drove over from around the corner and started to say threatening things.

Before Zhou Yun Sheng could react, the white youth quickly rushed across the street. He pressed his back against the wall and raised his hands above his head to show that he was not threatening.

Zhou Yun Sheng, who was left alone in the middle of the road, was surrounded by the motorcycle gang, and the exhaust fumes from their motorcycles made him cough rapidly.

A few punches could solve the problem, but Zhou Yun Sheng was too lazy to move today. He took out his wallet and threw hundreds of large bills into the air. While the motorcycle gang and other pedestrians were fighting over the money, he took that chance to leave.

The white youth was stunned for a moment, and then he hurried to catch up to apologize: “Chen, I’m sorry about just now, I shouldn’t have left you…”

“You don’t have to apologize. There is an old saying in China: gentlemen do not lay down dangerous walls. When encountering danger, everyone’s subconscious action is to protect themselves. If it were me, I would do the same, too.” When he said this, his expression became distracted.

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That’s right, everyone would subconsciously protect themselves, but Xue Zi Xuan would not. He always put Zhou Yun Sheng’s safety first.

He remembered once when he was crossing the road he was too engrossed in playing with his psp, his eyes were glued to the screen, and he forgot to pay attention to the road. He was almost hit by a speeding vehicle. It was Xue Zi Xuan who had pulled him back and hugged him tightly in his arms, putting his own back towards the direction of the vehicle, so that even if they were hit, it would be Xue Zi Xuan who would suffer the most damage.

In the split second of a life or death matter, human behavior was not controlled by the brain. The choices they made were often the deepest obsession in their hearts. And Xue Zi Xuan’s obsession was to protect him, right?

It wasn’t until this moment, did Zhou Yun Sheng come to this enlightenment.

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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.5

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Chapter 15.5 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

Due to all the scandals the Xue family has been caught up in lately, Xue Zi Xuan’s weibo followers exploded to beyond one million. Of course, he had quite a lot of followers before too, and they were even from all parts of the globe.

As soon as he posted this Weibo message, everyone guessed right away that the person he was waiting for was Huang Yi. There were Internet trolls spreading hate, but the overwhelming majority liked his post, and they even prayed for the youth who was forced to escape far away.

There were also people interested in the villain system that Zhou Yun Sheng had cobbled together, and kept asking where could it be purchased.

Xue Zi Xuan did not reply. He just stared at each ID, hoping that one of them was his beloved teenager.

Zhou Yun Sheng brought his finger over to the mouse to click like, but in the end he failed to press it. He turned off the computer, and rolled up the quilt to crawl into bed. After sleeping for a few minutes, he suddenly jumped up again. First, he pulled at his hair irritably, and then he reluctantly took off his clothes and pants.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Back then; when he returned home, he didn’t have to worry about anything. As soon as he sat on the sofa or lied on the bed, someone would automatically come up to help him change his shoes, undress, wipe his face, and soak his feet. His days were quite comfortable.

Home? Did he just call a place like the Xue manor his home?

Zhou Yun Sheng beat the bed violently, threw his clothes and pants on the floor, and rolled up in the quilt like a burrito. He was annoyed from the bottom of his heart.

Zhou Yun Sheng wandered idly in the UK for several months, and spent the money on the card until there was not much left. Only then did he rented a house and bought several advanced computers, planning to write a few small software programs and sell them for money.

Xue Zi Xuan never gave up searching.

He lived a life similar to his previous life, constantly hiring private investigators to pursue Zhou Yun Sheng vigorously.

As long as a picture that looked like the teenager was sent to him, he would leave behind all his important official duties and rush over a long distance to seek him out, but the results were always disappointing.

Time flew by and slipped away, and two years passed away just like that.

Zhou Yun Sheng had already set down roots in the UK. He did not have a fixed job. Sometimes he would sell small software programs, and sometimes he would help certain companies set up a network defense system. With customers all over the world, he had gradually accumulated a huge amount of wealth.

Occasionally he would buy a few stocks for financial management, but most of the money in his bank account was squandered on things like advanced scientific and technological goods, luxury cars, mansions, and even ancient castle manors.

For Zhou Yun Sheng, money was just a symbol. If he spent all of it, he could easily earn it back. Over time, life became dull.

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It was Christmas Eve, and he decided to go out on a date after staying at home for nearly two months.

This was his first date since he came to the UK. The other person was a friend that he had met online. They had never met face to face before, but based on that person’s charming and humorous words, Zhou Yun Sheng could tell that he was a highly educated gentleman.

Zhou Yun Sheng liked gentlemen. It was best if the man was like Xue Zi Xuan, gentle and considerate outside of the bedroom, but strong and wild in bed, and to also have an artist’s romance and purity.

While arranging his hair, Zhou Yun Sheng had unknowingly applied his criteria for mate selection based on Xue Zi Xuan. He couldn’t help but curse lowly upon realization.

“Why is his influence still lingering on? I have already left. Why the f*ck am I still thinking of him?” He murmured, but unconsciously he turned on the computer and logged on Weibo to check the latest developments of that person.

When that person was still a pianist, he never posted on Weibo even once for an entire year. After changing his career, he became a Weibo enthusiast. Everyday he would post on Weibo three times a day like clockwork, morning, afternoon, and night. Occasionally, he would even add a picture or photograph, and share his own feelings and experiences.

There were three posts on Weibo today.

At 7:30 am on the dot he posted: “Good morning, remember to eat breakfast.” Fans who were accustomed to this pattern have responded to the post with “good morning” one after another.

At noon, a picture of his lunch was added to Weibo. The meal consisted of simple white rice, pig trotters marinated in soy paste, assorted vegetables, and fried green peppers. The text was also very concise—Don’t nap after you have eaten lunch.

The one in the evening was a blessing to wish someone well: Have a safe Christmas Eve. The accompanying picture was of the villain system wearing a Christmas hat.

From the fans there were likes, there were blessing, some praised the cute villain system, and some were calling for Huang Yi to go home quickly. They all knew whom the male god was thinking about everyday for three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Xue Zi Xuan could rely on this method to convey his thoughts.

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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.4

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Chapter 15.4 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

At the end of the video, Zhou Yun Sheng click-clacked away at the keyboard and quickly found out which hospital Xue Jing Yi had gone to.

She didn’t die, but due to her weak body she was unable to go on trial. Even if she was sentenced, she still had the chance of going on parole in order to receive medical treatment.

But so what? She was homeless now. Instead of being released out into the wild, it would be more comfortable for her to just squat in jail.

She was unwilling to sign that document, but Xue Zi Xuan unilaterally announced that he had terminated his sibling relationship, and then filed a complaint with the court for enforcement.

The parents who once loved her now hated her to the bone, and her favorite brother felt sick just from looking at her. None of them wanted her anymore. This made her feel like she had nothing left to live for.

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What Xue Jing Yi was feeling, whether or not she regretted her actions, and whether or not she would die of heartbreak, Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t care about any of that at all.

After skimming over all the related news, he knew that all the people who had once hurt him before, and all the people who had attempted to hurt him before were now in miserable states, and he felt relieved.

Just as Zhou Yun Sheng was preparing to turn off the computer, the weibo that he had registered anonymously suddenly let out a sharp and clear beep. There was an update from someone he was following, and the only person he was following was Xue Zi Xuan.

Right now the Xue family was a mess, facing internal trouble and outside aggression, and Xue Zi Xuan actually had the mood to post on his weibo at such a time?

Driven by curiosity, Zhou Yun Sheng casually clicked on the alert and found that the man had only written one line and posted a very short video.

“Waiting for you to come back, no matter how long [it takes].”

It was a simple sentence. There were no cute emoticons or gorgeous emojis to dress it up.

Below that was an attached video, and it showed: A large, slender, white hand with clearly defined joints lightly patted a one-and-a-half foot tall metal egg. The egg shook. The shell opened up with clicking sounds, and short hands and feet grew out. Then it knelt down and begged for mercy with a funny metallic tone: “Master I am wrong, Master forgive me! Master I am wrong, Master forgive me…”

The video played continuously in a loop, and the voice of the villain system admitting its mistakes pounded against his eardrums and lingered. Zhou Yun Sheng stared at the screen and was silent for a long time.

On the other side of the earth, Xue Zi Xuan was staring at the screen in a trance after posting on his weibo.

Thanks to his investigations in the previous life, he knew that the teenager liked the Internet very much. He collected all kinds of electronic products, and he also collected all kinds of news. He also liked to use anonymous accounts to peep around online, and tease his fans along the way.

Once the teenager escaped the murk [of the Xue family], his life was very wonderful and happy. In the previous life, Xue Yan was the one to accompany him.

In this life, who would be the one to accompany him?

Thinking of this, Xue Zi Xuan felt heart-piercing pain again. He covered his chest and whined low. No one knew how much he once hated Xue Yan and wanted to replace him. No one knew that he was once so close to happiness, and that he only needed to stretch out his hand to hold it.

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Right now, where was the boy who could make him extremely happy with just a look and a smile? Was he living in fear? Was he tired? Was he eating well? Did he have enough clothes to wear?

Xue Zi Xuan cared about him so much that he wished to split his soul in two, put half of it inside the teenager’s heart, and use the other half as a string to tie it to his wrist.

But these were all just delusions in the end.

Xue Zi Xuan covered his reddened eyes and struggled for a long time before pulling himself out of this desperate abyss. He waited for the youth for one lifetime. Then he could wait for him for two, three lifetimes. For every lifetime.

“No matter where you are, remember to eat well. Go to bed on time. Don’t stay up late. Don’t sleep in clothes just because you are too lazy to take them off. It’s uncomfortable and it would be easy to catch a cold. And most importantly, pay attention to safety.” Xue Zi Xuan finished typing out this message, but couldn’t send it out. He switched off his weibo, and sighed in disappointment and frustration.

Xue Zi Xuan has not given up on searching, but Xiao Yi was really smart. He didn’t leave a single trace.

Thinking about it, Xiao Yi could build a ghost-like car that he could drive around freely and remotely. Then naturally, he could also disappear like a ghost. Whether it was in the previous life or in this life, Xiao Yi was no ordinary person.

Zhou Yun Sheng read Xue Zi Xuan’s new weibo word by word, and really had to hand it to the man. Even from such a distance, his nagging nature could not be changed.

T/N: The raws are a little confusing here. It said that XZX couldn’t send out that long message. The reason wasn’t specified. It sounded like it could be an Internet error, or that he physically could not press the button to post it because of his overwhelming emotions or something. But then it goes on to say that ZYS read his nagging message… So I can only assume the message did end up going out in the end, or ZYS has hacked XZX’s weibo. I tried to read ahead a little to see if the raws clear anything up, but it doesn’t seem to, and it ultimately doesn’t affect the progression of the story, so don’t worry about it, I guess. >_<

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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 15.3

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Chapter 15.3 – Bellflower in Full Bloom

Xue Rui thought he plotted everything very well, but unfortunately for him, he took Xue Jing Yi’s suggestion and bought two kilograms of heroin to frame Huang Yi. Buying and selling drugs was a felony, not to mention he had purchased such a huge amount. It was possible that he could be sentenced to lifetime imprisonment or maybe even the death penalty.

Xue Rui panicked, and immediately retracted his confession and pushed all the charges onto Xue Jing Yi. Xue Li Dan Ni also followed the lawyer’s advice and testified that Xue Jing Yi was the mastermind in all of this.

In fact, they did not accuse Xue Jing Yi wrongly. The evidence obtained showed that Xue Jing Yi was indeed the mastermind behind the murder attempt. In order to plunder her twin brother’s heart, she had carefully drafted several plans for murder, and they could be described as unscrupulous and exhaustive.

When Xue Jing Yi learned that all the evidence pointed to her, and that she would be facing the death penalty on the heavy side of punishment or fifteen years of imprisonment on the lighter end, due to the huge amount of drugs purchased, her soul figuratively left her body.

At this time, a reporter from CCTV came to interview this former star, who once glowed beneath a halo of light, but was now behind bars. What the reporter saw was Xue Jing Yi shaking the jail bars, shouting, and crying bitterly. She kept saying that she was wrong and that she was merely possessed (by a ghost), and so on.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

“I want to see my big brother, I want a lawyer, let my big brother help me hire the best lawyer! Huang Yi ran away from home already, he is not dead, we didn’t commit a crime yet.” She still tried to defend herself.

The CCTV reporter stood by and watched for a while. He recorded a sufficient amount of footage of her crying with tears and mucus flowing profusely, putting on a shameful performance of someone on the brink of going crazy. Only then did he step forward to interview her. But at that moment, he saw a few big name lawyers with briefcases hurrying over. Their expressions were extremely solemn.

The reporter recognized that these people were big names in the country of China, and their consulting fee was extremely expensive. Therefore, they did not pay any attention to the camera recording next to them.

“Uncle Li, you came! Did my big brother ask you to defend me?” Xue Jing Yi went to grab Lawyer Li’s clothes through the prison bars.

He was Xue Rui’s long time friend, and had watched Xue Zi Xuan and Xue Jing Yi grow up since childhood. He never foresaw that such a thing could happen.

Because of his honest character and upright conduct, Xue Rui only asked him to deal with the company’s legal affairs. As for the shady secrets, they were handed over to another lawyer. This was also the reason why he was not dragged into the muck with them.

To be honest, he was very distressed and shocked on the day the incident broke out. In any case, he never thought that his old friend would target an innocent teenager in order to extend the life of his adopted daughter.

What made it even harder for him to believe was Xue Jing Yi’s viciousness. After hearing those audio files, he felt cold from the inside out, and he couldn’t imagine what Huang Yi must have felt when he heard them.

He avoided Xue Jing Yi’s outstretched hand and unconsciously showed a look of disgust on his face. Then he took out a document from his briefcase and said: “This is a document to dissolve your adopted relationship with the Xue family. Xue Rui and Xue Li Dan Ni have already signed it. You should sign it too.”

The reporter was keenly aware that this was a hot topic, and quickly asked the cameraman to take some footage of the document.

Zhou Yun Sheng, who was far away in the UK, was able to see the contents of this document clearly. It was indeed a document to terminate the adopted relationship between Xue Jing Yi and the Xue family. After signing this, Xue Jing Yi would have nothing to do with the Xue family anymore. And she still wanted Xue Zi Xuan to hire the best lawyer for her and to be released on bail. What a pipe dream.

The princess of the Xue family, who once stood upon a pedestal, was nothing from today on. Oh wait, she still had one identity that she could “show off.” A prisoner.

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Seeing this, Zhou Yun Sheng released a long sigh. If he had not gotten rid of the villain system, Xue Jing Yi’s fate today would’ve become his fate in the future.

There was the likelihood that he would be imprisoned for persecuting her. Or perhaps, some accident might occur, and there would be a perfectly reasonable and legal explanation for her to receive his heart. Then she would live peaceful and beautiful days with her beloved, and be happy all her life.

But why? For what reason? Why should he have to offer up his live to create a beautiful future for them?

Rubbing his eyebrows, he stared indifferently at the crying girl on the screen.

At this moment, she was not the same glamorous and calm girl in the Golden Hall.

Xue Jing Yi tried to snatch the document away to tear it up, but the lawyer avoided her. So she rolled about and cried, clutching her heart and screaming that she was in pain. She exhausted every means to evade this document.

In the end, she got her wish. Her heart acted up and she was rushed to the hospital. The reporting crew chased after the ambulance for a while, but eventually had to give up the chase, and returned without completing the interview.

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