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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 26

Episode 26 – Recap

Lianfang sees Luo Zhenxing walk out of Lingyi’s study with a divorce letter for Shiyi and she is ecstatic. Both her and her mother firmly believe that she will be legitimized as the wife in the future. But Lianfang wants to cut off all loose ends by killing Mingjian (the physician’s assistant that she had bribed to mess with Yuanniang’s medicine). 

She hears word of Shiyi going to a suburb villa of the Luo family’s and believes that Mingjian has been caught and is kept there, so she goes to kill him, but falls into Shiyi’s counter-counterattack. Lianfang ends up confessing while gloating. Lingyi jumps out to save Shiyi.

Back at the Xu manor, all of Lianfang’s crimes get exposed and she is punished according to the family rules: flogged 30 times and then sent to the village to be a nun, never to return to the capital again.

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Lianfang tries to appeal to Lingyi one last time, but fails. She finally learns to be at peace with the outcome and even comforts her mother.

Madame Luo learns that Yuanniang was murdered and suffers a stroke.

Madame Xu gives Shiyi an indirect apology by gifting her something valuable from her own dowry. She wants Shiyi to stop teaching the refugees how to embroider because it’s not proper for her to be outside like that, but Lingyi speaks up for her. Shiyi asks Lingyi for money to compensate Master Jian. He gives it willingly and says he’ll support her in everything.

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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 25

Episode 25 – Recap

Shiyi suggests that Lingyi reward Xu Lingkuan for his help with an opera script.

Lingyi follows up on the information that his brother gave him and figures out the Ou family’s ploy. He goes to stop Wang Yu from causing trouble and also warns Wang Yu to stop hitting his wife.

Shiyi goes to Xianling Pavilion to stop the unrest caused by Madame Qiao (Lianfang’s mother). Lianfang brings Madame Xu there to witness the scene and discredit Shiyi. Everything seems to be happening according to Lianfang’s counterattack. Shiyi is sent back to the Luo family to await a divorce letter from Lingyi. 

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Luo Zhenxing once again shows what a supportive brother he is. He speaks up for Shiyi in front of Madame Luo. Then he goes to check on Shiyi and she asks him for help.

When Lingyi comes back, Zhao Ying reports what happened to him, and he quickly rushes to see Shiyi without even dismounting his horse. There are servants in the Luo family bribed by the Qiao family, and they overheard an argument between Shiyi and Lingyi.

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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 24

Episode 24 – Recap

Ou Lixing and his wife befriends Wu Hang and Erniang with ulterior motives.

Shiyi pretends to be pregnant in order to expose Lianfang, but Lianfang eventually finds out and is now plotting against Shiyi with her mother. Lingyi hears about the supposed pregnancy and offers to make the lie into a truth with Shiyi. Madame Luo hears about Shiyi’s “pregnancy” and faints from worry for Xu Zhun. 

Xu Lingkuan finds out that the Ou family and Wang family are getting close. He finds this suspicious and reports the news to Lingyi.

Lianfang’s mother sends a maid into Xianling Pavilion to cause trouble. The maid pretends to be a refugee and is trying to stir up unrest amongst the other refugees learning embroidery there by saying they’re being used as cheap labor.

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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 23

Episode 23 – Recap

Shiyi sneaks into the Ou manor with Master Jian’s help to investigate her mother’s death. Lin Shixian happens to see her and helps her out. He reveals his identity as Ou Yanxing. She confides in him about her mother’s death and her suspicions. The little monk was nomadic and is finally back at Ci’an Temple now. He tells Shiyi that he also heard a man’s voice on the day of the murder. 

Erniang sends her maid away to get married in order to save her from Wu Hang’s perverted clutches.

Shiyi and her maids set up a trap to see if Lianfang is responsible for her mother’s death only to find out that Lianfang is most likely involved with Yuanniang’s death instead. Shiyi starts investigating Yuanniang’s death too, because letting Lianfang run free would become dangerous for her and Xu Zhun in the future.

Xu Zhun has a nightmare and comes crying to Shiyi and Lingyi, which gives Lingyi the excuse to jump into bed with Shiyi and the three cuddle to sleep.

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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 22

Episode 22 – Recap

Shiyi finds out that the fabric used by the Ou family is all brought back by Zunzhang from the South. She also finds out that Wang Yu has been physically abusive towards Erniang. She talks to Erniang in an attempt to reconcile and help her. Erniang goes home and tries to start afresh with Wang Yu, but that son of a gun doesn’t care to play nice at all.

Lingyi comes home drunk after drinking with friends. Fu Linbo and Zhao Ying deliver him to Shiyi’s room. All the servants quickly make up excuses to leave Shiyi and Lingyi in the room alone together. Outside the room, Fu Linbo and Dongqing attempt to eavesdrop on what’s happening and end up pressing the sides of their faces against each other.

Shiyi takes care of the drunk Lingyi and sees a different side to him. She also witnesses him having nightmares. Concerned, she later asks Fu Linbo about it, and he tells her Lingyi can’t let go of what happened in the past – which is the Ou family setting a trap for the Xu family, and his father dying as a result.

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Madame Xu visits Lianfang at night to appease her, because she took Shiyi to the banquet and not Lianfang. Instead, she ends up hearing Lianfang talking smack about Shiyi and breaking things. She chides Lianfang for it. Madame Xu finally acknowledges that Shiyi is a good person and that she misunderstood her in the past. Although her personal maid, Mrs. Du, was still trying to rationalize Lianfang’s outburst. Lianfang acts chastised in front of Madame Xu, but doesn’t actually intend to keep her head down.

The next morning, Madame Xu’s attitude towards Shiyi has evidently changed. She praises Shiyi in front of Lingyi, Danyang, and Lianfang. And she remarks that it’s nice that Lingyi and Shiyi are getting along well.

Lingyi purposely breaks a window in his room and uses that as an excuse to sleep in Shiyi’s room. The two flirt and have cute moments together.

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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 21

Episode 21 – Recap

Ou Lixing snuck the moldy rice into the military provisions. Lingyi and Fu Linbo find the moldy rice and report it to the emperor during morning court. Marquis Jingyuan had to sacrifice a spy that he placed in the Ministry of Revenue to protect his son, Ou Lixing. Marquis Jingyuan berates Ou Lixing for his mistake, and we find out that Marquis Jingyuan seems to favor his illegitimate son, Ou Yanxing.

Lingyi is still awkward around Shiyi. He updates her on the situation about the moldy rice, hints at her frequent outings, and suggests sending Wan Daxian with her to protect her. Shiyi is about to tell him the truth that she’s been going to Xianling Pavilion to teach embroidery, but Lianfang interrupts at this time and successfully invites Lingyi to eat dinner with her using her birthday and Madame Xu as excuses.

Nanny Tao sees this and reports it to Madame Luo, who then orders Amber to seduce Lingyi.

Amber struggles with this for a long time. She wants to see her sister, but she doesn’t want to betray Shiyi either. After talking with Master Jian, Lin Shixian, and Shiyi, Amber realizes that she can’t betray Shiyi no matter what. So she devises a plan to get herself kicked out the Xu manor, but Shiyi realizes something is up and stops her in time.

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Amber finally reveals that she has an older sister to Shiyi, and says that even if she never sees her sister again she still cannot betray Shiyi who has always been such a kind master to her. Shiyi reiterates that she does not see Amber and Dongqing as her servants and the three women have a moment together. [I teared up at this part. Gosh, I just love this female friendship trio of Shiyi, Dongqing, and Amber.]

The wife of Marquis Zhongshan is holding a banquet and invited all the ladies in the capital. Madame Xu brings Shiyi with her to introduce her. Madame Xu is pleased with Shiyi’s performance and conversely disappointed in Lianfang’s reaction. 

At the banquet, Ou Lixing’s wife and Erniang try to make trouble for Shiyi over the name of a flower. They exchange verbal banter and Shiyi is winning before Madame Xu steps in to deliver the final blow against the other two.

The episode ends with Shiyi taking notice of the embroidery work on the sleeve of Ou Lixing’s wife. Cue the dramatic music to hint that this has something to do with her mother’s death.

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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 20

Episode 20 – Recap

Yizhen has thought things through and asks to adopt Fengqing. Fengqing enters the Xu family as Xu Ling’an and Yizhen’s adopted son, and is given the name Sijie. Concubine Qin is disappointed. Lianfang says a few words to put a wedge between Concubine Qin and Shiyi.

Lingkuan comes to thank Shiyi for what she did for the brothers and his wife. Shiyi gets him to help her investigate her mother’s death by subtly questioning the servants that were present that day.

Madame Luo falls ill, so Shiyi visits home. Madame Luo praises Shiyi for how she handled Fengqing’s (a.k.a. Sijie) adoption, because it is the most beneficial outcome for Xu Zhun. Through Amber, Madame Luo knows that Lingyi and Shiyi have not consummated their marriage yet, so she tells Shiyi to push her maids towards Lingyi and see which one he’ll take as a new concubine. 

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Dongqing is angry at Amber for telling Madame Luo information about Shiyi. Shiyi points out that Amber didn’t tell Madame Luo that they’re investigating her mother’s death. Shiyi guesses that Madame Luo is holding something over Amber’s head to make her obedient, but Amber doesn’t tell her what because she believes that Shiyi cannot help her with this matter. 

We find out in a brief flashback scene that Amber has a missing older sister, and that she’s serving Madame Luo in order to find her older sister.

Lingyi gives Shiyi a jade hairpin that is very similar to one she lost. [Called it.] He had secretly talked to Dongqing to find out what it looked like. Their attention is drawn away by Xu Zhun crying. He is crying because his wooden sword broke. Shiyi gets Lingyi to make him a new one. Then she suggests that Lingyi spend more time with Xu Zhun.

Danyang is talking with Madame Xu. When Lianfang comes into the room, Danyang throws shade at her while complimenting Shiyi. Lingkuan, Xu Zhun, and Lingyi eventually join them. Danyang points out how Lingyi has changed (for the better) since Shiyi joined the household.

Lingyi realizes that he is catching feelings and this makes him awkward around Shiyi. He thinks he should kill his feelings in order to be a strong pillar for the Xu family. Fu Linbo tells him he is human and thus subjected to emotions just like everyone else.

Lingyi coincidentally finds out that Shiyi is secretly teaching the women refugees how to embroider at Xianling Pavilion. He is upset at first and wants to drag her away, but after talking to Fu Linbo and one of Shiyi’s students, he changes his mind. He tells Fu Linbo to station some people outside of Xianling Pavilion to surreptitiously protect Shiyi.

Lianfang is trying to instigate shit again by talking bad about Shiyi in front of Madame Xu. Lingyi overhears and defends Shiyi.

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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 19

Episode 19 – Recap

Luo Shiyi and Xu Lingyi wake up in bed together. Lingyi notices that Shiyi is wearing a simple silver hairpin, and Shiyi tells him she lost a jade one that she had liked. [Watch, he’s going to get her a new jade hairpin.] They have a cute moment where Lingyi childishly tries to keep Shiyi from leaving the bed, and then Shiyi helps Lingyi get dressed. Lingyi has a smug and happy look on his face when Shiyi hugs him to help him put on his belt.

Yizhen and Fengqing seem to be getting along well. Both Shiyi and Lingyi want to have Yizhen raise Fengqing, but Yizhen is still not over the loss of her son and doesn’t think she’s a good choice. If Yizhen won’t take Fengqing, then Shiyi would rather raise the child herself because she doesn’t think Concubine Qin and Lianfang would be good for him. Lingyi agrees with her thoughts but insists on putting Fengqing under Concubine Tong’s name instead.

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Lingyi and Lingkuan have a falling out over the matter with Fengqing. Shiyi counsels Lingyi. The brothers talk and make up. Lingkuan goes to his father-in-law to beg forgiveness for his past transgression that resulted in Fengqing.

Lianfang goes to instigate trouble with Danyang, hoping that Danyang will have an accident at Shiyi’s place. Shiyi cushion’s Danyang’s fall with her own body and cautions Danyang against listening to outside rumors. Danyang realizes that Lianfang tried to set her up, so she goes and slaps that green tea bitch in the face. [Ha! I wanted her to slap the other cheek too.]

Danyang guesses the truth about Fengqing and tells Lingkuan to spend more time with Fengqing as his “uncle.” Lingkuan thanks her and assures her that she and their son are the most important to him.

Lin Shixian visits Shiyi at Xianling Pavilion and gives expensive hand cream out to everyone as a guise for giving Shiyi a present. Shiyi thinks he’s a nice guy and wants to repay him for his help with the rice someday. 

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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 18

Episode 18 – Recap

Master Jian asks Shiyi to help teach the women refugees how to embroider. Shiyi agrees. Amber is afraid that Madame Xu won’t like Shiyi showing her face in public like this. But Master Jian is asking because she doesn’t want Shiyi to forget her love for embroidering. So Dongqing and Amber dress Shiyi up as an unmarried lady whenever she goes to the Xianling Pavilion to teach embroidery.

Shiyi reunites with Lin Shixian at the Xianling Pavilion. Turns out he invested in Xianling Pavilion and is considered its owner.

That night, Lingyi calls Shiyi to his room, and there is a bedraggled child sleeping in his bed. He doesn’t explain anything and tells her to find some trustworthy servants to take care of him, so she puts forth Dongqing and Amber’s names. 

Despite trying to keep things under wraps, news of the child spreads. Everyone thinks it’s Lingyi’s illegitimate son. 

Luo Zhenxing comes to visit Shiyi and advises her on how to best handle the child’s situation so that it would be the most beneficial to her. He suggests giving the child to Concubine Qin, because he heard from Yuanniang that she’s nice and easy going. He tells Shiyi not to adopt the child under her name no matter what, because then the child would become a legitimate son of the main wife, and he would be above any biological child she later has because he is older. He thinks Shiyi should agree to taking the child into the Xu family because Lingyi has already decided on such, and if Shiyi disagrees it would harm the harmonious feelings between husband and wife. [Gosh, someone give this man a Brother of the Year Award. He rushed to counsel her as soon as he found out, because he’s afraid that she might not know how to handle such a situation, and he also considered all angles, even the benefit of the child.]

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Shiyi guesses from the start that the child is not Lingyi’s bastard, but Lingkuan’s. Lingyi is surprised but pleased by her understanding of him. Lingyi then tries to explain the misunderstanding that led to Lianfang becoming his concubine. [He wants her to know that he only has her in his heart. Hehehe.]

Lingyi exposes the truth about the child to his mother and brother. Turns out the child, Fengqing, was a child that Lingkuan had from a dalliance before his marriage to Danyang, and no one was aware of this at the time. Everyone unanimously agrees to keep the truth from Danyang until she gives birth. 

Concubine Qin comes to beg Shiyi to give Fengqing to her. Shiyi says she’ll talk to Lingyi, but doesn’t promise anything.

On the other side, Lianfang is asking Madame Xu to give Fengqing to her [and she even admits that her purpose is to get Lingyi to visit her more often via the child. She admits it! But Madame Xu is just like “oh it’s been hard on you.” Excuse you people!]

After a discussion, they decide to let Fengqing interact with both Concubine Qin and Lianfang to see which one is more suitable to be his adopted mother. Shiyi originally spoke up for Concubine Qin, but after watching Fengqing interact with the adults, she feels that Xiang Yizhen would make the best adopted mother for Fengqing.

At Xianling Pavilion, Lin Shixian asks Master Jian about Shiyi’s background [to better pursue her]. Master Jian is afraid of people making trouble for Shiyi if they overhear that she’s Marquis Yongping’s wife, so she says she doesn’t know and that she’s probably from an ordinary family. [Poor guy, he’s getting his hopes up. Pretty sure he would give up graciously if he knew that she was already married.]

At night, Lingyi finds Shiyi has fallen asleep next to Fengqing and carries her to bed. She wakes up while he is tiptoeing across the room and quickly pretends to be asleep again. He notices that she’s awake, but just tucks her into bed.

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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 17

Episode 17 – Recap

After going over all the household records, Shiyi meets with the senior maids in charge of the different departments within the manor. She rewards one of them (Mrs. Li) for a job well done and punishes two of them (Mrs. Wang and Mrs. Zhou) for embezzling money.

At night, Dongqing wants to play a trick on Amber by jumping out and scaring her, but ends up scaring Fu Linbo instead. Fu Linbo reacts instinctively and brings her to the ground with martial arts. She bites his arm in retaliation. [Smells like the set up to a side pairing.] 

Lingyi is working in his study and hears someone coming in. He thinks it’s Shiyi and happily gets up to greet her only to see that it is Lianfang and becomes disappointed. Then they talk about the refugees. Lianfang doesn’t care about what happens to the refugees or common people, and this irks Lingyi.

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Shiyi goes to Lingyi’s room to search for clues about her mother’s death. Lingyi bumps into her before she can leave, so she makes up an excuse about getting his measurements to make him new clothes. He tells her instead of taking measurements from his old clothes, it is better to take it directly from his body. [Oh ho ho.] They talk about the refugees, and Shiyi shows that she cares for them, a stark contrast to Lianfang’s response. Shiyi makes a passing comment that Lingyi would look good in any clothing because he has a nice body. This leads to Lingyi admiring himself in the mirror more often. [Lmao.]

Lingyi is pretty certain that the moldy rice incident was caused by the Ou family, because they want the Xu family to lose the government’s trust. Lingyi is watching the military provisions, because that is a good place to hoard lots of moldy rice. He is just waiting for the Ou family to make a move.

Concubine Wen tries to get Shiyi to be business partners by bribing her with money and jewelry, but Shiyi rejects her. Lingyi finds out and he remarks that Shiyi is really different from her older sister. [I think they’re different too, but this is a little unfair to Yuanniang. Yuanniang was trying to pave a smooth path for Xu Zhun because she felt that she could not depend on Lingyi. Pretty sure she wanted to earn that extra money for Xu Zhun’s sake and not because she’s just greedy for money.]

Lingyi gets Steward Bai to give Shiyi more money “for household uses.” Then he presents her with the land deeds from her dowry. He had purchased them back and added more deeds to connect all the land together. He stays at her place for lunch. She likes Yuhang dishes, which is not Lingyi’s usual fare, but he finds it tasty because he is eating with her. When he eats the same dishes again, but by himself, he finds the taste lacking even though it’s the same chef.