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This Alpha’s Pheromones 16

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Chapter 16

“I believe that everyone has already understood the style and main tasks of “Four Seasons Food” before you came. If there are some people who don’t understand then I will explain to them. The main task is to cook, and of course, occasionally do farm work, which can be exchanged for a certain cost of living. Every meal will have a specific dish. If you can make the specific dish then you can get ten RMB of living expenses.”

[T/N: At the time of translation, 10 RMB is about 1.43 USD]

At that moment, an expression of disdain appeared on everyone’s faces. Even Ji Shenxiao’s eyebrows twitched minutely. Wasn’t the program crew being too stingy?

Qiu Jin raised his hand: “Is it okay for everyone to make the designated dish?”

“There can only be one.” Shan Wen explained, “If more than one person makes the same dish, then the program crew will choose the one that is most accurate to the designated dish and also the one that tastes the best.”

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

After all, this was a slow life variety show. These rules were there to increase the fun, and not to make people compete, exhausting themselves to make one dish.

The kitchen was in the side hall on the side of the house. There were two wood-burning stoves, two large pots, and a small saucepan in the middle.

Shan Wen added: “This afternoon, Yunting and I have to go out to attend to an urgent matter, and we may not be able to make it back in the evening, so you guys take care of your own dinner.”

The group nodded. They were so naïve. They have not realized the seriousness of this matter.

After Shan Wen and Tan Yunting left, Ji Shenxiao withdrew his gaze from the vegetable field diagram on the wall.

“Then I will go pick vegetables.”

“I’m going too!”

Don’t know when, but Geng Leyue had finally come down. His emotions seemed normal and his eyes were a little red.

Everyone went out. Xiang Xi was extremely disgusted with Qiu jin. Naturally, he did not want to stay in the house with him, so he followed Ji Shenxiao to pick vegetables.

No one wanted to make a fire. So in the end, this dirty and choking job fell on Qiu Jin.

The job of making a fire was particularly daunting. If not done well then people would scold him. If done well, then it was par for the course, and no one would remember it. Generally speaking, when a dish turned out well, people would praise the chef’s superb skills. Who would praise the fire for being made well?

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Qiu Jin made one round around the kitchen. There were actually quite a lot of ingredients. The staple foods were rice and flour. Various sauces were available for use. There were Sichuan pickled cabbage, and even fresh coffee beans.

There was a large area in the vegetable patch that was planted with common crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, and eggplants.

The orchard was a little further away, and subtropical fruits such as passion fruit, fig, and guava were planted.

There was a cornfield farther away. The sweet corn has already started to sprout tender whiskers. He reckoned they could be eaten soon.

After washing the rice, Qiu Jin started to light a fire for cooking.

Not too far away from the villa, in a big room made from galvanized iron sheets, there was an arrangement of equipments. This was the workroom of the program crew’s filming team and a dozen other staff members. Several deputy directors took people out to film. The director sat in the monitoring area and selected the shots for editing later.

He glanced at the kitchen again, not expecting much from here.

The kitchen in the countryside was not a suitable place for shooting. The place was dark overall, and the light contrast was very obvious. It was easy to appear dead or engulfed by darkness.

But when he turned his head, the scene in front of him shocked him.

The sunset from the window fell on the young man. In the lens, the young man had silver hair, and the firelight jumped in the reflection of his eyes. There was a mysterious religious feel, like a priest from ancient times.

The assistant director let out a “wow,” and could not help but sigh: “This is too beautiful, right?”

A staff member was attracted over and nodded. “I haven’t noticed before, but Qiu Jin has a face so suitable for the camera.”

“His skin is too good, right?”

“Also, his nose is straight and his eyelashes are simply long.”


The director informed the cameraperson through the headset: “Change the angle, and take a few more shots.”

The fire was already burning really hot. Qiu Jin stuffed a piece of firewood in. Then at the doorway of the room, he plucked a few stalks of green onion.

Unexpectedly, the fire was extinguished when he came back. Qiu Jin poked the fire. The firewood was actually wet. White smoke puffed out from the stove.

Damn, the smoke was too choking; it even caused tears to come out.

Amidst the curling smoke, Qiu Jin bent over and rushed out of the kitchen. He collided full on with the person who was just about to enter the kitchen.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Ji Shenxiao’s face sank in a split second and he immediately took a step back.

Qiu Jin kept coughing and ran to the tap to wash his face.

Seeing the interaction between the two, the staff member in the distance was a little excited, and said to his colleagues: “Could the breaking news online be true?”

“What breaking news?”

“You don’t even know about this?” The man immediately shared a Weibo with a sensational and shocking headline.

“Surprise!! Qiu Jin no longer pursues Xiang Xi, and extends his devil magic to Huayi’s president, Ji Shenxiao!!!”

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This Alpha’s Pheromones 15

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Chapter 15 – Oppressing the Soft-Spoken

Qiu Jin gave up in despair and thought that maybe he should just let Ji Shenxiao come over and pummel him. In any case, it’s not like Ji Shenxiao would beat him to death, right?

However, none of the things that Qiu Jin worried about came to pass. When he opened his eyes again, he only saw the back of Ji Shenxiao’s head getting further and further away. Ji Shenxiao had let him go.

Worried about embarrassment if they were to bump into each other again, Qiu Jin dawdled outside for a long time before going back in. When he arrived at the living room, he heard a noise.

There was a young omega with big eyes and permed maroon curls. He was shouting: “I don’t want to. I want to sleep in a room by myself!”

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He was the final guest of “Four Seasons Food” for this season, Geng Leyue. He was a popular genius singer. Qiu Jin recalled that he seemed to have some sort of relationship with Ji Shenxiao, either as a long-time family friend or as some distant relative. Anyway, he liked Ji Shenxiao since they were kids. And in the book, he had the same cannon fodder status as Qiu Jin.

With his type of role, naturally he was not prudent as a character.

The good-tempered Shan Wen put his hand on the other person’s shoulder and placated: “Leyue, ah, we don’t have anymore extra rooms. Just squeeze in with Xiang Xi for these few days, all right?”

“No way!” Geng Leyue smacked Shan Wen’s hand away and said relentlessly, “I want to sleep by myself!”

Geng Leyue has been treasured and pampered like a pearl in one’s palm since childhood. When did he ever have to suffer this kind of bitterness? Moreover, that omega named Xiang Xi liked Ji Shenxiao. It was already good enough that he did not scratch up the other person’s face, and they wanted him to sleep in the same room as Xiang Xi? The program crew could dream on.

Tan Yunting was obviously impatient. Everyone knew what kind of standard the “Four Seasons Food” show had. Once, all the guests had to bunk together in one big room. Having two people per a room was already very good, okay?

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

She hated this type of young people the most. They were all forcefully stuffed into this program. The show had just started and he was already causing a scene. This season’s show was most likely going to be messed up.

Qiu Jin didn’t join in. Anyway, the focus of this scene was not on him.

He remembered that the arrangement in the novel was that Xiang Xi magnanimously yielded and offered to sleep on the sofa, giving up the bed to Geng Leyue. Later on? Naturally, Ji Shenxiao was distressed for his omega and drove him off the sofa. Then he had Xiang Xi sleep in a room with him.

Xiang Xi walked over. Qiu Jin thought that the plot would follow the novel. Immediately afterwards, he saw Xiang Xi roll his eyes and snorted: “If you don’t want to sleep, then drop out (of the show). It’ll be more spacious sleeping by myself.”

Geng Leyue froze for a moment. Then he suddenly twisted the topic of discussion, pointed at Ji Shenxiao, and said: “Then I want to sleep with Ji-ge*!”

[*T/N: ge – honorific meaning “brother,” but not necessarily blood related]

Oh my, was this okay?

An omega and an alpha sleeping in the same room, was this going to turn “Four Seasons Food” into “Four Seasons Love” now?

Ji Shenxiao gave him one look and said coldly: “If you don’t want to participate in the show then go back.”

“You promised Auntie that you would take good care of me…”

He was refused a second time. A sobbing quality entered Geng Leyue’s voice. He raised his head and looked at him stubbornly with a 45-degree incline to his head. His eyes held a basket full of tears. It was a very moving image.

Wow. Qiu Jin was truly shocked. This Geng Leyue could cry on demand. His acting skills were not bad, ah!

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

It has been too long since Qiu Jin has acted, and he was itching to do so. He found a place far away from the crowd, brewed his emotions for a second, and when he opened his eyes again he could see his expression reflected in the glass.

He expression was one of obstinacy in the face of grievance, and there was also a bit of fragility in the mix.

The results were barely okay, but it was a lot worse than his heydays.

Qiu Jin wiped away his tears and then walked back. He saw Geng Leyue run towards Ji Shenxiao and even intimately tried to hook their arms together.

To one’s surprise, Ji Shenxiao recoiled a step, and Geng Leyue ended up throwing himself at empty air.

Geng Leyue froze in place for a while. In the end, he dragged his suitcase upstairs by himself. As he walked he muttered incessantly.

“Before I came, I was clearly told that I would be sleeping in a room by myself!”

“Liars! Just because I look easy to bully…!”

“I won’t let you people succeed!”

That stubborn attitude still carried a hint of pitifulness.

Geng Leyue locked himself in the room after going upstairs and did not come down again.

Shan Wen called to him several times but there was no response, so he did not bother with Geng Leyue anymore, and started to introduce the basic conditions of the event this time.

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This Alpha’s Pheromones 14

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Chapter 14 – Too Big to Eat

Qiu Jin walked upstairs with his luggage. When he opened the door, he realized that someone had already occupied the other bed with their stuff. Could it be that Ji Shenxiao had already arrived?

Well, it didn’t concern him whether the other person had arrived or not. Qiu Jin withdrew his gaze and quickly arranged his things. Originally, he had planned to apologize for his offense, but that man kicked him twice and had someone throw him out, so they could be considered as even.

This variety show was rather considerate. The camera crew did not follow him when he went upstairs, but Qiu Jin wasn’t sure if there was a camera installed in the room or not, so for the moment he wasn’t going to completely let loose.

Downstairs, Tan Yunting leaned against Shan Wen’s shoulder and grumbled somewhat: “I don’t like having Qiu Jin here.”

Qiu Jin’s black material* was everywhere. No doubt he had came here chasing after Xiang Xi. Who knew what kind of uproar he was going to create.

[*T/N: black material – online language for negative news about celebrities that damages their image]

“Be at ease. I am here.” Shan Wen touched his wife’s head. “Not to mention, Qiu Jin performed pretty well just now, didn’t he?”

Tan Yunting frowned: “But didn’t he come here to chase Xiang Xi?”

Shan Wen: “I think Qiu Jin is not bad, do you want to gamble with me?”

This was a little fun thing that they did as husband and wife. Tan Yunting did not reject. Her spirits lifted.

Shan Wen thought for a while and said: “If Qiu Jin performs well, then after the show ends you have to give the kid some praise on Weibo. If he is really terrible, then I will hate him with you.”

This transaction was not a lost. Tan Yunting straightforwardly agreed.

Qiu Jin was not aware of what happened downstairs. He took a nap and half an hour later he was woken up by a phone call from his agent.

He turned to get up while rubbing his eyes. With a sleep heavy voice he said: “Hello?”

“My ancestor, ah! Why did you go to “Four Seasons Food”?”

Through the phone, Qiu Jin could sense Yang Chi’s worry. He knitted his brows and said: “You only knew about it just now?”

“No one told me, how was I supposed to know!”

Yang Chi was wrongly accused and greatly aggrieved. Asides from Qiu Jin, he was also the agent for two other performing artists. Their reputations weren’t that big, but there was still quite a lot of management work to be done.

He had only relaxed his vigilance on Qiu Jin for a moment. Furthermore, Qiu Jin hadn’t taken up any work for close to half a year. How could he know that the other person would suddenly accept a spot on a variety show!

Moreover, the nationality level was so high, and it was chasing after Xiang Xi’s ass that sort of thing! When the time comes, the entire nation would know how badly he was harassing the other!

Just thinking about it was a headache.

Qiu Jin wasn’t sure if there was a camera in the room, so he got out of bed and walked out.

“Wait a moment. I’m changing locations.”

He did not stop walking until he got to the small garden outside and stood under the shade of a tall tree.

“Okay, talk. What’s wrong?”

For a second, Yang Chi was at a loss for words. Then he said: “I… I’m worried about you…”

“Worry that I’ll bother Xiang Xi again?” Qiu Jin sneered, but his expression was very mild. “I already said that I don’t like him. I also want to save face, okay? Since he has already rejected me so many times, why should I still chase after him?”

Yang Chi was not so optimistic. He shook his head and said: “Impossible. This is the fortieth time that you were rejected by him. If you could get it straight after he rejected you, then what were those previous thirty-nine times for?”

Qiu Jin: “…”

He never imagined that the original host had thrown himself at the other person to this degree. What kind of unique love was this? When the author wrote this story, did they not consider the authenticity of it all?

In this case, he couldn’t use that reason to refuse anymore. He said casually: “I don’t like his type anymore. My taste has changed. I like strong and tall types.”

When Yang Chi thought about the explosive allegations in the entertainment tabloids about Qiu Jin going to Ji Shenxiao to compare sizes and lost, his expression looked like he had been struck by lightning.

“Qiu Jin, please don’t tell me that you have taken a fancy to Ji Shenxiao.”

“How did you even think of that?” Qiu Jin frowned and said with distaste, “You think I’m sick or something? Why would I like Ji Shenxiao?”

Yang Chi: “You like that his thing is bigger than yours?”

“So what if Ji Shenxiao’s thing is big? It’s not like I can eat it anyway*.” Qiu Jin opened a car door, hung up the phone, and started to get in the car, but unexpectedly, when he turned around he saw Ji Shenxiao standing among the flowers.

[*T/N: 吃不下 = can’t eat (anymore). For example, if you were too full, you would say: “I can’t eat anymore.” But in this instance, there is a connotation of not being able to fit something in or swallow something down because it’s too big. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

Qiu Jin: “…”

Even standing in the flowery garden, President Ji still looked serious and indifferent. Even his white shirt and black pants exuded an austere air. It was as if he was about to say ‘one hundred million, I’ll buy it’ that kind of extravagant CEO dialogue.

The sun cast a shadow on his brow bone, making his eyes seem that much deeper.

[T/N: …I don’t know how the sun is casting a shadow… Maybe he has deep-set eyes, so light shining on his forehead would cast his eyes in shadows?]

At present, those serene eyes hidden in depth were looking at Qiu Jin. The gaze was hot enough to set a person on fire.

Qiu Jin’s body felt a bit hot. Don’t know if it’s because the sun was too hot, or if it was because of Ji Shenxiao’s stare, or if it was due to those shameful words he had just said.

“So what if Ji Shenxiao’s thing is big? It’s not like I can eat it anyway.”

Can’t eat it…

You’re a f*cking alpha, what are you eating someone’s thing for?

Qiu Jin closed his eyes, abandoning himself to despair.

Was it too late for him to jump in the ocean right now?

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The author has something to say:

Ji Shenxiao: You haven’t tried it, so how do you know you can’t eat it?

After a long time…

Qiu Jin: It’s really impossible to eat… QAQ

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This Alpha’s Pheromones 13

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Chapter 13 – Too Big to Eat

Off the side, the assistant snorted and said coldly, “He’s just putting on a show, who doesn’t know how!”

Qiu Jin had used this trick before, retreating in order to advance. He vowed to never disturb them again, but after enduring for a week, he went back to being as sticky as syrup.

After the filming crew got enough material, they started to remind them to go in. Qiu Jin turned sideways to let Xiang Xi go first, and he walked behind.

The fans saw that their idol was going in, and they were immediately excited again. The bodyguards could hardly stop them.

Don’t know who tried to shove forward, but the bodyguard became unstable and suddenly stumbled into a cameraman who was carrying recording equipment on his shoulder. The huge equipment was about to fall on the floor…

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“Be careful!” Qiu Jin immediately moved to give support. He even helped the cameraman who was about to fall. Unexpectedly, this action caused him to press against Xiang Xi who was walking ahead.

Perceiving Qiu Jin’s approach, Xiang Xi’s whole body tensed up and he shouted, “Don’t come over!”

[*T/N: XX said “都说了不要过来!” In English, it would be more accurate to say “I said don’t come over!” or “You said you won’t come over!” But because there was no pronoun, I don’t know who the subject is, since both of them had said something to this effect before: XX had on numerous times told QJ to go away, and QJ just said that he would stay away from XX.]

Ever since his image as a celestial-type man collapsed, Xiang Xi straightforwardly set his real personality free. He was not going to suffer from these people’s arrogance anymore. If he disapproved then he was going to curse them out! Curse them out so bad that they’ll regret having been reborn into this life!

“Ah, sorry, I didn’t think about touching you just now.” Qiu Jin stepped back immediately. He was still holding the recording equipment. Because he was exerting force, his arm muscles swelled in a beautiful arc, full of power.

The fans didn’t know what happened, but when they heard Xiang Xi screaming they immediately ripped into Qiu Jin, saying things like “the toad wants to eat swan meat*,” and “why don’t he pee a puddle for himself to see his terrible reflection?” …They said all sorts of unpleasant and vulgar things.

[*T/N: the toad wants to eat swan meat = trying to go for someone out of your league]

The cameraman who almost fell was ashamed and bowed to Xiang Xi repeatedly: “I’m sorry. I nearly fell. Qiu Jin-laoshi accidentally touched you when he helped me.”

Xiang Xi’s movements suddenly stagnate. When he realized that he was making abig fuss, his entire face flushed red!

Ahhhhhhh, so annoying! This person makes him lose face every time. He hated Qiu Jin the most!!

Xiang Xi stepped into the VIP line without looking at Qiu Jin.

The theme of “Four Seasons Food” was “Summer Food,” and it was going to be filmed in a small villa in the countryside of Lanhou Island.

Half an hour after the plane landed, several cars arrived at the door of a small countryside house by the sea.

Xiang Xi got off first. He still wore his sunglasses. He walked to the door, all cold and cool.

Qiu Jin was the second one to get out of the car. He took off his sunglasses and exclaimed with a bit of exaggeration: “Wow, this is so pretty!”

Qiu Jin had also shot variety shows before, and he knew that variety shows preferred straightforward and sometimes even exaggerated feedback. Not to mention that he was not actually exaggerating. His exclamation just now was sincere.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

This was a small two-story building. The pale yellow outer wall was peeling off in the sea breeze, but this was quainter. There was a large vegetable field behind the house next to the orchard, and in front of the house was a flourishing garden.

It was the start of June. Pink roses climbed the wall and the sea breeze carried their fragrance over.

He wasn’t making a big fuss about nothing. The main reason was that the houses in the previous seasons of this show were very simple. Although the scenery was very unique, it was not very impressive. This allocation could already be considered the most luxurious arrangement of the “Four Seasons Food” project team.

Qiu Jin asked the staff: “How much did you spend to find such a nice house?”

The staff member was also very dramatic and said mysteriously: “It’s a secret, but I can tell you that we have prepared a surprise.”

Qiu Jin guessed that Ji Shenxiao must be coming, but he was very cooperative and asked, “What kind of surprise?”

“It’s a secret. No one knows.”

Qiu Jin: “Is Ji Shenxiao coming?”

The staff member was startled: “How do you know?”

This time, it was Qiu Jin’s turn to act smug. “Secret.”

They entered the house. In addition to Xiang Xi, there was also a beta couple. They were permanent guests on the “Four Seasons Food” show.

As soon as Qiu Jin came in, the man in the linen shirt stood up and took his luggage in a very natural gesture. His attitude was friendly and kind. “Qiu Jin, you’ve come. How was the trip here?”

This was their first time meeting, but he created a feeling of them being friends for many years.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The man’s name was Shan Wen, a beta, nearly forty years old, and a veteran film emperor. He took on this show three years ago, and along with his wife who loved nature, they took root in this show. He looked refined and amiable, and he also had a high EQ.

Qiu Jin nodded. “It’s beautiful.”

Shan Wen’s wife, Tan Yunting, who was sitting off to the side, nodded to Qiu Jin as well. It was considered a greeting, but her expression was weak, and she didn’t look every enthusiastic.

Qiu Jin didn’t mind. He just politely returned a greeting.

When he looked back, he saw Shan Wen handing him a glass of lemon water. “Take a sip of water first. They’re lemons from the yard.”

Qiu Jin drained the glass in one gulp. He was somewhat curious. “There are lemons right now?”

“En, Lanhou Island has a low latitude and can be planted for two seasons. This batch of autumn flowers and fruits just happens to be harvested in early summer.”

After a brief greeting, Shan Wen pointed out to Qiu Jin the location of the bedrooms and said, “Xiang Xi already returned to his room. Why don’t you go up and unpack your luggage first. This time it’s two people per a room. Your room is on the right hand side once you get upstairs.”

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This Alpha’s Pheromones 12

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Chapter 12 – Don’t Like Him

“What the heck are you saying sorry for?! He should be the one apologizing to Xixi!”

[T/N: Xixi = Xiang Xi]

The Xi fans were only stunned for a moment, and then they immediately reacted. They once again joined in opposition to the same adversary, so much so that someone directly threw the mineral spring water bottle in their hand at him.

It was like Qiu Jin had eyes in the back of his head. He leaned to the side and avoided the attack.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

The mineral water bottle fell on the ground with a bang and spewed out a puddle of water.

Hearing this sound, the staff finally woke up from their dream-like state, and got ready to escort Qiu Jin aboard the plane.

Unexpectedly, at this time, another nanny car pulled up to the entrance.

The car door opened and the fans immediately screamed and hurried over there.

Qiu Jin turned around and saw Xiang Xi getting out of the car.

The young man wore a pair of brown sunglasses on his face. A white linen shirt adorned his body. His delicate face was expressionless. He walked over with a group of bodyguards surrounding him like stars clustered around the moon.

Behind him, the fans’ screams were almost loud enough to raise the roof. They kept shouting “gege, look over here,” “gege, I love you.”

This was the enthusiasm of fans during a star’s peak period.

One day, he will get there too. Qiu Jin withdrew his gaze and turned to go, but was unexpectedly stopped by an assistant director.

The medium-sized man asked: “Qiu-laoshi, can you give Xiang Xi an interaction?”

[T/N: Within the Chinese entertainment circle, actors – particularly experienced or popular ones – are referred to as “lao shi,” which means “teacher” in English and sounds all sorts of weird. It would be better to compare it to the Japanese version of “sensei,” which can also be used to address non-teaching professions such as doctors and authors. In this Chinese showbiz setting you’ll see “lao shi” used to address actors, makeup artists, hairstylists, etc. It’s a way to be polite, and also a way to recognize that someone is knowledgeable in their profession.]

Qiu Jin’s movements stagnated and he looked sideways at Xiang Xi. The latter was signing autographs for his fans and seemed to be faintly smiling. But when the two met eyes, Xiang Xi’s expression immediately froze, like a cat with bristling fur. If the sunglasses weren’t blocking his face, his expression management would have long collapsed.

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Why did no one tell him! Qiu Jin was going to this variety show too? If he knew this beforehand he definitely would not go, okay?

So annoying! Why did they always meet wherever he went?!

Xiang Xi could no longer maintain his business smile. He walked towards the ticket hall with his lips pulled into a taut line.

However, Qiu Jin stopped him at the entrance to the security check.

Xiang Xi lifted his head. Because of his anger, his nails were digging tightly into his palms, but he was a qualified idol and did not show any expression that would damage his image.

The assistant immediately stepped in front of Xiang Xi like a human shield, bringing along four bodyguards. The assistant could not conceal the dislike on their face. “Please step aside.”

Qiu Jin didn’t move. He asked casually: “You came?”

His voice was very soft, and it was hard to discern any emotion.

Xiang Xi very coldly replied with a sound of “en,” as if speaking to him was a gargantuan charity.

Qiu Jin then asked: “You deleted my WeChat*?”

[*T/N: 微信 wei xin – Weixin or WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging service developed by Tencent]

“?” The impatience on Xiang Xi’s face was already becoming obvious. He frowned. “So?”

As if aware of what was about to happen, the fans around them gradually became quieter. The two parties faced each other in front of the crowd. It was like the confession scene of the protagonist in a movie, or like the atmosphere of the final battle between rivals.

“So I’ll tell you in person.” Qiu Jin took a step back and took off his glasses. “I’m very sorry. My clumsy pursuit of you before caused you a lot of trouble, so I won’t bother you again in the future.”


Xiang Xi originally wanted to give him a good tongue lashing, and tell him not to use this trick on him. But when he saw Qiu Jin’s face clearly, his breath stuttered, and behind his sunglasses, his eyes were full of shock.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The young man has completely changed his appearance. He got rid of his smarmy and bizarre way of dressing. Right now, he looked fresh and cool, like a flourishing young poplar.

In addition to the difference in appearance, what was more important was the change in his temperament, advancing and retreating politely, neither humble nor overbearing. The other party was displaying a broadminded appearance, if he were to split hairs, it would only make him seem petty and small-minded in comparison.

Xiang Xi bit down on his molars and even his breathing was beginning to speed up.

Bimbo* Qiu Jin, when did he learn these methods? Did he think Xiang Xi would be fooled? Dream on!

[*T/N: 胸大无脑 xiong da wu nao – (having) big boobs but no brain / bimbo]

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The author has something to say:

After that…

Xiang Xi: So I was the one dreaming???

No one can escape the law of awesome*.

[*T/N: 真香 zhen xiang: awesome (expression of approval used hypocritically after bitching about the exact same thing earlier) (neologism c. 2014)]

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This Alpha’s Pheromones 11

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Chapter 11 – Don’t Like Him

Gu Shuyi was a big fan of the “Four Seasons Food” variety show. Her favorite part was watching the participants pick fresh vegetables from the ground and make their own food.

After listening to Lu Pingyin’s report, she suddenly thought of a possibility: “Since it is a program that you’re sponsoring, how about you go there once?”

“I go there?” Ji Shenxiao frowned. “I am a businessman. What would I do on those shows?”

“The scenery there is good and there is so much to eat. Just take it as an annual leave.” The more Gu Shuyi talked, the more she felt like this was the reason. “You haven’t taken a vacation in four years, right?”

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Ji Shenxiao was the type that would invite a business partner if he were to go on a vacation. There was no need to mention vacationing alone for leisure. He immediately rejected the proposal.

“Mom, I still have a lot of work.”

“Isn’t there still me and Lu Pingying?”

Ms. Gu Shuyi was born from a prestigious household, and in those years she was also an iron lady in the business world. After the death of her husband, she and Ji Shenxiao pulled strongly against the crazy tide* together, and increased the benefits of Huayi Corporation by several times. She only started to delegate power last year and retreat behind the scenes.

[*T/N: pulled strongly against the crazy tide = to try hard to save a desperate crisis]

Ji Shenxiao was silent.

Ms. Gu couldn’t persuade him, so she started to use a different tactic: “Are you already looking down on me? You think I’m old now and can’t do it anymore?”

Ji Shenxiao held his forehead in his hand and said helplessly: “You know that wasn’t what I meant.”

“What’s going to happen if you leave for a month? Go take care of your body, take care of your stomach. It’s only a month. So effortless.”

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“I still have work. Stop joking.” Ji Shenxiao tried to persuade in a light tone. “Have Qisheng go.”

“I don’t know where that brat is fooling around. I manage him?” Ms. Gu rolled her eyes gracefully and issued an ultimatum, “If you don’t go to the show, then you go on a blind date!”

Ji Shenxiao: “…”

The overbearing president was also helpless.


Before leaving for the “Four Seasons Food” show, Qiu Jin caught up on movies for half a month at home. He was already naturally fair, and he stayed in the movie room for the past dozen or so days catching up on films. After a long absence of sunlight, his skin became whiter and more translucent, like a white glaze.

He exercised everyday, making his spirit improve by several times, and almost recovering to the optimum state of this body.

On this day, he only wore a black short-sleeved T-shirt with jeans. He stepped into a pair of old shoes and headed towards his stop. The refreshing feeling immediately exuded out. There was no greasy and frivolous aura. He was like a lush green pine.

“Qiu-ge, you…” Assistant Liu Wei drove him to the airport. He was a bit afraid to recognize him.

Qiu Jin looked at him through the sunglasses and said lightly: “What’s wrong?”

“No, nothing, get in the car.” Liu Wei, despite being a beta, his knees went weak at Qiu Jin’s attractiveness.

Where did this celestial alpha come from! He was too alpha!! Laozi’s legs were getting soft.

-Beijing International Airport-

Knowing that Xiang Xi was going to fly to Lanhou Island today, fans have been waiting outside the airport with a banner. Seeing a nanny car* parked at the gate of the domestic departure hall, they immediately crowded around.

[*T/N: nanny car – a large van, generally has more than seven seats.]

They originally thought that it was Xiang Xi, but unexpectedly, when the door opened a pair of long legs stepped out, followed by a silver-haired young man wearing sunglasses.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The Xi fans blanked out for a bit. Who was this person? Isn’t he too handsome! The shoulders were wide, the legs were long, the silhouette was hidden in depth, and that silver hair shone under the sun.

And then someone exclaimed: “WTF? Is this Dog Qiu? He’s coming back from Korea right?”

[T/N: The person is implying that QJ went and got plastic surgery in Korea and has just come back.]

Dog Qiu was what the haters called Qiu Jin. It originated from Qiu Jin chasing like a dog behind Xiang Xi. At first, it was just a joke. Later, as Qiu Jin became more shameless, the nickname stuck and became imprinted in people’s heads.

Qiu Jin looked up at the girl, who immediately blushed and stammered out: “S… Sorry.”

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This Alpha’s Pheromones 10

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Chapter 10 – Don’t Like Him

In the president’s office, Ji Shenxiao put down his cell phone and pressed his right hand once against his abdomen.

“Why are you angry again?” A dignified and beautiful middle-aged woman came in slowly from the door. “I ran into Xu Chen at the door, and his eyes were all red.”

“I didn’t scold him,” Ji Shenxiao said lightly. “He said there was a problem and needed to bypass giving a report. In the end, he came to deliver a pile of foodstuff, and I said a few words to him.”

“He was just caring about you.”

“If I’m hungry, do I not know to eat?”

“You, ah… really…”

Her son was good in every aspect, but he was not emotionally aware. Other people’s children fooled around, living aimlessly, but he was outstanding from a young age. He put all his attention onto his studies and career. He was twenty-seven years old, but he has never dated.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Xu Chen was her friend’s son. She had a good opinion of Ji Shenxiao, and her son just so happened to need work right after graduation, so she put the child in Huayi as a special assistant. Originally thought it was a pavilion near the water*, but did not think that it was also the falling flowers yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples on**.

[*T/N: a pavilion near the water = using one’s proximity to the powerful to obtain favor]

[**T/N: the falling flowers yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples on = one side is willing, yet the other one remains indifferent (usually of unrequited love)]

Gu Shuyi sighed: “You’re not young anymore. If there’s a suitable one, you can give it a go. Even if you can’t feel the pheromones, you can take care of other areas first. It would also be good for your health.”

Ji Shenxiao hummed indulgently in response and said: “I will take note.”

After a moment, he asked: “Why did you* come by?”

[*T/N: JSX uses the respectful form of “you.”]

“I just so happened to be in the area. I packed a soup for you.” Gu Shuyi opened the soup container and filled a small bowl.

The rich fragrance spread instantly in the room. The truth was Gu Shuyi made an order for this soup at the restaurant yesterday. The fire simmered all night long. Now it was the time when the aroma and nutrition of the soup was at its best.

“Thanks, mom.” Ji Shenxiao received it with both hands and drank it down in gulps.

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After drinking less than half of the bowl, he slowed down at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

“If you can’t drink anymore then don’t force yourself.” Gu Shuyi sighed, feeling a little distressed.

Her eldest son was excellent and competitive from an early age. Four years ago, when old Ji* passed away, he singlehandedly protected his family’s property from the hands of many jackals, tigers, and leopards. His methods even surpassed that of old Ji’s.

[*T/N: Referring to the father.]

Now the company was on the right track, but his physical problems increased more and more: insomnia, stomach problems, pheromone reception disorders…

Ji Shenxiao finished the last mouthful of soup and took the initiative to sort out the tableware.

Her son was so sensible. Gu Shuyi was even more distressed, but unfortunately he saw a lot of doctors, and they all said that medicine could not do much, and he could only slowly nurse his body back to good health.

“President Ji.” There was a knock at the door and Lu Pingyin, dressed in a suit and leather shoes, came in. He nodded when he saw Gu Shuyi. “Hello, bomu*.”

[*T/N: 伯母 bo mu – polite form of address for a woman who is about the age of one’s mother]

Ji Shenxiao: “What’s the matter?”

Lu Pingyin handed over a tablet: “This is the follow-up development and operation report of Lanhou Island. At present, the airport has been constructed and all test flights have been completed. It will be officially opened on June 1, and the “Four Seasons Food” program team will also arrive on the island on June 10.”

““Four Seasons Food”?” Gu Shuyi said with surprise. “The company sponsored “Four Seasons Food”?”

Ji Shenxiao nodded: “This show will be recorded on Lanhou Island. Huayi Real Estate sponsored this season of “Four Seasons Food” and wanted to use this program to publicize.”

Located at the junction of tropical and subtropical islands, Lanhou Island was a tourist island in the southeastern sea area, with landscapes such as volcanoes, virgin forests, seascapes, and farmland. But because it was far away from the mainland and there was no airport, it was not famous, despite having rich tourism resources.

What was more fatal to the island was that the local job opportunities were scarce. Young people on the island competed to leave, and the island’s population gradually began to age.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

That was until four years ago when Ji Shenxiao stood out from the crowd and had Huayi Real Estate subcontract the entire island.

Now Lanhou Island has completely changed. The island has beautiful scenery, equipped with hospitals, golf courses, airports, duty-free shops and other places, with the intention of making this place an international tourist island.

In addition to being a tourist island, Lanhou Island focused on poetic life and poetic retirement. At present, high-end retirement villas and retirement apartments have been constructed.

However, while the island development had high investments, the results were slow and the payback period was long. Infrastructure construction was only the beginning.

It was the future operation and publicity that would really determine whether the island would be profitable.

The reason Huayi Real Estate sponsored “Four Seasons Food” was precisely to use this variety show to increase the island’s popularity and to contribute to subsequent operations.

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This Alpha’s Pheromones 9

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Chapter 9 – Don’t Like Him

Mr. Tony watched Qiu Jin leave with a foolish look on his face. He muttered: “Help me, my knees are weak.”

“My knees are weak too. Do you think I’m going into estrus?”

“You’re a beta!”

“So what if I’m a beta! Seeing Qiu Jin like this, even an alpha will go into heat!”

“Seriously, no wonder he is the sexiest alpha in the entertainment industry. How can anyone compare to him?”

“He has fallen from first place right now, but who can say what fate has planned. I don’t care, I want to put my man back in first place!”

“Oh, that’s right, did you take a picture just then? Quickly, tell the whole world, such a perfect head was styled by me!”

When Qiu Jin returned home, he sent Xiang Xi an apology message, but a red exclamation mark appeared. The other party had deleted his contact.

He went online to search and found a dozen soliloquies by Qiu Jin. The messages ranged from genuine and sincere ones, to lowbrow ones, to ones stamped with fury, but the other party did not reply back to a single one.

Since the other person did not want to see him, Qiu Jin could not be bothered to show warm feelings while being met with cold rebuke*, and got ready to watch all the previous seasons of “Four Seasons Food.” He had just finished watching two seasons when he received a call from his agent, Yang Chi.

[*T/N: 热脸贴冷屁股 – literal meaning is “to stick a hot face on a cold butt,” but figuratively it means “to be snubbed despite showing good intentions.”]

“I’m not dreaming, am I? You’re actually a hot topic now!”

Qiu Jin was very self-aware: “Are there people cursing me out again?”

“Not to curse you, but to praise you!”

Yang Chi sent him a link. Qiu Jin clicked into it and saw that it was shot at the barbershop.

“I ran into QJ at the barbers while getting a haircut. Oh my god, this is too handsome!!”

A nine-grid layout showed off his good looks without a gap in coverage.

Passer-bys began to lap at his beauty.

[F*ck, laozi’s pheromones are leaking!]

[Where did this handsome guy descend from?! Oooooo, I dig this!!]

[Especially those cold and clear eyes, they look as if they don’t care about anything, and they seem to be able to see into people’s hearts!]

[Oooooo, I want to be his earring, I want to be his tear mole!]

Haters started to splash dirty water.

[The garbage came out to hop around again?]

[Sigh. He once stripped to sell flesh, and now he’s trying to be cold and aloof again? Who the f*ck believes?!]

[Right now he’s all reserved, but once he sees Xiang Xi, he’ll be all sticky like brown sugar. I have never seen such a lowly person like him.]

As for the real fans… the real fans have started crying.

[I’m f*cking crying here. Our cub has finally become a refreshing mountain breeze again!]

[Wu wu wu, God knows how long we Qiu fans have waited for this day!]

[You are free to like whom you like. But I still want to say we are really distressed for you. Child, don’t be so lowly. Don’t like Xiang Xi anymore, all right? Loving yourself is most important.]

Seeing this, Qiu Jin’s movements were stagnant.

He had no idea that no matter how down and out, how many wrong things he did, there were still people who liked him and were willing to support him unconditionally.

Idols and fans have always mutually accomplished things. He drew energy from fans to continue to work hard, and he would give back his heart to his fans.

Qiu Jin replied to that comment, saying: “Okay, don’t like him anymore.”

[Heavens!!! He replied to me!!!]

[Laozi can’t hold back the tears anymore. Don’t like him anymore. Brother must be getting better and better!]

[Who are you acting for, huh?]

[Hater, shut up! How about you scram?!]

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This Alpha’s Pheromones 8

T/N: This chapter was scheduled for week 2 of December. So sorry for being late. But I am keeping track of which stories I promised to update for the month of December, so even though I’m running late, I’ll make sure to have all the promised updates out by the end of the month. (>_<)💦

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Chapter 8 – Don’t Like Him

Qu Yuqin has a brother complex. He could not endure Qiu Jin’s pleading. Moreover, Qiu Jin was giving him this kind of guarantee. He was silent for a long while, and then finally he squeezed out a sentence: “I’ll indulge you for the last time, you better do a good job for me.”

Qiu Jin: “Thank you, Brother! I will work hard!”

“I don’t expect you to have the same prosperity as the other one in the family, just don’t cause trouble for me.” Qiu Yuqin’s voice slowed down, “I still have matters to attend to, I’m hanging up now.”

“Okay, bye.”

Qiu Jin went to the bathroom and washed his face. When he raised his head, he couldn’t help but startled.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

This face was almost exactly the same as his previous two lives. Perhaps because his gender was an alpha now, so he was not as delicate as his omega self, it was much more similar to his original appearance and figure.

Especially his deep eyes, they could grab people’s attention almost instantaneously, and that angular face did not seem to have any vulnerable spots.

Laughter, sorrow, crying, anger, affection, despair… this face could accurately express various expressions—this was a face born for the camera.

If it weren’t because his methods were too low, with this kind of appearance, he might really have the opportunity to catch up with Xiang Xi.

Although it was not comparable to Ji Shenxiao, the protagonist who was favored by God, it was still an amazing existence in the entertainment circle.

This body was also very attractive. It was one point eight meters tall and covered with a layer of supple and strong muscles from head to foot. He had a pair of slender and powerful legs. He had both pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles. His body was the type that was not exaggerated, but was especially seductive.

No wonder he still had fans that liked him despite his spotty and blackened reputation.

It was just that his taste was too terrible. He had a head of silver hair that fell to his shoulders. It made him look dispirited corpse in mourning. But Qiu Jin was only twenty-one years old this year. He looked tender enough to squeeze out water*. He was still at the age where ordinary people would be studying in college.

[*T/N: Describing someone as “tender enough to squeeze out water” is like saying they’re youthful with bouncy and full skin, as in their skin is full of moisture, not dry and wrinkly.]

Even more terrible was his taste in clothing. Qiu Jin opened the closet and found that there were very few serious clothes in it, but there were a pile of chest-revealing vests, and jeans that hung at the buttocks. There was no way he could wear any of them.

Qiu Jin went to the mall the next day and bought a lot of new clothes. Fortunately, the original host still had a lot of money. Although he didn’t work for half a year, his elder brother regularly gave him money.

At nine o’ clock in the morning, the shopping mall was extremely deserted, and Qiu Jin was wearing a pair of super black sunglasses, so the cashiers and salespeople did not recognize him.

After buying clothes, he went to a corner barbershop to dye his hair black, but Mr. Tony, the hairstylist, did not agree.

“Silver suits your skin tone so well, ah.” Mr. Tony rotated his face around, admiring him. “It doesn’t look good right now mainly because the hair is too long and somewhat thick, so it makes you look lethargic.”

Qiu Jin: “I want to cut it short and dye it black.”

“Really, trust me. It will make a big difference if I thin it out for you a bit. If it doesn’t look good, I won’t take your money, okay?”

Qiu Jin: “I want to cut it short and dye it black.”

Mr. Tony hummed in response and nodded his head in resignation.

Only then did Qiu Jin close his eyes with ease and straightforwardly napped to make up for his lack of sleep.

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Yesterday, his brain received too much information in a short period of time, and then he drew up a rough plan for his future. He only went to sleep in the wee hours of the night.

After an unknown period of time, he heard Mr. Tony say, “finish cutting.”

Qiu Jin opened his eyes and saw a completely different image in the mirror.

He still had a head of silver hair, but this time it was quite refreshing and neat. Matched with his fair and pure face, he looked like winter hoarfrost on a tree, biting cold but also beautiful.

But a gleaming red ear stud in the left ear broke through this coldness, giving off an alluring feel. Coupled with the faint tear mole in the corner of his eye, it was enough to seduce people’s souls.

A few strands of hair behind his ears were slightly longer, falling onto his ascetic black shirt, making him appear even more reserved and adverse to disrespectful trifling. Compared to his previous style of selling flesh, it was more alpha-like by several degrees.

This Tony’s artistic taste was quite high. Qiu Jin has never tried this image before, but the effect was better than he had imagined. He didn’t insist on dying his hair black anymore. He paid the bill and left the barbershop.

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This Alpha’s Pheromones 7

T/N: Click here for a general announcement on “Delayed Updates?”

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Chapter 7 – AA is Also Fine?

Previously, the show team of “Four Seasons Food” had also invited Qiu Jin to the variety show, but Qiu Jin looked down his nose on it. Not only did he refuse the invite, he also ridiculed it as a “digging earth variety show” on his Weibo, setting off a burst of foul wind and bloody rain*.

[*T/N: foul wind and bloody rain = figurative speech, in this case for “a toxic environment.”]

Now he was anxious to get on that show, it was practically like hitting himself in the face.

Qiu Jin: “I want to temper my willpower.”

Qiu Yuqin snorted: “You think I’ll believe that?”

Qiu Jin scratched his head and said with an embarrassed tone: “You also know that I have a lot of black powder now, so I want to participate in variety shows to brush up my level of favorable impression.”

This was not a lie, but the even more important reason was that he was envious of the lifestyle on the “Four Seasons Food” show, making three meals a day with his own hands and watching the clouds gradually fading in the sky. This reminded him of his days with his grandpa when he was a child. That was a big part of his childhood memories.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Qin Yuqin was persuaded. His younger brother was indeed too stupid. It would be good to wash his image clean through variety shows. What’s more, going to that kind of backcountry place was also a kind of tempering for people, so he agreed to this request.

However, in less than ten minutes, Qiu Yuqin’s life-threatening phone call came once again. He screamed into the phone: “Are you going because of Xiang Xi?!”

Qiu Jin spread his hands, helpless. “I really don’t like Xiang Xi anymore.”

Qiu Yuqin: “Don’t tell me you started liking Ji Shenxiao?!!”

Qiu Jin almost spit out a mouthful of blood: “Where did you hear that?”

“Then why did you steal his underpants?”

Qiu Jin: “…”

“How did you find out? Did Liu Wei tattle?”

“I don’t need someone to tell me, the whole Internet knows about all the stupid things you do!”

Qiu Jin took a look on the Internet. Sure enough, a topic called #Qiu Jin seduces Ji Shenxiao# was constantly being brought up. They said he dived into Ji Shenxiao’s private pool and was thrown out. In just a couple of minutes after release, the topic rose to the twenty-second hottest search, and the discussion continued to spread.

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There was a picture attached and it showed Ji Shenxiao’s noble and aloof person walking pass Qiu Jin, and Qiu Jin was lying on the ground with a shocked expression.

[What kind of crazy day is today?! I can’t even eat my melon!]

[The f*ck, is Qiu Jin crazy? Isn’t he an alpha? Alphas are also fine?]

[Is upstairs discriminating against alphas? I heard that alphas are tighter there.]

[Tighten your *, why don’t you try ** and see if it’s tight or not!]

[No need to speak profanity, okay? Do you want Weibo to be censored? Why do I feel emotionally touched? “I can’t catch you, so I will take the man you like?”]

[Touch a fart. If it were you would you like it? Light a candle for Xiang Xi. Light a candle for Ji Shenxiao.]

(*T/N: Light a candle for someone = to pray for someone)

[He provoked Ji Shenxiao, tsk tsk…]

[Real talk here; if I could hook up with Ji Shenxiao, I wouldn’t want Xiang Xi anymore.]

[Ji Shenxiao’s appearance and family background are not accessible to ordinary people. If you were to see him, wouldn’t you be tempted? No need to talk about how he is born from a rich and powerful family, he is also a graduate of Oxford. While other rich second generation children are playing with cars and models, he had already shouldered the family’s heavy responsibilities.]

[The key point is he’s handsome, ah. How many celebrities would be eclipsed if they were to stand next to him? Do you guys still remember the entertainment section of the Beijing Economic Forum? When President Ji took his company’s actor up onto stage, the alpha named Wen Mojia, reportedly it was to take the title of sexiest alpha in the entertainment circle from Qiu Jin, instead, he was completely outshined. Everyone was looking at President Ji.]

[If Ji Shenxiao were to make his debut (as a performing artist), he would pull up the percentage point.]

[Dream on. As if Ji Shenxiao is going to debut.]

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

[Aren’t Miss Dong and Lei Busi also serving as ambassadors for their companies? Why is Ji Shenxiao impossible?]

[Everyone upstairs, I admit that Qiu Jin was expelled from the seat of sexiest alpha, but who does Wen Mojia think he is? He only made it by copying Qiu Jin.]

[Qiu Jin is so stupid, how are there still fans?]


The Internet was turned on its head, the topic of #Qiu Jin, Xiang Xi, Ji Shenxiao# also began to rise rapidly when the peanut gallery* started chipping in their two cents.

[*T/N: 吃瓜群众 chi gua qun zhong: peanut gallery, especially those in online forums / onlookers who are interested in the spectacle but don’t have anything knowledgeable to say about it. Word coined in 2016.]

Qiu Jin looked over it a few times and then withdrew his gaze.

His voice was still calm: “They’re writing without basis.”

Qiu Yuqin: “But you…”

“Brother, you can rest assured,” Qiu Jin interrupted him. “If I like Ji Shenxiao or Xiang Xi, I will quit the entertainment circle!”

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The author has something to say:

The flag is here!

Qiu Jin: If I like Ji Shenxiao, I will quit the entertainment circle! (Proudly puts hands on hips)