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Transmigrated into a School Idol 16

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Chapter 16 – Kabedon

“The car was driven wildly, if it’s not a drunkard…”

Speaking halfway, Pan Yi suddenly stopped and looked at He Yan, “Brother Yan, you know who that person is?”


“That person is…”

There was still half a stick of cigarette left, but He Yan extinguished it. “You will know sooner or later.”

After hearing those words, Pan Yi intuitively ended the topic.

He trusted He Yan.

In swimming class, when Yu Bai Zhou finished changing clothes and came out to the poolside, it caused all of the girls to immediately start screaming.

He had a slender figure that was characteristic to teenagers. A thin layer of muscles covered his chest, abdomen, and arms. His skin was naturally fair. No matter which angle you appreciated him from, it was full of Allure, with a capital A. Complemented by that exquisite face, and it was enough to make people lose themselves in flights of fancy.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Yu Bai Zhou listened to the screams from the side and blushed with embarrassment.

Once again, Yu Bai Zhou thought that it was really too miraculous. He never expected to transmigrate here. He not only had the same name as the original host, but even the appearance was exactly the same. If he had to point out something that was different, then it might be that the original host was just slightly stronger than him by a little bit.

[T/N: I’d say their brains are different. XP]


Tu Gao Ming’s voice came from not far away. Yu Bai Zhou turned his head to look for the source of the sound and saw Tu Gao Ming walking towards him in bright red swimming trunks. He seemed especially happy.

Someone shouted “Brother Tu” and said, “Why are you so happy today?”

Tu Gao Ming laughed and scolded, “Scram! Lao zi’s fate was not good enough, ah! Not just anyone can have Boss’s stature.”

The person next to him laughed a few times, and the atmosphere became lively.

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Yu Bai Zhou also laughed, and someone shouted Brother Tu a few times. He heard it and it ineffably sounded like “Bugs Bunny.”

“He doesn’t take swimming lessons, so what the heck is he doing here?”

“Everyone says he’s a weirdo.”

Yu Bai Zhou heard the conversation of several boys next to him, and only then did he notice He Yan in the corner.

He Yan did not change into his swimsuit. He was still wearing his school uniform.

“Boss, let’s go, we’re assembling over there.”

Yu Bai Zhou nodded, withdrew his gaze, and went over to assemble.

For today’s swimming class there were a total of three classes. Class 3 and Class 8 were also with them.

After assembling and warming up, it was free time.

Yu Bai Zhou stood by the pool. He looked at the faintly blue water swaying in the pool and felt a little dizzy.

“Young Master Yu, why don’t you get into the water?”

From a not to distant place came the sound of a constipated voice.

Yu Bai Zhou turned his head and saw a boy with a thick and strong figure. Just then, Tu Bao Ming happened to come over with a towel. Before Yu Bai Zhou could speak, he sped up and walked towards the boy, unhappy: “Xu Zhi Hu, what the f*ck are you doing, coming to stir up trouble?”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The student forces in the school were divided into two halves, one half was headed by Yu Bai Zhou and they were the xue zha* faction, one half was headed by Li Bei and they were the sports faction. Why were they called the sports faction? That’s because everyone in that faction was part of the tall and strong category.

[*T/N: 学渣 xue zha – a colloquial term meaning “unenthusiastic, mediocre student / underachiever”]

Xu Zhi Hu was part of the sports faction, and he could be considered the second-in-command.

Xu Zhi Hu looked at Tu Gao Ming and said slowly: “Yo, I was wondering who it was, so it turned out to be a watchdog.”

Tu Gao Ming looked upset, “F*ck, you’re a f*cking watchdog!”

Xu Zhi Hu ignored Tu gao Ming and went straight for Yu Bai Zhou. He jerked his chin towards the pool, “Young Master Yu, how about a match?”

Off to the side, He Yan could care less about listening to his farce. He rubbed his neck, and then got up and headed for the lounge.

Yu Bai Zhou looked at this person named Xu Zhi Hu, with his big chest and big limbs; he didn’t look like a person with any brains.

Just as he was hesitating over whether or not he should compete with this person, Tu Gao Ming, who was next to him, shook his head in a very minute movement.

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T/N 1: This is the last of the stockpiled chapters that I have for Transmigrated into a School Idol. I will not be translating this story anymore. Thank you for reading along with what I have translated. Please go to CWAS Translations to read the rest of the story.

T/N 2: To fill the void of TSI, I found and picked up a new modern day novel: This Alpha’s Pheromones Are Exploding. This one is a showbiz novel set in an ABO world. It’s another transmigration novel. I know, I’m hooked on translating those. (≧▽≦) Check it out if that sounds interesting to you.

Much Love,
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Transmigrated into a School Idol 15

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Chapter 15 – Kabedon*

[*T/N: 壁咚 bi dong = “wall” and “boom.” Yes, it is the infamous Japanese kabedon.]

At noon the next day, there were not that many people in the classroom. A voice cut through the hallway and reached the sophomores of Class 5.

“President He… Brother Yan… Brother Yan…”

Hearing that familiar voice, He Yan, who was sitting inside the classroom, froze for half a second.

After a while, the voice reached the entrance to the room of Class 5.

While gasping for breath, the person asked, “Is He Yan in this class?”

A male student nodded his head, stupefied.

Not waiting for the boy to find his voice, Pan Yi brushed him aside and rushed directly into the classroom. He glanced around but couldn’t find a familiar face among the few students present.

He asked the person closest to him, “Hasn’t He Yan come to school yet?”

Seeing that the person is Pan Yi, the girl he asked blushed and pointed to the last row of people in the fourth group near the corridor.

Pan Yi did not have time to take into consideration what the girl might be thinking. He rapidly hurried over to He Yan.

“B, Brother Yan?”

He Yan looked up.

Pan Yi saw those refined dark brown eyes behind the lens and his own eyes reddened all of a sudden.

The two arrived at a corner downstairs where there were less people.

“When I opened my goddamn eyes I suddenly found myself vacationing with my mom at the Maldives! WTF! I was thinking, didn’t the two of us get into a car accident? Aren’t we dead? Even if I didn’t die, when I opened my eyes I should have been at a hospital in Las Vegas!”

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“My mom was talking to me about the college entrance exam, and I was like what college entrance exam, in two years I will be thirty years old. My mom raised her hand and slapped me, saying that I was only in my second year of high school and to stop dreaming! Sophomore year? I’m in my second of year of high school right now? How the heck did I suddenly become a high school student? My brain was just like paste, and I couldn’t understand it. Then I recalled that we both went to the same high school. I was so anxious that I immediately booked a ticket and flew back from the Maldives to find you! Ah, I’m really going crazy!”

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

He Yan leaned against the wall, quietly waiting for Pan Yi to vent. When Pan Yi was just about done venting, he said, “Do you have a smoke?”

Hearing He Yan’s calm tone, Pan Yi also gradually calmed down. He patted around his body and actually found a pack of cigarettes. There was also a cigarette lighter in the same pocket. He handed both to He Yan.

Before, Pan Yi had seen some elders using this type of lighter and thought it was very handsome and cool looking, so he took out a “huge sum of money” and bought it right after.

[T/N: The raws put “huge sum of money” in quotation marks, but didn’t specify on it otherwise.]

After glancing at the cigarette brand, Pan Yi hesitated and withdrew his hand. “It’s a few dozen dollars for a pack of this cigarette. Brother, how about you don’t smoke?”

Before Pan Yi could fully withdraw his hand, He Yan had already taken the box of cigarettes.

“The current situation is very clear, we are not dead.” He Yan lit the cigarette as he spoke.

His voice was still so appallingly calm that one could not even hear any emotion in it.

Pan Yi was dumbfounded, and then he nodded and said: “It’s improbable for me to be f*cking dreaming, right.”

“We are both alive, but time has rewound back to eleven years ago.”

Pan Yi looked at the smoke wafting in front of him and his heart was sour again.

“What the hell is going on here? It’s like a dream.”

It seemed like it was just a second ago when he was losing consciousness while suffocating and in pain.

It was exactly the day before yesterday.

He and He Yan were discussing a cooperative project in Las Vegas. At night, the two of them drove a car together. When they passed the intersection, a black car suddenly rushed towards them like a runaway, and then there was a violent noise, a blinding fire, and also explosive pain.

“That man was f*cking crazy!”

Pan Yi gritted his teeth with hatred.

“He actually dared to drink alcohol and then drive on the road at night. He was simply a fool out to see Yama*, harming others and harming himself. F*cking drunkard!”

[*T/N: Yama = king of hell]

“Not a drunkard.”

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Transmigrated into a School Idol 14

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Chapter 14 – Hand Caught By Red Line

The original host’s character design was a poor student. Although this question was not difficult to do, the idea of solving the problem had a certain depth. According to the original host’s academic performance, it was impossible to do this type of question.

When they heard this, both the girl and Tu Gao Ming were shocked.

Tu Gao Ming was the first to recover from his shock and asked, “Boss, yesterday when Cheng Jia Hui was purposely making things difficult for you and made you do that problem that was outside of the syllabus, you were able to solve it, but you can’t do this problem? You’re not lying to me are you? All of our class now assumes that you’re a hidden math genius.”

Yu Bai Zhou only then realized that it was yesterday’s incident that made other people misunderstand. He hesitated and wondered whether he should admit that he was a genius in math or deny it.

But he felt that it was a bit too narcissistic if he were to admit it.

After weighing the pros and cons for a while, he still decided to deny the claim, “Ah, yesterday’s question was a coincidence. Isn’t it a stimulation question of some city’s college entrance exam? I coincidentally practiced solving that question once before. I didn’t expect that I would be able to do it yesterday. Coincidental. It was all a coincidence.”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Yu Bai Zhou was very clear that honestly walking according to the plot was definitely the best way to live. He was not very familiar with the plot at present. If he accidentally changed his personal settings, something beyond the plot might happen later, and that would cause too much trouble. It was too risky.

So he decided to maintain the original host’s character design as much as possible without violating his principles.

Tu Gao Ming didn’t have much deep thoughts. If Yu Bai Zhou said it was like this, then he believed it. But the girl still hesitated. In the end, she finally nodded and went to ask someone else to teach her.

Yu Bai Zhou gave a knock on the 008 system in his head and asked it when would the data for the plot be fully imported.

It was too hard to make moves while being unfamiliar with the storyline.

008 replied: “Responding to host, coming soon, it should be at most two to three days.”

Two to three days was not too long.

Just a few more days, Yu Bai Zhou thought.

He hoped to pass the next few days calmly.

After evening self-study ended, Yu Bai Zhou returned home. His two dads were looking at a design plan on the computer and said that they were designing his future marriage room.

With a red face, he said good night to his two dads, and then obediently went back to his bedroom. He went to bed after washing up.

It didn’t take long for the school’s web forum to get lively as usual like it did every night.

[Have you heard yet? Idol Yu’s character changed. This time he didn’t bully He Yan, and switched over to protecting him?]

[Is that true or false? It’s probably a rumor, right?!]

[It must be false. Who doesn’t know how much Idol Yu hates He Yan!]

[He Yan, that gloomy bookworm?]

[It’s absolutely true. Someone saw it!]

[A friend of mine also saw it, and said that the two were talking and laughing together!]

[Isn’t He Yan the one who never shows his face?!]

[Yes, yes, yes. I’m guessing he must be so ugly that he doesn’t dare to show his face, ha ha.]

[It doesn’t matter if he’s ugly, he’s the “top student,” so awesome~~]

(T/N: The above comment is definitely sarcastic, because of the specific word they used for “awesome,” which can also mean “cocky” or “bastard.”)

[So what if he is the top student? He’s so ugly, how can our Young Master Yu protect him? Ha ha.]

In a humble rental house, the sound of running water stopped, and the bathroom door was opened. He Yan stepped out of the bathroom with wet hair.

He was one point nine meters tall with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. There was clear definition on his exposed arm muscles. His legs were long and shapely in defiance of natural order.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

The wet bangs were casually swept back and away from his face, revealing a face sculpted like a masterpiece of heavenly craftsmanship. The face was so perfect that no trace of flaws could be found.

He Yan walked to the table and picked up the jade pendant from that afternoon. Yu Bai Zhou’s face seemed to float in front of his eyes again.

Yu Bai Zhou…

He took out a cigarette and with practiced movements, placed it between his lips. Then he lit it.

The swirling smoke quickly concealed the emotions in his eyes.

When He Yan was eighteen years old, he did not smoke.

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The author has something to say:

The not good at studying Bookworm Yu, and the ugly Adonis He.

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Transmigrated into a School Idol 13

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Chapter 13 – Hand Caught By Red Line

Tu Gao Ming wasn’t someone who could hold himself back, so he asked, “Boss, why did you help He Yan just now?”

Yu Bai Zhou was startled.

When Yu Bai Zhou graduated from junior high school and entered high school, due to poor family conditions and his introverted personality, he was bullied a lot. At that time, he had no friends, so he could only bury his head in his studies, and in the end he became one of the top scorers.

At first, he thought that his position as the top student could ameliorate his original situation somewhat, but the fact was, when people wanted to bully others, they could find a variety of reasons. When his grades became good, narrow-minded students despised him and saw him as a weak bookworm to be bullied.

Yu Bai Zhou didn’t want to cause trouble, but the more he looked at He Yan, the more he saw in him the shadow of his old self, and in the end he could not help standing up for the other student.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Of course, Yu Bai Zhou could not say it like this to Tu Gao Ming, so he found another way to say, “That group of people were too rowdy. Wasn’t it too noisy? I just want to have a quiet meal, don’t think too much, it was just a good turn done in passing.”

Tu Gao Ming said in a bad mood: “But a good turn done in passing is still a good turn! Not to mention He Yan wasn’t even a little bit grateful. It’s makes lao zi so angry!”

It’s true that Yu Bai Zhou did not expect He Yan to have this kind of attitude when he helped out, but he helped already, so that’s that.

He bullied him once, and helped him out once; it just so happened to balance each other out.

After this, they would not have any more connection with each other.

Yu Bai Zhou took his hands out of his pockets and patted Tu Gao Ming on the shoulder, comforting him: “Don’t be angry anymore. Let’s go, I’ll treat you guys to a Coke.”

As they walked, Tu Gao Ming said, “I don’t drink Coke, I want to drink Sprite.”

Yu Bai Zhou smiled, “Okay.”

Yu Bai Zhou found that although Tu Gao Ming was a member of the school hegemony group, his heart did not seem to be so bad. At least, unlike the people he had seen before, his character was honest, so Yu Bai Zhou gave him a nickname in his heart—Tie Han Han*.

[*T/N: 铁 tie = iron; 憨 han = silly / simpleminded. I might translate this as Iron Fool or something if it comes up again in the future.]

Evening self-study was Chinese, and the teacher who taught Chinese was a kind old teacher, whose relationship with all the students was pretty good.

In Chinese, asides from reading and memorizing, there really wasn’t much else to do, so evening self-study for Chinese was largely up to the students to freely plan their studies. Students who favored a particular subject could even do work from those subjects.

He Yan came to class and sat at a position obliquely behind Yu Bai Zhou. The fourth group was in the last row parked against the corridor. Halfway through the evening self-study, Cheng Jia Hui came and called He Yan out of the room.

Yu Bai Zhou was too focused on reading a literature magazine, so he didn’t know until Tu Gao Ming came over with his high school composition book and started talking into his ear.

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“Cheng Jia Hui usually likes good students, but just now, when I saw her calling He Yan out, her expression was not good at all. I guess it was because He Yan skipped class yesterday afternoon. Poison Tongue Cheng must be here to settle the score with He Yan this time. According to Poison Tongue Cheng’s character, He Yan will definitely be scolded.”

Yu Bai Zhou found that Tu Gao Ming seemed to be very concerned about He Yan, and he was just about to ask why, but he swallowed back his words within the next few seconds.

Right now, he was not that familiar with the plot, if he asked this all of a sudden and accidentally asked the wrong thing, it might make Tu Gao Ming suspicious and ask him for an explanation.

So he said, “Xiao Tu, ah. Don’t worry about other people’s business. Look over your composition, and try to pass the Chinese exam next time.”

Tu Gao Ming’s gossip fire was ruthlessly extinguished.

Tu Gao Ming remembered something and said, “Oh, yes, there’s one more thing. Yesterday, Brother Li asked me to ask you if you’re going out this weekend. If you’re going out, then he’s going to decline the feast at home.”
Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.
Yu Bai Zhou didn’t know who this Brother Li was, so he shook his head and said: “Not going anymore. Help me give him my response.”

“You’re really not going?”


Tu Gao Ming stopped talking, and after thinking about it, he still said: “All right.”

He hoped that Brother Li would not be angry.

Yu Bai Zhou continued to read the magazine. After a while, the girl at the front table turned around with a piece of paper in hand and asked him a math question.

Yu Bai Zhou glanced at the subject and found that it was a function question. It was quite simple. It was habitual to pick up a pen and teach.

But when the pen tip was about to touch the test paper, Yu Bai Zhou paused. Then he put the pen down and smiled at the girl apologetically, “I’m sorry, I can’t do this.”

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Transmigrated into a School Idol 12

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Chapter 12 – Hand Caught By Red Line

He Yan looked at the gentle countenance of the person in front of him, which was completely different from the past.

Suddenly, a cool hand cupped the back of his hand and guided it up from the side of his body. Then an even cooler piece of jade dropped into the hollow of his palm.

A ripple passed through his tranquil eyes.

Yu Bai Zhou placed the jade pendant back into the hand of its owner. Just as he was about to turn around, something tightened around his finger.
Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.
Turning back, he realized that the red string on the jade pendant had somehow gotten caught around his ring finger. His clear eyes curved and he smiled in embarrassment at He Yan. He quickly unraveled the red string from his ring finger and returned it to He Yan.

He Yan’s fingers stroked the red string that Yu Bai Zhou handed over, and his dark brown eyes deepened.

Yu Bai Zhou turned around and looked at Sun Tian Shuo who was detained by Tu Gao Ming.

Sun Tian Shuo’s eyes met Yu Bai Zhou’s eyes. His heart bottomed out and his words came out a little floaty, “Young Master Yu, what, what do you mean by this?”

Yu Bai Zhou slipped his hands into his pockets, “No particular meaning. You were too noisy over here. It’s affecting the other students’ lunchtime.”

Seeing that Sun Tian Shuo didn’t say anything for a long time, Tu Gao Ming tightened his grip on the back of his shoulder, “Are you looking for death? Hurry up and apologize to our boss!”

Although Sun Tian Shuo could be regarded as a person with some face among the student population, in front of a real big man like Yu Bai Zhou, he knew that he was nothing in comparison, and he did not have the confidence to dare yell at Yu Bai Zhou.

A wise man knew better than to fight when the odds were against him.

Before Tu Gao Ming really started to hit him, Sun Tian Shuo quickly took the initiative to apologize to Yu Bai Zhou. After apologizing, he took his people away from the scene.
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Yu Bai Zhou motioned to Tu Gao Ming, who stepped forward to stop Sun Tian Shuo.

Tu Gao Ming said fiercely, “Where do you think you’re going? Did our boss let you go?”

Sun Tian Shuo heard this and sweat started dripping down his face. He looked at Yu Bai Zhou, “Young Master Yu…”

Yu Bai Zhou said calmly: “Apologize.”

Sun Tian Shuo said sorry to Yu Bai Zhou again.

“Wrong.” Yu Bai Zhou pointed to He Yan. “Not to me, but to him.”

After hearing these words, everyone, including Tu Gao Ming, was shocked.

The disagreement between Yu Bai Zhou and He Yan was well known throughout the entire school. Yu Bai Zhou protecting He Yan at this time was abnormal.

Seeing everyone’s dumbfounded expressions, Yu Bai Zhou, who was unaware of the situation, was somewhat baffled.

But he didn’t think too much about it. He pointed to the plate broken into pieces on the floor and said to Sun Tian Shuo: “Didn’t you knock his plate onto the floor? Then apologize.”

Sun Tian Shuo didn’t dare to ask too much. Right now, face or whatever was not important anymore. He hurriedly apologized to He Yan. Then under Yu Bai Zhou’s command, he cleaned up the broken plate and spilled food on the floor. Finally he was permitted to leave. He did not dare stay for an extra second. Without delay, he led his posse of boys away.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

After Sun Tian Shuo left, Che Cong scattered the crowd of people who had gathered around to watch the show in an orderly manner. The cafeteria returned to calm.

Tu Gao Ming and the girl walked over to Yu Bai Zhou.

Yu Bai Zhou looked back at He Yan, thinking that he was just a high school student who was seventeen or eighteen years old. When he met with the bad situation just now, he would definitely feel aggrieved even if he had a strong heart.

“That, just now…”

He only spoke up to here when he saw He Yan’s back leaving the wall. Holding the jade pendant in the palm of his hand, he brushed past Yu Bai Zhou.

Except for the gentle breeze that brushed against the side of Yu Bai Zhou’s face, and the faint fragrance left behind, He Yan did not say a word to Yu Bai Zhou.

Yu Bai Zhou watched He Yan’s broad back getting farther and farther away, and he was somewhat unable to recover his senses.

Tu Gao Ming looked at He Yan. He opened his mouth and scolded the other boy in anger, “WTF! That stupid c*nt really knows how to shit on a person’s kindness! Someone else helped him out, and he didn’t even say a word of thanks before leaving!”

The girl also held her hands with a speechless face towards He Yan. Than she said softly to Yu Bai Zhou: “Young Master Yu, don’t lower yourself to that strange person’s level.”

Tu Gao Ming’s anger quickly went away, and then he solicited Yu Bai Zhou’s opinion. “Boss, do you want me to catch up with him and give him a beating?”

Yu Bai Zhou thought about it and generously said: “Forget it.”

Tu Gao Ming knew that their boss had never liked He Yan, so he really couldn’t understand why his boss just helped He Yan.

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Transmigrated into a School Idol 11

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Chapter 11 – For You

While eating, Tu Gao Ming said to Che Cong, who was next to him: “Look, Che Cong, I told you before, you still have to fight. Otherwise, if somebody found you displeasing to the eye they might use their fist to teach you how to be a person. So when you have time, you should follow me and the boss more to learn how to fight.”

Che Cong shook his head helplessly, “The simpleminded cannot teach well.”

Tu Gao Ming: “You’re simpleminded!”

The girl next to Yu Bai Zhou glanced at He Yan, held her hands, and said with disgust, “What’s the point of just being good at studies? The starting point is low and therefore he is destined to be lower than others by a level. It’s not surprising that such people are bullied, right?”

After hearing this, Yu Bai Zhou’s expression became a little ugly.

Sun Tian Shuo looked at the He Yan in front of him with a face full of provocation.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Although Sun Tian Shuo’s height was not as tall as He Yan’s, he was much stronger than He Yan. With his hands in his pockets and a group of little brothers behind his back, Sun Tian Shuo’s imposing manner drew a crowd of people to come stand in a circle and watch.

He raised his chin with a sense of superiority and looked at the person in front of him as if he were an ant.


He Yan glanced at the rice spilled all over the place and the broken plate. His face did not reveal even a hint of surprise.

Off to the side, someone started up a tempo to invert right and wrong, to incite conflict.

“You rammed into someone and you still don’t apologize, are you sick in the head?”

“Just because you’re the top student you think you don’t have to apologize when you make a mistake?”

There were a few people off to the side who knew the truth of what happened and dared to whisper it out loud.

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“No, it was obviously Sun Tian Shuo who rammed into another person first. And it was He Yan’s plate that fell to the ground.”

It was just that these voices of truth were quickly covered up by even more voices of discussion.

“Wow, the shameless top student is so disgusting. Makes one want to vomit.”

“Relying on the teachers’ favor? Ha ha. Nurturing a top student like this is but a waste of the nation’s resources.”

“The entire person is such a gloomy man, and he never shows his face. Whoever meets him is so unlucky. Why does out school accept such people?”

“Not showing your face, is it to better facilitate your crimes? I always thought he was suspicious.”

“Don’t talk about it, just thinking about it is horrific.”

Sun Tian Shuo listened to the chattering voices, and he smirked with satisfaction. Then he raised his voice and said to He Yan: “He Yan, apologize to lao zi*. After you apologize, call me Daddy, then I will forgive you.”

[*T/N: 老子 lao zi – arrogant way of saying I. Has the connotation of “I, your father,” often said in anger or out of contempt.]

Jeering voices echoes through the crowd. They all seemed awfully interested in the humiliation of others.

Sun Tian Shuo waited, but he did not hear an apology from He Yan for the longest time. His face could not bear it. The smirk on his lips faded. He withdrew one hand from his pocket and pushed He Yan again.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

“I’m saying this for the last time, apologize to lao zi!”

A jade pendant fell out of He Yan’s school uniform pocket, but apparently it did not attract the attention of anyone else.

Sun Tian Shuo pressed down on He Yan’s shoulder and leaned in menacingly. “It’s best for you not to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit*.”

[*T/N: to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit = figurative speech meaning to hesitate to do something until forced to do even more]

He Yan looked at something that fell to the floor, and there was a little bit of emotion in his eyes.

He ignored Sun Tian Shuo’s threat and stared a the jade pendant on the floor.

He said coldly, “Go away.”

Hearing this , Sun Tian Shuo became furious. He patience was nearly at its limit. “口口口 He Yan, you’re just rushing to look for a beating, aren’t you?”

[T/N: Text was also censored in the original. I’m assuming it’s some strong expletives.]

Sun Tian Shuo grabbed He Yan by his school uniform and raised a fist to directly hit him. Suddenly, his shoulder was unexpectedly detained from behind.

At the same time, a pair of sneakers stopped in front of the jade pendant. The owner of the sneakers bent down. The side of his face was turned towards the light from the doorway. He picked up the jade pendant from the floor, and reached out to give it to the person in front of him.

“For you, your jade pendant.”

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The author has something to say:

Gangster Xiao Yu: “After you receive this jade pendant, you are my family’s person.”

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Transmigrated into a School Idol 10

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Chapter 10 – For You

The next day, Yu Bai Zhou was in a good mood. When he was eating in the cafeteria, his joyous mood was not concealed at all.

The boss that Tu Gao Ming often saw was cold and cool. He has never seen Yu Bai Zhou in a good mood like he was right now.

He felt guilty. He actually thought that such a boss was a little bit cute.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

From time to time, there would be looks of envy and adoration directed at Yu Bai Zhou.

“Today Young Master Yu is wearing a white collared shirt, and he looks so handsome in it! That white shirt was simply born* for him!”

[*T/N: Yes, the raws said “born” not “made”]

“If I can have half of Young Master Yu’s face value, then I would have no regrets.”

“It would be nice if I could talk to him.”

“Young Master Yu must have grown up drinking milk, I envy Young Master Yu’s skin one hundred times a day!”

“I hope that Young Master Yu will perform on stage during the National Day Party. The daily Young Master Yu is so handsome, and he is so cool when he turns into a drummer!”

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Yu Bai Zhou returned to his senses. Hearing the rainbow farts that were praising him, he was a little embarrassed.

Although he was often praised in his previous life, this was the first time that he received such overwhelming rainbow farts.

While he was eating, suddenly a person moved into the empty space next to him. He turned his head to look and saw a rather fashionable female student.

The girl got close to him, “Young Master Yu, where are we going to play this weekend?”

Yu Bai Zhou did not recognize who the girl in front of him was. His body subconsciously turned to the other side to avoid the girl’s advancing closeness.

The girl seemed to notice his avoidance. Her face revealed a dissatisfied expression as she frowned. “Last time at the bar, who was it that said he was going to take me on a date this weekend? Young Master Yu didn’t forget, did he?”

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Yu Bai Zhou did not recognize the girl in front of him, but the original book mentioned that the original host had many ambiguous girlfriends, and this girl was probably one of them.

This was a bit troublesome. Let’s just straightforwardly refuse.

Yu Bai Zhou said: “I haven’t forgotten, but this week…”

When the girl heard this, she smirked and intercepted his words, “Are you going to tell me that there is no time? You promised me though.”

Done speaking, she reached out and hugged his arm.

Yu Bai Zhou: “…”

Looking at the girl’s about to get angry face, Yu Bai Zhou had to smile and pretend to laugh. He took his arm out of the girl’s hand. “Let’s talk about it when the time comes.”

The girl was about to frown and complain when suddenly the sound of a plate hitting the floor came from not far away.

Several people looked over in the direction of the noise.

All they saw was one boy surrounded by several other people. The floor was sprinkled with food and the plate was broken into several pieces.

Yu Bai Zhou recognized the boy being surrounded. It was the one named He Yan.

Tu Gao Ming only took one look and then withdrew his gaze. “Aye, I was wondering who it was. It’s He Yan. That’s not strange*. He’s a weirdo.”

[*T/N: “That’s not strange” as in this scene of him being bullied is commonplace.]

Because they were far away, Yu Bai Zhou could not hear the dialogue happening over there, and could only see the scene being played out. Suddenly, he saw a male student with a crew cut push He Yan hard. He Yan took a half step back and his back pressed against the wall. The boy with the crew cut was a few centimeters shorter than He Yan, and his expression was provocative, very fierce.

Yu Bai Zhou’s heart seized for a moment.

He didn’t want to look on any more. Yu Bai Zhou withdrew his gaze. He squeezed the chopsticks in his hand and told himself that it was not his business.

He promised his dad that he would not cause trouble at school again.

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Transmigrated into a School Idol 9

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Chapter 9 – For You

The man who had just returned home was standing next to the sofa while tugging off his tie with one hand. Yu Bai Zhou only saw the back of his figure,, but looking at his silhouette alone, Yu Bai Zhou could see that this was a very temperamental man.

When Yu Chen turned and faced him, Yu Bai Zhou could see his face clearly. The body wrapped in a dark suit was very good, and his height was about one point eight meters tall. His facial features were handsome, just… the expression on his face was a bit gloomy.

Fu Xia stepped forward. While taking Yu Chen’s coat, he asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen to the company?”

“The financial affairs professional recruited last month was not familiar, and there was a problem with an item in the ledger.”

“What is the specific situation?”

While the two dads discussed business affairs, Yu Bai Zhou moved with light and unhurried steps to the side of the television. He studied the intelligent water system in front of him for a moment. With somewhat awkward movements, he retrieved two cups of warm water and placed it on the table in front of the two men. Soon after, he turned and returned to the kitchen.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Yu Chen froze when he saw the warm water on the table, and then he looked at Fu Xia. “What situation is this?” He pointed towards the kitchen. “Was that brat’s brain pulled out today?”

Fu Xia: “…”

The three of them sat down at the dining table to eat together. Due to the hitch at work for Yu Chen, the atmosphere at the dinner table was not very good. Yu Bai Zhou felt uncomfortable and constrained as he ate.

“Yu Bai Zhou, you didn’t cause trouble at school today, did you?”

Suddenly hearing Yu Chen’s voice, Yu Bai Zhou choked on the tender steamed egg in his mouth.

Fu Xia gave him a napkin and said to Yu Chen: “Let’s not talk about school things while we eat.”

Yu Chen said: “If it weren’t because of him always making trouble at school, you think I would mention this at the dinner table?”

Yu Bai Zhou took the napkin and wiped his mouth.

Fu Xia wanted to say something, but Yu Bai Zhou beat him to the punch: “I’m sorry. All this time, I have always been causing the two of you to worry.”

When they heard his words, both of them were surprised at the same time.

Yu Bai Zhou knew that the original host’s character was stubborn and often caused trouble, making the two dads worry a lot over this matter. Now that it was him who owned this body, then he must do the job of appeasing both of their emotions.

Yu Bai Zhou stabilized his tone before telling them solemnly that he had made up his mind, that he would put his mind on learning in the future, and that he would not fail their expectations.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

There were no parents who would not worry for their children, and Yu Chen and Fu Xia were this type of parents.

After listening to Yu Bai Zhou talk, the two parents glanced at each other, and it seemed like they could not believe that such words were spoken from their son’s mouth. Then they both looked at Yu Bai Zhou together.

It’s been too long since Yu Bai Zhou has been looked at so attentively. He felt a bit embarrassed.

Fu Xia asked first: “Really?”

Yu Bai Zhou affirmed: “En.”

Yu Chen looked at Yu Bai Zhou and put down the chopsticks in his hand. “Okay. From now until the end of this semester, if you can guarantee to study well in school and not cause trouble, I will agree to let you go participate in the Romania volunteer project that you’ve always wanted to go to during the vacation.”

“Romania…” Yu Bai Zhou responded for a moment, and then he thought of something, and asked excitedly: “Is, is it the origin place of the legendary vampires?”

Yu Chen looked at his second middle child with the unpitying gaze of someone looking at a retard. “…It can be considered as such, I guess.”

Yu Bai Zhou was so excited that he was speechless. You must know, he very much liked the protagonist of folklore about creatures of the night, who was both a werewolf and a vampire. That was way too cool!

He obediently assured Yu Chen: “Don’t worry, Dad, I won’t get in trouble again!”

He only had one purpose here, and that was to live on. Things such as fighting and causing trouble, he was really not good at them. So a promise like this was completely not a problem for him!

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Transmigrated into a School Idol 8

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Chapter 8 – For You

There was likely a bit of new progress in the transfer of information. After the reminder of 008, the information of concerning Yu Bai Zhou’s parents began to intermittently appear in his mind.

A pair of husbands adopted the original host when he was at the age of five. He did not have one father and one mother like other people, but instead, he had two fathers, and the gentle-looking man in front of him was one of them.

Fu Xia, thirty-five years old. He was a well-known architectural designer. He designed this very villa that they lived in.

His other father, Yu Chen, was the CEO of a famous listed company in City A. He was thirty-six years old right now. When he was young, he was a fu er dai*, pampered rich son. Then he met the original host’s younger dad, Fu Xia, and he had his heart set. Thus, he wholeheartedly put his attentions on his family and career.

[*T/N: 富二代 fu er dai – children of entrepreneurs who became wealthy under Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms in the 1980s.]

The original host was adopted in the second year after Yu Chen and Fu Xia formed a family.

[T/N: The author used the phrase 组成家庭 “form a family” instead of the word “marriage,” so it might be that same-sex marriage is not legalized in this setting. Not sure yet.]

Yu Bai Zhou organized the thoughts in his mind. After accepting the fact that this man who looked like he was in his early twenties was actually his father, he accepted the fact that his parents were actually husbands.

In fact, Yu Bai Zhou was very tolerant towards all sexual orientations. Just like how heterosexual bonding was common, homosexual bonding was practically the same in his eyes. So after learning that his parents were actually husbands, he just buffered for a minute, and then accepted it as fact.

Fu Xia was flabbergasted when Yu Bai Zhou called him “dad.” Yu Bai Zhou took note of his expression.

According to the information in the book, the original host actually rejected his parents for being different from others. When he was an innocent child, he did not feel that it was strange to have two dads, until he learned from other people’s idle gossip that having two dads was abnormal, and then he started to resent his two dads.

Incidentally, after that, he accidentally stumbled upon his two dads being intimate with each other and his disgust towards them reached an extreme level. He not only got angry with his two dads, he also declared that he wanted to leave and become independent.

Yu Chen, whose temper wasn’t that good, immediately sorted out the original host, who was in his third year of junior middle school at the time. The original host harbored hard feelings.

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Ever since then, his relationship with his two dads became stiff. Afterwards, he refused to call the two men his dads, and he no longer acted spoiled like he did as a child. And the relationships in the family developed an invisible distance.

“I received the school’s message. The students don’t have self-study this evening.” Fu Xia’s voice pulled Yu Bai Zhou back from his thoughts.

Yu Bai Zhou replied with an “en” sound.

“You must be hungry right? I had aunty prepare your favorite steamed egg with shrimp. It should be almost ready by now.”

As Fu Xia spoke, he wanted to take Yu Bai Zhou’s hand and bring him to the dining room. His hand just lifted up, but it paused in the air, and then fell back down again. He smiled, “Let’s go.”

Yu Bai Zhou carefully took in all of Fu Xia’s mood changes. He froze for half a second, thought about it, and then stepped forward to take Fu Xia’s arm.

Fu Xia’s expression was somewhat surprised.

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Yu Bai Zhou used the coquettish voice of someone from a younger generation acting spoiled towards someone from an older generation to ask, “Papa, is there anything else besides steamed egg with shrimp? I want to eat many other things, too.”

Fu Xia’s eyes glowed with warmth, “Go ahead and say what you want to eat. I’ll have aunty make it for you.”

Yu Bai Zhou reported the names of a few simple dishes, and then the two headed towards the dining room.

They sat around the dining table as the delicious dishes were served. Yu Bai Zhou and Fu Xia chatted together.

After a while, there was some noise from the living room. Yu Chen had come back home.

Fu Xia got up and went out.

As a courtesy, Yu Bai Zhou also put down the tableware and followed.

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Transmigrated into a School Idol 7

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Chapter 7 – The Invisible Specialized Top Student

He Yan… Wasn’t he the boy that the original host had caught and taken to an empty classroom for a beating? That boy and he were in the same class?

At this time, Tu Gao Ming also happened to talk to him about He Yan, “Boss, He Yan didn’t come to class this afternoon. Do you think it is because we gave him a scare at noon, so he doesn’t dare to come to class in the afternoon?”

Yu Bai Zhou recalled the look that the boy named He Yan had given him when he left the empty classroom. He felt that what Tu Gao Ming said was unlikely. That person’s character should not be as weak as Tu Gao Ming thought.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Yu Bai Zhou was suddenly a little curious about this person, so he made some insinuations to Tu Gao Ming to inquire about He Yan.

“You’re asking about He Yan? That guy’s temperament is extremely weird and his personality is very antisocial. He often travels alone and he doesn’t like to show his face. Some people are guessing that he must be ugly, and that’s why he doesn’t dare to show his face.”

After Tu Gao Ming finished speaking, he finally reacted, “Wait, Boss, why are you asking me about He Yan? Aren’t you the one who knows the most about He Yan?”

Yu Bai Zhou was stupefied. Then he casually said, “Yes, I am, just want to see if you know or not.”

Tu Gao Ming slapped his leg. “Then I am certain, He Yan is a weirdo, and the whole school knows it.”

Yu Bai Zhou said in a half-doubtful and half-affirmative tone, “He Yan’s reputation is bad?”

Tu Gao Ming affirmed it. He said, “Simply rotten to the core.”

Tu Gao Ming said, “He Yan, this person, anyway, I just find him displeasing to the eye. Just depending on his studies to be good. He seems like a dope.”

Yu Bai Zhou heard what was said and his soul left his body.

He suddenly felt as he saw the shadow of his past self on He Yan, and he couldn’t help it, sympathy sprouted in his heart.

After school in the afternoon, the boarding students all hurried to the dining hall, and the day students got ready to go home.

Today, the school was having a meeting, so none of the students had evening self-study.

The original host’s setting was a day student. He had a good family background and also a chauffeur to send him to school and pick him up from school.

After school, Yu Bai Zhou walked to the school gate. Because he was in a hurry, he accidentally bumped into a boy halfway. The boy had black hair, handsome facial features, and his school uniform was clean and tidy. After apologizing, he left.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Behind him, the boy looked at Yu Bai Zhou’s departing back. The person next to him took two steps forward. He said with puzzlement, “Young Master Li, what happened to Yu Bai Zhou today? How come it’s like he doesn’t recognize you?”

Li Bei looked at the figure that was fast disappearing towards the school entrance. His eyes could not help but squint.

When Yu Bai Zhou arrived at the school gate, the car was already waiting by the entrance.

It was a black Maybach, very impressive.

Yu Bai Zhou got in the car.

The car drove forward, leaving the school behind, and the final destination was a luxurious villa comparable to a castle.

After the driver took Yu Bai Zhou to the courtyard, he then drove the car to the garage.

Because of the incomplete transfer of information of the novel, Yu Bai Zhou was unfamiliar with many things, such as the luxury villa in front of him, and the appearances of the original host’s parents.

Yu Bai Zhou didn’t know what the parents of the original host looked like or what their characters were like. He hoped that they could be kind people.

Thinking of seeing his elders soon, Yu Bai Zhou could not help but feel a little nervous.

He took a moment to steady his nerves. Then he walked to the door, reaching for the doorbell.

In ten seconds or less, the door opened.

In the door stood a young man, about the same height as Yu Bai Zhou, with fair skin and gentle brows. He looked like he was in his early twenties.

Yu Bai Zhou stood in a daze at the door. He searched for information about this person in his mind, but he could not find anything.

Yu Bai Zhou thought for a while, the original host seemed to be the only child, so this person should be and older brother from the neighborhood or something…

Why not just courteously call him older brother?

Thinking like this, Yu Bai Zhou boldly said: “Bro…”

008: “Call him Dad.”

Yu Bai Zhou: “Dad!”

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