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Delayed Updates?

Hello Everyone,

I feel like I should make a general announcement about this, because in the past month I’ve updated about two chapters a day late, and a couple of chapters have been coming out very late into the day. I’ve had a few people asking if I’m not going to update a story at all whenever that happened. And I want to reassure you that if I promised weekly updates for a certain story, then at the very least there will be weekly updates for that story, even if the update is running late, because I get at least one day off work every week. (That’s the important news. You can keep reading if you want more details.)

For those who were wondering about my real life circumstances, I work in healthcare right now. It’s not the most ideal job given the state of things, because I live with older people and I’m afraid of getting them sick, but I need the money to support my family, so I’ve been taking extra shifts and working overtime whenever I can. This means I usually come home very tired, clonk out on the sofa, wake up to scarf down some food, post an update, and then go back to sleep. (Sometimes I don’t come home at all, because I stay with a friend who lives very close to my workplace. When that happens, I don’t have access to my PC.)

I don’t always post late on work days though. It depends on which shift I get. So sometimes chapters will still be posted at a reasonable time.

Should my financial situation stabilize in the future, I would not need to take as many work shifts, but at the moment I am the only one with a job in the family, so I have to work hard, and I am immensely grateful to have a source of income.

Now would be a good time to ask you not to use ad-block when perusing my site, because I do earn a bit of revenue from the ads on my site. It’s not such a significant amount that I can cut back on my work hours, but every penny helps. (As annoying as the ads may be, they are beneficial to me. Yes, I actually find them highly annoying because I think they mess with the aesthetic and order of the site, and I can’t really control where the ads are placed, because the person who gives me the ads places them in what they consider the most “optimal” spots.)

TL;DR – Please rest assured that my main stories will get updated weekly, although I may sometimes be late due to real life circumstances.

Thank you for your understanding and patience,

— Vanilla Muse

P.S. If you ask me a question in the comments, please excuse me if the reply comes several days late, because I can’t keep up with the comments in real time.

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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 6.4

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Chapter 6.4 – Not Forgetting the Original Intention

Will happiness really come again? Xue Zi Xuan smiled and exchanged a few large bills for this purple bellflower swaying in the wind. Carefully, he pressed the stalk into the youth’s hands.
Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.
Zhou Yun Sheng was befuddled. But fortunately the young man did not buy roses for him in front of everyone’s eyes. It was easier to accept a Chinese bellflower. He pinched the flower and sniffed the white stamen gently.

The girl hurriedly refused. “It’s only five yuan for a bellflower. Sir, you have given too much!”

“Not too much, it’s worth it, thank you.” Xue Zi Xuan smiled. The meaning of the bellflower in flower language seemed to herald his destiny. Some day after his rebirth, he could get the blessing of “happiness again.” Nothing was more precious than this sentence, this flower.

He rarely smiled, so when he smiled sincerely, his handsome face seemed to be glowing, and his appearance was also unimaginably gentle. Zhou Yun Sheng gave him a quick glance, then a few seconds later he gave him another glance. He had to admit that he was almost enchanted.

Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t stand the tenderness and thoughtfulness of the young man. The way he took such good care of him, it made him involuntarily think of the original intention of the young man for bringing him back to the city.

What kind of person could covet his heart (for transplant) and also show him such warm and soft actions? Fine. The young man had schizophrenia, so he could easily switch between being a gentle brother and a cold-blooded killer. In the face of a mentally ill person, Zhou Yun Sheng felt powerless. He pinched the bellflower and continued to wander the streets in the arms of the young man. The expression on his face showed that he was struggling and at a loss.

Support the translator. Read this on vmnovels (dot) com

How he hoped that the warmth that the young man gave him was from the heart, and not some cruel trick prompted by sudden impulse. After reincarnating for several lifetimes, he longed for stability and freedom. Even more, he longed for a dependent shoulder to lean on when he’s exhausted.

Did this shoulder belong to him? Occasionally he would have these unreasonable wishes, but he would quickly resume his tranquil state of mind. Until he could get rid of the villain system, he was not eligible to own anything.

Feeling that the person in his arms had changed from enthusiastic to absent-minded, Xue Zi Xuan turned to look at him and asked softly, “Are you hungry? Let’s find a place to eat?”

“En, let’s go home early after dinner. I’m worried about Jing Yi.” Zhou Yun Sheng answered dispiritedly.

Xue Zi Xuan’s eyes were slightly dark, but he didn’t say anything. He changed from embracing to holding hands and led the teenager into a very high-end French restaurant. Due to the festive atmosphere, the restaurant was full of guests. Without reservations, there was no seating for a while.

Fortunately, Xue Zi Xuan was a frequent visitor. The VIP card was handed over, and the attendant immediately arranged a double seat for them.

Zhou Yun Sheng was holding the flowers, and he was hugged by the handsome and immaculate man. His height just reached the young man’s shoulder, giving off a vague feeling of a little bird relying on people*. Along the way to their table, people kept looking over. They could recognize him as the piano emperor. With expressions of surprise, they turned to whisper to one another.

[*T/N: idiom for “cute and helpless-looking”]

Xue Zi Xuan’s aloofness was renowned among their social circle. But the him of today was full of tender smiles. He was meticulously considerate, guarding the teenager tightly, compared to his past self it was like two completely different people.

It couldn’t be, was the piano emperor in love? And the partner was a young boy? Who could have thought that he was gay! Within a day, rumors and the like will spread in the upper circles.

Zhou Yun Sheng became more and more confused about what the young man was planning to do. He thought that the other party changed superficially on the outside (while remaining the same on the inside) in order to trick him and find another place to put him under house arrest. But right now, he was taking him out openly to high-end venues. His attitude did not seem evasive; instead, he was even more considerate. This high-profile move was completely contrary to his original intention.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Isn’t he afraid that some curious person might look into Huang Yi and break through the conspiracy of the Xue family? Zhou Yun Sheng repeatedly pondered, but he never considered that the young man’s feelings for him were real and not some ulterior motive meant to take advantage of him.

While he was thinking wildly of all the possibilities, the two were seated and the server bent over to present two menus to them.

Zhou Yun Sheng returned to his senses, hurriedly glanced at the menu and then set it aside. With his face flushed, he whispered, “Brother, I don’t understand it.” In fact, his spirit and the system were connected. The system had all the information about the world, including all the history and languages of various countries. Not just French, even if it were some aboriginal language in Africa, all he needed to do was use the database of the system and he could grasp the knowledge instantly. But Huang Yi was from a remote and isolated village. That he could speak Mandarin well was already good enough, never mind foreign languages.

Xue Zi Xuan reached out and squeezed his crimson cheeks. He smiled. “Brother will help you order.” He did not expect that Xiao Yi, who was fluent in ten foreign languages in the last life, also had such times of distress. But he knew how smart he was, and if he was given enough time, he could grow to be better than anyone.

“What is the main dish today?” He used perfectly standardized French to communicate with the waiter.

“Vegetable stew in white sauce, the dessert is a Parisian wheel cake.”

Xue Zi Xuan nodded. He looked over the menu for a few seconds and then pointed at a small line of words. He instructed, “Give us the set meal for couples*.”

[*T/N: 情侣 qing lv – sweethearts / lovers]

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Tightrope 19

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Chapter 19 – Team Training Line

Luckily, Sasuke’s lateness was not a repeat occurrence. The same could not be said for Kakashi however.

With nothing to do but to wait for their jonin sensei to show up, Sasuke proposed that they spend that time sparring.

“We didn’t get to go up against each other much at the Academy,” Sasuke said to Sakura. “I want to see how much you’ve improved. Don’t hold back.”

The pink haired girl shook her head with trepidation, but it wasn’t for the reason that one might guess. “If I go all out, I might seriously hurt you. Um, that is not to say that I think that you’re weak!” She squeaked. “I mean Sasuke-kun placed the highest in taijutsu class, and I-”


“Yes?” She squeaked and then blushed.

“I’m training in medical ninjutsu, and at the risk of sounding cocky, I am confident that I can heal any injury caused by a friendly spar. At the very least I can stabilize an injury until professional help comes.”


“If it worries you so much, why don’t you fight against Naruto’s clones first? That way you won’t hurt one of us and we can assess your skills.”

Sakura nodded. “That sounds like a good idea.”

“Though personally, I think it would be more exciting to fight against you without knowing your full skill set.” Sasuke’s lips quirked up in what might be a smirk. “Right now, you are quite the wild card on the team.”

Sakura blushed and played with the skirt of her qipao. “It’s not like I know everything about you two either.”

Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other. A silent exchange passed between them. “And we will remedy that soon enough,” Sasuke said. “But if you don’t mind, I’m eager to see what you can do.”

“Yeah, Sakura-chan, show us your stuff!” Naruto cheered.

“All right.” Sakura nodded with faint amusement and determination. She would not hold anything back. She was going to wow her teammates and let them know that she could stand on equal ground with them.

Some time later, Sakura was panting heavily on the field, and her two teammates were picking their jaws up from the ground.

“Sakura,” Sasuke said as he approached her and laid a hand on her shoulder.

His hand lit up with green chakra and Sakura felt a dose of soothing healing chakra enter her system. She sighed.

“You’re right, I could’ve gotten badly injured if you were serious.”

He recalled the shadow clones that Sakura cleaved in half with her battle-axes. She wielded two of those massive weapons. Her balance was better with two axes, making her much deadlier than if she were to only wield one. The disadvantage was that it wasn’t a good weapon for close quarters and as her control still needed improvement it was best avoided when fighting alongside comrades, least she injured a teammate by accident. However, there was a definite element of surprise to see a petit girl like Sakura pull out giant battle axes, and if Sakura were to fight one-on-one or one-on-many, as she had done with the shadow clones, in an open field, then she and her axes made for a deadly combination. She wouldn’t be much of a match against a jonin like Kakashi, but for a genin she was advanced.

“Perhaps it’s better to stick to taijutsu for now,” Sasuke concluded.

Naruto twitched and muttered, “I don’t think that’s much better. She reminds me of Fuzzy Eyebrows, except with less speed and strength but more viciousness and creativity.”

“Why don’t you take a break now and observe how Naruto and I fight?”

Sakura nodded and took a seat on the grass as Naruto and Sasuke got into position. They made the hand sign for a friendly spar and slid into their stances. A sudden gust was their starting gong, and then the two leapt into a whirlwind dance.

By the time Kakashi arrived in the training area, his team was sweaty and out of breath.

Kakashi was surprised and impressed by his team’s self-motivation. He had expected to find the children sitting around, bored out of their minds. It looked like he would have to revise their training schedule.

“All right, then. Since it looks like you guys have worked out a morning schedule, I will get you started on chakra training exercises when I arrive. After that we will have lunch and take a short break. In the afternoon, we will do some team exercises and then pick up a mission afterwards. Any objections?”

He wasn’t expecting any and he didn’t get any.

Sakura and Naruto got to their feet and stood at attention as they waited for instructions. Sasuke was still lying on the grass with an arm thrown across his eyes. He was a little more tired than his teammates, having used medical ninjutsu to heal some of the nastier bruises they got.

“Come on, Sasuke. Up you go.” Kakashi offered a hand, which Sasuke took with a recalcitrant look. Kakashi pulled the brunette up and waited for Sasuke to steady himself before letting go. Sasuke sniffed at Kakashi’s scent. His features relaxed and he took a step back to fall into formation with his teammates.

Kakashi walked over to a tree, and then with his hands in his pockets he walked straight up the tree. “This is the tree walking exercise. It is said that if you can master this then you can master any ninjutsu.” He continued walking until he was hanging upside down from a branch. “The point is to regulate your chakra flow to your feet. Too little chakra and you won’t be able to stick to the tree. Too much chakra will blow you away from the tree.” He threw down three kunai to his team. “Use those to mark your progress. A running start might be helpful.”

And so their chakra training began.

After lunch and another team exercise, Team Seven ambled towards the Hokage Tower for their second, technically, third, mission.

Along the way, Naruto was chatting up a storm as usual. Sakura listened without much interest, but paid just enough attention to not be rude. Despite her growing fondness for the loudmouthed blond, Sakura still did not have much patience for his endless chatter. Only the thought that it made Sasuke happy to see them get along kept Sakura from knocking the blond upside the head to get him to quiet down. A voice in the back of her mind was growing increasingly agitated with Naruto’s story about ramen and the Hokage’s grandson.

Sakura snuck a glance at Sasuke from the corner of her eye. She cocked her head to the side in thought. “Isn’t Sasuke-kun walking exceptionally close to Kakashi-sensei?” She noted out loud.


This caught both Naruto and Sasuke’s attention. Kakashi was already aware of the brunette in their group slowly inching closer to him as they walked, but it seemed that Sasuke himself was not aware of his actions.

“You smell like wet dog,” Sasuke muttered with his head bowed to hide a growing blush.

Kakashi’s brow rose under his headband.

“Huh? Isn’t that kind of gross?” Naruto asked.

Kakashi twitched. “Now, now, Naruto, if my cute little genin wants to walk next to me then I certainly won’t complain.” To further annoy the blond, Kakashi slung an arm around Sasuke’s shoulders to pull him in close as they walked. He did not miss the flinch or the sudden tensing of Sasuke’s shoulders. Kakashi did not comment on this nor did he remove his arm. After a moment Sasuke took a deep breath of Kakashi’s scent and relaxed into his hold.

“You hentai-sensei!” Naruto accused with a finger in Kakashi’s face. The jonin batted the offending hand away. Naruto continued on his tirade, while Sakura look uncertain of how to respond. By the light flush on her cheeks, she probably found the scene cute.

Their mission that day was to walk the Inuzuka’s dogs and bathe them afterwards. Sasuke’s face lit up when he saw the furry animals. Kakashi smiled under his mask. It’s good to know that the Last Loyal Uchiha was not as iced over as popular opinion believed. There was no doubt that there were underlying issues and trauma that Kakashi would have to work out with Sasuke someday, but looking at Sasuke’s pleased face as a rather giant breed of dog lapped at his cheek, it didn’t feel like such a hopeless task as what he thought it would be when he was first assigned the Uchiha to his team.

Team Seven’s days continued on in this matter, with training in the morning and D-rank missions in the afternoon. The team would always eat lunch together, mostly it was pre-packaged lunch, and on the occasion when Team Seven managed to complete three D-rank missions in one evening, Kakashi would treat the team to dinner.

They progressed to the point where they could complete a team exercise in less than ten minutes, but that’s only when Kakashi decided not to include himself as one of the obstacles. They advanced to water walking. To no one’s surprise, Sakura was again the first to master water walking, with Sasuke and Naruto close behind.

Despite the bone weary training sessions and mind numbing string of D-rank missions, it was all rather idyllic until Naruto couldn’t stand it anymore and blew up at the Hokage one day.

“No! No more D-rank missions! I’m sick and tired of weeding gardens and cleaning out the river. I want a C-rank mission. Give us a C-rank, jiji!”

Iruka tried to talk Naruto out of it, but Kakashi decided to back his team up on this one. His genin were dedicated and self-motivated ninjas. They were more than ready for a C-rank mission.

The Hokage relented and introduced them to their client.

A side door opened to reveal an elderly man wobbling unsteadily on his feet with a sake bottle dangling from his fingers.

“What’s this? They’re all just a bunch of kids,” was the client’s first comment upon seeing Team Seven.

The client took a long drink from his bottle. Sasuke scowled at the alcoholic drink in the old man’s hand, but the client was too out of it to notice the hostile glare.

“Hey, is the shrimp with an idiotic face really a ninja?” The client slurred.

Sasuke gritted his teeth in annoyance. It was Sakura that stepped forward to defend Naruto, “I can assure you client-san that we are all capable ninjas.” She spoke sternly, a voice that brokered no arguments.

The old man grumbled. “I am the bridge building expert, Tazuna. Once I have returned to my country, I will have all of you protect my life with yours while I complete the bridge.”

“That would be a given.” Sasuke said. “Is there any need to reiterate such an obvious thing?”

“Hmph.” Tazuna turned is nose up and took another swing from his bottle.

Sasuke’s hands curled into fists.

Kakashi laughed nervously. “Team.” His genin turned their attention to him. “Gather a mission bag. Pack lightly for an extended mission and don’t forget provisions and sleeping equipment. We meet at the front gate in two hours.”

Sasuke was the first one out the door. Naruto narrowed his eyes at the drunken bridge builder and then followed Sasuke out with Sakura close behind.

Two hours later, Team Seven and Tazuna met at the village’s front gates. Tazuna still had a drink in hand, and Sasuke’s glower had not lessened one bit.

“Sasuke,” Kakashi said in a gentle and low voice as he laid a hand on Sasuke’s shoulder. Sasuke held himself rigid to contain the instinctual flinch, but he soon relaxed into Kakashi’s side at the familiar scent. “Will this,” he wave vaguely at the space between Sasuke and Tazuna, “be a problem for the mission?”

Sasuke glared at Tazuna as the man took another long drink from his bottle. Team Seven had never witnessed Sasuke so openly hostile before. Sasuke bit his lip and turned away from the sight of their inebriated client. “I am well aware of my duties as a Konoha genin.”

Kakashi hummed noncommittally at the answer. He heard the answer underneath the underneath and knew that Sasuke was not committing to a yes or no answer, but he decided to trust in Sasuke’s restraint. After all, Sasauke was a member of his team, and he wanted to believe in his teammates.

“Sasuke-kun,” Sakura hedged carefully, “Why do you seem to dislike Tazuna-san so much? I mean, I know he doubted our abilities and insulted Naruto, but…”

“Only people with something to hide or people with something to run away from cower behind the veneer of spirits and inebriation,” he said this loud enough for Tazuna to hear. The old man twitched at his words. “I do not trust such people. They are the first to abuse your kindness and betray your trust.”

Kakashi thought back to Sasuke’s self-introduction. “I dislike alcoholics, and I hate people who betray my trust and people who abuse my kindness.” What happened in Sasuke’s past to invoke that statement? Was it something that happened in the Uchiha clan or was it something that happened when he was kidnapped by missing-nin? Or was it something else?

“Look here, kid,” Tazuna jabbed a finger at Sasuke’s face.

Sasuke scrunched up his nose and grabbed the old man around the wrist. Then he forced the hand back down, careful to keep his hold gentle yet firm so as to not hurt the client. Tazuna grunted as he tried to resist Sasuke’s strength, but it was useless.

“Do you have anymore complaints about our qualifications as ninja?”

Tazuna was red in the face, but it was hard to tell if it was the flush of alcohol or embarrassment. He grumbled and turned around to head out the gates. Sasuke stopped him with the grip around his wrist.

“Not so hasty now. We wouldn’t want our client to walk unguarded would we?” Sasuke sneered.

Tazuna gulped and Sasuke took point, both to stay upwind from Tazuna and to keep the man out of his sight. The rest of Team Seven fell into formation and they headed away from Konoha. Sasuke barely hesitated when he stepped pass the gate’s threshold. His shoulders slumped as if releasing a pent up breath and then he held his head high and continued forward.

Throughout it all, Naruto was quiet as he observed the on goings of his team. Even his elation at leaving the village for the first time was tempered by the gloomy atmosphere. This trip was nothing like what he had imagined. If he knew that taking this mission was going to put such a pained look on Sasuke’s face then he would’ve held off on demanding a C-rank mission.

Sasuke looked over his shoulder and caught Naruto’s eye. Naruto was guarding the right flank with Sakura on the left and their sensei taking up the rear. The brunette smiled imperceptibly at Naruto and turned back to the front. It made Naruto’s heart clench to know that his teammate was still thinking of him in spite of whatever internal turmoil he must have been battling with.

In reply, Naruto threw his fists up into the air and shouted, “All right! Let’s get this show on the road!”

Sasuke turned to the left and gave a small nod to Sakura. The pink haired girl couldn’t help being worried, but she nodded and slapped on a more focused expression.

“Don’t get too carried away, Naruto. This is still a mission,” she said.

“I know, I know.”

Kakashi shook his head at his team’s antics, but couldn’t help smiling under his mask.

This was his team’s first C-rank mission. How would they fair?

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Update – FOD: Xue Zi Xuan Side Story

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update for fans of this story. I recently contacted my co-translator, Moonlightfrost10, and she told me that she’s lost the motivation to continue translating this story, but she will still finish translating chapter 5.3 and after that I will take over as sole translator for this story. While she’s working on chapter 5.3 I’m stockpiling chapters, so that hopefully when I take over I can give you more frequent updates than before. I promise you, this story will not be dropped. Even if real life makes updates slow at times, I still plan to see this project through to the end. So keep an eye out for new updates on this site. See you soon.

~Vanilla Muse \(^ㅅ^)/

Edit: Unfortunately I don’t know when chapter 5.3 will be up as I am not privy to Moonlightfrost10’s personal schedule. I’m just waiting patiently like everyone else. Thank you for understanding.

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Chinese New Year Surprises!

Happy Chinese New Year Readers! 🎊

In celebration of the lunar new year I will be posting updates on vmnovels for the first main three days of the new year 🎉
2/5 Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil: Xue Zi Xuan’s Side Story 2.1
2/6 Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil: Xue Zi Xuan’s Side Story 2.2
2/7 Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 6

On the tenth day of Chinese New Year, which is also Valentine’s Day 💖
2/14 Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 7

Finally, capping off the lunar new year 🎆
2/19 Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil: Xue Zi Xuan’s Side Story 2.3

For those of you who are unaware, I have also added new reward tiers and upgraded the existing reward tiers on patreon.

May the year of the pig bring luck and joy to everyone! 🐷 💕

– Vanilla Muse

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2/3/19 Update

Hello Dear Readers,

Due to the increased traffic recently to my website ( I am migrating to a new web hosting service with more space. Customer support says it takes up to 48 hours for the website to propagate and will therefore be unavailable in the meanwhile. I’m not too sure about all the technical jargon and I’m still trying to figure out how this new web hosting service works, so please be patient while I work things out. Hopefully once everything is set up this will mean faster access and lesser downtimes on the site.

Patreon rewards will be updated as usual. As for the weekly update, I will post it as soon as the site is back up and running.

– Muse

As copied from my blog and my patreon.

I no longer post translations on my blog, but if something goes wrong with my website, you can check my blog or my patreon for updates or contact me through the comments there.

WordPress Blog:

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Pleasing Start-Over

Title: Pleasing Start-Over
Author: 橘子 (Tangerine Boat)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Yaoi
Total Chapters: 103 (completed)
Translation Status: Ongoing (by Eggtranslates)
Raws: jjwxc
Novel Updates: Link

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Qiao Chen strangely enough transmigrated into an interstellar-age world and grew up once again. Then again, for some strange reason, was requested to go to different worlds and search for the soul parts of this world’s military general.

As he hopped into different worlds with the help of a system, he unexpectedly discovered that he transmigrated to his other self in every world.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a coincidental chance or destined arrangement, since he has the chance to start-over, why not, while he is doing his task (of finding the soul pieces), try to get revenge and fulfilling his other self’s wishes?

Since God gave him the opportunity to change his fate, why shouldn’t he live a pleasing life?


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Pleasing Start-Over 2

T/N: I finally finished reading the much lauded “Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil” and I absolutely loved it! Reviews said “Pleasing Start-Over” is similar to FOD so I had to check it out. Sadly there weren’t any translated chapters on the NU page when I checked, so I started translating this story myself about two weeks ago. I didn’t expect to find that another translator had picked up this project when I checked back today.
I’m so excited! ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽ Thank you to EggTranslates! Since I already translated up to chapter 2, I thought I might as well put it up to help shorten the wait a bit. Happy reading everyone, and I look forward to Eggtranslates’ work in the future.

Previous Chapter

Arc 1 – Powerful Turtledove Occupy the Magpie Nest
Chapter 2

Qiao Chen was in the bathroom performing a quick wash up of his person. In the room outside they were already making preparations for his soul crossing. At that time, he would fall into a coma state like General Andri. He had no idea when he would be able to wake up, so he wanted to clean himself up a bit first.
Translations by
On the counter there were three sets of clothes laid out for him to choose from. One was a set of loose hospital garments. One was a set of pajamas. And the last one was a set of casual at home wear. Qiao Chen didn’t have a habit of wearing pajamas and even as a doctor he didn’t like wearing hospital garments. It was a bit superstitious, but there was a feeling of cursing himself if he chose the hospital garments, so he put on the casual clothes and walked out of the bathroom.

The general’s bedside was filled with a lot of new equipment. Qiao Chen lay down beside the general and he could see the empire’s war god only half a meter away from him.

Various equipments were attached to his head and his arms, which lay outside of the quilt that covered him. The officer named Mutter Folly had already explained to him about the system connected to his brain and how to operate it. With this system he should have no problem surviving no matter what world he landed in. It might even be a very wonderful thing, but he couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous.

When everything was set up and ready, everyone else left the room. Folly went over to the bed and said to Qiao Chen, “Don’t worry, our equipment and system are perfect. Just pretend you’re going on a trip to another time and space, but don’t forget to bring back the general’s soul.”

Qiao Chen chuckled. Going on a trip to other time and space with such a big responsibility on his back, in the entire universe, he was probably the first person.

Gradually he fell into a drowsy state, but Qiao Chen still maintained a sense of lucidity. His brain suddenly felt dizzy. It felt like he had been riding on a bus for a long time, and experiencing motion sickness from the starting point to the destination. The discomfort of dizziness and chest tightness made him feel a little nauseous.

Qiao Chen slowly opened his eyes. His vision was a little blurry. When the scene in front of him gradually became clear, he saw a completely unfamiliar room.

He supported his still dizzy head as he sat up. After looking around the room he guessed that his soul had crossed over successfully, but he did not know whose body he occupied.

Qiao Chen was preparing to get out of bed, but suddenly dozens of images assaulted his head like a reel of film. He had to lie back down and process the information with his eyes closed. This was due to the system connected to his brain. It automatically read the body and the world for him.

The name of this body was Qi Bei Chen. He was accidentally swapped with another baby called Qi Yu Xuan at the hospital when he was born. The families of the two babies were as different as night and day, so they grew up in completely different environments.

When the two children entered their twenties, Qi Yu Xuan had an accident and needed blood transfusion. That was how Qi Bei Chen’s biological father knew that Qi Yu Xuan was not his child. Upon investigation they found out that the babies were accidentally swapped, so they found Qi Bei Chen and brought him back.

Qi Yu Xuan’s biological parents died a long time ago in an accident. Qi Bei Chen’s birth mother was sickly and died when Qi Yu Xuan was very young. His current mother was his stepmother. The mother and father have raised Qi Yu Xuan for so many years, so there were deep feelings among them. Qi Yu Xuan was a child that they were proud of since his childhood, so even if Qi Bei Chen was brought back, they had absolutely no intention of sending Qi Yu Xuan away, and they intended to continue to treat him as if he was their biological son.

When Qi Bei Chen returned to the Qi family, that was when his tragedy began, and the main culprit of these tragedies was Qi Yu Xuan, who wanted to inherit the Qi family property and assets.

Qi Yu Xuan deliberately introduced Qi Bei Chen to some rich young masters who only knew how to fool around and enjoy the pleasures of life. And many times he designed to frame and guide Qi Bei Chen to do the wrong thing. This caused the mother and father to lose patience with Qi Bei Chen and generated feelings of disgust.

In a kidnapping case set up by Qi Yu Xuan, the mother and father chose to save Qi Yu Xuan and give up Qi Bei Chen, so Qi Bei Chen died tragically in the hands of the kidnappers.

Qiao Chen cried when he saw the scene of Qi Bei Chen’s tragic death. Qiao Chen felt a bit strange. He has been a doctor for many years and he was long used to witnessing death and partings. He thought he was numb to the tragedies of others, but he was sympathetic to the general resentment and sorrow of Qi Bei Chen’s experience, as if these things were all his own experience.

However, Qiao Chen did not think much of it. He thought that this might be one of the system’s functions, so that he could bring this physical feeling into the world to better integrate into this time and space.

He went into the bathroom and stuttered to a silent halt when he looked into the mirror. Reflected on the glass was a head with a mane of non-mainstream yellow hair like that of a lion. It would seemed that he crossed over on the second day after Qi Bei Chen was brought into the Qi family. It wasn’t strange for Qi Bei Chen, who worked at the hair salon, to have this kind of hairstyle.

He brushed back some yellow strands of hair that fell into his eyes, and carefully observed the face of the person in the mirror. To be honest, this face was still very good. There were some similarities to how he looked like in his previous life. Furthermore, their names both shared the ‘Chen’ character. To have crossed over into this body, it meant that the two of them have some fate together.

In his heart, Qiao Chen spoke to the person in the mirror. Since I am using your body I absolutely won’t let you repeat the tragedy of before. I know there is hatred in your heart, but with just your abilities even if you repeat your life again you still can’t beat Qi Yu Xuan. So let me help you get revenge!

After Qiao Chen’s soul occupied this body, Qi Bei Chen’s consciousness completely disappeared. A body could not have the consciousness of two people at the same time, but Qiao Chen could clearly feel the hatred that could not be dispersed in his heart.

Qiao Chen went out to find a very high-end barbershop. He had his yellow lion’s mane dyed back to black, and then he got the hairdresser to give him a refreshing short hairstyle.

After the cut, the barber satisfactorily appreciated his own handiwork. He told Qiao Chen, “When you first came in I thought you ran out of a zoo. It was a waste of such a good face. Isn’t it much better now?”

Qiao Chen ran his hand through his newly cut hair. The hairdresser’s craftsmanship was good. This was indeed getting what one paid for. The results were much better than those cheap, small alley barbershops.

“It’s very good. Thank you.” Qiao Chen unreservedly took out one month of Qi Bei Chen’s prior salary to pay the bill. Now that his brain was connected with a system like a cheat, it was easy to make money. The stock market was the fastest place to do so. This system could manipulate the stock market. He would be staying at the Qi family house for a period of time, but he did not intend to use their money. Since he promised to help Qi Bei Chen get revenge, he did not want to owe them anything.

Qiao Chen went out and bought two new sets of clothes. He threw his colorful t-shirt and shredded jeans in the trashcan of the clothing store. Qi Bei Chen had very little savings. He did not get to save much money from his job these past few years. Just a haircut and two sets of clothes nearly dried up all his available funds. No matter what he still needed some liquid funds. Even if he could manipulate the stocks he still needed starting capital.

When he returned to the Qi family house, it was just in time for mealtime. Moreover, the entire family was present. Qi Mother and Qi Father saw that the wild lion mane Qi Bei Chen from yesterday had become the gentle and elegant Qiao Chen of today, and where shocked speechless.

Qi Mother and Qi Father looked at each other. Then they smiled and waved Qi Bei Chen over. “Bei Chen? Quickly come and eat.”

In accordance with how Qi Bei Chen acted in his previous life when he first arrived at the Qi family, Qiao Chen lowered his head, approached the table, and sat down silently.

Qi Yu Xuan looked Qi Bei Chen up and down. Then he smiled and said, “You went and bought clothes? I was planning to take you shopping in two days.”

Qi Yu Xuan’s words were not false. In the past life, he did bring Qi Bei Chen out to buy clothes, but the main purpose was to introduce him to Shu Wen Jie. Then the two of them bought him a lot of old-fashioned and tacky clothes.

When they returned, Qi Yu Xuan told their parents that Qi Bei Chen had chosen these styles of clothes himself, and that no matter how much he persuaded and advised, Qi Bei Chen did not listen to his opinions and insisted he buy these clothes for him.

Between a son that they raised for many years and a son that they just brought back a few days ago, of course their parents chose to believe in Qi Yu Xuan. Not to mention, that ghastly yellow mane that Qi Bei Chen sported. It was not difficult for them to doubt his aesthetic sense.

This was just the first step for Qi Yu Xuan to smear Qi Bei Chen in front of their father. Later, Shu Wen Jie became the biggest helper in blackening Qi Bei Chen’s name in their father’s eyes.

Qi Yu Xin came downstairs, saw Qi Bei Chen at the table, and was also stunned. Ridicule and disdain flickered through Qi Yu Xin’s eyes. “Mom, did you give him money to buy new clothes? I also want to buy clothes.”

Qi Mother looked at her daughter with doting and helpless eyes. “You already have a few closets full of clothes. You still want to buy more? Your big brother Bei Chen just came back to us, of course he needs some new clothes to change and wear.”

“Those clothes are out of date. The season just changed and new styles of clothes just came out.” Qi Yu Xin continued to act like a spoiled child with her mother.

“Just let her buy it. Our Qi family doesn’t lack money for a few sets of clothes,” the father said.

“Thank you, Dad.” Qi Yu Xin thanked her father happily. Then she dismissively glanced once more at Qi Bei Chen before sitting down and beginning to eat.

Qi Yu Xin was Qi Bei Chen’s half-sister. She has been admiring Qi Yu Xuan since she was a child. After learning that she and Qi Yu Xuan have no blood relationship, the happiest person was her, because now she has the opportunity to marry Qi Yu Xuan.

As for Qi Bei Chen, her half-brother, she loathed him. She always felt that he was an intruder who suddenly broke into their happy family. In the past, when Qi Yu Xuan did away with Qi Bei Chen, Qi Yu Xin also put in a lot of effort.

“Bei Chen, in the future, this is your family. You don’t have to be too restrained. If there’s anything you need, just tell me. If there’s something you want to play with, you can also tell me.” Qi Yu Xuan added a pair of chopsticks to the table for Qi Bei Chen. He spoke to Qi Bei Chen with a very gentle and considerate voice.

“That’s right.” Their father nodded. “In the future, the two of you will be like blood brothers. You can support each other. Bei Chen, you should follow behind Yu Xuan more and learn from him. Out Qi family is one with status and prestige. You have to change your quailing habits.”

“En.” Qi Bei Chen answered in a small voice.

“What blood brothers? There’s absolutely no blood relation at all.” Qi Yu Xin looked at Qi Yu Xuan with a shy look. Then, afraid that he would misunderstand her, she said quickly, “I think that big brother Yu Xuan is more like a member of our family. Even if there is no blood relation, he’s still more like a member of our family than a certain person who is like thin spare ribs. Just look at our tall and powerful Dad.”

Receiving the praise of his beloved daughter, Qi Father laughed out loud.

“Oh, you,” Qi Mother patted her daughter’s arm, but she didn’t really blame her. She also added a lot more food to Qi Bei Chen’s bowl and said, “Bei Chen, eat some more.”

Since he was a child, Qi Bei Chen never got enough to eat, so his body was lacking in nutrition. Naturally, he could not keep up with Qi Yu Xuan’s tall and strong body, but he still wasn’t just some thin spare ribs like Qi Yu Xin had said.

Just look, this type of family, there really is nothing to recall fondly. So even when I avenge you don’t think of my methods as being too severe. In his heart, Qiao Chen spoke to the body he now occupied and to the departed soul of Qi Bei Chen.

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T/N: The author keeps mistyping Qiao Chen’s name as Qi Chen. It’s super confusing considering how similar it is to Qi Bei Chen. Translator wants to say: Author, please keep your characters’ names straight… ?

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Pleasing Start-Over 1

T/N: Hello! Some of you may be familiar with Vanilla Muse as the translator of The Big Landlord, which is another Chinese BL project that I am working on. It’s a transmigration story set in historical times. I hope you’ll also enjoy Pleasing Start-Over, which is a fast transmigration novel set in different times and space.

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Prologue – The Starting Cause
Chapter 1

Qiao Chen went to the kitchen and got out a pot of congee that he had prepared the night before. He filled up a bowl with the congee, made a few refreshing side dishes, and then set everything on the dining table.

Even if he was living in another world, he still kept some habits from his past life. In the morning, if there was time, then he had to have a bowl of hot congee along with a few side dishes. This will insure his good mood all throughout the day. Moreover, the technology in this word was much more advanced, so no matter what dishes he wanted to make he didn’t have to do it himself. He’d only have to set things up. It was convenient and fast and the taste was not bad.

After a leisurely enjoyment of breakfast, Qiao Chen drove his own suspension car to the hospital for work.
Translation by
He has been a doctor for two lifetimes. Why two lifetimes you say? That’s because he transmigrated into this world.

Qiao Chen was an orphan in his last life. He completely relied on his own efforts, working while studying to complete his medical school studies and became a doctor. He went through many hardships during that period. On occasion, he would still recall those days.

In the previous world, after a twelve hour long surgery, Qiao Chen, who was unable to take a break, immediately jetted off to the bathroom. After using the toilet, he was washing his hands as usual when the mirror on the wall suddenly became a vortex and sucked in his soul. As his soul was being sucked away, he clearly saw his own body limp on the bathroom floor.

When he woke up, he was once again a baby in an orphanage. But unlike his previous life, this was an interstellar era. In this space and time there was no planet called Earth. Perhaps once upon a time Earth existed, but it has already long been forgotten.

In this space and time, almost everyone had a specific ability. A person’s power attribute determined the work he or she will do in the future. Qiao Chen’s ability was to cure, so in this world he was destined to be a doctor. Also, his ability index was pretty good, so this led to preferential treatment in the Imperial Star’s orphanage.

The rarer something is the greater its value. This doesn’t just apply to objects, but people as well. There were very few people who have a healing power by nature, so the profession of doctors was still very respected in this world. Qiao Chen, who had a moderate ability index, was already able to become a doctor in a very good public hospital on the Imperial Star.

After Qiao Chen visited the ward, he checked over the case in the office.

Qiao Chen’s assistant, Mary, placed a cup of coffee on his desk and reminded him, “Dr. Qiao Chen, the family members of the patient in VIP room four have made an appointment with you at 10:10 today.”

“I remember.” Qiao Chen pulled up the files for the patient in VIP room four onto the screen monitor.

When Qiao Chen was in the Imperial Star Orphanage, he had no name, only a number. The orphanage could help the children get a name after they had reached a certain age. Qiao Chen was too lazy to think up a new name, so he used the name of his previous life. As an orphan, you could choose whatever name you liked. If you wanted to, you could even call yourself ‘Fighter.’

This was really not a joke. A boy who shared the same room as him in the orphanage really took that name for himself, because he was obsessed with the fighter (aircrafts) of ancient times.

Yes, ancient times, for fighter aircrafts were already a thing of the past. Nowadays, battles were fought with warships (aka starships) and mechas.

Qiao Chen looked over the case file of the patient. He felt that this family had too much money to burn. There were no big problems with this patient. He’s living in the hospital as if it were his home. It’s already been several months and he still refused to leave the hospital.

It should be known that it cost quite a sum of money to stay in a VIP room for one day, but what can you say to rich people?

Qiao Chen felt that no matter the time and space, if you had money then it was a good time. Suddenly the door to his office was opened and more than a dozen soldiers rushed inside.

Qian Chen took a quick glance at the clock. There was still half an hour before the appointed time. Moreover, the family members of the VIP patient were considered business people, and there was no talk of them being related to the army. The reason for this visit might not be a good one. Qiao Chen stood up cautiously and looked at them.

Based on the attire, it was easy to tell that the last person who entered the room was the head officer of these soldiers. The soldiers then closed the door to his office. These actions were all carried out in one breath.

“You are Dr. Qiao Chen, correct?” The person who posed the question had a temple of gray hair and lots of wrinkles on his face, but his standing posture and the military uniform made him look very refined.

“Yes, that’s me, and you are?” In his head, Qiao Chen quickly combed through all his patients trying to find one related to the military.

“We are from the First Legion. We have some things that we need to trouble you about. Please come with us.” Although the words were polite, the tone was irrefutable. After that, they looked at Qiao Chen sideways.

First Legion? Qiao Chen was shocked. The First Legion was the highest administrative office of the Imperial Military Power. When did he ever provoke these people?

Although Qiao Chen didn’t want to go, he also knew that he did not have the power to refuse. These people could kill him in his office, and then arbitrarily passed the crime onto someone else. No one would dare to pursue the matter over an orphan with no background.

Qiao Chen rode in the suspension car of the elderly officer and arrived at the First Legion’s base. In both his lifetimes, he never thought that he would be able to see such a spectacular sight with his own eyes. In his previous world, movie blockbusters would have computer-generated images of such a scene, but those couldn’t even compare to one percent of the magnificence of the scene here. Although he was only able to glimpse the scene for a few short seconds, it was still enough to shock him.

He followed after the officer to a huge automatic door. When the double doors opened to either side, Qiao Chen could see a semi-circular laboratory-like place. It was big enough to accommodate thousands of people. There were hundreds of display screens on the wall showing different data. There were dozens of people who looked like scientists busy working on the screens. The sudden entry of the officers and Qiao Chen had no effect on them. They continued working away.

The officer took Qiao Chen into a circular glass pillar in the center of the room. The glass pillar lifted them up like a syringe. At the top of the pillar, the wall, which did not look like it have a single crack, opened up, and they entered into another room.

It was a super luxurious bedroom separated by a large pair of curtains. The outside was a gorgeous living room, and the inside, after the officer parted the curtains, Qiao Chen could see a big bed, and beside the bed were various medical instruments.

There was an unusually handsome man lying on the bed, and the shape of his stalwart figure could be seen through the thin quilt. Even if he was just lying there quietly, he could feel his majesty. Qiao Chen guessed that he must’ve fallen into a serious coma, and that he needed so many medical instruments and equipment to continue his life.

“This is General Aonan Andri. He was injured in the last battle and has been in a coma for more than a year,” the officer told Qiao Chen.

There was no way for Qiao Chen to suppress the shock in his heart. The calmness of his face was completely disintegrated and crushed. He looked at the man on the bed with incredulity.

General Aonan Andri was the highest person in charge of the imperial military’s power, and he was the only person in the empire who could pilot an AA-class mecha. He was the protector of the empire. Because of his existence, other countries in the universe did not dare to rashly invade the empire.

More than a year ago, the Fingara Empire developed a very powerful weapon against the AA-class mecha. The general crushed that weapon in battle and the Fingara Empire ended in disastrous defeat. But it seems that General Andri, who was known as the war god of the empire, has also fallen in that same battle.

If this news was spread, the entire empire was sure to fall into panic, and other countries were likely to take the opportunity to invade.

“Why are you telling me?” This was the most puzzling thing after Qiao Chen recovered from the shock. The Imperial General had been in a coma for more than a year. This was definitely the biggest military secret of the empire. He was just an ordinary doctor. Why would they purposely let him know about this matter?

“Because in order to save the general, we need your help.” The officer’s expression was serious and his eyes were firm, not at all like he was lying to him.

“My ability index is only medium. I can’t manipulate these high-level equipments. I am afraid I can’t rescue the general.” Qiao Chen said this because he knew that the First Legion had definitely gotten the military doctor with the highest ability index to treat the general already. And those busy people below were definitely working hard to rescue the general. If even they could not succeed, what could he possibly do?

“Since we looked for you, then it must be because you can do it. We don’t need you to control these devices. You have another thing you must do.” The officer took Qiao Chen to the sofa outside the curtains and sat him down in preparation for a detailed conversation.

“After the general fell into a coma we used all kinds of methods to treat him. The general’s physical injuries have been healed, but no matter what we couldn’t get him to wake up. We invited the most powerful scientist and doctors of the empire to research ways to rescue the general. After dozens of efforts by the people most brilliant in their respective fields for half a year, they found that the reason why the general could not wake up was because the general’s soul was trapped in a different time and space and could not come back. We need you to go to these different time and space to bring back the general’s soul.”

If Qiao Chen’s soul had not transmigrated, he would not believe this kind of statement at all. How could you possibly go through different time and space to bring back a person’s soul?

“Why do you people think that I can do it?” Qiao Chen’s inexplicably guilty conscience; did they know that he was a transmigrating person?

“Six months ago, we began to compare the brainwaves of the entire empire’s population with the brainwaves of the generals in different time and space. After repeated comparisons, only you are the most suitable. In the entire empire, only you can smoothly pass through to different time and space to encounter the general’s soul.”

No wonder six months ago, his hospital started running brainwave tests on their doctors every other month. So they’ve already locked onto him since then. The thought made Qiao Chen shudder.

Qiao Chen wanted to refuse. Even though he transmigrated once before, he did not know what circumstances had caused the event. Now they’re saying they will artificially forced a soul transmigration. Who knew what could happen? What if there was some accident? But the officer told him everything, which was he must be prepared to do what they said. They were not asking for his opinion, but just telling him about it.

“You said go to different time and space, but how do I go? Is there any danger?” Qiao Chen knew that he had no power to refuse. He already knew the biggest secret of the empire. Even if he were not willing, they would find a way to make him agree. But he should still be clear about the specifics, so he will ask.

“In order to enable the soul of the most qualified person to go to different time and space, we created a soul shuttle system for traveling back and forth. And in this system, there are a lot of programs that you can use to help you bring back the general’s soul, such as the hundreds of millions years worth of knowledge in the universe. This system will connect with your brain. As for safety, you don’t have to worry. After all, in the entire empire, only you meet the requirements. In order to save the general, we will do our utmost to ensure your safety.”

“Can I refuse?” Qiao Chen asked with the last shred of hope he had left. He wasn’t some noble person. Rescuing the general was equivalent to rescuing an entire empire. He did not have that kind of lofty spirit. Although he normally treated people with gentleness, he knew himself well. In his heart, he was indifferent.

“As far as our investigation into your past goes, I know that you are a smart person. Whether or not you can refuse, you clearly know the answer. If you can successfully bring back all of the general’s souls, I can promise you that after the general wakes up, I will ask the general to have the emperor give you a title of nobility. Also, we added a program to the system that will increase your ability index. Every time you go to a different time and space and successfully complete the task, your ability index will increase.”

Qiao Chen sighed in his heart. It was the carrot in the beginning. If he still did not agree, next will be the stick. Either way, the final result would definitely be the same. There was no need to shed all pretense of cordiality.

“Then, instead of having a title, you can just directly give me a sum of money.” Although the title may be glorious for ordinary people, Qiao Chen did not intend to climb to the upper class. It was better to take a sum of money, quit work, and travel around the universe.

“Yes. When the mission is complete, money or title, you are free to choose.”

The officer readily agreed with Qiao Chen’s request. It seemed that this officer was an influential person by the general’s side.

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