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Delayed Updates?

Hello Everyone,

I feel like I should make a general announcement about this, because in the past month I’ve updated about two chapters a day late, and a couple of chapters have been coming out very late into the day. I’ve had a few people asking if I’m not going to update a story at all whenever that happened. And I want to reassure you that if I promised weekly updates for a certain story, then at the very least there will be weekly updates for that story, even if the update is running late, because I get at least one day off work every week. (That’s the important news. You can keep reading if you want more details.)

For those who were wondering about my real life circumstances, I work in healthcare right now. It’s not the most ideal job given the state of things, because I live with older people and I’m afraid of getting them sick, but I need the money to support my family, so I’ve been taking extra shifts and working overtime whenever I can. This means I usually come home very tired, clonk out on the sofa, wake up to scarf down some food, post an update, and then go back to sleep. (Sometimes I don’t come home at all, because I stay with a friend who lives very close to my workplace. When that happens, I don’t have access to my PC.)

I don’t always post late on work days though. It depends on which shift I get. So sometimes chapters will still be posted at a reasonable time.

Should my financial situation stabilize in the future, I would not need to take as many work shifts, but at the moment I am the only one with a job in the family, so I have to work hard, and I am immensely grateful to have a source of income.

Now would be a good time to ask you not to use ad-block when perusing my site, because I do earn a bit of revenue from the ads on my site. It’s not such a significant amount that I can cut back on my work hours, but every penny helps. (As annoying as the ads may be, they are beneficial to me. Yes, I actually find them highly annoying because I think they mess with the aesthetic and order of the site, and I can’t really control where the ads are placed, because the person who gives me the ads places them in what they consider the most “optimal” spots.)

TL;DR – Please rest assured that my main stories will get updated weekly, although I may sometimes be late due to real life circumstances.

Thank you for your understanding and patience,

— Vanilla Muse

P.S. If you ask me a question in the comments, please excuse me if the reply comes several days late, because I can’t keep up with the comments in real time.

9 thoughts on “Delayed Updates?

  1. We understand. Thank you for telling us what happened. At least you weren’t sick, and I hope you don’t get sick in your field of work. I salute you and appreciate all the hard work that you’ve done. I pray for your safety and wellbeing.

    As always, thank you for all the chapters that you’ve done!

  2. Please take good care of yourself 🙂 These days, getting too tired and getting sick is the last thing anyone wants.
    I think I don’t even have adblock. lol.

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