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Didn’t Love You Enough 10

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Chapter 10 – Royal Snack Kitchen

Early the next morning, Lin momo got up. Xi Li Palace Hall was far away from here, so she had to manage her time well.

“Lin momo, you got up so early today!” Yu Shuang had woken up earlier, and seeing Lin momo she went over to salute her.

“Yeah. Today the palace is appointing the newcomers to their new positions. I’m going to bring one back. My legs are slow, so it’s better to go early,” Lin momo said. She received such a large sum of money yesterday. If something went wrong, she wouldn’t know how to explain to that person.

“Newcomer? Didn’t you say you weren’t planning to recruit anyone this year?” Yu Shuang asked.

Lin momo thought about it, and in the end she decided to tell Yu Shuang. “You saw yesterday, Yuan Fu gong gong came to see me. In fact, he asked me to help him take care of his distant relative. He wanted the boy to come here. Yuan Fu is the crown prince’s favorite; it’s not good for me to refuse him. This matter, it’s enough that you alone know it, don’t tell anyone else, and help this momo take care of the child.”

“Got it, momo, I won’t blab.” Yu Shuang also knew that Lin momo trusted her. “Momo, did you have breakfast yet?”

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“There’s not enough time. Let’s talk about it when I come back. Yu Shuang, help me sort out the single room next to my room, and replace all the bedding with new ones. This time it’s a ger palace attendant, so it’s not convenient for him to live with you girls.” Yu Shuang, Yu Long, and Yu Ling all lived in the same room. Their room still had one more bed space, but it was obviously not suitable for them to live together.

“Yes. Then, momo, go quickly, ba. I’ll get everything in order.”

It was just past seven a.m. when Lin momo got to Xi Li Palace Hall. Along the way, she didn’t dare to stop.

“Lin momo, why did you come over?” Xi momo stepped forward to support her. She recognized Lin momo.

“I, ah, knew that the people here were instructed by Xi momo, so I came to select one to bring back with me. It’s gotten a bit busy over there and we can’t handle the workload. The newcomers instructed by you are sure to be good.” Lin momo praised Xi momo.

“Haha, who doesn’t know about you Lin momo. You could’ve sent someone over with the message and I would directly send the new person over. There was no need for you to make the trip.” Xi momo knew that Lin momo worked in the empress’s palace. She did not dare to offend her, and quickly laughed with her. “We haven’t started to distribute people yet. How about you pick first, Lin momo?”

“Sorry for the inconvenience, haha.” Lin momo was also polite. She looked at the three lines of palace attendants behind Xi momo.

Lin Jia Bao was small, so he was in the first row. Those big watery eyes and pair of dimples were easy to recognize.

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Xi momo saw that Lin momo kept looking at Lin Jia Bao. “Lin momo’s place is a good destination. It’s a blessing to be selected.”

Lin momo pointed at Lin Jia Bao’s row. “You children, state your name and age.”

“An Ping, let’s start with you,” Xi momo said to the first child in that row.

It was Lin Jia Bao’s turn very soon. “This slave is Lin An Zhu, twelve years old this year.” Lin Jia Bao was now renamed Lin An Zhu. Their group were all renamed with “An” in their names.

“Also surnamed Lin, what a coincidence! Can you cook?” Lin momo asked.

“Replying to momo, I know a little.” Lin Jia Bao answered.

“Haha, then this one, ba. Let’s not take any longer to choose, I have already delayed you for so long, Xi momo. Why don’t you continue assigning their posts?” Lin momo waved her hand for Lin Jia Bao to come over.

“No problem, no delay at all. Does Lin momo want to pick another one?” Xi momo asked with good intentions.

“No need. I still have things to do at my place, so I will go back now. You are busy, thank you.” Lin momo waved her hand.

“Lin momo please walk slowly*.” Xi momo recorded Lin An Zhu’s destination and then had him follow Lin momo away.

[*T/N: “please walk slowly” – a polite phrase to say to someone departing; not literally telling them to walk slowly]

The remaining palace attendants watched them leave with envy and jealousy.

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