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Didn’t Love You Enough 12

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Chapter 12 – Royal Snack Kitchen

Lin momo was making milk cake, and Yu Ling was assisting her. On the side, Lin Jia Bao was observing carefully, seriously recording every step of the process with his memory.

First, separate the egg yolk from the egg white, and then pour in the sugar. Whip the milk without granulated sugar. Then add the milk to the egg yolk and mix well. After whipping egg whites with salt for a while, add sugar in two batches until it foams. Add the egg white into the egg yolk in two portions, and stir quickly and evenly. Brush the buttermilk petal-shaped molds with butter, then pat granulated sugar all around. Pour the custard into the mold until it was eighty percent full. Wipe off the edge of the mold with your thumb. Finally, steam in the steamer for fifteen minutes.

“Do you understand? It’s not difficult; just make it a few more times. This is one of the empress’s favorite snacks, so it’s made often.” Lin momo said to An Zhu.

“En, I remembered everything.” Lin Jia Bao nodded.

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The air of the kitchen was filled with the milky flavor from the milk cake. Very soon, it was done steaming.

Yu Ling took it out and put it on the table to cool. Then she carefully took it out of the mold.

“Be careful when you’re taking it out of the mold. You can’t break it. Something like this, if it’s missing even a petal, it can’t be served on the empress’s table. The shape must be complete and beautiful.” Yu Ling showed him one with a missing petal. “Something that doesn’t look good, like this one, we can only eat it ourselves, haha. Isn’t it great here!” As she spoke, she stuffed the dessert into An Zhu’s mouth.

“Don’t listen to Yu Ling’s nonsense. These ingredients have a quota. If we make too many bad ones, that’s no good.” Lin momo corrected with a smile.

“It so fragrant, so soft, so delicious.” Lin Jia Bao fell in love with this rich milk-scented snack. His eyes curved into happy lines.

Lin Jia Bao was thinking that once he learned the recipe, after leaving the palace, he could make it for his family, and they would love it.

In this way, Lin Jia Bao gradually adapted to life in the palace. He was fortunate to be in the Royal Snack Kitchen. The momo was very kind to him, and the older sister palace maids took good care of him.

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Without realizing it, it has been more than half a year in the palace. In this half a year, he has learned how to make several kinds of snacks.

Lin momo often took him along to deliver snacks to the empress, and on several occasions they received a reward. Sometimes they would even encounter the crown prince and the second prince. His Royal Highness was particularly fond of snacks and he was generous with rewards every time. Lin Jia Bao saved up his rewards and put them in the purse embroidered by his second sister. Every month, he also got one silver piece as the monthly salary. Lin Jia Bao was sure that when he got out of the palace, he would have saved up a lot of money. Then he would go back and build a big house for his family and they would all live together. Just thinking about it made him happy.

“An Zhu, is everything packed yet? Time to go.” Lin momo said.

Lin momo was very satisfied with An Zhu’s well-behaved performance over the past six months. After receiving a tip from that person*, now every time she went to deliver snacks, she would bring An Zhu.

[*T/N: Yuan Fu]

“It’s done, momo.” Lin Jia Bao brought the food box over.

“Good. Yu Shuang will come together with us. Yu Long and Yu Ling stay here.”

Lin momo left a command and then she took Yu Shuang and An Zhu away.

Momo is getting more and more bias now. She takes An Zhu with her to the empress’s place all the time.” Yu Long said jealously. She heard that they would often encounter His Royal Highness and the second prince.

“In any case, it’s good enough that we get a share every time there’s a reward!” Yu Ling thought indifferently. Admittedly, it’s true that she could show her face if she went to the empress, but every time she went she would be trembling with fear and trepidation. It was perfectly good not to go.

Yu Long looked at Yu Ling’s unpromising* attitude and was too lazy to talk to her anymore.

[*T/N: 没出息 mei chu xi – no future prospects, as in, she has no ambitions and therefore won’t ever stand out]

In the main hall of Yong Shou Palace, the empress was talking to her two sons. The empress looked at her two sons, her heart filled with pride.

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The first prince, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng, as the crown prince, the way he handled affairs was steady and experienced, and the emperor often praised him as a student that surpassed the teacher. The second prince, Xuan Yuan Han Qi, was brave and determined, and was also deeply loved by the emperor. Because of them, her position in the palace was very strong and could not be shaken.

The two brothers were also affection bothers, and Xuan Yuan Han Qi even worshipped his imperial brother.

“Today was so tiring. I’m starving to death. The snacks in imperial mother’s palace are really delicious.” Xuan Yuan Han Qi was straightforward, and he ate the snacks with large bites.

“Look at this child. Eat slower. There are lots. I will have the Royal Snack Kitchen make more.” The empress looked at the second prince lovingly.

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