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Didn’t Love You Enough 13

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Chapter 13 – Royal Snack Kitchen

“Second Imperial Brother, don’t be so reckless next time. That General Li is someone who has been on the battlefield before. The gap between the two of you is too big. It’s better for you to practice basic skills first. What will you do if you got injured while rashly competing?”

“Heehee, I just want to compare my skills against his, besides, he will go easy on me,” Xuan Yuan Huan Qi said without a care.

“What’s the point of throwing the match like this? The enemies will make a fool out of you when you’re on the battlefield.” His second imperial younger brother’s character was really too much, thinking of what happened in the previous life…

“I also want to go to the battlefield, let me go with you this time. I’m fifteen already. When Imperial Brother was my age, he had already gone to the battlefield.” Xuan Yuan Han Qi pleaded his case.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng refused. “No! In the future, you will have the opportunity to build a career. This time, it’s still better for you to stay in the palace, and accompany Imperial Father and Imperial Mother. Imperial Father said starting from next month you would also attend morning court. You can learn how to assist Imperial Father a bit more, and next year you should look into getting marry.”

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According to the spy from the border town, the barbarians were already getting ready to make a move, and were likely to go south. He was also preparing for the expedition recently. He was quite sure that he could wipe out the barbarians, but this time he would not take his second imperial brother with him. The death of Xuan Yuan Han Qi in the previous life had hit him, his imperial father, and his imperial mother too hard. This time, there must be no risk.

“Your elder brother is right. The battlefield is not a good place. You’re not young anymore; help your imperial father lighten some of his burden.” The empress agreed with the crown prince.

“Fine, fine. Are there any more snacks? It’s really delicious.” Xuan Yuan Han Qi thought of those headaches and quickly changed the subject.

“It would be good when Imperial Mother makes a match for Second Imperial Brother, maybe then it would rein him in a bit.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng said to his imperial mother. In the previous life, his second imperial brother died young, and didn’t have any heirs. This time, he hoped that his younger brother could get marry and have children earlier, and change the fate of his previous life.

“It’s still early. I just looked at a few. Let’s wait for your imperial father to make the decision.” The empress selfishly wanted her second son to get marry later. After all, the eldest son was poisoned now and needed some time to condition his body. It would be bad if the second prince gave birth to a son before the crown prince. She didn’t want there to be any misunderstandings between the two brothers.

At this time, the empress’s Zhou momo led Lin momo, Lin Jia Bao, and Yu Shuang into the main hall, bearing desserts.

As soon as Lin Jia Bao stepped within view, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng kept staring at him, his gaze stuck to his person like glue. Lin Jia Bao kept his head down and did not notice the crown prince’s gaze.

Afraid that someone might see his peculiarity, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng plucked a dessert off the plate that Lin Jia Bao was carrying and put it into his mouth. “Imperial Mother’s palace’s Lin momo really is a gem. Whether it’s pastries or other snacks, they’re all pleasing to the palate. I will miss it if I don’t eat it for a few days!”

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“If you like it, then come to mother’s place more often. It’s not some big deal. Or you could also send Yuan Fu to Lin momo.” The empress was also very satisfied with Lin momo. “Go to Zhou momo for a reward later.”

“Imperial Mother has given a reward, I also can’t be stingy. Yuan Fu…” Yuan Fu responded and went forward to give Lin momo a reward.

Lin momo led Lin Jia Bao and Yu Shuang forward to express thanks.

After, Lin momo, Yu Shuang, and Lin Jia Bao returned to the Royal Snack Kitchen.

“There are rewards today, too. Both the empress and the crown prince gave out rewards.” Lin Jia Bao happily reported the good news.

“Really, so happy, ah! An Zhu, ah, every time you go with Lin momo, there would be a lot of reward! Really lucky.” Yu Ling laughed as she spoke.

“Heehee, not at all. It’s all thanks to Lin momo’s good fortune. His Royal Highness also praised Lin momo today.” Lin Jia Bao was embarrassed by Yu Ling’s words.

Lin momo divided the rewards that she got. The empress had bestowed silver fruits*. Everyone got two. The crown prince had given gold melon seeds*, and everyone got one.

[*T/N: 银果子 yin guo zi and 金瓜子 jin gua zi – literally translates to “silver fruit” and “gold melon seed.” Also, without a number marker, it’s hard to tell if something in Chinese is meant to be singular or plural, so I usually try to guess from context clues.]

The little gold melon seed was made very meticulously. Cradling it in his palm, Lin Jia Bao liked it more and more. This was the third gold melon seed he has received. The past six months have been very fruitful, and his small purse almost could not fit everything.

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