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Didn’t Love You Enough 24

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Chapter 24 – An Imperial Decree

The empress and Zhou momo glanced at each other, knowing that the crown prince was satisfied. “Today’s pastries are very good. Zhou momo, bring him to get a reward.”


The empress saw that the crown prince was satisfied and felt relieved. “Let’s go with this one, ba.”

“Yes, Mother Empress, it’s him. Thank you Mother Empress for looking for such a good person. The age is a bit young, but it is also easier to teach.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng looked at his mother gratefully.

“It’s good as you like. I will mention it to your Father Emperor. If there are no problems, then I will make an imperial decree.”

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Lin Jia Bao came out of the main hall of Yong Shou Palace and saw that Lin momo was waiting there. He quickly stepped forward. “Momo, are you better?”

“I’m much better now. How about you? Going by yourself, were you afraid?” Lin momo asked.

“I wasn’t afraid. Today, Her Majesty complimented how well the pastries were made! Her Majesty and His Royal Highness also asked me a few questions. Momo, this is the reward that Her Majesty bestowed. There’s also this jade pendant. His Royal Highness bestowed it.” Lin Jia Bao gave the bag of reward that Zhou momo gave him to Lin momo, and he also showed her the jade pendant.

Lin momo looked at the jade pendant and then returned it to him. “Since His Royal Highness rewarded it, you should keep it well.”

When the empress mentioned the matter to the emperor, he also felt that this method was feasible. Immediately he sent someone to investigate Lin An Zhu’s background, and it took no more than two days. Everything regarding Lin An Zhu’s life, from the small things to the big things, everyone in his family, his relatives, his neighbors, etc., and even the prior generations of his family’s ancestors were all clearly investigated.

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“Zi Tong*, the candidate you chose this time is good.” The emperor praised. For many generations, the Lin family made a living as farmers. His family background was clean. Also, the Lin family’s eldest brother became a xiu cai this year with outstanding achievements. There was also a big chance that he might pass the provincial level imperial exam in the coming year. The emperor has always been fond of talented people. “In the future, he will be from an official’s family, this kind of life history is not bad.”

[*T/N: 梓童 zi tong – appellation of the empress by the emperor]

“That’s right, Your Majesty. This family is prosperous in children. Look, this Zhang shi gave birth to a dragon and phoenix pair*, so blessed.” The empress was very pleased.

[*T/N: 龙凤胎 long feng tai – twins of mixed sex]

“Zi Tong, look, the Lin family’s eldest daughter also gave birth to a dragon and phoenix pair last year.” The emperor was also very satisfied.

“It would be nice if he could give our Cheng Er a dragon and phoenix pair.” The empress sighed with feeling.

The emperor thought about how the Xuan Yuan Dynasty’s royal family had yet to give birth to a dragon and phoenix pair. “If there is really a dragon and phoenix pair in the future, then I must reward him handsomely, ha ha!”

The empress took a look, saw that the fifth day of August was a good day, and had a momo make arrangements.

In the evening of that day, the empress’s imperial decree smashed the tranquility of the Royal Snack Kitchen.

Lin Jia Bao was stunned when he heard the empress’s imperial decree.

“An Zhu, quickly give thanks, ba. Tomorrow morning, there will be a specialist momo to come pick you up.” Zhou momo came personally to read the empress’s imperial decree.

“Giving thanks to Her Majesty’s grace.” Lin Jia Bao’s little face turned pale white, and he knelt down to thank her.

“Zhou momo, you see, this child is so happy that he’s in a stupor. Ha ha.” Lin momo helped An Zhu up, and spoke to Zhou momo with a smile.

Zhou momo did not mind. Before she left, she kindly reminded, “Tonight, you guys should make some preparations. Don’t make the momos wait tomorrow.”

Zhou momo and the person who came to pass the message left.

Lin Jia Bao began to cry.

Momo, I’m afraid…” Lin Jia Bao cried loudly.

Yu Shuang and the other two girls surrounded him, giving him congratulations, and telling him not to cry.

“This is a great thing, ah. What are you crying for? Other people can beseech and never get it!” Yu Long said sourly.

Yu Ling patted Yu Long. “Don’t talk anymore. Look at how broken-heartedly An Zhu is crying, ah.”

Momo, does this mean I can never leave the palace? Wu wu*…” Lin Jia Bao didn’t know what he had to do as the crown prince’s xiao shi, but he vaguely sensed that he would never be able to get out of the palace again.

[*T/N: wu – onomatopoeia for humming, whimpering, or crying]

“I miss my family very much. I was thinking of reuniting with them when I leave the palace. They’re all waiting for me!” Lin Jia Bao cried so hard that he couldn’t breath properly.

“An Zhu, ah. Don’t cry anymore. You will be the crown prince’s person in the future. Good days will come later. It’s not for certain that you can’t leave the palace, and it’s not for certain that you won’t be able to see your family.” Lin momo stroked his back as she consoled him.

“Yeah, An Zhu. Don’t cry anymore. Your eyes will go bad.” Yu Shuang also comforted softly, and reached for a cup of tea for An Zhu. She touched the teapot and found it cold. “Yu Long, help me add some hot water.”

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“An Zhu, listen to Lin momo. This is the empress’s imperial decree. It can no longer be changed. You can only accept it. If you resist the decree, not only your own life is not guaranteed, but it will also affect your family. Think about it carefully.” Lin momo spoke to him with a bit of severity.

“Wu wu wu wu… momo, I understand. Wu wu…” Lin Jia Bao also knew that Lin momo was right, but he couldn’t stop his tears.

Yu Long came over with a tray, put the teapot on it, and went to the place where the water was boiling. In her heart, the more she thought about it, the more jealous she got. Why? An Zhu was so lucky! Wasn’t it because Lin momo often brought him along with her to show his face before the empress? If the one that Lin momo brought along were she, maybe the one with a lucky life today would be her!

The more that Yu Long thought about it, the more unwilling she was. She looked at the boiling water and a vicious thought sprouted from her heart. If An Zhu’s face was ruined…

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