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Didn’t Love You Enough 25

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Chapter 25 – An Imperial Decree

“Tea is coming.”

Yu Long carried a full pot of boiling water on the tray and stepped forward carefully. When she walked in front of An Zhu, she pretended to be careless. Her body turned askew, and she splashed the tea onto An Zhu’s face.

“Aiya! Be careful.”

One after another, everyone pulled An Zhu away. Lin Jia Bao also subconsciously blocked it with his hand.

“An Zhu, are you okay? Where did you get burnt?” Lin momo looked over Lin An Zhu nervously.

Momo, my hand hurts.” The back of Lin Jia Bao’s right hand was red and swollen.

“Quickly flush it with cold water. Bring the medicine for burns over.” Lin momo brought An Zhu over to the sink.

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“I’ll get the burn medicine!” Yu Ling ran out quickly.

Lin momo saw Yu Long who had fallen to the floor, went forward, and slapped her. “Yu Long, what the hell are you doing?!”

Yu Long covered her face in disbelief. Momo had never hit her before. “Momo, I… I didn’t do it on purpose. My ankle sprained.” Yu Long said, choked with sobs.

Lin momo was an old-timer within the palace. How could she not tell the difference between real and fake? This Yu Long actually had such a vicious thought. It seems that she couldn’t keep her here anymore…

Yu Shuang, who was helping An Zhu run cold water over his hand, looked at Yu Long with disappointed eyes.

“The burn ointment is here.” Yu Ling ran back with the medicine.

Lin momo carefully applied the medicine for An Zhu. Fortunately, the injury was not serious. It was a little red and swollen, but it did not blister.

“An Zhu, momo will accompany you back to help you sort things out. You can’t move your hand. Then you should rest early and don’t think too much.” Lin momo took An Zhu away.

Momo, I will go help you, too.” Yu Shuang also went together, not looking at Yu Long who was kneeling on the ground.

Momo, I will also go…” Yu Ling quickly followed. Yu Ling was childish, but she was not stupid. That pot of hot tea was definitely aiming for An Zhu’s face. Just thinking about it made her furious, how could Yu Long do this?!

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In the inner study of the crown prince’s East Palace, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng received the news that Lin Jia Bao was scalded and his eyes instantly turned cold. When he learned that the injury was not very serious, he was slightly reassured.

“Yuan Fu, have you warned the teaching momos yet?” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng asked.

“Replying to Your Royal Highness, I have already prepped the two momos over there.”

“You go again. Bring the first-rate burn medicine over.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng ordered Yuan Fu.

“Yes.” Yuan Fu retreated.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng called the secret guard over again. “Tell Lin momo to deal with that palace maid. If she’s not willing to do so, you help her.”

Anyone who hurt his baby had to pay a price.

The imperial bodyguard outside the study room announced, “Qiu momo asks for an audience.”

“Send her in.”

Qiu momo was originally a managing momo in the empress’s palace. She was nearly forty years old. She was a strict person with experienced conduct, and she was swift and decisive in her reactions.

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That fact that the crown prince’s palace could be cleaned out so nicely was all due to her credit. Thanks to her, his harem has settled down a lot. Ever since the crown princess got “sick,” he handed over all matters of the crown prince’s harem to Qiu momo to manage.

“Greetings to Your Royal Highness, this old slave came to ask you for instructions. The Lin xiaozhu* that Her Majesty conferred, which courtyard in the harem should he be settled in?” Qiu momo first kowtowed to the crown prince, and then stated her purpose for visiting.

[*T/N: 小主 xiaozhu – “little master”]

“Not in the harem. Put him in Ping Le Courtyard, ba. Have people redecorate the main palace hall.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng had already planned everything. Ping Le Courtyard was relatively closer to his inner study. Since his rebirth, he has been living here. It was comparatively peaceful. The surrounding scenery was pretty good, and it was far away from the harem. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng didn’t want to let those women get near his treasure.

“Make the bedroom more festive. Then go pick out two good palace maids and eunuchs. Also, in the future, Ping Le Courtyard will be using the small kitchen on the inner study room’s side.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng continued to instruct.

When Qiu momo heard this, she understood right away that this Lin xiaozhu was not ordinary. She made calculations in her heart, in the future when serving this little master she would have to be more mindful.

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