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Didn’t Love You Enough 26

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Chapter 26 – Red Candle*

[*T/N: Red candles are used during birthdays or other celebrations.]

Early the next morning, Lin momo accompanied An Zhu to wait for the teaching momos.

A total of two old momos came. These two momos were both older than Lin momo.

When the two old momos saw Lin Jia Bao, they first saluted him together. “Paying respects to Lin xiaozhu.”

One of the momos said, “Lin xiaozhu, we came under the command of Her Majesty. We are in charge of instructing Lin xiaozhu. I am Su momo. This is Qu momo.”

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It was the first time that someone saluted Lin Jia Bao and paid him respects, and he did not know how to deal with it. He could only return the regard. “Pleased to meet you, Qu momo, Su momo.”

“Qu momo, Su momo, you’ve come.” Lin momo recognized these two. She greeted them.

Qu momo also exchanged conventional greetings with Lin momo. “Lin momo, it has been a while. You’re quite something. A guiren* originated from your Royal Snack Kitchen.”

[T/N: 贵人 gui ren – nobility / person of high rank]

Lin momo laughed and said, “It is all this child’s own fortune. An Zhu is young, and needs you two momos to look after him more.” Lin momo slipped an embroidered pouch to each momo.

Qu momo and Su momo smiled at each other. This Lin xiaozhu was no ordinary person, ah. Yesterday, the crown prince sent someone over and over again to instruct them, and also gave them a lot of benefits, which was more than their one-year’s worth of salary. They did not dare to be careless!

“Lin momo, don’t worry, ha ha.” Qu momo said.

Su momo asked, “Are all of Lin xiaozhu’s things packed? You only have to bring some important things. Clothes and such, you don’t have to bring those.”

Lin Jia Bao nodded. “It’s all packed.” He only took one bundle with him, all of which were commemorative little things.

“Then let’s go, ba. There is still some distance from here to Wu Tong Courtyard. Let’s not tarry anymore.” Qu momo hinted.

Lin Jia Bao gave Lin momo a big salute. “Momo, I’m leaving.”

Lin momo hugged him, reluctant to part. “Go on. In the future, when you want to eat pastries, just send someone to the Royal Snack Kitchen and say it. Momo will make desserts for you.”

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“En! Momo.” Lin Jia Bao took a step forward, looked back, and then followed the two momos away.

Lin momo watched Lin Jia Bao’s departing back and her eyes were red, hoping that the child would be happy in the future.

Su momo and Qu momo saw Lin Jia Bao secretly wiping away tears, and their favorable impression of him increased by a few points. This was a child that understood gratitude. Such a child who was pure and kindhearted, and had no ambitions, could be read like a book. Don’t know if in the future he could adapt to the struggles in the crown prince’s harem.

After half an incense stick of time, they finally arrived at one of the courtyards in Chu Xiu Palace.

After entering Wu Tong Courtyard, all the eunuchs and palace maids who saw them would salute. Lin Jia Bao was a little overwhelmed, and he looked towards the two momos.

“These, we will teach you in the future.” Qu momo said to Lin Jia Bao with a gentle attitude.

The two momos led him into the courtyard. First, they brought him to where he would be living to put his things away. His living space was very big. It was comprised of a reception pavilion, a bedroom, and a study room.

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The bedroom had an inner room and an outer room. And there was a large bathroom next to it.

The room was completely furnished and beautifully decorated. The closet was already full of clothes in Lin Jia Bao’s size.

“Lin xiaozhu, you will be living in this place prior to the fifth day of August. Are you satisfied with it? If you have any thoughts, you can bring it up with me or Qu momo.” Su momo guided Lin Jia Bao around on a little tour.

Lin Jia Bao followed the two momos and looked around. “Momo, it’s all very good.”

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  2. It’s such a sweet story.
    Just a note on the use of the word appliances – In English this really refers to electrical appliances like Fridges and microwaves etc. So I don’t think it works in antique setting. I expect you are referring to the furniture or interior decor though that last one is a modern phrase too.

    1. Ah, that’s because the Chinese raws used the word appliances, so I just translated it as such to keep to the author’s original intentions. But since it’s weird in English, I’ll try to change up the sentence to make it flow better. Thanks for pointing it out. ^-^

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