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Didn’t Love You Enough 27

T/N: Apologies for being a day late. Work was super hectic yesterday, and I passed out as soon as I got home. But I’m here now with an update for DLYE and also MLHE 17. Enjoy!

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Chapter 27 – Red Candle

Then, Lin Jia Bao was taken to the reception pavilion. The momos invited him to sit in the main seat.

Su momo and Qu momo stood to the side. Su momo said, “From today on, Qu momo and I will be your instructing momos for this period of time. We will teach you all the etiquette and rules a master must know.”

“We know that Lin xiaozhu has yet to adapt. Little Master does not have to be nervous. You can adapt to it slowly.” Qu momo saw Lin Jia Bao’s nervousness.

“That’s right. Lin xiaozhu, there is plenty of time, you can learn slowly, it’s not difficult.” Su momo added on.

Lin Jia Bao gradually relaxed as he saw the two momos’ amiable attitudes. “I will study hard.” Lin Jia Bao was the type who was always earnest and serious when he heard that he had to learn something.

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“It’s still early right now, Lin xiaozhu, let’s first go take a bath. Then it’s a change of clothes. You can’t wear the palace attendant uniform anymore.” Su momo said, and then had Qu momo go make arrangements.

Lin Jia Bao came to the bathroom. The palace maids had already prepared the bathing supplies.

The huge bathing barrel was filled with hot water. The palace maids stepped forward to help Lin Jia Bao take off his clothes.

Momo, I can wash myself.” Lin Jia Bao was very embarrassed when he saw the palace maids wanted to help him get undressed.

“Lin xiaozhu, it’s normal for the maid to wait upon the master in the bath. Just get used to it slowly.” Qu momo said to him.

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Lin Jia Bao had no choice but to let them undress him until he was butt naked. Then, under everyone’s watch, he stepped into the bathtub. For the first time in his life, he was bathed in front of so many people. He was embarrassed to the extreme.

Su momo saw that Lin Jia Bao was embarrassed and personally cleaned him up herself.

“Lin xiaozhu’s hand was burnt yesterday, so be careful not to touch the water.” Qu momo wrapped his hand in a cloth towel to prevent it from getting wet.

Momo, I’m much better already. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Lin xiaozhu, now is different from before. The skin on your body should be taken care of carefully. After you’re done washing, Su momo will come and help you apply medicine. His Royal Highness heard that you got scalded and specially sent first-rate burn medicine. After using it there will be no trace of injury on your hand and your skin will be more tender.”

Qu momo echoed the sentiment, “It’s a rare medicine. His Royal Highness is really kind to you.”

His Royal Highness… In Lin Jia Bao’s mind the image of the crown prince’s tall figure and handsome profound face appeared.

In the palace, rumors about the crown prince were often heard. First was the rumor of His Royal Highness’s ruthlessness and cruelty. Lin Jia Bao was a little scared when he heard it. But later, he accompanied Lin momo to the empress’s palace, saw the crown prince many times, and he didn’t believe in that rumor anymore.

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His Royal Highness was very filial to the empress and often accompanied her. A filial person should not be a bad person.

The crown prince was sometimes expressionless, and the powerful pressure exuded from him was quite scary, but His Royal Highness was not at all scary when he spoke to him. The crown prince’s voice was very nice, and he was very gentle when he spoke to Lin Jia Bao. And he also gave out rewards often.

After Lin Jia Bao was washed, the two momos massaged him and applied fragrant ointment on his body. After application, his skin was even more exquisite and smooth. Furthermore, there was a faint sweet smell.

“In the future, starting from tomorrow, we will help you care for your skin. You are now at the best age. Take advantage of this natural advantage. After a little glow up the day after tomorrow, His Royal Highness will definitely like it very much.” Su momo said to him. Then she also spoke to him about some points to keep in mind concerning the maintenance of one’s health.

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