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Didn’t Love You Enough 28

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Chapter 28 – Red Candle

The two momos helped Lin Jia Bao get dressed and put on some accessories.

Qu momo took out an exquisite silver box. When she opened it, inside was a light green paste that exuded a medicinal fragrance.

Su momo scooped out a little and applied it to the back of Lin Jia Bao’s hand. The ointment absorbed quickly into the skin.

The back of Lin Jia Bao’s hand felt cool and comfortable from the ointment.

After that they returned to the reception pavilion. Su momo called for lunch to be served. The palace maids waited on Lin Jia Bao. It was awkward eating the meal under the watch of everyone.

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During the meal, the two momos talked to him again, this time telling him about dining etiquette and other things to pay attention to.

While Lin Jia Bao dined, if he did something inappropriate, the momos would point it out to him.

The momos introduced every dish to him, expounding on the ingredients used, cooking method, and related stories or quotes from literature, etc.

“Little Master does not need to remember it all. As long as you have an impression in your heart and know the gist of it, then it’s fine.” Su momo said gently when she saw him listening intently.

After eating lunch, the momos taught him a few more rules of the palace and then told him to go take an afternoon nap.

Lin Jia Bao lied on the bed. “Momo, I don’t take afternoon naps. I can’t sleep.”

“Little Master, you are still young, it is precisely the time for you to be growing.” Su momo urged him. “Little Master, slowly calm your heart and soon you will fall asleep.”

Qu momo lit a calming sandalwood incense. The scent slowly diffused in the air.

Lin Jia Bao gradually relaxed and fell asleep unconsciously.

After more than two hours, the momos woke Lin Jia Bao. They served him a bowl of white fungus soup. Then they continued to instruct him on the palace’s rules and etiquette.

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Over a dozen days passed like this. Lin Jia Bao learned almost all of the palace’s rules and etiquette. The momos treated him with patience and deference. During this period, he had to drink some nourishing soup every day. The momos helped him take care of his skin and his health. In less than half a month, Lin Jia Bao was nourished until his complexion was plump and his skin was crystal clear.

The two momos also talked to Lin Jia Bao about the hierarchical status of the niang niangs in the palace and the interpersonal relationships among the royal family.

Lin Jia Bao listened to it all in a confused daze.

“You don’t need to memorize all these, Little Master. Just remember the most important ones. For the rest, the people around you will remind you when the time comes.” Qu momo comforted him.

On the day before the fifth day of August, the momos brought a basic diagram book and a big box to the study.

Su momo said to Lin Jia Bao, “Today is the last day. We are teaching you the last and the most important thing.”

Qu momo opened the diagram book and showed it to Lin Jia Bao. “That’s right, this pertains to your future. You have to learn it well.”

Lin Jia Bao saw the two naked people entangled together in the book. Red exploded across his face and his heartbeat quickened.

“You mustn’t be shy, Little Master. Only by learning how to please His Royal Highness can you get his favor. Only then his favor for you will last for a long time.”

Su momo explained in detail the actions, postures, and main aspects on every page to Lin Jia Bao.

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Qu momo took out a pair of joyful Buddha models and demonstrated for him to see. The joyful Buddha models were carved very realistically. Lin Jia Bao’s cheeks burned a fiery red as he watched.

Su momo showed Lin Jia Bao a jade phallus.

“Little Master is still young, premature, excessive coupling will definitely be tough on you, so you can use other methods to try to please His Royal Highness. This way, Little Master won’t have to endure too much hardship, and His Royal Highness will also feel delighted and be interested.”

Su momo then taught Lin Jia Bao how to use his hands and mouth to please the crown prince, and she spoke at length about techniques and other main points.

After learning bedroom skills for a day, the momos let him retire to bed early. Lin Jia Bao stared at the ruyi scepter jade pendant that the crown prince gave him, lost in thought…

As a ger, he never thought about getting married. But starting from tomorrow he would be the crown prince’s man…

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