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Didn’t Love You Enough 30

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Chapter 30 – Red Candle

“Then I will call you baby* in the future, okay?” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng brought Lin Jia Bao’s little hand to his mouth and gave it a kiss.

[*T/N: 宝贝 bao bei – means treasure, baby, or darling. I will be using “baby” and “darling” interchangeably in dialogue, because that sounds the most natural to me in spoken English. When it’s in the text or in XYHC’s thoughts, I will sometimes translate it as “treasure” too. The bao in Lin Jia Bao’s name is the same bao as bao bei. Bao by itself means treasure or precious. Bei means sea shell, and shells were used as currency at one point in time, hence valuable.]

“…Okay.” Lin Jia Bao was a little shy, but he didn’t dare pull his hand away.

“Baby, tell me about your childhood. You must’ve been cute.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng put Lin Jia Bao’s fingers into his mouth one at a time and nibbled lightly on each one.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

While being harassed by the crown prince, Lin Jia Bao intermittently spoke about his childhood.

“Are you still afraid of me?” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng led Lin Jia Bao back to the bed. He didn’t wait for his treasure’s answer and impatiently kissed the small lips that he has been yearning for day and night.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was able to restrain himself at first and was relatively gentle, but the taste of those small lips was too sweet. Gradually, he couldn’t hold back. He used his tongue to pry open Lin Jia Bao’s tiny mouth, and entangled their tongues together.



Xuan Yuan Han Cheng carried Lin Jia Bao to the bathroom attached to the back of the bedroom. There were already servants waiting in the bathroom to serve them. By the time the two of them finished washing and drying and came out of the bathroom, Lin Jia Bao was already in a bewildered daze.

The palace maids had already changed the sheets on the bed in the bedroom.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng held Lin Jia Bao and lay down on the bed. Looking at his darling sleeping naively, his heart felt exceptionally full and content. Like this, he entered a beautiful dream…

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  1. Good lord lil’ baby’s so cute ? and his highness is also quite reasonable for an adult this thirsty ?
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