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Didn’t Love You Enough 31

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Chapter 31 – Husband

In the early morning of the following day, Yuan Fu was already waiting outside the chamber doors, listening for any movements inside.

After a while, he did not hear anything, so he pressed down his voice and lightly called, “Your Royal Highness, the time is getting late.”

Hearing some movement inside, Yuan Fu directed the palace maids to enter the room with toiletries and clothes.

“All of you be quieter.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng looked at Lin Jia Bao, who was still sleeping in the bed. His eyes were full of affection.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng let the palace maids help him freshen up and put on clothes. All the while, his eyes were still focused on his baby.

Lin Jia Bao seemed to sense the movements around him. He blearily opened his eyes and struggled to get up.

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The quilt slipped off of Lin Jia Bao’s body, revealing his snow-white shoulders. The love marks on his body was shocking.

Yuan Fu took one look and did not dared to look again. In his heart, he thought that the crown prince was truly fond of this little master.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng pressed Jia Bao back down. “It’s still early, you sleep a little longer. I’m going to attend morning court.”

As Xuan Yuan Han Cheng spoke, he tenderly kissed Lin Jia Bao again.

The next time that Lin Jia Bao woke up, he did not see His Royal Highness. There were two palace maids waiting outside the door. When they heard movement from within the chamber, they entered.

One of them, a tall palace maid spoke, “Lin xiaozhu, you’re awake. This slave is senior palace maid*, Shu Ya, here to serve you. His Royal Highness just finished morning court, and is currently in the outer study room discussing with other court officials. Said to have you eat breakfast first.”

[*T/N: 大宫女 da gong nv – literally “big palace maid.” I couldn’t think of a better English translation. They’re a higher rank than regular palace maids. They’re usually more trusted by their master, and they have the authority to order other palace maids around. Edit 8/31/21: I’m going to change “big palace maid” to “senior palace maid.” Thank you to Spacenonchi for the suggestion.]

Shu Ya was a very lean and tall woman. She gave people a peaceful and gentle feeling.

In comparison, the other palace maid was more petite. Off to the side, she was preparing things for Lin Jia Bao to wash his face and rinse his mouth. “Lin xiaozhu, this slave is senior palace maid, Shu Qin, also here to serve you.”

Shu Qin’s temperament was livelier, reminding Lin Jia Bao of Yu Ling.

Once Shu Qin started talking, she kept going, “Lin xiaozhu, which outfit are you going to wear today? I prepared this jade green one and this light blue one. Take a look and see which one you would like to wear.”

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Shu Qin brought both outfits forward for him to inspect. They were both very beautiful. The silky clothes were glossy. Even without touching, one could imagine the incomparable silky smooth quality.

In the end, Lin Jia Bao wore the jade green outfit. In Shu Qin’s words, it gave off the feeling of a green onion.

In the outer study room of the crown prince’s East Palace, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was currently discussing today’s morning court with two other people.

“This time Xue Rong consecutively lost two generals in Jiang Nan. His expression was so rejuvenating to look at.” Just the thought of it made Liu Ze Qi burst out laughing.

Liu Ze Qi used to be Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s study partner. Right now, he held an office in the Ministry of War, and he was one of Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s confidants. Liu Ze Qi’s character was outspoken and straightforward. He had an extensive network of friends. His relationship among the court officials was pretty good.

Xue Rong was the government minister of the Ministry of Appointments. He was the empress dowager’s blood related elder brother, and he was one of the leaders of the Xue clan.

“The entire Xue clan is already an arrow at the end of its flight*. That Xue family, asides from Xue Rong, the other side supporters are not worth fearing. This time it is all thanks to Your Royal Highness for sending people to gather proof of crime for those two generals, delivering a critical blow to the Xue clan.” Zheng Jia was deeply convinced by the crown prince’s abilities.

[*T/N: 强弩之末 idiom meaning their forces are nearly spent]

Zheng Jia was also one of Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s confidants. Zheng Jia was a resourceful person, full of stratagems. He was well versed in astronomy and geography, and he was good at extrapolating the Book of Changes.

In the previous life, Zheng Jia helped Xuan Yuan Han Cheng plot, putting forward plans and ideas, and giving advice. He exerted himself a lot. It was a pity that his body was weak, and he died early.

In this lifetime, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was extremely concerned about the health of his subordinates. From time to time, he would have an imperial physician examine them and take care of their health. This made them even more devoted and respectful towards him.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng said to the two of them, “This time, the two people that he lost are both his favored pupils, and they were like his left and right arms. Jiang Nan is the main place where he receives gifts from his subordinates. My concern is that a cornered dog will jump over the wall*… You two need to be even more careful in recent times. Pay close attention to the entire Xue clan, especially to anything with a connection to the li wang.”

[*T/N: 狗急跳墙 Chinese idiom for someone driven to desperate action]


Xuan Yuan Han Cheng checked the time. It was not early any more; his treasure should be awake by now. “Today, we will end our meeting here.”

Liu Ze Qi thought about it, and then said knowingly, “I heard that Your Royal Highness received a new beauty yesterday.”

Zheng Jia was also a little curious. He heard that the empress was the one that bestowed the beauty. His Royal Highness was in a really good mood today and seemed to be very happy.

“Ha ha, it’s possible that you will meet him in the future. When you do, treat him like you treat me.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng said to them.

When they heard this, Liu Ze Qi and Zheng Jia could not help but become curious about this little master. What kind of person was he to make His Royal Highness say such words?

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