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Didn’t Love You Enough 32

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Chapter 32 – Husband

When Xuan Yuan Han Cheng brought Yuan Fu and another eunuch back to Ping Le Courtyard, Lin Jia Bao had already finished his breakfast and was sitting in a daze, completely bored.

“Your Royal Highness!” Lin Jia Bao saw that the crown prince had returned and quickly got up to greet him.

After last night’s intimate activities with the crown prince, Lin Jia Bao was still feeling a little shy when he saw His Royal Highness.

“Baby, you’re awake. Have you finished eating breakfast?” Disregarding the palace maids all around them, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng cupped Lin Jia Bao’s little face in his hands and gave him a fierce kiss.

Lin Jia Bao flushed beet red from the sudden kiss. “I finished eating. I had a bowl of bird’s nest congee and three crystal shrimp dumplings.”

[T/N: It’s called “crystal” because the dumpling skin is slightly translucent.]

“Was it good? You ate too little.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng asked as he drew Lin Jia Bao towards him.

“It was very tasty. I’m already full.” Lin Jia Bao said, touching his stomach.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng looked at his cute appearance and could not help kissing his dimple.

“This is Yuan Qing. He will follow you from now on.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng said as he pointed at that little eunuch.

“This little one, Yuan Qing, pays respects to Lin xiaozhu. Little Master, please command this little one lots and lots in the future. If you have any errands you can tell this little one to do all of them. This little one will definitely complete them well, and help Little Master with his worries and difficulties.”

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Yuan Qing was a quick-witted one. He already learned from Yuan Fu gong gong that his Little Master has the crown prince’s deep affections. As long as he followed him faithfully, his future prospects would be boundless.

At this time, Yuan Fu stepped forward to report, “Your Royal Highness, Qiu momo is here.”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng nodded and had her come in. When Qiu momo came in, she first paid her respects to the crown prince and to Lin xiaozhu.

“Qiu momo is the momo in charge of managing all the internal affairs of the East Palace. In the future, if you have anything that needs to be done, you can command her.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng introduced her to Lin Jia Bao.

Qiu momo finally saw the Lin xiaozhu that His Royal Highness paid special attention to, and he was completely different from the image that she had sketched in her heart. Lin xiaozhu still looked like a child. He absolutely did not have the seductiveness that she had imagined.

“Nice to meet you, Qiu momo…” Lin Jia Bao greeted Qiu momo cutely. Lin Jia Bao did not feel like he was superior to others because of his change in status, and he has always been very polite to the momos that were older than him.

“Lin xiaozhu is courteous. If Little Master has any commands, you can send someone to come find me.” Seeing Lin Jia Bao’s lovable and good character, Qiu momo also had a favorable impression of him.

Afterwards, Qiu momo reported the allocation of people in Ping Le Courtyard to the crown prince. “In total, Lin xiaozhu has two senior palace maids and four second-level palace maids. Does Your Royal Highness want to add any more?”

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In actuality, for a xiao shi to the crown prince this was already considered the highest standard, but seeing His Royal Highness’s deeply infatuated appearance towards Lin Jia Bao, she boldly asked the last question.

“We will go with this for now. It’s not good to exceed the system. Let’s add more people later.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was clacking away at the abacus in his heart. He would not let his treasure just be his xiao shi forever.

After that, Qiu momo reported on the internal affairs of the East Palace for the past few days to the crown prince. Then she retreated.

“All right. You’re already acquainted with Shu Ya and Shu Qin. The other four are not important. You can meet them later, ba.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng said softly to Lin Jia Bao as he looked at Shu Ya and Shu Qin. “In the future, you two have to serve your master well. You can’t be sloppy because of his young age and soft heart. If there are any careless mistakes, I’m sure you are well aware of what your end will be.”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s words were not severe, they were even light and breezy, but the cold meaning and power still pushed Shu Ya and Shu Qin to kneel in succession. As one, they replied, “This slave will definitely serve the master meticulously.”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng sense that the Jia Bao in his arms got scared, and hugged him tighter. He murmured in Lin Jia Bao’s ear, “Don’t be afraid my baby…”

“Wu… I’m not afraid…” Lin Jia Bao was a bit uncomfortable from all the hugging and struggled faintly.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng released Jia Bao. “Then kiss me.”

Lin Jia Bao was embarrassed. “So many people are watching…”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng raised his eyes. The people around them already had their heads down.

“No one is watching…” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng hinted to Lin Jia Bao.

Lin Jia Bao was stared at until he felt helpless. Lightning quick, he kissed Xuan Yuan Han Cheng on the face.

Although Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was not very satisfied, he didn’t dare to tease him anymore. He thought to himself that he had to take his time to make steady progress incrementally…

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“Okay. It’s not early anymore. Let’s go pay respects to Mother Empress, ba.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng said to Lin Jia Bao.

“Yes.” When Lin Jia Bao heard that they were going to the empress to pay respects, he thought about how his status was different now, and felt a bit nervous.

“Don’t be nervous. I’ll be with you.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng comforted him.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng and Lin Jia Bao rode in a palanquin. Four strong eunuchs carried them to Yong Shou Palace. Lin Jia Bao had never sat in a sedan chair before. Looking at the broad horizons that felt different from his normal days before, it was a little fresh and curious.

After a while, they arrived at Yong Shou Palace.

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