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Didn’t Love You Enough 35

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Chapter 35 – Concentrated Love

After the completion of the project, spring floods would no longer threaten the people, and the two canals dug out would also have a profound impact on the Xuan Yuan Empire. Needless to say, the significance of completing the two canal waterway transportations was that both sides of the strait would become prosperous and lively.

In this life, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng wanted to accomplish this project early. This would not only be beneficial to the people around the Luo River, but it would also play a crucial role in dealing with li wang.

After he finished writing the memorial to the throne, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was ready to discuss the details with his confidants tomorrow. He thought that his baby should be awake by now, so he got up and went back.

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When Xuan Yuan Han Cheng returned to Ping Le Courtyard, Lin Jia Bao had just gotten up and was eating some snacks.

Lin Jia Bao saw His Highness, the crown prince, coming and said, “Your Highness didn’t take a nap?”

When Lin Jia Bao woke up and didn’t see His Royal Highness, he was somewhat at a lost. Then he heard from Shu Ya that the crown prince went to the inner study and that it was not good to disturb him.

“I slept for a little bit. I don’t have the habit of taking naps. But I will gradually develop it later.”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng took Lin Jia Bao’s hand and put the half-eaten snack into his mouth. Then he licked Lin Jia Bao’s fingertips.

Lin Jia Bao was so embarrassed by Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s actions. “There’s still some here… give it all to you.” As he spoke he pushed the plate in front of His Highness.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng arched a brow. “The ones in baby’s hand tastes better.”

In the reception pavilion, Shu Ya, Shu Qin, Yuan Fu, and Yuan Qing were all flabbergasted that the crown prince was acting like this. This… was this still the usual crown prince? The one who was solemn and steady, and never showed his feelings or intentions?

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng ignored their expressions and continued to tease Lin Jia Bao. He calmly held Jia Bao’s small hand and forced him to feed himself snacks.

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After finishing the snacks, he even licked Jia Bao’s fingers clean one by one. At this time, Lin Jia Bao’s small face was already as red as a ripe tomato. Even the old man, Yuan Fu, who was next to His Royal Highness, felt that His Royal Highness was really… he didn’t dare to think (perverted)…

Shu Qin was also thinking that His Royal Highness was way too scary. The way he was looking at Lin xiaozhu looked like he wanted to swallow Lin xiaozhu into his stomach. Shu Qin suddenly thought of the rumor that she heard about the crown prince. It was the rumor about how the crown prince liked to eat human flesh. She shivered from head to toe.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng pulled Lin Jia Bao out of the reception pavilion and they came to a small study in Ping Le Courtyard.

“This is your small study. Do you like it?”

“Mine? My study room? Really?”

Lin Jia Bao looked at this exquisitely furnished small study with delight. Everything needed was available. The bookcase was filled with books, and atop the table was the Four Treasures of the Study: brush, paper, ink stick, and ink stone.

“I like it! I really like it!” Lin Jia Bao replied happily.

He loved reading and studying ever since he was a child, but because he was a ger, he could not go to attend private schools to study. Fortunately, his elder brother would teach him sometimes and also let him read his books at home.

Before he entered the palace, his eldest brother gave him cram lessons. He also remembered a lot by rote. Having such a study was something that Lin Jia Bao couldn’t even dream of before.

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“If you like it then that’s good. In the future, I will help you look for a teacher among my people. They will teach you reading, writing, painting, calligraphy, and such.” Xuan yuan Han Cheng thought about how he must carefully select this teacher for his baby.

“Thank you, Your Highness. I will study well.”

Lin Jia Bao was very grateful to His Royal Highness. Asides from his family members, the crown prince really was one of the people who treated him the best. He must study hard so as not to let His Royal Highness down.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng embraced Lin Jia Bao.

“What should you be calling me… hmm…?”

Lin Jia Bao looked at Yuan Fu and Yuan Qing, who had their heads bowed in silence, and then shook his head at the crown prince. His big round eyes seemed to be saying that this was not in compliance with the palace rules.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng knew that Lin Jia Bao was very law-abiding and could only wave his hand and have Yuan Fu and Yuan Qing both retreat.

“There is no need for you to serve here. Just go outside and wait.”

After the servants left, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng looked at Lin Jia Bao, “Baby, there is only the two of us left…”

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