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Didn’t Love You Enough 37

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Chapter 37 – Concentrated Love

His Royal Highness was not cold-hearted and unfeeling like the rumors purported. On the contrary, he was amiable and approachable, and conversed with Dai Heng about affairs of the Ministry of Works.

When hydraulic engineering was brought up during their conversation, Dai Heng gathered up his courage and spoke about his opinions on the management of Luo River.

His Royal Highness was extremely knowledgeable. Often times, he would make some points and Dai Heng would have a sudden flash of insight, and problems that he were perplexed by for a long time would become clear.

Later, His Royal Highness sent him to one of the many river ways of the Luo River and had him conduct field surveys. It took nearly a year for Dai Heng to complete the research.

When Dai Heng returned to the capital, he meticulously wrote up a report and gave it to His Royal Highness. And the crown prince also attached great importance to it. After many discussions, His Royal Highness transcribed a new report. Dai Heng had a feeling of being taken into the crown prince’s confidence.

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“Dai Heng doesn’t need to be modest. It’s not enough to just rely on my suggestions. There was all of your hard work and dedication. In the future, you will be a minister with outstanding service and merit.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng came down from the main seat and patted Dai Heng on the shoulder.

“Your Highness, the project this time is huge. It will take a lot of time and require a lot of manpower. It seems like we will need to conscript people. This will put a heavy burden on the people.” Zheng Jia analyzed.

“En. Conscription is definitely not enough. I plan to have the military participate too. If everything is put on the people, and the farms are abandoned, then the gains would not make up for the losses,” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng said.

“Use soldiers to repair the dam?” Liu Ze Qi was also interested.

“Haha, that’s great. We were just worrying about how there was no good excuse to send military to Luo City.” Zheng Jia could already anticipate the crown prince’s thoughts.

“Quick, tell me. What’s going on?” Liu Ze Qi still did not understand.

“I think His Royal Highness’ intention is to dispatch soldiers to Luo City and other nearby cities, and have them stationed there to build the dam. This way, the embankment can be built to benefit the people, and it can also guard against li wang. Even more, we can seize the opportunity to spy on Li City’s state of affairs.” Zheng Jia analyzed.

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“Zheng Jia is right. Li City will be conscripted. Li wang will receive orders to send troops to help build the dam and dig the canals. Thus, li wang will not be able to hold on to an army in the short term.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng said.

Without an army at his disposal, li wang would be like a toothless tiger.

Zheng Jia’s brain turned. “After the dam is built and the canal are dug, we can scatter Li City’s troops. Like this, li wang will be even less lightly to succeed.”

“Haha, this Luo River water conservancy project is really a good thing. We can get two birds with one stone.” Lie Ze Qi finally figured it out.

“Ze Qi, this time I will tell Imperial Father to send you. Dai Heng, you too, go back and make preparations. There will be an announcement tomorrow morning.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng said to them.

“Understood. I will definitely live up to my mission.” Liu Ze Qi and Dai Heng said in unison.

“It’s getting late. You two go back and prepare.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was going to have lunch with his baby. “Everyone dismiss, ba.”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng returned to Ping Le Courtyard and had lunch with Lin Jia Bao. He delighted in the joy of feeding each other. The sweet atmosphere made the palace servants afraid to look at each other.

Afterwards, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng accompanied Lin Jia Bao for a nap. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng only slept for a short while. Then he got up quietly.

He brought the memorial to the Imperial Study Room and stayed with his Imperial Father in the study for the entire afternoon.

On the third day of morning court, the crown prince submitted a report to the emperor that proposed the building of a dam in segments along the Luo River in order to prevent the yearly spring flood of the Luo River. Furthermore, he proposed the digging of canals.

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The emperor declared then and there that the Ministry of Revenue would allocate funds, and they would conscript labor from Luo City, Li City, Jiang Province, and Hu Province. In addition, troops from various regions would be dispatch to Luo City to help the common people build the dam and dig the canals.

Liu Ze Qi was appointed the assistant minister of the Ministry of War. He would lead twenty thousand soldiers, and he would be in command of all the troops sent to build the dam.

Dai Heng was appointed the assistant minister of the Ministry of Works, and he would be in charge of the Luo River engineering project.

Liu Ze Qi and Dai Heng stepped forward to accept their appointments. Dai Heng in particular was especially excited. He became the assistant minister of the Ministry of Works. He was unexpectedly promoted up two ranks. He could feel all the envious and jealous gazes on him.

Dai Heng vowed that he would do things well and live up to the appreciation and grace of the emperor and the crown prince.

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