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Didn’t Love You Enough 48

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Chapter 48 – Meeting

“I have lived very well these two years, I just miss everyone very much.” Lin Jia Bao told them more or less about his circumstances from when he entered the palace to present day. When it came to explaining how he became the crown prince’s xiaoshi, he was also unclear on the situation. “I don’t know how or why, but I received an imperial decree from the empress, and then I became the crown prince’s xiaoshi just like that.”

Lin Jia Wen looked at his younger brother, saw how Jia Bao couldn’t even explain the situation clearly, and sighed in his heart, “His Royal Highness… is he… good to you?”

“En! His Royal Highness is kind to me!” Lin Jia Bao nodded vigorously. His Royal Higness was Jia Bao’s husband. Husband said he liked him very much, and Lin Jia Bao also liked his husband very, very much.

Lin Jia Wen looked at his younger brother who had a face full of adoration for the crown prince, and in his heart he felt increasingly unwell. Lin Jia Bao was still young. He didn’t understand what it meant to be the crown prince’s xiaoshi in the future. His younger brother’s thoughts were simple and pure. From his manners, it looked like he thought of the crown prince as an ordinary husband from a common family.

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Sitting to one side, Qin Kai Xing looked at the expression in Lin Jia Bao’s eyes as he spoke of His Royal Highness, and he also sighed in his heart. He was afraid that this child has already fallen into the hole. It should be noted that right now Lin Jia Bao was young and cute, and favored by the crown prince, but it’s hard to say that things would stay the same in the future. Moreover, Lin Jia Bao was a ger…

Lin Da Zhuang thought for a while and then asked Lin Jia Bao, “The crown prince… Is there a lot of women around him?”

Lin Jia Bao was stunned after hearing this, and said dazedly: “Women?”

“Are there a lot of concubines around the crown prince?” Lin Da Zhuang looked at Lin Jia Bao and was anxious for him.

Lin Jia Bao thought for a while and then replied, “I don’t know if there’s a lot or not, I’ve never seen any.”

After hearing his reply, Lin Jia Wen asked, “Then what about the crown princess? You also haven’t seen her?”

“Haven’t seen her. His Royal Highness said the crown princess is sick, so I don’t have to go see her.” Lin Jia Bao had also asked the crown prince before if he should go and greet the crown princess. His Royal Highness said he only needed to go greet the empress.

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“This… this is not in line with convention.” Lin Jia Wen and Qin Kai Xing looked at each other.

Lin Jia Bao thought for a while and then added, “But His Royal Highness often brings me to go greet the empress.”

Lin Da Zhuang, Lin Jia Wen, and Qin Kai Xing nodded when they heard this. It was certainly more important to greet the empress.

At this time, there was a knock on the door, “Lin-xiaozhu, it’s time for lunch. How about the little master and his family dine first?” Yuan Fu came in and saluted to Lin Jia Bao.

“Okay.” Lin Jia Bao responded.

Thus, Yuan Qing quickly arranged a table full of dishes in front of them.

After all the dishes were arranged on the table, the servers left quickly. “Please enjoy your meal, little master.”

After the servers left, Lin Da Zhuang and the other two men swept away the awkward conversation topic that they were having with Lin Jia Bao, and gradually relaxed.

Lin Jia Bao and the three men had lunch together, and then they chatted again. Lin Jia Bao told them about the things he did every day in the crown prince’s East Palace.

Lin Jia Wen and the others were very pleased to hear that His Royal Highness had specially asked a famous scholar to teach Lin Jia Bao calligraphy and painting. It seemed that His Royal Highness really liked Jia Bao.

Lin Jia Bao also asked his father, eldest brother, and eldest brother-in-law about what happened at home. Hearing that the eldest brother-in-law said that the eldest sister gave birth to a pair of twins last year, he was very happy.

He also learned that his eldest brother passed the county level imperial exam at the beginning of this year, and his sister-in-law was about to give birth next month. He wondered if it was a little nephew or a little niece. Thinking about it, he was really happy for his eldest brother…

Lin Jia Bao listened to his dad saying that the money he had sent back home was used to expand the house, and also to buy some land. Dad and the others talked about all the little things at home, and Lin Jia Bao listened with great gusto.

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The happy time of a reunion was always very short. Not long after dinner, Yuan Fu knocked on the door and reported, “It’s getting late. The carriage to pick up Lin-xiaozhu has arrived.”

Lin Jia Bao and his family reluctantly said goodbye at the door of the restaurant. Yuan Qing stepped forward and helped Lin Jia Bao into the carriage.

After Lin Jia Bao got into the carriage, he found that His Royal Highness was also there. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng looked at his baby’s red-rimmed eyes and helped him open the curtain. Lin Jia Bao stretched his head out of the carriage window, and waved goodbye to his family.

Lin Da Zhuang and them also waved to Lin Jia Bao. They watched the carriage slowly drive away and getting further and further. Only when the carriage was no longer visible did they drop their hands.

“The crown prince… seemed to have been on the carriage just now…” When Lin Jia Wen saw Lin Jia Bao getting on the carriage, there was also a vague figure of a tall man in the carriage, and that man should be His Royal Highness…

Lin Da Zhuang and Qin Kai Xing were surprised when they heard this. They just cared about saying farewell to Jia Bao and they didn’t even notice. His Royal Highness… they were unexpectedly so close to the future emperor of the Xuan Yuan Empire…

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