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Didn’t Love You Enough 49

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Chapter 49 – Return Trip

Inside the steady horse carriage, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng hugged Lin Jia Bao, who was still a little sad, and comforted him: “Okay, baby, don’t be sad. If there are chances in the future, I will definitely let you see your family.”

Lin Jia Bao’s eyes lit up immediately after hearing this, “Really? Truly?”

“You don’t believe your husband again. My dear treasure, I will fulfill all your wishes. You can continue to write letters and send things back to your family.”

“Husband, you’re really too good to Jia Bao. Thank you, husband.” Lin Jia Bao memorized the palace rules by heart, so he knew that what the crown prince said was an exception for him, and in his heart he was full of gratitude.

“It’s not enough to just say thank you with your mouth, baby…” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng said as he looked at Lin Jia Bao.

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Lin Jia Bao understood what the crown prince was implying without being told explicitly, and he pressed his lips against Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s lips in a firm kiss.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng smiled, “It’s not enough, baby.”

Lin Jia Bao kissed him several more times. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng grabbed the back of Lin Jia Bao’s head and kissed him deeply.

It took a long time for Xuan Yuan Han Cheng to let go of Jia Bao. He touched the baby’s red and swollen lips with his hands, and said in a low voice, “Still not enough… Baby, thank me well at night.”

Lin Jia Bao’s ears turned red from hearing his words, and he replied back faintly. “Yes.”

Dawn of the next day, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng woke up very early. Today was a rest day, so he didn’t have to attend court, and Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was not in a hurry to get out of bed. Instead he stared at the sweet sleeping face of his treasure. Even if he looked a hundred times, he still would not get tired of it.

Lin Jia Bao was tossed about by him for a long time last night and now slept very soundly. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng reminisced on the beautiful memories of last night. Last night, his darling really gave it his all to express his gratitude. Thinking of the feeling of Jia Bao’s warm mouth holding onto him, and of the movements of his flexible tongue, it really made him unable to stop himself.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng normally paid great attention to cherishing* Jia Bao, and seldom had Jia Bao use his mouth to please him. Usually it’s holding Jia Bao’s little hands to help, or asking Jia Bao to use his legs…

[*T/N: 爱护 ai hu – to cherish / to love and protect]

Last night, Jia Bao’s initiative really made him very happy. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng felt both happy and distressed in his heart for his darling who worked hard to please him. In the end, he couldn’t control it and released into his darling’s mouth. That feeling was like ascending into heaven and falling into hell.

Later, he used Jia Bao’s legs and did it once more. His actions were somewhat fierce, and Jia Bao’s inner thighs were a little red and swollen. When applying medicine for his darling, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng felt very distressed. Alas, his treasure was just so tempting… Xuan Yuan Han Cheng secretly vowed to exercise restraint in the future. He could not hurt his darling anymore.

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Underneath the brocade quilt, Lin Jia Bao’s body was covered with various crimson traces planted by Xuan Yuan Han Cheng.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng thought about the expressions on Shu Ya and Shu Qin’s faces when they came to dress Jia Bao and felt a little helpless. Le sigh…

Lin Da Zhuang and Lin Jia Wen both got up late today. Their experience yesterday was too shocking for them. After going back at night, both of them tossed and turned in bed and could not fall asleep.

Qin Kai Xing got up comparatively earlier and was already instructing the shop assistants to sort things out. The goods he brought to the capital this time were all sold out. Afterwards, he bought a cartful of fabrics that were fashionable in the capital at a moderate price point to bring back home.

Qin Kai Xing accompanied Lin Da Zhuang and Lin Jia Wen for lunch. He looked at them and saw that they both seemed to have things weighing heavily on their minds.

He comforted them and said: “Father-in-law, eldest brother, don’t think too much about it. Now everything is a foregone conclusion, and there is no way to change it. Yesterday, I saw that Jia Bao’s complexion looked well, and he has grown taller and plumper. I think his life must be pretty good nowadays…”

Qin Kai Xing thought about the way that Lin Jia Bao was dressed and accessorized yesterday. Everything was of fine quality. His family was in the clothing business, so he knew a lot about fabrics and material.

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