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Didn’t Love You Enough 55

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Chapter 55 – A Sense of Loss

When Lin Jia Bao entered, he saw a very beautiful woman playing the guqin. That woman was so very beautiful. Lin Jia Bao has never seen such a beautiful person before. The sound of the guqin was mournful and it made the listener feel very sad after hearing it.

“Excuse me, who are you?”

“So you’re Lin An Zhu, the person that His Royal Highness is currently doting on?” Xu Xue Ying looked at this person who was said to be very much loved by the crown prince right now, and she couldn’t believe it.

This Lin An Zhu was simply too average. At best, you could say that he had a delicate and pretty appearance that was likeable. In terms of looks, she was leagues above him. And there were many more people within the palace who looked better than him.

Xu Xue Ying really could not tell at all, just what was it that His Royal Highness liked about him?

“I am the concubine of His Royal Highness, and I was once deeply loved by His Royal Highness,” Xu Xue Ying looked at Lin Jia Bao and said sadly, “His Royal Highness was really good to me at that time, but because of a misunderstanding, I committed a small crime, and I have been confined ever since.”

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Lin Jia Bao heard this beautiful woman say that she was the concubine of His Royal Highness, and that the crown prince had also once loved her very much. He felt stuffy in his heart…

Xu Xue Ying looked at Lin Jia Bao’s expression, and her words became more and more sad, “I haven’t seen His Royal Highness for more than a year. I really miss His Royal Highness.” As she spoke, Xu Xue Ying shed tears. The sparkling and translucent teardrops slipped down one by one. “Lin-xiaozhu, can you help me talk to His Royal Highness, have His Royal Highness come see me and listen to my explanation?”

It was the first time that Lin Jia Bao saw a person looking so beautiful while they cried, and he couldn’t bear to see her keep crying.

“Lin-xiaozhi, I beg you, help me please.” Xu Xue Ying grabbed onto Lin Jia Bao and did not let go. Her attitude was very humble and her eyes were full of pleading.

“I…” Lin Jia Bao faced Xu Xue Ying’s tears and didn’t know what to do…

At the same time, over at Ping Le Courtyard, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was furious.

“Yuan Qing, how do you serve your master? Who allowed you to leave the little master’s side without authorization! When the little master comes back, go to the Department of Cautionary Punishment yourself to receive punishment.”


Yuan Qing did not dare to utter a word. He went to the Royal Snack Kitchen to fetch the dim sum. When he returned he saw the food box left behind on the stone table, but he couldn’t see hide or hair of Lin-xiaozhu. He looked all around in the imperial garden, but still couldn’t find the little master. He felt that something was wrong, so he hurried back to report.

“Have the head of the imperial guard lead people in a search of the palace. Start looking from the palace of the crown princess in the East Palace.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng said. He felt extremely anxious in his heart.

“Your Royal Highness, mobilizing the imperial guard for this… isn’t this… too conspicuous…?” Yuan Fu asked.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng thought for a bit and remembered that he was still a prince at the moment, so he forced himself to calm down. There were two secret guards following Lin Jia Bao around. Nothing bad should happen to him.

Just as Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was thinking this, one of the secret guards who was with Lin Jia Bao came back to report that Lin-xiaozhu was in Xu Xue Ying’s courtyard at this time.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng frowned. He thought that Xu Xue Ying has already been confined, so how could a moth still fly out?

Over on Lin Jia Bao’s side, Xu Xue Ying was currently recounting how the crown prince had once loved her. She talked about how they played the guqin together, and the days when they recited poetry together.

Lin Jia Bao felt sour in his heart after hearing this.

This was the first time he saw one of the crown prince’s women. Lin Jia Bao was very disappointed [with himself] when faced with such a woman of outstanding looks and talents. Compared with her, he felt like he was severely lacking in many aspects. There was no need to speak of the four arts – zither, Go, calligraphy, and painting – the accomplishments of a well-educated person, he could not even read and write properly yet.

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Lin Jia Bao didn’t know how many of such women were still around the crown prince, but he was certain that he must be the one with the worst knowledge and talent among them.

There were also times when Lin Jia Bao felt that His Royal Highness was very kind to him. In fact, His Royal Highness was so kind that he made Lin Jia Bao feel scared. Right now, his days were like a passing dream, he didn’t know how long they would last, and he was really afraid that His Royal Highness would not like him in the future.

Lin Jia Bao thought about how one day he would be like the woman in front of him now. He would spend his days without seeing His Royal Highness, and try to pass the time by reminiscing about the past.

When such thoughts entered his head, it felt so painful, like his heart was being stabbed with a knife…

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