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Didn’t Love You Enough 69

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Chapter 69 – Relatives and Friends

Over the next few days, Lin Da Li’s family often visited Lin Da Zhuang’s family. After a while of this, everyone in Lin Jia Village noticed that Lin Da Zhuang and Lin Da Li’s families have reconciled.

After that, Lin Chun Er also brought her husband over to visit. Lin Chun Er’s husband thought of himself as an exceptional literary talent, and often brought literary works for Lin Jia Wen to comment on. Lin Jia Wen got a headache from reading those unintelligible articles, so he kindly mentioned a few words, but unexpectedly, Lin Chun Er’s husband found his words galling, thinking that this tangge* was intentionally disparaging his talent.

[*T/N: 堂哥 tangge – older male patrilineal cousin]

After visiting a couple of times, Lin Chun Er’s husband refused to come with her to visit anymore. In his opinion, this Lin Jia Wen’s literary knowledge was not very good, and that it was probably just due to luck that he managed to pass the county level imperial exam.

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Just look at that Lin Jia Wen’s reckless appearance. He didn’t look like a scholar at all. How could that country bumpkin compare to someone of his level of scholarly bearing, ah… Thinking like this, Lin Chun Er’s husband was full of confidence for the preliminary round of imperial examinations in the coming year.

The fact that he hasn’t even become a tongsheng* yet must be due to bad luck. Maybe he needed to go to the temple to pray and burn some incense…

[*T/N: 童生 tongsheng – candidate who has not yet passed the county level imperial exam]

On the other hand, Zhou Hai’s mother was feeling apprehensive, and she said to Zhou Mu: “Say… the marriage between our Da Hai and Li Er… there won’t be any changes, right…?”

“How could there be any, ah… Do you not trust Da Zhuang and his family’s moral quality…?” Zhou Mu was not worried at all.

“That’s right…” Zhou Hai’s mother, Han Xiao Yi, felt relieved after thinking about it. “Zhang Hui Niang really is lucky, ah. All of her children are so outstanding.”

“Our family’s Da Hai is not bad either. Recently, Da Hai has been working hard. The bear that he hunted and brought back two days ago got a lot of money for its hide… This year, the harvest in the field is also good. After the New Year, let’s tidy up the house. When they get marry next year, we should live in a new house.” Zhou Mu said, making plans for the coming year. Since his son was working so hard, then as his parents, they should naturally offer a hand.

Zhou Hai’s heart has not been calm these days. He just got engaged with Lin Li’er, and he was very happy. Lin Li Er was a very energetic and assertive girl. Although some people in the village thought of her as shrewish, too bold and vigorous, Da Hai did not agree. Lin Li Er was the girl that had liked since he was a child. It was precisely her straightforwardness and handsome grace that he liked.

After Lin Jia Bao entered the palace, Lin Li Er cried in front of him for a long time. Lin Li Er told him that Lin Jia Bao took the initiative to enter the palace because of her. Lin Jia Bao was obviously younger than her, but he asked to enter the palace because he was afraid of affecting her marriage with Zhou Hai.

Zhou Hai has always been full of gratitude towards Lin Jia Bao, and this time he was surprised to hear that Lin Jia Bao became His Royal Highness’s xiaoshi. In his heart, he prayed for the heavens to ensure that Lin Jia Bao could live well in the palace. Zhou Hai knew that in this way, the Lin family’s life would definitely get better and better. Zhou Hai thought that he would also work hard, and when Lin Li Er married him, he would also work hard to make her life even happier.

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Lin Jia Bao was very excited when he got the letter from home. His brother wrote about all the things that happened at home. His second older sister and Da Hai gege were going to get married in the coming year. He was very happy for them. Lin Jia Bao read the letter over and over again, and then carefully placed the letter in a box for safekeeping.

[*T/N: 哥哥 gege – older brother, can be used as a term of endearment or respect for any older male, doesn’t have to be blood related. In modern day, it can also have the connotation of “boyfriend.” Not too sure about ancient times though.]

“Second Sister is going to marry Da Hai gege next year.” Lin Jia Bao said with a smile.

“Da Hai gege…” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah, Da Hai gege is a very good person. When I was young, Da Hai gege brought my second sister and me up the mountains to pick wild fruits. It was so fun.” Lin Jia Bao reminisced about his childhood. He, his second sister, and Da Hai gege were similar in age, so they grew up playing together.

“In the future, don’t call him Da Hai gege anymore. It should be Second Brother-in-law…” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng corrected Jia Bao. He didn’t like hearing Jia Bao calling Da Hai by such an affectionate appellation. It made him feel unhappy.

“I know. Da Hai gege has been saying he wanted to be my Second Brother-in-law ever since he was a child. Sometimes, my second sister would be very fierce towards him, but Da Hai gege would not get angry.” Lin Jia Bao said with a grin.

“My darling can be fierce to his husband, and this husband also would not get angry.” Hearing Jia Bao praise that Da Hai gege, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng felt jealousy well up in his heart.

“I don’t know how to be fierce to other people, ah…” Lin Jia Bao curled his hands into paws, pretending to be a little tiger. “Rawr…”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng suddenly pressed Jia Bao down onto the bed. He caressed and kissed Jia Bao all over. “Darling… my darling…” His precious treasure was so adorable and loveable…

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